30+ Awesome Google Slides Design Ideas

Google Slides Design Ideas

Are you making a presentation soon? Looking for ideas to help you with your design in no time? Then, we’ve got you! 

Since PowerPoint first launched in 1987, it’s been a game changer. Presenting became more straightforward with this tool as it replaced the time-consuming decks displayed using overhead projectors.

Today, we have several other presentation software serving as alternatives to PowerPoint.

Google Slides is the topmost alternative to PowerPoint. It is user-friendly, completely free, and allows collaboration. Interestingly, it’s more accessible across different devices, and since it works with Google Drive, it is easy to access your slides anywhere at any time.

In this article, we’ll take about Google Slides templates and show you some cool slides and tips to help you with your design process.

What are Google Slides Templates?

Google slides templates or themes are pre-designed slides that help the user cut down time thinking of designs from scratch.

Whether you’re a small business, conglomerate, or hobbyist, you can customize these templates to fit your brand personality and specific need.

Instead of starting from scratch on a new slide, using preset themes on Google Slides makes it easy to create an excellent presentation in just a few clicks.

You can create your own google slides presentation easily using free, or premium google slides themes. All you need do is add images, charts, icons, and videos and change colors if applicable.

You can use the explore tool on Google Slides to check out thousands of new slide layouts for your presentation design. To access this feature, click on the little star icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

 does google slides have design ideas

let’s check out some on-trend, fantastic design ideas and places to find unique templates for your presentation deck design.

These slide templates are broken down by industry and needs so that you can quickly sift through them without feeling overwhelmed.

Best google slides themes for Business presentations

Business presentations are Making business presentations isn’t something to play with. You want to nail it with your audience engaged from start to finish.

A well-put-together presentation slide can distinguish between a bad and a good presentation in a corporate room.

Things to consider in your google slides for business presentation:

  • Use a professional-looking presentation theme.
  • Avoid themes with outlandish colors.
  • Use white space to avoid overwhelming the screen.
  • Stick to your corporate identity when choosing a template
  • Use serif or sans serif typeface – these typefaces exude professionalism. They help you maintain a neat presentation deck.

Check out these slides for your next business presentation.

Business Geometric Google Slides template

 how to get design ideas on google slides

Google Slides theme with concentric circles

design ideas google slides
 design ideas on google slides

Free google slides template with dynamic professional design

 design ideas in google slides

TRIDIO – 3D Google Slides Themes Dark

 design google slides ideas

Premium dark google slides template with Purple Gradient

 design ideas for google slides

Twitch and Play – Free Dark Theme Google Slides

 google slides creative slide design ideas

Best google slide themes for pitch decks

A pitch deck is essential to successful business pitches and sales presentations. A great sales deck has aesthetic and functional qualities that help you sell your business to the desired audience.

Therefore, creating a compelling pitch deck in both design and ideas is essential. You should choose a presentation theme or template that strikes the audience at first glance.

When creating a pitch deck slide design. Consider the following:

  • Be creative
  • Bring in your personality
  • Explore multiple layouts and graphic elements
  • Reflect your mission and vision on your google slides
  • Showcase your products
  • Be clear about your offering

Here are some fantastic free templates to help you convert your sales pitch ideas into a compelling deck.

Lava Google Slides Template

 design aesthetic google slides ideas

Free simple google slides themes with shapes

 design cool google slides ideas

Premium template with colorful and modern themes

 aesthetic google slides design ideas

Simple google slides templates with professional design

 how do you get design ideas in google slides

Free minimal Google slides templates

 slide design ideas google slides

Best Google Slides themes for Education

It is scientifically proven that visuals enhance understanding by 400%. Students can absorb the lecture content better when visual representations reinforce verbal lectures.

So a good presentation design for education will have the following:

  • Fun and quirky elements
  • Interesting stats and images
  • Memorable colors
  • Fewer details on each slide

Let’s look at some latest trends for education slides.

Free educational Google slides template with colorful monsters

 does google slides have design ideas like powerpoint

Free sketch notes Google slides template for education

 google slides designs

Free artsy Google slides template with brush stroke

 designs for google slides

Google Slides Template with Dark Background

 cute designs for google slides

Free Google Slides theme with paper sheet and polaroids

 cool google slides designs

Premium Template for Education

 slide designs for google slides

Free Writing History Thesis Template

 transparent designs for google slides

Best Google Slides themes for marketing plan

Marketing presentations are made with different intentions. It may be to showcase the result of a recent campaign, ads, or new product features or services breakdown. It can also explain new plans and KPIs to your marketing team.

Regardless of the motive, marketing presentation slides are an extension of branding. Therefore, they have to be attention-grabbing and visually appealing.

