Greeting Card Designs: Tips and Ideas to Get Yours One

greeting card designs

Have you thought about starting your own company specializing in creating personalized greeting cards? From the abundance of annual holidays, festivities, and special occasions, select the perfect greeting card ideas to create the audience that will best suit your company.

This could be your chance to start your own greeting card business, which can be both enjoyable and lucrative if you know what to do. You can create well-versed clever, hilarious, inspirational, or sentimental quotes that leave an impression once you start designing with the correct audience in mind.

greeting card designs templates

In the U.S., up to 7 billion greeting cards are bought annually, totaling an estimated $7.5 billion. Research shows nine out of 10 American households purchase greeting cards yearly.

It is crucial to understand who your target market is and how healthy the market is for your particular industry. Below is an overview of how to launch your new personalized greeting card business.

Holiday greeting cards are the most popular type of personalized greeting card; however, there are ones for a number of occasions. We discovered that the most common personalized greeting card ideas tend to be gimmicky and clever quotations or slogans. Popular personalized business concepts are listed below as you read on.

How to Make a Greeting Card

There are various ways to create and customize greeting cards. Some tools require a click to achieve desired card design, while others allow designers to create from scratch. Based on the tools you choose, work time could span from minutes to hours.

Start Designing from Scratch

Only design experts can start from scratch. They begin from a blank page and customize it to become a template or unique design. The templates we use today were mainly created this way.

These professional designers customize and add words or text, photos, images, font styles, main message, etc., into the designs in order to create a distinctive design. They are also entitled to select their preferred sizes.

If you’re not an experienced designer, it’s advisable to leave it to professionals like All Time Design

Use Online Sevices Like All Time Design

For any celebration or occasion on the calendar, All Time Design offers a variety of card designs that you can send from your computer, phone, or tablet to wish someone a happy birthday, congratulate them on their anniversary, say “thanks,” “I’m sorry,” or send supportive thoughts. There are designs and styles for any taste, and it’s easy to add photos, edit the text or write your own, and decorate with stickers that match the sentiment of your card.

You can get inspiration from a physical or online stationery store to ease your thinking.

Greeting Card Design Ideas

A greeting card is a way to pass a message to desired target audience or personnel. The

Greeting Card Ideas for Birthdays

machine embroidery greeting card designs

With more than 7 billion sold yearly, birthday cards are the most widely used greeting card. So do not be reluctant to consume the birthday cake and print on demand.

sell greeting card designs
greeting card designs free download

We all turn a year older each year, just like clockwork. The science behind that one is still pending. It can be exciting or dismal, depending on who is experiencing it. People send many birthday cards to celebrate or grieve on this wonderful occasion.

Personalized Greeting Cards as Thanks Cards

greeting card designs wanted

One of the prominent participants in the personalized greeting card industry continues to be thanks cards. This is because they can be used following a wedding, graduation, or birthday party.

Thank you cards are sent and keep a cycle of good wishes that span longer than specific occasions.

greeting card designs for sale

Every occasion can have a customized set of thank you cards. They generate revenues of about $6.6 billion annually because of this. Thank you cards should be at the top of every catalog for a personalized greeting card business, just like they should be in yours.

Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Cards

greeting card designs images

The LA Times reported in 2019 that Americans spent an astounding $25 billion on mothers’ day, a significant increase from previous years. The amount reported there is the largest in 16 years. In addition, it is 8% more than the $23.1 billion spent in 2018.

greeting card designs for love

Not to be outdone, Father’s Day is the fourth-largest for personalized greeting holiday cards in the United States. When searching for greeting card ideas to sell, you can’t ignore the two annual festive niches, which are increasing rapidly, including Mother’s Day and Father’s Day greeting cards.

Cards for Wedding

greeting card designs software free download

Undoubtedly, the wedding ceremony is one of the most organized celebrations in America. So it is no surprise that bridesmaid cards are the most widely purchased wedding cards, given that women account for around 80% of card buyers.

seasons greeting card designs
greeting card designs simple

Personalized groomsmen cards and congratulations cards for the newlyweds are two more common types of wedding cards. Today, there is unquestionably a demand for personalized cards.

