72 percent of business card recipients use business card quality factors to judge a company.

Business cards are modern self-promotional toolkits that every business owner, entrepreneur, and corporate professionals carry around to promote themselves and their businesses. Although they were initially used to share contacts, business cards play a more prominent role in the digital world - the information, design, and style - of the business cards bring you a step closer to your audience and could significantly influence your brand identity.

The world has gone digital and the emerging digital technologies are giving customers and businesses the platform to connect and get to know each other better. Amidst various technological barriers, business cards facilitate first-time interactions and connections between a business and its customers - before they go online to search you up, your business cards already provide them with a basic introduction to your business and what you do.

For this reason, you have to put extra effort into the aesthetics of the business cards, making sure it has beautiful, modern, and eye-catching designs that can help you grab the attention of your customers and prospects. How do you achieve this? The answer is not far-fetched, you need to work with professional designers, possibly a graphics design agency to help you create stunning, modern, and effective business cards that can drive results.

A graphic design agency is a professional design firm that specializes in creating visual communication like logos, business cards, brand designs, and advertising and marketing designs for businesses across wide industries. They evaluate brand problems, develop strategies and implement them to create effective designs that help their clients achieve their short and long-term business goals.

Following reports that “39% of people wouldn’t do business with a company that has a cheap-looking business card.” Working with a professional design agency can bring you impressive business results. Hence, this guide will present all the benefits of using a professional graphics design agency for business cards.

Important Information to Include on your Business Cards

Business cards are critical to brand identity promotion and business growth. Even if you have decided to outsource your business cards to a graphics design agency, it is still important that you are aware of the essential information or elements that should be in your business cards, so you can prepare ahead if you don't already have them ready. To guide you on this, below are some of the information or elements that should be in your business cards.

Your brand Logo

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Your brand logo is a visual representation of your brand and what you do. It gives your potential customers and target audience an idea of what your business offer and helps them remember you for a long time. Considering that your business card is a brand promotion tool, your logo must be very visible on your business card to communicate the right message about your brand and business.

Your Company Name

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Your company name is what your customers are most likely to remember and so it must be placed very boldly on your business card. Your company name should be your legal and registered business name so you don’t confuse your customers.


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A tagline is a short text or phrase that expresses your brand's greater purpose and helps to create a more dramatic effect. Taglines provide a deeper context to what your business does or the overarching goal of your business. For businesses whose brand name and logo don't show what they do, their tagline can spell this out very clearly. For example, Apple - Think Different, BMW - The Ultimate Driving Machine.

Your name & Title

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Adding your full name and job title creates a personal connection with the card recipients. When they see your name and title, it helps them remember who you are and gives them a way to reach out to you when necessary.

Your Contact Details

Your contact details tell your customers how they can reach you after your initial meeting. Even if you are a small business owner or freelancer, you should have a designated and correct phone number and email address that your card recipients can reach you on.

Your Physical and Online Address

Your business card must include either your physical address or your online address (website URL) to help you drive traffic to your physical store, online store, or website. If you don't have any of this as a beginner, make preparations for this before bringing in a graphics design agency to create your business cards.

Social Media Handles

Social media has transformed into a big and powerful digital media platform that a lot of businesses use to connect with their customers, increase their brand awareness and promote their products or services. Gone are the days when social media were only used to interact with friends and family, its scope and capabilities have widened, which explains why almost every business entity has a social media page. To achieve better results with your business cards, include all your social media handles - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. - so your card recipients can connect with you on social media.

QR Code

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Creativity rules the world. Now imagine combining digital innovation with creativity, that’s going to bring you impressive business success. QR Codes are quick, innovative, and effective ways to connect your customers with you and provide them with more information about your business. You can leverage this by adding a QR Code to your business cards to create more space and provide your prospects with more information about you - Business hours, address, services, pricing, brand story, special deals, offers or discounts, etc or as a freelancer, you use a QR Code to showcase your portfolio.

10 Proven Benefits of working with a Graphics Design Agency for your business cards

They have an extensive experience

Graphic design agencies are professionals in the design field and have worked with many brands across different industries. If you are just starting, it can be difficult to decide on the best business card design and style for your business and how you can leverage it to grow your business. From their wide range of experience, a graphics design agency can help you create modern and effective designs that can drive business success. Also from their interaction with other brands, they can predict expected results from the business card they design for you.

They are cost effective

A graphic design agency has structured payment plans and service packages that work for everyone’s budget. When you work with a professional graphic design agency, you have a clear overview of the different pricing and expected results - if you are paying for a service, you know what exactly you will be getting from such service. Another benefit of using a graphic design agency is that you can always change your payment plan and service package - reduce or increase it - based on your needs.

They will save you time

Working with a professional design agency can save you a lot of time with many designers available to serve you when necessary. Professional graphic designers can put their knowledge and expertise to create converting business cards and have creative managers that are there to oversee the whole process and ensure all designs submitted to you are industry standard.

They facilitate clear communication

When you work with experts in the field, they have a clear understanding of what your business industry does and can easily buy into your goals and objectives. From your meetings, they can provide you with clarity on the design and the outcome. With this, they can create stunning, effective designs that can help you achieve your long-term goals - all of which can reduce the chances of miscommunications.

They showcase your brand personality in the design

Your brand personality is the set of human characteristics that you can attribute to your business. It refers to the way your target audience sees your business - sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication, and ruggedness. By working with a graphics design agency with a team of professional designers, you can tell them the qualities of your brand and they can suggest the right images, colors, and fonts to showcase your brand personality.

They create designs that leave lasting impressions

Several studies have reported that humans are visual beings that process more visual information than text. Naturally, we get attracted to beautiful designs and this has become the order of the day for businesses that wish to be on top of their customer’s minds. An old, boring, and ugly design will not only fail to attract people to your business, but you also risk losing potential customers with such designs. However, when you work with professionals, they have the skill and expertise to create business cards that effectively represent your company with modern, beautiful, and eye-catching designs that make a lasting impression.

They can boost your professional reputation

Your brand reputation refers to your public image. It guides how your customers, competitors, and the general public perceive and interact with your brand. A graphic design agency has a team of professional graphic designers with the right skills, training, and access to the best tools and software to create high-quality designs that boost your professional reputation.

They create designs that beat templates

Most people who create designs on their own without the skill and experience in graphics designs do so with templates - highly regarded as the most time-efficient solution for every individual. With the wide range of templates available for everyone to use nowadays, a lot of people tend to choose this over a professional designer. However, for a business that wishes to create new, visually appealing designs that are specially designed for you alone and have not been used before, a graphics design agency will help you achieve this.

They give you a competitive advantage

The modern business world is highly competitive. You would hardly find a company that produces a product or offer a service without other similar brand doing the same thing. The only way that such a business will compete and win against other competitors is by creating distinctive designs that their competitors don't use. When you work with a graphics design agency for your business cards, they can help you create new beautiful and functional designs that give you a competitive edge.

They are reliable.

When you work with a graphic design agency, you can rest assured that they will get the work done and within the agreed timeline. They have the structure, the team, and the right management to coordinate all activities and ensure that every design project is achieved.

From the design to the style, functionality, and uses, working with a graphic design agency can give you a professional edge and set you apart from your competitors. With their extensive experience and team of talented designers, they can advise you on the best business card designs, give your peace of mind and help you achieve both your short and long-term business goals.

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