Graphics designers are visual communicators who design creative graphics designs to communicate ideas, messages, and concepts to inform, persuade or captivate a target audience. They effectively combine texts (words), graphical elements (lines, shapes, colors, forms), and images to help brands convey their messages and effectively reflect their brand identity.

Professional and well-experienced graphic designers are artistic visual storytellers, excellent communicators, active listeners, and great problem solvers who combine different skills from marketing, communication, design, advertising, and branding fields to create visually appealing and compelling designs that help businesses thrive, gain new customers and grow.

Looking at the wide range of services that graphics designers offer their customers and businesses generally, they are the perfect candidate to work with for all your product packaging design needs. They are conversant with the latest trends in packaging designs and have most likely worked on many projects that have helped them gain a substantial amount of experience that could help you grow and sell more products.

The main responsibilities of a graphic designer are to:

  • Help clients determine the scope of their projects and map a timeline for them.
  • Advise clients on the best strategies and techniques to use
  • Determine the best approach or messaging that can help achieve the desired results.
  • Develop graphics, and visual or audio images to help convey the brand message as desired.
  • Review errors and add changes to designs as requested by the clients.
  • Testing graphics designs across various media/platforms.

Following a recent report that over 95% of more than 30,000 new products launched in the marketplace fail for some overlooked reasons - one of which is the poor packaging design. You must be very deliberate and well-informed about the graphics designers you choose for your product packaging designs as this could make or mar your business success.

In this guide, we will share important lessons on everything you should know about working with a graphic designer for your product packaging design.

Important Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Graphic Designer for your Product Packaging Design

Hiring a graphics designer to handle your product packaging needs is a good decision, but not when you hire someone with the wrong skill and who has no experience on the job. Hiring an inexperienced graphics designer with poor work culture can cause you more harm - create poor designs, misrepresent your brand and fail to impress your customers which can make you lose sales.

For these reasons, you must consider the following factors before settling for any graphic designer.

Create a detailed creative brief

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A creative brief is a business document that outlines the strategies, tactics, and other important information about a creative project. Some business owners or marketers have a clear idea of what they want their product packaging design to look like while others don't particularly know what exactly it is that they want.

Hence the first step to hiring a graphic designer for your product packaging design is to organize a meeting with the designer to discuss all that you want your product packaging to look like, its functionality, and important information or elements that should be included in the package design. Be precise and let out all the important details and requirements to ensure you are both on the same page to avoid future misunderstandings or miscommunication.

List all your expectations

Things can get complex when the real work starts and in all truthfulness, you are going to have a lot of back and forth with your graphic designer. Even when you both understand the creative project and are on the same page, you would still have to make corrections here and there to create your perfect design. Hence you must identify all your expectations from the graphics designer before starting. If they can meet all your expectations, then you can commence work with them. Some of the important questions to ask include;

  • What will the design include? Before working with any graphic designer, ensure that you ask them what exactly the packaging design will include and design specifications to avoid future misunderstandings and back and forth.
  • Do they include photography services? Product packaging design includes the use of high-quality, captivating images that bring out the beauty of the product. You must ask your graphics designer if photography services are included in his or her package, if not, decide on how that will be done.
  • Does the designer write product copy? A copy is a compelling text that describes a product and encourages people to buy a product. Be sure to ask your designer if he’s going to be adding this, if not, decide on how that will be covered for.
  • Does the designer offer design versioning? You might want the product package designs to be used for reused and edited for your other product line e.g. a skincare company with the same product in tube and bottle packaging. You need to clarify this from the onset to know whether the designer is willing to do this or will cost extra expense so you can make plans for that.
  • Do they have any experience working with printers and can work with them to make the best package? Graphics designers and printers have to work hand in hand to make package design work. Be sure to ask your designer if they have experience working with printers and can work closely with them to create amazing designs.
  • Does the designer agree to the timeframe? Time is of the essence when dealing with sales and product launches, you wouldn't want to miss out on the published date or lose out to your competitors. For this reason, you have to ensure and ask your designer if the timeline works with them to avoid future problems.
  • Are they willing to make corrections to the designs? As emphasized earlier, irrespective of how grand and amazing a design looks, you might still have to go over a few changes, corrections, and modifications. What’s your graphics designer's take on this? Are they willing to make corrections when the need arises? and What is the policy on design corrections? Ensure you both agree on all these to ensure you are all on the same page.

Their style of work

Every creative designer has a distinctive style that defines, and their work and set them apart from their competitors. Just before you make that final decision to hire a graphic designer, ensure that you know what their work ethic, track record, and previous experiences are before hiring them. Be very sure of their attitude and approach to work - are they the type with the right skills but never stick to time? or do they have a lackadaisical attitude to work, how accessible are they? and how do they interact with their clients? All of this can play a big role in their ability to perform.

Benefits of Working with a Graphics Designer for your Product Packaging Design

Save time

Working with a professional and experienced graphics designer guarantees you that the job will get done and that can you give your designs on or before the agreed submission date. They have most likely worked on similar projects before and this gives them the edge to work fast and efficiently to help you achieve your business goals. You can also save time and work on more demanding business tasks.

Offer Expert Advice or insights

Professional designers know their way around creative designs, the latest trends, guidelines, and effective strategies to leverage the product designs to achieve more business goals. When you work with an expert designer for your product packing designs, they can give you all those information free of charge and put you through all your should know concerning packaging designs. They give you more value for your work.

They showcase your brand identity

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Your brand is who you are and how your customers and target audience perceive you. Your packaging design has to reflect your brand with - brand colors, logo, style, copy, and call to action - to increase your brand awareness and enable more customers to differentiate you from your competitors. Graphic designers understand the significance of good branding to your business success, and so they can make good use of this to improve your product performance.

They can work with your budgets

One of the best things about graphic designers is that they can work within your budget to create an amazing packaging design. A lot of times, small businesses fail to hire a skilled graphic designer because of the fear of cost requirements, however, you can always organize meetings with graphic designers to discuss your budget and arrive at an agreement that works for both parties (business and graphic designer)

Competitive Advantage

When you work with a professional designer who has extensive experience working with various brands across different industries, you get packaging designs that help you stand out from competitors. Additionally, you get trendy designs that suit your target audience's preferences, which ultimately gives you a competitive advantage.

They provide brand consistency

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A professional graphic designer can help you create memorable packaging designs consistently so your customers recognize your brand and increase your chances of achieving success. When you work with skilled designers, they help your brand stay visible and consistently provide your customers with their preferred designs.

You get peace of mind.

When you work with a designer who knows his onions and has a remarkable track record working with other brands, you get rest assured that they will get the work done. That way, you don't have to be stressed about achieving your goals, as you have an expert working hard to help you achieve your goals.

You get your desired results.

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Image: Sweet Martha’s Cookie Jar

A well-designed, eye-catching product packaging can help you capture your customer's attention, and ultimately increase sales of your products. Aside from this, a creative, and modern trendy design can help you beat your competitors and efficiently convey your brand messages.

A professional graphic designer has the much-needed experience and professionalism to create product packaging that will strengthen your brand, attract more customers, outshine competitors and increase sales. You just have to find the right one to help you achieve your desired results.

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