Gift Card Design Ideas to Inspire

Gift Card Design Ideas

When do you envision gift card design? You often forget about a gift-giving occasion at the last minute or run out of ideas for what to get your loved ones.

Although creating a gift card takes a few minutes, a little personalization makes all the difference. The best place to create gift cards is on an e-commerce website like All Time Design, and since the majority of them offer a unique feature for doing so, few people consider finding alternative ways to do so.

How many gift-giving occasions occur each year? A lot. However, not all of them need to cause a frantic rush to the mall and thoroughly inspect its stores. Instead, choose the shop your recipient prefers, buy a gift voucher or certificate for them, and you can say goodbye to a mismatched present for life!

Today, let’s investigate something novel.

What are Gift Card, Voucher, and Certificate

Before anything else, you may find a wide variety of gift cards, vouchers, and certificates in the pile of designs available below. However, the latter shares certain parallels with the former regarding intent but differs in the medium used. So let’s dissect the three distinctions between a gift card, gift voucher, and gift certificate so you can get by.

Gift Card

They are issued by retailers and organizations and are stored in a plastic or electronic medium. When specific payment options are unavailable from a particular retailer or business, gift cards are considered an alternative. The bottom line is that gift cards represent a stored value of money.

Gift cards occasionally have an expiration date. Due to the holiday or event, it was timed for or guaranteed that customers would use the card within a certain period.

Gift Voucher

A gift voucher serves a similar function to a gift card and is a paper version. Businesses frequently use a gift voucher to make up for sold-out inventory on sale or discounted goods.

Gift Certificate

Giving out this is a terrific method to encourage customer loyalty and may be used to introduce your company to potential customers.

A gift certificate is frequently used as an award for competitive events, so feel free to use it. But unfortunately, gift certificate holders spend more on their visit than the card’s value.

A gift certificate should include the recipient’s Name, the amount awarded, the expiration date, an official signature, contact details, and pertinent information.

On the back of the certificate, you could want to write the Terms of Use or any other details that explain how to use it.

How to Make Gift Certificates and Cards

Sign Up with All Time Design

Create an account and get a personally assigned designer to make your certificates, then request a “Gift Certificate.” Also, you can get free templates as ATD offers excellent tools.

Discuss and browse templates

Search and choose a lovely gift certificate template for the appropriate occasion. Select the theme of choice, occasions, colors, and styling options before beginning designing.

Customize your design

With the help of our personalized graphic designer feature, you can customize your gift certificates to the situation or recipient. You may change the text, fonts, colors, and photos with a few clicks and discussions. The brand identity of your business comes to life during customization.

Put in more design elements

Try experimenting with different shapes, frames, stickers, and grids in your design to expand your creativity. Then, discuss with designers to tweak and change elements until satisfied.

Things to Know When Personalizing Gift Card

  • The way the gift card feels and looks and the information printed on it is significant. Ensure your gift card looks good in the end so the right message gets across.
  • To increase sales, personalized gift cards can also be made. Say, for instance, that you’re giving consumers who spent $300 this month on purchases a $10 discount off their subsequent purchases. If you want to increase the bar for sales, don’t miss out on this opportunity.
  • Make the most of the option for customization by changing the photos, theme, color, logo, shape, font styles, and anything else that may be done.
  • Make sure always to add a brief note on your personalized gift card. No matter, if it is for formal or informal use, including a message will make the user happy. Keep in mind that an emotion accompanies the same thing.

Design Ideas and Templates

During holidays and special occasions, gift certificates and cards are frequently purchased and used. A point-of-purchase item that gives ease, personalization, and quickness in terms of choices, it is a well-received gift. However, even though gift certificates are a valuable item, how they are designed might influence how excited someone is to make a purchase.

An excellent method to boost sales is to have a distinctive gift card design that will stand out and grab your customers’ attention.

We’ve compiled a few lists of gift cards and vouchers accessible in the list down below. It has many different design elements, including digital art and more. The list also includes appropriate examples regarding fashion, holidays, and events. Of course, you are free to use any gift voucher and card designs collection for any presentation, mood board, creative project, and other future use.

Let’s begin with templates before real examples.

Birthday Gift Card Design Template

Birthdays go hand in hand with candles, flowers, cakes, and gift boxes. While simply an example, you are free to test and brand this template. The recipient will cherish your memory for years!