Personalized Christmas Cards

sell my greeting card designs

The custom of sending personalized Christmas cards each year has persisted since its debut in 1843. Considering that during the Christmas season, consumers prefer a more personal touch.

great greeting card designs
who does greeting card designs

You can create and sell customized Christmas cards using print-on-demand through any online store. Make sure your Christmas cards are accessible for sale because individuals often send Christmas cards to friends and family two to three weeks before Christmas.

Greeting Card Ideas for Graduation

submit greeting card designs

Graduation cards may seem to be a recent fad. However, the U.S. greeting card juggernaut Hallmark has been making diplomas since the 1920s. When Millenials leave their student havens and confront the ominous “real world,” graduation cards are still the first thing they get.

minimalist greeting card designs
pretty greeting card designs

Millennials spend an average of $6 per card in various areas of the U.S. instead of the $2 to $4 the average customer spends. Graduation-related greeting card theme is even more expensive to purchase.

Greeting Card Ideas for Valentine’s Day

modern greeting card designs

The National Retail Federation reports that even though fewer people celebrated Valentine’s Day in 2019 than in 2020, overall spending increased by 32%. That’s a huge rise compared to the typical annual growth rate. The average expenditure rate is anticipated to increase by 18% annually through 2025.

how to make a greeting card
what do i include on a greeting card

By incorporating pop culture, love movies, and of course, poetry into your own creative, quirky Valentine’s cards, you may profit from this expanding industry.

Enough statistical data support the assumption that selling personalized greeting cards is a brilliant business idea.

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Templates and Ideas for Inspiration

Nothing is more excellent than getting a sincere holiday card from friends, family members, or business partners. Let’s look at suggestions to help you release your creativity and create a greeting card that will be treasured instead of generic cards that will be quickly thrown.

You can customize and print the templates shown below. Feel free to change its text, images, illustrations, etc.

Let’s get on with sharing these free card templates from various sources.

what is the best font for a greetings card

Print Free Save the Date Wedding Card Template

Print Free Christmas Message Card Vector

Birthday Card for Mom

Print Free Wedding Thanks Card Template

best greeting card design ideas

Valentine’s Day Concept Card in Paper Cut Style

greeting card design templates

Print Free Father’s Day Card on White Background

Print Free Creative Graduation Party Card Invitation

Abstract Painted Colorful Fashion Thank You Card

Nice Baby Shower Card with Lovely Accessories

Flat Birthday Card with Balloons


What is the Best Font for a Greetings Card?

Warm and approachable typefaces that are also clear and simple enough to be read easily make great choices for greeting cards. Advent, Myra, Cylburn, Windsong, Fox & Cat, Brusher, Chunkfive, Bounce Script, Lavender Script, Duffy Script, Liam, and Coquette have often used fonts.

What Do I Include On a Greeting Card?

A greeting card’s sole goal is to introduce yourself and let the recipient know you’re thinking of them. You should use a few lines or a block of text to convey your message. Then, you can use photos, illustrations, images, or other visuals for added cheer.

How Do I Word a Greeting Card?

Use conversational words or language, stay away from clichés, and write a brief, clear greeting card. Create a sincere message or use comedy to make the receiver smile. To express your ideas, use a well-known quote or create original poetry.

Get Your Greeting Card Design Today

Several alternatives are available to you for sharing your original card design, and there are never any limitations or copyright issues with All Time Design. Print your card from home, download your files to print at a print shop, or share your online cards on your social media page.

A greeting card is sometimes needed for an event, holiday, or occasion that seems to happen every day of the week. Unfortunately, it can also take time, wildly, if you’re scrambling to find the perfect card at the last minute, even though expressing your concern and thoughtfulness for your loved ones is always a kind gesture that makes the recipient and sender feel good. A speedy remedy? Designing original, personalized card designs.

Choose from All Time Design’s selections of beautiful designs to quickly create a unique and heartfelt card. Then, make a greeting card that your family and friends will treasure. Receiving a meaningful note from a friend or someone you love is the best thing ever.

Our designers will add your choice of images and text fonts to your business or family greetings card project.

Choose a design plan and click here to get started with All Time Design.

Request and place your card design order today!

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