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In today’s competitive market, having a memorable and remarkable logo for your business would simply not be enough.

As a business owner, you would not only want to grab your customers’ attention, but you also need to stand out from the crowd.

As humans are visual creatures, graphics are just some of the most basic ways to convey a message. Graphic design, by nature, is used for everything – name it, your social media page, website, packaging, and other advertising content!

In fact, its importance is etched in every customer’s purchasing experience.

As a matter of fact, 65% of digital marketing experts claim that visual capital such as images, infographics, art illustrations, and videos, are all imperative in narrating your brand identity.

The bottom line is that whether you are a start-up company or an established one, it is essential to think about how your graphic design will affect the overall image of your business.

Yes, graphics design helps to build brand identity as it also affects the purchasing behavior of customers.

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Posts with images generate a higher engagement by 650% than those without images, emphasizing the fact that content with images is more striking to people and can engage more leads.

But then again, let’s be honest. Graphic designing can be a very tedious task, especially for small businesses. Not all can be considered expert designers.

However, despite its importance, many businesses still skimp out on shelling out money for professional graphic design services – and for many reasons!

Read this article to understand why getting professional graphic design services can change the playing field for your business in the industry.

How can a Bad Graphic Design Affect your Business?

In a world where every business takes competition very seriously, it is expected that all want to be seen. And not just be seen, but be on top of mind of their customers. Thus, it is pretty normal for businesses to exert effort in their sales funnel and make themselves known to people through their presence, such as working on websites, billboards, ads, and other marketing materials to ensure that their presence can be felt.

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However, several companies, especially start-ups, tend to settle for disorganized visual communication and representation of their business.

They may not even care about how their website looks or how poorly designed their logo may be.

But then, you may have to ask yourself. Suppose you are on the consumer’s end. Would you be willing and motivated to stay on a website that is not visually appealing?

Most likely not!

Therefore, as a business owner, you must also think about your potential customers.

But despite these challenges, some businesses are still skeptical about hiring graphic designers for their marketing materials.

And that has always been a recurring story in many industries.

So, let us take a closer look at how one bad graphic design can affect your business.

Unprofessional Presentation Design

In any business, building a business-customer relationship is one of the many ways in which you could build with your customers. Regardless of your products or services, a lack of confidence can result in customers not wanting to do business with your company.

With bad graphic design, you can be misrepresented and can come off as unprofessional, which will be harmful to you and your business.

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Trouble Establishing Brand Identity

Making a lasting first impression is necessary for a business to keep up with the competition. However, as mentioned, with the ever-growing competitive market, it can be extremely challenging to create a substantial impact on brand identity.

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With a bad graphic design, your business will only appear low-cost and fail to entice customers to get to know you. Additionally, your business will fail to convey the brand message that you stand for.

Failure to Close Deals and Make Sales

Yes, even if it may not seem so, bad graphics can actually cost your company sales.

As a matter of fact, 85% of customers browse a brand’s web before deciding to make their purchase.

Therefore, you are more likely to shoo away potential customers because of broken links, disorganized landing pages, or complicated navigation. In addition, if a competitor offers the same product or service with an excellent design for their website, they are more likely to stay ahead of you.

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Conventional or Imitative Designs

Your graphics will always be a make-or-break element in your business. First, of course, you would want to stay on top of the competition. But poorly made graphic designs will simply not take you there. You would want to capture attention and make your customers stay. However, with flat and bland designs, you would just find your business sinking from the crowd. Thus, it is essential to keep in mind that your designs should give a clear message and be unique while doing so!

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Closed Business

Worse comes to worst. A business with consistently poor-designed graphics can give off a closed business vibe. Suppose you cannot ride the tide of emerging design trends. In that case, your website or other content materials may fall short with the changing demands of the industry. This can damage the business’s reputation in the long haul.

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So how will a professional graphic designer save your day?

Cutting corners for many businesses is never new. This may entail settling for cheaper graphic design services or even doing it on your own – which may not be at par with your business standards, but you may go for it anyway. However, this may take a toll on your business in the long run.

As mentioned, creating solid and impactful graphic design projects can elevate how your target audience will perceive your business.

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Needless to say, a graphic designer is a crucial element of your business growth. No matter how many graphic design applications are available in the market today, having a professional execute the design project is still worth the shot.

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Graphic design is necessary if you want your target audience to connect with your business. There are a lot of advantages to hiring a professional graphic designer or getting some professional graphic design services.