Levis Gift Voucher Envelopes

This Levis Gift Card conveys mobility with its fluid organic lines and ultra-minimalist design. The use of practically transparent graphics gives the façade a retro appearance. Using red in combination with the other parts helps balance the graphics. In addition, red is used to spread its branding (logo) across the artwork, which results in an excellent combination.

 levis gift voucher envelopes

Wedding Gift Card Template

Are you going to a wedding? Are you unable to decide what to give the newlyweds? A wedding gift card is a go-to option. In addition, you can get a specially designed wedding theme that features the couples in the center in unique font styles. Pay close attention to the color schemes; they can be as aesthetically beautiful as you choose.

Christmas and a Snowman Gift Voucher Template

This Christmas and a Snowman Gift Voucher are best described as straightforward, cheery, and simple. At first sight, Christmas is the design’s central motif. However, in contrast to the prior illustration, this design is more subdued and realistic.

This Christmas gift certificate is ideal for food and beverage establishments, children’s clothing and toys, family products, home and appliances, beauty products, and businesses offering Christmas-related goods and services.

 Christmas gift card design ideas

Go astray from Traditional Shape & Size

Who says gift card designs have to be horizontal or postcard size? These free printable gift cards are excellent in their own right. Here, the background image is less significant. If you have more content to display, use this template, but be careful not to clutter it with too much material thrown in at once. The more readable the text is, the more enjoyable it will be to read.

There are tons of templates and design ideas online. You can visit the actual samples below for more inspiration and ideas before creating yours.

Gift Card Ideas to Give

Below are samples to also help get inspired.


Everyone knows a parent or friend who has spent the last two years completing a long list of home improvement tasks. They’re destroying things, painting walls, and generally having a good time. Lowe’s offers gift cards that will be appropriate if you are shopping for that type of person. If you’ve ever undergone house renovations, you know you end up at the shop more frequently than expected. A gift card may help someone else avoid that anguish.

For more details: Lowe’s Gift Card, from $25


Please give them a Goldbelly gift card to satisfy their wanderlust and palate. With innovative gifts like cheesecake from NYC eatery Junior’s and Guy Fieri’s Trash Can Nachos, the diversified online food merchant directly provides the top restaurants in the nation to your front door. It’s an excellent gift for a unique foodie who appreciates the story of their meals almost as much as they do the food itself.

For more details: Goldbelly Gift Card, from $50

Spa Finder

With a Spa Finder gift card, you can give the gift of some well-deserved relaxation. The Spa Finder site allows your receiver to browse the best-rated salons and spas in their neighborhood for facials, massages, haircuts, and other services before splurging on anything.

For more details: Spa Finder Gift Card, from $50

Master Class

You can learn at any age, especially if you do it by mastering the craft of experts in your field like Gordon Ramsay, Alicia Keys, Shonda Rhimes, and others. By giving them access to all the greats through Master Class, you may help your recipient advance their expertise in the fields that most interest them, such as songwriting, cuisine, and interior design. Give a subscription as a present and see how their world expands.

For more details: Master Class Gift Card, from $15/month

Extra: 5 Unknown Facts on Gift Cards

Here are some fascinating facts about gift cards that you might find hard to believe:

Gift Cards are more popular than gifts with people

Be it a holiday, birthday, anniversary, or anything else—many individuals secretly wish they would get a gift card instead of a gift. Unfortunately, sometimes you end up buying unwanted accessories or items. Give gift vouchers a try at least once; they have a lot of advantages.

Gift cards may also be registered

By registering your gift card online, you can store it safely if you worry it might be lost or stolen. Once registered, you are free to utilize its value at any time. However, gift cards bearing the logos of banks and some merchants make this possible.

Online stores sell unwanted gift cards as well

Sometimes you receive a gift card for a store from which you don’t want to make a purchase or when you want to trade it in for cash. You can find websites that acquire gift cards and repay the cash on such occasions. For instance, you can receive a gift card with a cash worth 70%.

Less well-known businesses do not only use gift cards

Some gift card design templates are too beautiful to convey the sincerity of the business. On such occasions, exercise caution. Instead, you should ensure creating gift cards using well-known websites or successful retailers.

Create Gift certificates and cards for the most popular category

You should also check out what’s hot if you opt to create a gift card online. Popular places to make gift cards include Walmart, Amazon, and various eateries. Check out some business card ideas and get inspired.

Customize With All Time Design

Are you looking to create and brand your gift voucher, card, or certificate? Search no more as All Time Design has the tools to put your business in the spotlight. Its branding acumen and solid graphic designers with a respected background put your gift card designs on top.

A gift certificate, card, and voucher are unique marketing strategies. They give this luxury-like feel to clients.

So, own an account with ATD and choose from its various plan packages to get started. Unlimited request to your graphic artist is guaranteed. But, of course, this means more gift cards to produce.

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