How easy or difficult is it to design a website banner?

How to Design a Website Banner

What is the first thing that stands out when a customer visits your website? Your website banner. Design a website banner is the main imagery that takes top space on your homepage.

What are web banners?

Typically this type of banner is used to promote the business on websites and social media profiles. These banner templates are usually seen as social media channels, photos, or web banner ads, and may also appear in the online advertisements of a campaign.

A lot of banner creator tools are available online. It’s very easy to design your basic graphic design, download the dimensions, then modify it.

A perfect banner contains a few key elements: A headline and subtext A striking image or color scheme Your personal or business logo A call to action Be sure your images, colors, and text are on-brand so that you make a lasting impression. 

With the advent of technology, the world has shifted to the web. The banner template gets you more clicks than the latter. The decline of print ads proves why you shouldn’t overlook banner designing.

Social Media Platforms banner designs

The webpage banner is at eye level. If it’s sloppy, the viewers can bounce back—a web banner act as a headline. Missing the banner image is the same as missing the headline on your story. A good banner holds the crux of your blog. When the visitor sees you, he/she can identify you.

Designing an effective web banner means a lot because it’s right on the top. They are part of everyday life. Whether you leave them unnoticed or update them regularly, it affects marketing.

What is a website banner example?

The Banner Advertising method involves placing an advertisement for another website. As its name indicates the advertisement has a banner shape – a wide rectangle, horizontal, or vertical. Banners appear usually on websites either on top or lower of them and horizontally along their sides.

If you are an amateur designer, the idea of creating your YouTube banner from scratch might feel a bit daunting. Let’s get going with the essential tips you need to keep in mind while designing your YouTube channel art here.

How to make an effective web banner?

Banners are something everyone sees and they are an excellent complement in marketing. Banner template and banner design consist of two main components: offering and call to action. You can use logos as you like, and images for enhancing messages. 

A Call to Action is an email/Button that invites the visitor to your site from your social media profiles or social media platforms.

Short phrases such as “Shop Now” are very useful. This offer should be clear, precise. Your reader will need the info about your promotion.

How much does a web banner design cost?

Design costs: There are two ways to create banners: creating the website yourself (free using the Canvas) or hiring an experienced designer (from $5 on Fiverr). Advertising costs for websites are about $1.99 per click across all major display networks.

How do I make a banner for my website?

Use the optimum size of the banner. Put your advertisements on the right platform. Keep up with the hierarchy. Just make it easy. You have an appropriate button. Use them in the appropriate way. Have a clear set of boundaries to achieve this goal. 

Give Text realism. Create a sleek and professional look for your banner designs!

Professionally designed templates that can skyrocket your sales

Some brands also show offers in their banner design. These offers prompt the user to take the next step – avail it. Keep your offer to the point and lead them to take action. Allure the customers with clickable buttons such as “Shop Now” or “Subscribe.”you can create a professional looking youtube channel art within minutes by checking out youtube banner design ideas.

Elements of the banner that can skyrocket your sales

The elements of the banner set the visual identity. Banner designs and banner templates have some main elements: an offer and a call to action. Place a logo to build credibility. Usage of images can enhance your banner even more.

Some brands also show offers in their banner design. These offers prompt the user to take the next step – avail it. Keep your offer to the point and lead them to take action. Allure the customers with clickable buttons such as “Shop Now” or “Subscribe.”

Things to consider while designing a website banner

Banner ensures that you make the right connection. It includes the name of the brand and hi-res images in a less cluttered backdrop. An appealing banner design is a feast to the viewers’ eye.

  • Visibility: Think above the fold. In web design, the portion of a web page comes up first when the page loads. The right banner image should summarize your webpage and the brand.
  • Tagline: Slogan or tagline gives a more in-depth insight into the prospects. By using it in your banner, you reveal your brand identity. An eye-catchy tagline set bait for your target audience.
  • Unique selling point: USP are the points of differentiation. It makes your brand different from your competitors. It would be best if you kept them at your palm’s back to make a banner that stands out.

A well-articulated USP can be a useful tool to meet your marketing objectives. Harness the power of your specialties while designing a web banner.

  • Get in touch: Contacts play an essential role in marketing. The aim of designing isn’t all about being attractive. You need people to reach out to you.

Include information such as email address, phone, fax number, street address, or even products & services. The website banner covers the 5-10 cms of your webpage. Don’t get tempted to go beyond the standard size.

Website banner template ATD

Also, don’t overload your banner with too many things.

Also, don’t overload your banner with too many things.

An eye-catching YouTube logo is what can help your videos stand apart in the YouTube search and impress your followers and your channel subscribers.

Looking for YouTube logo inspiration?

Get ideas and start planning your perfect YouTube logo today!

A few mistakes you should avoid

  • Conflicting images: Use images that your customers can correlate. Distracting images can cloud the mind of the customer.
  • Color that hits somebody where it hurts: Color pique emotions. But, over usage or bad color can signal a wrong message. Irrelevant colors can be misleading.
  • Typos and grammar errors: Nobody likes red flags. But, a single flaw can weaken your brand’s reputation. To be on the safer side, proofread your content before placing it.

Pro Tips: Next time when you’re surfing the web, take note of the banners that catch your eye. Consider what they promote, whether it’s an online store, essay writer services, or a new Netflix series. Then, ask yourself if the banner design appeals to the target audience and why/why not. This might be your first step to understanding what kind of banner you need to create for your online business.

Wondering how to rectify common mistakes of web banners? Here’s how you can get better:

  • Be thorough with the placement of your banner
  • Follow an order
  • Be sure of the size
  • Simplicity is the sweetest thing ever
  • Make it legible
  • Don’t forget the CTAs
  • Animate with giphy
  • Interact with infographics

What makes banners so important?

Banners are a timeless marketing tool. Here’s why you should consider banner on your website:

  • Makes the world stop and stare
  • Boost the traffic of your webpage
  • Increase your product sales
  • Make things known publicly
website banner ATD


It would help if you didn’t mess with your banner simply because they matter so much. Make the first thing on your webpage worth remembering. All Time Design provides unlimited graphic design at a flat fee with a 14-day risk-free trial.

June 9, 2021
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