11 Tips To Enhance Your Social Media Presence

social media presence

It’s time to get social with your designs

Engaging your audience on social media could be a daunting task. The way this media helps in engaging with the customer is unfathomable but you need a clear social media strategy to beat the competition. Despite all the negatives, one cannot deny the benefits they give. You cannot afford to take it for granted.

From branding to customer service and everything in between – this platform has proved to be a game-changer; it’s time to get social with your designs. We provide 11 tips that can enhance your social media designs and start engaging in social media.

social media platform

Platforms you should consider for branding on social media

  • Welcome to the world of 2.6 billion active users – When you think of social media, Facebook is undoubtedly the top platform to choose. It has been tested by more than 65 million businesses worldwide and you can share the content of any form to engage with your audience
  • Go where the winners go – With about 2.3 billion users, Youtube is the most popular video platform. It is simple and gives you wings to fly. You can entice your audience with videos in the form of infographics, images, and animation.
  • Looking for an instant blue tick? – Let’s face it: maintaining a direct connection can get hard sometimes. But, with Whatsapp instant texting, you can deliver your message faster and get a response
  • If you care about aesthetics, gridify – Instagram is more than getting envy over your friend’s party photos. Creating an Instagram business account is a winning strategy for building your personal brand logo. Features like white space and grids amplify your visuals and there’s a family of 1.5 billion users watching you!
  • Get inspired with pins – Pinterest is a great platform to find and curate content. From an SEO point of view, you can also create ‘do follow’ backlinks to your website. As a designer, you can analyze competitors and create a mood board. Bookmark what you like for your future reference.
  • Follow the world – Trends matter. Whether it’s leading or lagging, big brands know what’s the typical taste and preferences. Become a trend jack by promoting your brand image on Twitter. It’s a fast-paced platform with over 330 million active users.
  • The powerhouse of marketing – Marketing can be a real challenge in the B2B space. It requires a legit platform like LinkedIn to connect with potential professionals.
  • Showcase your skills – Be a part of a creative network, Behance. It’s an online platform for creative work. Find your community, a space for learning, and inspire others. You can showcase your portfolios too.
social media presence

11 tips to enhance your social media presence

Visuals are more demanding than the block of text. Are you wondering how to be the best version of yourself on social media? Let’s dive into the know-how

  1. Colors: 90 percent of customers make snap judgments based on colors. Your design’s color sets the mood, creates a space, conveys a message, and evokes emotions. Play with colors wisely.
  2. Balance: Different elements carry different weights. Based on the space they cover, you have to create balance in your design. There are four ways to build harmony – symmetrical, asymmetrical, radial, and crystallographic.
  3. Lines: Lines enhance the visual journey of the viewers. Use straight lines to command order. Curvy lines show movement.
  4. Typography: Learn the art of typography. Selecting the right fonts adds life to your image. It also impacts viewers’ perceptions by expressing their beliefs. Choose a typeface that makes your content readable. Limit your fonts to 2 or 3 Match your fonts with your content Practice kerning Strong title/headline to bait
  5. Contrast: Flat colors are boring online. If your design has many elements, use contrast to create a difference. Apply contrast in colors, fonts, shapes, and sizes.
  6. Scaling: Each platform has its specifications. Stick to platform size while designing. Also, zoom in /out certain elements to make them stand out.
  7. Proximity: Follow the principle of proximity. Segregate similar items to declutter and arrange. The paramount of your design has to be proximity. Grouping similar elements together make relationships better.
  8. Hierarchy: Prioritize your elements. Induce smooth flow. It gives direction to the readers on where to go. Use hierarchy to spread your most important message across first.
  9. Repetition: Using the same fonts, colors, and logo increases brand loyalty. Don’t screw up customers’ behavior. Follow consistency to keep your brand alive in their mind.
  10. Direction: Manage the viewing pattern online. Customers read in an “F” pattern, an “E” pattern, and a “Z” pattern.
  11. Spacing: Clumsy design can turn off customers’ moods. Adhere to less is more policy. Use negative space to spread good vibes.

Designs should always facilitate the content to add more value to the readers and that’s why a strong social media strategy works well.

Evaluating the audiences and the user trends will help decide what type of content performs best on which platforms. For example Images and videos work well on Instagram while Twitter is all about short messages and clips.

Nothing is holding you back from getting social. Create a spark with your design with these tips and boost your brand. You can also check the social media image size guides.

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