Graphic Design Inspiration: Creative Blogs and Talented Designers

graphic design inspiration

Are you feeling confused about where to turn on your graphic design journey, out of touch with the craft, or just feeling a creative block? Then it’s time to sharpen your creativity and broaden your horizon with some inspiration.

To help you out, we’ve gathered some of the world’s most inspiring designers and graphic design blogs where you can discover graphic design ideas, jobs, and guides. Let’s go!

Top Graphic Design Inspirations

All Time Design

 graphic design inspiration sites

Let’s begin with this blog you’re currently reading. At All Time Design, we’re committed to inspiring the creative community and providing design services to businesses. We provide design inspiration for logos, flyers, PowerPoint presentations, illustrations, character designs, and many more. We also provide educative content for growing designers and businesses on how to understand the various aspects of design and how to ace their design projects.


graphic design website inspiration

Beginning in 2010, 8faces is your go-to website and print magazine for type, typography, and lettering inspiration and knowledge. Run by the type designer, Jamie Clarke, and web designer, Elliot Jay Stocks, the blog/magazine features insightful interviews with graphic designers, illustrators, web designers, and artists.


99Designs, a blog for 99s Studio, has thousands of ideas and tips for logos, book covers, websites, labels, packaging designs, and many more. They also have a community of professional designers and hold design contests.


 graphic design inspiration websites

If you’re running low on inspiration, stop by Abduzeedo to check out some quality 3D works. Since 2006, the community of bloggers on Abduzeedo has been sharing articles on animation, motion design, brand identity, UX, web design, illustration, photography, and many more. Wondering where comes from? It’s a Portuguese word that means abducted.

Admire the web

Minimal designs are becoming more popular by the day. From, packaging designs, to logos and websites, there’s an increasing desire in the design world to lean towards minimalism. If you’re looking for a source of web design inspiration, check out Admire the Web. Tom Hopcraft has loads of tips and examples for you on creating a clean and responsive website layout.

AIGA: Eye on Design

 graphic design poster inspiration

The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) owns a blog, Eye on Design. This blog is a goldmine of high-quality insights and creative inspiration from astute creative directors, and graphic designers. You’d be amazed by the depth and breadth of creative works and practitioners the blog covers.

Aisle One Digest

 poster graphic design inspiration

Aisle One Digest is a weekly newsletter from the Aisleone blog, a visual journal of design, photography, film, music, and culture. It is a free subscription newsletter but also has paid membership which gives you access to videos on vintage design books, exclusive guest articles, good-for-creating playlists, and lots more.

Alex Center

 flyer graphic design inspiration

“You must think you’re pretty special.” Alex Center heard this when he once met rapper 50 Cent. The statement brought nervousness and opened up Alex’s sweat spores. Although the statement rings true for the Brooklyn-based designer and founder of CENTER, a design and branding company. Alex is renowned for his impressive packaging design and innovative products. In 2011, Leurzers Archive named him as one of the 200 Best Packaging Designers. You can find his writing and opinions on art and design featured on several blogs, podcasts, and magazines from HOW Magazine to InSource, AIGA, Design Matters, and lots more.

Alex Trochu

While minimalists believe “less is more”, Alex Trochut begs to differ professing that “More is more”. The Brooklyn-Barcelona-based designer has a rich portfolio of clients such as Coca-cola, Absolut, and The New York Times. Interestingly, his website offers top-notch thoughts that will inspire you to take design and art more seriously.

Behance Graphic Design Gallery

 graphic design inspiration quotes

Founded in 2005 and bought by Adobe in 2012, Behance is a hub for creatives to showcase their works and case studies making it seem overwhelming. You can browse through the blog to find inspiration for logos, branding, posters, and packaging design.


Canva isn’t just an easy-to-use digital design tool or a place for design templates, it’s also a great place to learn a lot about the graphic design business. Canva’s blog has a vast range of design inspiration for clothing graphics, logos, flowcharts, film, marketing, and advertising design.

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Chuck Anderson

Looking for the motivation to drop out of school to chase your freedom and passion in design? Chuck Anderson is the inspiration you need. While other people of his age were just completing design school, he has built a formidable creative agency, NoPattern, that has worked with clients such as Reebok and Nike. You can listen to him here on Lifeandlimb Podcast as he interviews passionate designers that inspire him.

Clo S

 graphic design advertising inspiration

Owner of This Too Shall Grow blog, Clo is the creative director of a UX studio, consultancy, and coaching practice. Her blog and newsletter cover mindful UX technology that prioritizes privacy, digital wellness, and mental health. She advocated for creating UX that improves the relationship between our minds and our devices.