Let us run through these advantages altogether.

Graphic design services have graphic designers that are experts in the field

Graphic design is never just about creating a PowerPoint presentation or just creating a logo design. Hiring a professional graphic design service would mean getting a graphics team that has the expertise in making your ideas become a concert and powerful tool for marketing.

They also have the vision and can understand the creative process needed to deliver graphics that speak about your company through images and design elements that can bring brand consistency in the most creative way.

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Again, your brand cannot always communicate with clients through words. However, a great graphic designer can put creative work into mixing different elements that encapsulate the ideas behind the company’s branding.

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Being experts in the field, getting a design service can help an organization have a strong footing in the industry by creating state-of-the-art graphic designs across different channels such as direct mail, email marketing, product packaging, logo, business card design, web design, print design, and even custom illustrations.

Graphic designers know and understand the market trends

Suppose you are a marketing director of a company, of course, you would make sure that your company can adapt to the fast-paced change in trends in any industry.

Professional graphic design services provide business-focused solutions. One of these would be keeping themselves up-to-date with the current market trends, digital marketing tools, and even digital design strategies.

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This means that great graphic artists also conduct their own intense amount of research before they can create and pitch a creative brief. This ensures that whatever they bring to the table is according to your branding voice which is also appropriate to the clients that your organization caters to.

Graphic designers can conceptualize visual ideas

There are many business owners who may lack experience in what a creative brief should look like – let alone being creative in a nutshell. But with a graphic designer, you need not worry about coming up with creative ideas and going through the creative process. It simply does not matter whether your business is equipped with the right tools or not.

Aside from having their graphics team do the graphics for you, they also can start with conceptualizing and pitching ideas that would best fit your company’s standards and ideals as you provide feedback.

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They use their expertise for the design development ideas that meet your goal to capture the attention of your audience and leave both customers and business owners satisfied.

To come up with a visual idea that is fresh, innovative, and creative is one of the top responsibilities of graphic design services. It eventually enhances the company’s marketing position by helping business owners to forecast changes in market trends and quickly adapt to them.

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Graphic designers understand your target audience and prospective clients

Design services often include tasks that are comprised of heavily researching all the data that are needed to come up with the most appropriate design idea that best fits a group of prospective clients or audiences.

One of the many responsibilities that graphic designers also do is to collect information about who will be the receiving end of the content so that they can create a design that can capture the attention of its target viewers.

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For example, an automotive shop will have its own target audience such as car enthusiasts. Therefore, a great design will probably include the hardcore, manly, and daredevil types of designs. On the other hand, a wedding planner can make a design request to project a more subtle, more sophisticated, and more formal aura.

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This is very important among graphic design services as this can completely change the strategy of the creative process and can affect the graphics for content such as the company site, print design, email templates, logos, and even business cards.

Graphic designers help you save time and reduce unnecessary costs

If you are a start-up company, you may think that it is okay to be a one-man team and DIY your way through branding while managing your entire business.

However, the whole creative process can be time-consuming. From coming up with a product design, team meetings, web design conceptualization, coming up with logo design, social media graphics, and designs for print and digital media.

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However, with a professional and reliable graphic designer around, you can save time and zoom into your creative brief meetings and then create your ideas come to life.

Graphic designers can cut your costs in the long run as they can deliver your design request efficiently and in a timely manner.

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Graphic designers can effectively convey your message

Whatever platform you decide to use for your content, graphic designers have the expertise to powerfully transmit your message to your clients.

With a number of platforms available in the market today, such as social media, email marketing, and product packaging among others, having a designer work for you will surely capture attention.

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Your company can easily project professionalism through your branding whether in print or digital media – making it possible to increase your brand’s value.

Your site can be fully optimized according to your consumers’ perspective which will result in better connections.

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They say that when you want something done right, do it yourself!

However, this is not always going to be the case.

Sure enough, there are a variety of DIY tools that can help you create your own logo design in just a few clicks or even manage the social media content that can help you easily come up with content that can project your brand professionally.

So, why even bother working with a designer?

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Well, because you do not want to keep your shortchange your audience, clients, and most especially your business.

Having a designer work for you simply means staying ahead of the competition – and this is more than just social media presence. Change your perspective today and consider getting design services that will work for you.

But since you are here, we might as well suggest for you to check out All Time Design! ATD’s design services let you create various graphics that best fit your business and your clients. Work with a team of experts! Book your demo today.

October 3, 2022
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