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A graphic design trend is odd because it may still be cutting-edge and intriguing even when it is popular. Therefore, following the most recent trends in graphic design is more like joining a revolution for creatives and graphic designers than joining a bandwagon.

We are looking for the term “revolution.” The audience is ushered into a visually brave new world by designers by displacing stale design industry practices. Yes, “new trend” might also indicate that we get inspiration from a period between 30 and 150 years ago.

The graphic design trends for 2024 act as a hesitant second wave, echoing the close to palindrome that is 2024. The world is gradually recovering from a post-pandemic world. As a result, styles from various eras are reviving themselves. Moreover, a few experiments are substituting the new for the old. Check out the evolution of graphic design.

Top Graphic Design Trends 2024 for Graphic Designers

Exploration and experimentation are two things that define graphic design as an art form.

Graphic design trends in 2024 resonate with our striving to find meaning and pleasure in hard times and break down what holds us. Creators worldwide gain strength with an open mind to craft mesmerizing designs with vivid colors, movement, perfect imperfection, and futurism. The upcoming year is something to look forward to.

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The design trends from last year were fantastic, but in 2024, we are moving on to more incredible and bolder vistas. Here are a few of the latest graphic design trends for 2024 that have been percolating in the design world lately!


To break out from cookie-cutter templates, this graphic design trend looks back at the heady early days of the internet through the perspective of digital natives, even if it means creating purposefully perplexing designs.

Anti-design isn’t exactly a novel concept. The Dada and Surrealist groups fought a world of good aesthetics a century ago. However, the anti-design movement of today is more strongly associated with brutalism. Check out the top 20 graphic designers to follow on the Dribble.

One of the biggest graphic design trends, the brutalist design, attempts to show off the beauty standards of the unfinished, the “under construction,” and the pared-down, which is why its distinctive architectural features include bare cement walls and exposed pipes.

This trend strains our senses with asymmetry, clashing colors, bare interfaces, and busy patterns. However, those who embrace it lead to projects built without regard to conventional designers’ beauty ideals.

To attract visual interest and elicit a response, anti-design deliberately shoves traditional design principles in their faces. Good design is about legibility and usability.

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Designers who want to let loose should remember that any “excellent” design revolves around the end product. Therefore, viewers must be directed to the appropriate call to action even by the ugliest ugly-pretty designs. The wrong choice could turn your creation into a museum piece rather than a brilliant marketing strategy.

90s Nostalgia

A time of gothic serifs, neon colors, and vaporwave landscapes seemed to have only begun when popular media like Stranger Things and It revived 80s nostalgia. However, the 1990s have finally made a comeback in 2024 (after recently being idealized on Netflix’s Fear Street).

The 1990s are coming back in several forms, as we will see in several trends on this list. But the foundation of this specific fad is nostalgia—that yearning, idealistic look-back.

We are reliving the 1990s with Memphis design patterns, straightforward emojis, and primitive internet frames to achieve this. Happy childhood recollections overshadow bright color blocks and pouring slime. Turn back the clock to the 1990s whenever your design project asks for a cozy feeling with a dash of retro cool. Explore the best book cover designs in 2024.


The Y2K generation believed that technology would be their downfall in a far more literal way than it is today. That was proven to be inaccurate in 2000, and the loud relief sparked a genuine revival of technical hope.

But in recent years, that has significantly diminished due to social media isolation and false information. So it seems sensible that many designers are using Y2K as inspiration to recapture that youthful exuberance when anything seemed possible thanks to technology. Check out the tips for creating a successful design for your targeted audience.

Clumsy interfaces, low-poly CGI, bubblegum pinks, blues, and iridescent colors reminiscent of CD backs are characteristics of this particular period, between the late 1990s and early 2000s. It resembles cyberpunk in many aspects, although it is much more cheerful and sweetly nostalgic than dark, neon, and sleek.

The Y2K aesthetic embraces all things goofy and irreverent in place of pure simplicity regarding graphic design elements. It encourages textures and doodles. It is artistic and a fantastic scroll-stopper! Many graphic designers find this trend strong, expressive, functional, and appealing. Check out the funny design fails and be aware of them. And know the best ideas to attract the visitors.