Your marketing plan presentation design should:

  • Use modern design
  • Use illustrations and charts
  • Use a compelling image

Check out these cool templates for your own presentations.

Free google slide template for marketing with doodles

 cute google slides designs

Free digital marketing google slides template

 how to add designs on google slides

Premium Geometric Google slides template

 border designs for google slides

Free template with teamwork illustrations

 designs on google slides

Cool template for marketing presentation with scribbles

 aesthetic designs for google slides

Free minimal Google Slides theme with soft colors

 how to add designs to google slides

Best themes for medical presentation

If you’re a health practitioner, instead of spending time designing a report slide for a presentation, you can download a template and be done with your slide layouts in just a few clicks.

When designing slides for medical-related information, make sure your slide design:

  • Exudes professional
  • Conveys trust
  • Simplifies complex details
  • Makes statistical reports using charts

Let’s check out some cool slides for inspiration.

Free medical PowerPoint Template with doctors and patients illustrations

 designs to add to google slides

Free medical and health Google slides template

 free google slides designs

Free medical Google Slides theme With data particle

 google slides designs ideas

Free medical Google Slides theme with the virus

google slides how to make designs

There are more amazing templates and themes out there that fit your peculiar needs.

Where to find google slide templates

You can check out these websites for unlimited access to free and premium Google Slides templates.

  • SlidesGo
  • SlidesCarnival
  • Evanto Elements
  • SlidesGala
  • SlidesMania
  • SlideChef

These websites help you with various design options with different colors and styles. In addition, all the slide themes and templates you find on these web pages are often designed by experienced professional interaction designers.

How to Add Themes to Google Slides

Now that you’ve seen several ideas and sources for Google Slide themes and templates, let’s share some tips on how you can add your favorite themes to Google Slides. There are three ways to do so, so let’s look at all the options.

Using the Copy to Google Slides Button

Most websites that offer slide templates have a Google Slides button that allows you to copy the templates. This is the quickest and easiest way to add these templates to your Google Slides workspace.

All you need to do is click the Copy to (or Use on) Google Slides button, which will redirect you to Google Slides. Then, click the make a Copy button to add your chosen template to a new Slides presentation. You’ll have access to all the elements of the template. Check out some PowerPoint design ideas.

Importing Slides from Your Device

If the site doesn’t have a Google Slides button, or you have downloaded the template as a PPT file, you can import the slides to Google Slides.

To do this,

  1. Open a blank slide. Click on File and then Import Slides.
  2. Either pick a presentation from your Google Drive or upload one from your device.
  3. After uploading the presentation, select all the slides you to copy.
  4. If you don’t want to retain the template’s Theme, uncheck the Keep Original Theme box.
  5. Then, click on Import Slides.

This way, all the template content will be copied to your presentation along with the Theme. But if you unchecked the Keep Original Theme box, the current Theme of your presentation will be applied.

Importing Theme Only

Supposing you’ve got your presentation ready and only desire to add a new theme (colors, fonts, etc.), you can import a theme to be added to the existing content of your presentation.

To do this,

  1. Click on Theme from the toolbar.
  2. Click on the Import Theme button.
  3. Select or upload the p[resentation/template.
  4. Choose the presentation and click on Select.
  5. Then, select the Theme, and click on Import Theme.

The Theme will be applied to your presentation.

What are the advantages of ready-made Google Slides themes?

Visually appealing presentation designs play a profound role in the success of your presentation. For example, Google Slides presentation themes often have main topics and sub-topics, making it easier to communicate our message in a way your audience understands.

Modifying themes or working with blank slides, inserting images, data and creating animations can be nerve-racking. Then getting to the presentation can come with phobia and trepidation, especially if you’re new to public speaking.

But stunning presentations designed with preset themes would not only help you cut preparation time but also help you with the extra confidence you need to present more assertively with your shoulders leaned backward.

Studies show that most people put a lot of effort into designing presentation slides and would feel more confident when they know their presentation was beautifully designed.

And that’s why we’ve created this list of ready-made Google Slides templates. Each can help you cut down preparation time while maintaining top-quality aesthetic appeal.

Want to start having your own custom-made template? Let us help you get the perfect Google Slides Template!

Trust us to help you create new Google Slides themes and templates that will save you time and offer you a quality boost and flexibility. These themes and templates will be made to fit your business needs and brands, especially if designing is not for you or you simply don’t have the resources and knowledge to create something of your own. 

All Time Design can help you create compelling and easy-to-use templates in no time. Our templates can help your presentation become more engaging and on-brand.

All you need to do is to tell us your goals, and our professional designers will bring your ideas to life.

The best part is, you’re going to get the best google slides themes for the fairest cost you can think of.

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