Top 10 Graphic Design Companies in the United States

Top 10 Graphic Design Companies in the United States

When mathematicians or physicists compete with each other, we can choose who is the best with their speed and accuracy. But imagine graphic designers competing with each other. Though all of them would be working on the same topic, the chances of them coming up with the same results are not even one percent. You can see incredible varieties of designs, and that’s how diverse the field is. Our cognitive process remains exceptionally unique. Even a simple shape like a circle, if told to be drawn, we all are going to draw the same shape, but it practically cannot be the ditto. If drawing a circle itself has so many ways, then think about graphic designing on the whole.

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Each graphic designer is an artist who can give solutions to problems. He/She doesn’t provide solutions in the form of numbers or sentences but with a mixture of typography, imagery, colors, and abstract elements. Their solutions are the ones that can be easily interpreted. These are the kinds of designs businesses expect to improve their branding and promote their products and services to the target audience. For humans, graphic design is not Greek and Latin. It is already there from the times of early men who were communicating with each other through painting symbols and images in the caves and tree trunks. That was called the first kind of graphic design. Today we are standing at the peak of the evolution of 3D designs, artificial intelligence, and much more, which has opened up new gates for graphic designing. These are drawing businesses to include more graphic designers in their teams to create more innovative and engaging designs to pull their target audience. Check out these top graphic design firms in the us

Importance of graphic designing in business

Graphic Design has a significant role to play in the current competitive business environment. Media, IT, banking or be it whatever field, graphic designing has an essential part. These businesses would need the help of a graphic designer to create impressive marketing materials. It can be a company’s brochure, business cards, leaflets, websites, and so on. First of all, even a memorable logo would need the work of a designer. That is the foremost step in building a brand. Similarly, businesses need them to design mobile applications and social media pages for their company’s promotion. It’s become part and parcel of business in physical and virtual markets.

A reason for more demand for graphic design among businesses is their constant need for effective communication with their target audience. Since more and more people are entering the business world, it’s leading to more competition. Graphic design has become an effective strategy to draw the attention of potential customers toward businesses. There is an increasing need, especially among entrepreneurs, to communicate its message to its target audience.

Influence of the pandemic on the design industry in the USA

graphic designing in business

With the whole world hit by a pandemic and locked between the four walls, businesses have no other way than to go remote. That too, in a country like the United States, which is the epicenter of the Coronavirus outbreak, life has completely changed for its people, including their working style. As Coronavirus cases are surging, 46% of American Businesses have implemented remote work policies since Mid-February. Though work-from-home has become mainstream in recent years, the efficiency of the work cycle would change from one field to another.

It is not new for graphic designers to work from home as many of them would have started as freelancers or would have even taken gigs to boost their income. The design studios have come to a consensus that they would make their employees work remotely. They have understood it is an exponential threat, and even delaying a single day would contribute to new cases. Since people aren’t adhering to the social distancing norms and mask culture, the USA has been hit. So these companies have entirely shifted to remote and are conducting meetings via Skype or Google Meet. Design agencies don’t have many interactions other than notifying the designer about the day’s tasks, which they work out through calls and emails. They claim to serve their clients without the need to be in a single space every day.

All the designers have been given Desktop computers as graphic designing requires a powerful device, and laptops won’t be sufficient. Also, they are given WIFI routers for a powerful internet connection, and that’s it; they are all set to work. Since there is no tentative date on when the situation would normalize or the curve would flatten, many companies have provided the maximum facilities for their employees to work efficiently from home.

You can also have a look at top graphic design companies in the UK

Top Graphic Design Firms in the US

Some of them are huge global players, whereas others are small and niche. But all of them are known for their stellar work and their innovative and realistic approaches to design problems.

1. Pentagram

It is an independently owned global studio founded in 1972 in London. Its New York office is a unique decentralized structure. The studio has top-notch clients like MasterCard, Windows, The MoMA, and Verizon. The eight partners in the Manhattan office are well-known faces like Michael Beirut, Paula Scher, and Emily Obermann. Each of them runs an essentially autonomous operation, and their recent projects were for the superhero movie Justice League, the pan-European sports channel Eurosport and many more.

famous graphic design companies
Credits: Pentagram

2. Sagmeister & Walsh

This boutique design studio situated in New York was launched in 2012. They are a full-service studio that creates strategy, design, and production for commercial clients, publishers, musicians, and even NGOs. Their design works are attention-grabbing and stunningly original. Their recent projects include a visual identity for fashion brand Milly’s and a special cover design for The New York Times Magazine, which was themed about Donald Trump.

major graphic design companies
Credits: Sagmeister & Walsh

3. All Time Design

All Time Design has bagged the title of the most sought-after graphic design company in the recent past. We have revolutionized the way businesses create graphic designs. We have made creative designs easily accessible and affordable for all brands around the world. For the flat rate, we offer unlimited graphic designs and revisions with a quicker turnaround time. We have a hassle-free onboarding process that allows brands to plug professional graphic designers into their work ecosystem in minutes. From business moguls to a Mom and Pop stores, brands of all sizes make use of their services to create powerful impressions through consistent, quality designs at an affordable rate.

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4. Landor

It is headquartered in San Francisco and is one of the most influential brand consulting firms. It was founded in 1942 by Walter Landor and now has 26 offices in 20 countries. Its clients include Alaska Airlines, FedEx, Huawei, and Sony. Its recent projects are branding new companies like S&P global, formerly called McGraw Hill and Covestro.

which is the best graphics design company?
Credits: Landor

5. MetaDesign

It is an international design consultancy founded in Berlin in 1979. Its San Francisco office was established in 1992, and now the company has branches across three continents. Its various engagements include redesigning the logo for Japanese food corporation Ajinomoto and the launch of the Loggly brand, cloud-based log management, and analytics service.

list of graphic design companies in usa
Credits: MetaDesign

6. Huge

It has its headquarters in Brooklyn and is a digital studio that focuses on a wide range of strategies, marketing, design, and technology-related services. Founded in 1999, now it has got offices in 14 countries worldwide. Huge has high-profile clients like Coca-Cola, Google, Unilever, and Nike. Its recent highlights include winning McDonald’s global UX account and a campaign for LG’s V30.

best graphics company

7. Firstborn

It has its headquarters in Brooklyn and is a digital studio that focuses on a wide range of strategies, marketing, design, and technology-related services. Founded in 1999, now it has got offices in 14 countries worldwide. Huge has high-profile clients like Coca-Cola, Google, Unilever, and Nike. Its recent highlights include winning McDonald’s global UX account and a campaign for LG’s V30.

Credits: Firstborn

8. House Industries

House Industries was founded in 1993 by Andy Cruz and Rich Roat and is based in Delaware. It specializes in physical and digital design. Their clients include The New Yorker, Disney, and Lego, and its work is presented in the permanent collections of The Smithsonian’s Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum.

House Industries
Credits: House Industries

9. The Office of Paul Sahre

This is a design consultancy based in New York City. It was founded in 1997 by eponymous designer Paul Sahre and had clients like The New York Times, Google Creative Labs, Marvel comics, and much more. Its biggest highlight was completing the monograph “Two Dimensional men: A graphic memoir,” which portrays Sahre’s mootus completion of 3 decades as a designer.

10. Happy Cog

It was born in 199 during the ‘wild west’ days of the internet and has built a strong reputation within the design community for its promotion of common web standards and recently its responsive design. It is based in Philadelphia and continues to design award-winning websites, digital products for NGOs, etc.

Happy Cog
Credits: Happy Cog
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