Expressive and Experimental Lettering

We cannot always rely on language to translate meaning from one culture to another as the world is becoming increasingly global and online. Lots of designers see this as an opportunity rather than a setback. We anticipate lettering that goes beyond what is easily readable in 2024, producing forms that are evocative in and of themselves.

The possibilities for this trend’s appearance are endless because it is founded on experimentation and individual expression. As a result, all kinds of strange shapes, inconsistent lettering, and amorphous blobs are on the table.

Overall, these lettering styles cast doubt on the line that separates intelligible letters from abstract shapes. This can be a dangerous trend that is challenging to execute for audiences who are not as open to artistic experimentation. However, it rewards the bold with freedom, freeing meaning from any particular language. Let’s find the top graphic designers to follow on Twitter.

2D/3D Mashup

For many years, 3D design has been rising and is still developing and establishing itself. As a result, designers have virtually unbounded creative freedom thanks to the infinite variety of possibilities available.

The most often used work in this field spans from mashups that combine 2D graphics and paper cutouts with highly realistic 3D visuals that blur the distinction between digital and physical parts. Download your free banner templates at All TIme Design.

The “anti-design” trend implies that, in a way, designers are indeed breaking all kinds of laws at will. (And we are having fun, you can bet!) The almost shameless blending of 2D and 3D visual elements in collage-like compositions indicates this Purge-like design practice.

Similar to an unexpected culinary pairing, the outcome may be pleasantly gourmet. However, even the most whimsical 3D+2D design has a higher quality because 3D work is typically expensive, especially if motion design is included. Check out the cute backgrounds for your devices.

For numerous apps, websites, and animations, 3D-style figures have again made a significant graphic design space invasion.

We can all enjoy the 3D character trend, as shown in the following examples.

Ukiyo-e Flat Design

Designers have been looking for methods to breathe new life into the flat vector artwork imposed by digital design standards for years. The Ukiyo-e artists of Japan’s Edo Period are a particular source of inspiration for the designers of 2024 as they are flat design past pioneers.

Ukiyo-e is a printing technique that uses hand-carved woodblocks (although it was occasionally painted). “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” is among the most well-known examples of the genre. The vector designers are accustomed to seeing bold outlines, flat colors, and limited perspective techniques in this type of artwork.

Over 300 years, Ukiyo-e painters created flat, stylized depictions of everything from landscapes to local personalities to mythical situations. Although they primarily portrayed commonplace scenarios that would appeal to their primary audience—the merchant class—facial expressions and human positions were frequently overdone with a hint of fluidity.

Creatives already use similar methods to create the same remarkable impression in ordinary flat vector scenes.

Daydream Doodles

Doodles are more than just random shapes you doodle during a zoom presentation when your mind wanders. What you doodle can reveal a lot about you.

The designers of 2024 are adding a little of their abstract mindscape to their professional work by incorporating it into these meandering sketches, which are incredibly personal. By doing this, designs can be made that bridge the gap between digital tools and a human touch.

However, this need not be at odds with digital design; techniques like animation help simulate the freeform sketching style of doodling.

Candy Colors

It becomes more difficult for designers to produce artwork, websites, and apps that will stand out from the clutter as we are continually barraged with digital content from all angles. As a result, it is equally crucial to have a visual appeal that will catch viewers’ attention while they are scrolling as it is to have high-quality content.

And how can you be sure that your design stands out the most effectively? Eye-catching color combinations that pop. Designers and digital artists with talent roll up their sleeves and use stunning candy hues to produce bold and striking graphic design masterpieces. Explore some business colors to use.

People still like pastel hues, but candy color schemes are a terrific option if you want to make a dramatic statement and express even more optimism.

Holographic Design

Holographic design is undeniably high-tech and futuristic with its combination of high-gloss multidimensional pastel hues. These highlights provide the appearance of motion even in static images. Because of its stunning effects, this approach has notably captured the attention of 3D motion designers.

Recently, the holographic trend has spread to other facets of our lives, including stationery, fashion (remember those see-through holographic bags and jelly shoes from the 1990s? ), and more. As a result, it is no surprise that this trend has also reached the animation and web design realms. Apps and logos are also no exception.


Last year, we saw designers evade domestic orders by making innovative ventures into nature. Since then, they have immersed themselves more and further in fantasy realms. The resulting designs are the most precise expression of escape.