Creative Boom

 graphic design inspiration 2022

Creative Boom blog celebrates, inspired, and supports the creative community by showcasing the latest works of designers. The blog also showcases interviews with leading art and design practitioners from around the world. They also have an e-commerce platform that sells prints to allow readers to support creatives directly.

Dan Cassaro

 graphic design portfolio inspiration

A daring and audacious New York-based graphic designer, Dan Cassaro co-leads a team of designers and illustrators called the Young Jerks. He works from his beat-up studio in Brooklyn and has received accolades for his work from Rolling Stone, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and lots more. His works revolve around type, logo design, lettering, and rock and roll from the 70s.

Dana Tanamachi

 graphic design logo inspiration

Dana Tanamachi is a trendsetter in the design world with her chalk-lettering. She runs the Tanamachi Studio, a boutique design studio. Here, she specializes in custom typography and illustration for editorial, lifestyle, food, and fashion brands. She has an impressive portfolio featuring globally renowned clients such as Target, Nike, USPS, Penguin Books, Ralph Lauren, Instagram, and West Elm.

Debbie Millman

 minimalist graphic design inspiration

Debbie is popular for hosting the Design Observer podcast, Design Matters. When she’s not interviewing design connoisseurs, Debbie is directing design at Sterling Brands as president. She’s worked at Sterling Brands on the redesign of over 200 global brands.

Design Made in Germany

Are looking for project photography inspiration? Design Made in Germany has a host of works from German creative industries. Whether you understand German or not, there’s something for you on Design Made in Germany if you need visual inspiration.

Design Made in Japan

Resist the urge to spew cliche about cultures, especially when it concerns art, design, and literature. One of the most popular cultures in design is the Japanese culture. We all love it, don’t we? But how much do you know about it? To avoid misrepresenting the culture, Design Made in Japan gives you the latest editorial, product, and packaging design. Interestingly, you can also find a job from the links on the website.

Designer News

Designer News describes itself as “where the design community meets”. There, you’ll find the latest interesting posts on the web from Behance, Medium, and other individual designers’ websites. You can upvote, downvote as well as add comments to the posts. Something like Quora for graphic design enthusiasts.


 graphic design art illustration inspiration

DesignHill is the website to find fantastic design inspiration from a community of talented designers. You can also showcase your talent to be among the contest winners. They also have tips from top-tier practitioners to get your creative juices flowing.


 inspiration graphic design

Co-founded by a web designer, Dan Cederholm, Dribble is a vibrant global community of designers. You’ll find it bookmarked on just about every designer’s device. Its blog is filled with process articles, interviews, and inspirational pieces from top creatives.

Erik Spiekermann

 behance graphic design inspiration

One of graphic design all-time greatest founders, Erik Spiekermann, created the 12 FontFont families, including FF Info Display, FF Meta and FF Unit as well as ITC Officina, and LoType among many other corporate typefaces. He’s a connoisseur designer in the transport industry, and the founder of MetaDesign, Germany’s largest design firm.

Femme Type

 layout graphic design inspiration

Femme Type is a design blog dedicated to celebrating women who are into type-focused designs. Founded by Amber Weaver in 2019, the blog covers the myriad of collaborations and projects it’s linked to, including a print magazine, book, and partnership with Adobe Live. You can also tons of video tutorials on tye to help you boost your skills.

Friends of Type

graphic design inspirations

Friends of Type is the brainchild of four type and lettering enthusiasts – Erik Marinovich, Aaron Carámbula, Dennis Payongayong, and Jason Wong. It covers topics on original typographic design and lettering. The blog owners dish out fresh visual content every day and feature a guest designer on the last week of the month.

Google Design

 graphic design page layout inspiration

Google knows all things, yeah? Maybe not all things but the biggest search engine does know a bit about design. The Google Design blog offers incredible insights into Google’s product ad services as well as the wider world of modern design.

I Love Typography

 fashion graphic design inspiration

Do you love to explore the world of typography? I Love Typography is a popular typography blog offering articles, on typography, font creation, calligraphy, printmaking, type history, and lots more.

Identity Designed

Created by renowned visual identity designer, David Airey, Identity Designed showcases visual identities from around the world, You’ll find hundreds of projects from practitioners in Sweden, Mexico, France, Vietnam, the USA, France, Australia, England, and Brazil.

Incredible Types

 graphic design newsletter inspiration

Incredible Types is a curated showcase of outstanding collections of typography and design worldwide. The showcase currently has 246 pieces of inspirational design from 432 creatives and studios from 51 different countries.

Jacob Cass

 futuristic graphic design inspiration

Jacob Cass is an inspiration to upcoming designers. His proactive attitude is contagious. He owns a design agency that has worked with Disney, Nintendo, and a host of other creatives. You can Check out his blog Just Creative, a library of branding and design resources.