Escapism’s appeal lies not only in the getaway but also in the wonder that it inherently possesses. Unexpected colors, seductive backdrops, and whimsical character design(s) abound in this style. It allows both designers and spectators to experience their imaginations as being expanded.

Although this is primarily an illustration trend, it can benefit from background patterns on labels and web pages. The secret is to immerse viewers in a thick web of captivating images as they explore these worlds. Explore some vintage logo design ideas.

Twisted Typography

The standard-defying typographic styles are part of this movement. It adheres to a similar aesthetic as Riso prints: something is aesthetically off and flawed. What is that twist exactly? Anything that disrupts the order: a single letter could be reversed, enlarged, shrunk, changed in type, or altogether absent. A little text may have a few characters that follow a different pattern from the other letters to reveal a new message. It is the ideal technique to draw attention to and stress a certain point. Check out the social media image size guide for better engagement.

You are not the only one if the Squid Game intro comes to mind.

The most spectacular application of this twist is in kinetic typography, where the messages are revealed by movement. Logos and distinctive visuals frequently take the place of the “twisted” characters in static digital graphics.

Extreme “High School” Bubble Design

Without any enjoyment, a graphic designer’s work is incomplete. Circles don’t have edges, so they exude total good energy that is cheerful and lively. Designing rounded graphics and lettering styles will be among the popular trends for 2024 since we could all use more positivity in our lives.

Rather than using the typical bubble fonts and shapes featured on children’s products, the 2024 trend is amplified through elongated forms and psychedelic hues. Consequently, the inflatable design feels sophisticated while preserving that essential element of playful energy.

 newest graphic design trends
 new trends in graphic design

What you would have seen in a high school notebook is now a refined version honed into this current trend. Explore the best YouTube banner design ideas for your channel.

Parametric Patterns

The foundation of graphic design is patterns. They help to break up solid colors and give a background more visual interest. But in 2024, designers are using parametric geometry to highlight statement patterns.

A complex geometric structure called a parametric pattern is made of lines that change shape according to relative positions. The aesthetic borrows from the graphs of parametric equations. Although they have a geometric foundation, these patterns have a sense of mobility rather than rigidity that comes from architecture since they are fluid and three-dimensional. Parametric patterns are being employed in designs from 2024 to depict the intricacy of its subject matter, whether it be identification or human communication.

 graphic design industry trends
 millennial graphic design trends

Maximalist Collages

The digital landscape is changing. This year, we are more rebellious than ever against the early 2010s minimalist movement. Examples include riso print and dot printer effects, glass and crystal overlays (“glass morphism”), statement patterns, grungy, rough textures, bold colors, and irregular geometric shapes, torn paper paper “cutouts.”

It has all the excitement and personality of a Coachella mosh pit and is a happy form of revolt. Less is more was once something we sagely agreed with, but now we’ve thrown convention out the window and rummaged into our childhood wardrobes for stickers, sequins, ink, and ribbons.

 emerging trends in graphic design

To reconcile digital chaos with communication, maximalist designers must locate their “center”—a method to the madness. By saturating entire spaces with homogeneous noise, maximalist negative space can be created. Then, the compositional hierarchy that gives a basic design its distinctive clarity of thinking will be possible. Find some small business packaging design ideas.

 graphic design color trends
 early 2000s graphic design trends

“Chaos, when it is designed well, can be really powerful and interesting. So it is a natural evolution for design to focus on more of the detail and intricate style of brands and products after such a big minimal push. Of course, minimal layouts will not be going anywhere either, but I think adding in more layers to complement this strong aesthetic will drive it further.” – said Tristan Le Breton, Creative Director.

Grunge Revival

Grunge is the destructive teen if 90s nostalgia is the child, and Frasurbane is the hipster adult. Grunge is angst personified, and its resurgence signifies that things are getting out of hand. It is distinguished by grittier textures, darkened graphics, and collages that resemble zine pages. This look exudes unbridled energy because the ink trails and splotches provide the impression of movement. Unfortunately, its haphazard construction is reminiscent of the hastily produced videos younger viewers watch on TikTok.

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Grunge famously rebels against the crisp, flat graphics of the digital age by using analog components like tape, ripped papers, and scribbled handwriting. This feeling is somewhat consoling after a year of isolation primarily spent online.

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Another 90s-inspired style is called Frasurbane, which combines the words “urbane” and the American comedy Frasier. However, this time, it is seen from the perspective of young people. It considers the GenXers who, at that time, were moving into cities and finally becoming financially independent enough to engage in some refined culture. Frasier’s Seattle residence, which featured a grand piano, a modern fireplace, and a statement column all within a basic beige design, effectively captures this.

 graphic design ideas

The Frasurbane is coming to graphic design in 2024, even if the movement has primarily been a huge trend in interior design. Here, it is portrayed through regal serifs, subdued hues, and strategically placed design elements. This style aims to balance between youthful urban hipness and stuffy grownup elegance. While it does not reject conventional aesthetics in favor of disorderly anarchy (as young groups like anti-design do), it is nonetheless much more of a showoff for culture than minimalism. When taken too far, the fashion can appear as snobbish and pretentious, much like Frasier himself. However, Frasurbane can, when appropriately used, capture a measured maturity.

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Playful Typography

Anti-design, Y2K, and maximalism are a few of the trends mentioned above that are reflected in playful, experimental typography. However, as typography is an entirely distinct field, it merits attention.

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Keeping it loud and not being afraid to play with writing styles are the keys to this digital design trend. Text is typically bold, broad, chunky, flowing, and deformed. How expressive can your typographic styles be while remaining as readable as possible seems to be a struggle for any graphic designer?

This fashion may occasionally involve employing letters as decorative elements rather than as practical text. Make sure to be highly conscious of the difference between your ornamental and practical parts for a great design.

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The Metaverse

Some of the themes we have examined smay fall apart in the metaverse. Although a backlash against technology has been discussed, people will likely continue to use their phones and connect in more ways than before. Some companies are still only flattening their emblems for digital use, but they might decide to return to 3D in the digital metaverse.

 design trends 2022

The Meta logo, still known as Facebook to everyone else, was created to function in both 2D and fully 3D virtual reality environments and to “dynamically live in the metaverse.” Whatever it looks like, there may be new possibilities in the metaverse for illustrators, animators, and of course, graphic designers.

Art Deco

One upcoming trend stands out among the vibrant colors, broken aesthetics, psychedelic design, and chaotic movement by using clean, strong lines as an organizing design element.

Of course, we’re referring to Art Deco, which combines sophistication with streamlined, machine-age geometry.

 design industry trends

The early 20th century saw the emergence of the art style as a direct reaction to Art Nouveau and conventional practices. Its ideology emphasizes modernism, innovation, and a forward-looking outlook characterized by sturdiness, quiet dignity, and perseverance. It makes sense that such ideologies would return to art and graphic design, given everything going on over the past few years.

 graphic trends and ideas
 t shirt design trends

Looking for symmetry, geometry, and simple yet beautiful works will help you spot the return of this lovely style the quickest. Art Deco transforms the blatantly anti-traditional into geometric shapes and bold outlines. For example, consider the style of The Great Gatsby.

 clothing design trends
 quality design trends


The psychedelic 1960s’ twisted, melted, and warped aesthetics profoundly altered design. These images are timeless fashion trends that always resurface with the emergence of a new counterculture.

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The psychedelic style, which began as an artistic medium with Wes Wilson and his well-known rock posters, comes back to express the confusion of the perplexing times by simulating acid trips with mind-bending colors.

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Join the Graphic Design Trends with All Time Design

The graphic design trends of 2024 are a haphazard collection. Anti-design and frasurbane, grunge and escapism, doodling, and parametric patterns.

It is not easy to see any of these different personalities getting along at a party, yet that is precisely what will happen the following year. So you will not want to miss out on these erratic mashups in the upcoming year.

You may develop a recognizable company identity with All Time Design and stay on top of the newest design trends for 2024. Our team of passionately helpful designers, illustrators, and motion graphic artists worldwide are savoring the freedom of the year’s top trends that are influenced by retro aesthetics. Still, you can be confident that our creativity is focused on your business and outcomes.

What are your observations and predictions about graphic design trends in 2024? Do you have a favorite trend? Then design Your 2024 With All Time Design. Creating designs could seem like hard work — so if you want to create artwork that inspires others, you can not go wrong with ATDs design subscription packages.

The web design and app design you have so long desired is just a few clicks away from becoming a reality. Connect with All Time Design today!

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