Jon Contino

 inspiration graphic design inspiration logo ideas

New Yorker, Jon Contino is a well-respected design and branding expert. He is renowned for his illustration style which is a unique blend of retro and modern world aesthetics. Also, his minimal approach to branding has earned him clients such as Nike, New Balance, and Jack Daniels. Jon directs his independent branding studio, Contino, and has won several awards for his works.


 graphic design layout inspiration

Are you looking for a place to immerse yourself in web design inspiration? Land-book is your go-to place. it’s a showcase of the best web designs to motivate your own career. interestingly, there’s no explanatory text getting in the way, just beautiful immersive visuals.

Lauren Hom

 graphic design banner inspiration

Lauren is a popular hand lettering artist. She is respected for her playful letterform and bright color palettes. She has a knack for marketing and has worked with amazing clients such as YouTube, Adobe, Target, Starbucks, and TIME Magazine. When she’s not designing for her clients, she’s either creating blog posts for Hom Sweet Hom or selling your ex-boyfriend’s tears.

Logo Design Love

David Airey does have an astounding range of knowledge and experience to offer in the design industry. This blog, Logo Design Love, is dedicated to logos, symbols, icons, and marks. It’s a goldmine of reports and analyses on the latest logos, as well as news on new books about logos.

Lotta Nieminen

 newsletter graphic design inspiration

At 29, Lotta Nieminen has mastered the craft and business of graphic design enough to work with clients like Google, Hermes, and the New York Times. She has also made it to Forbes’ 30 under 30 lists and taken out an ADC Young Guns award. The inspiring New York-based design studio owner has an exciting portfolio of crisp forms ad striking color palettes.

Mike Perry

 typography graphic design inspiration

Mike Perry is a designer that uses his bright-colored works to awaken and mesmerize his audience. He uses a combination of several graphic elements shapes, forms, lines, colors, and ideas – to create compelling walls, books, films, and newspapers.


 best websites for graphic design inspiration

Mindsparkle gives you a daily dose of new trends in the world of web design, video, graphic design, art, architecture, and photography.

Sean McCabe

Sean McCabe is an inspiration to type artists. If you’re the type curious, he has a course that is in-depth on licensing, compositional hierarchy, digitization, selling, custom-type logos, and design contracts.

Shepard Fairey

Co-owner of Black Market and former Rhode Island School of Design student, Shepard Fairey is a well-respected street artist. He is best known for his Obey designs and the Obama Hope Posters.

Simon Prades

 western graphic design inspiration

Simon Prades is an experimental arts enthusiast and a teacher of illustration and drawing at a German University. When he’s not teaching, he’s working with clients on editorial, advertising, and film.

Site Inspire

Curated by Howells Studio, SiteInspire is the place to find anything you’re looking for. The blog currently features 7,418 sites, so you can filter by style, type, or subject.


 website graphic design inspiration

Spotify? Really? Yes, Spotify. Spotify’s blog is highly driven by visual design focusing on internal projects. So, you can get inspired by how they use design to put the success of the streaming platform.

Steven Heller

 graphic design ideas inspiration

Heller is a renowned writer and designer. He has authored, co-authored, and edited more than 170 books about design. H is also a co-founder of the MFA Designer as Author program at the School of Visual Arts in New York, where he currently lectures.

The Inspiration Grid

 motion graphic design inspiration

Since its inception in 2011, Inspirational Grid has maintained a top-tier level in showcasing and celebrating creatives worldwide. Browse through here to find ideas on design, art, illustration, typography, photography, and more.


Are you looking for your traditional image eye candy style blogs? Mirador is where to head. You’ll find inspiring projects with standout visuals.


 graphic design ads inspiration

Typewolf is the go-to place to find top-notch commentary on the latest typefaces and a goldmine of reviews of older ones. The blog helps you keep up-to-date with the latest type trends, and gives you valuable learning resources.

Under Consideration: Brand New

Under Consideration focuses on analyzing corporate and brand identity works. When a major company launches a new logo or branding, you’ll certainly find an in-depth analysis there.


 daily graphic design inspiration

“If it’s great, it goes on.” Visuelle welcomes all creatives in its image-led and visual feed as long as you think you’re great. There are also tons of inspiring posts on digital design, illustration, motion, photography, and typography.

Wix Creative

Wix likes the idea of helping users ease the process of design. So, it has a blog dedicated to guiding and inspiring everyone who wants to create a website on Wix.

Women of Graphic Design

 logo inspiration graphic design

Women of Graphic Design as the name suggests is focused on showcasing the contributions of women in graphic design and exploring issues of gender equality in education provided by design institutions.

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