People remember 65% of visual information and content, even 3 days later while they only remember 10% of written content - Findstack, 2022.

Design is all around us, from the time you wake to the time you sleep, you see and interact with different designs - from your coffee mugs to skin care products, posters on your street advertising the next movie blockbusters, billboards, social media ads, etc.

With the help of talented graphic designers, businesses develop and share designs to communicate an idea, increase brand awareness and enhance sales. Graphic designers have to combine strategy with creativity to effectively communicate with customers and stakeholders.

While some might believe design is all about beauty, it is an important business tool that uses graphical elements to establish a brand, create positive and long-lasting impressions and showcase your business professionalism.

This guide will take you through the different forms of graphic design and how they can help you achieve remarkable growth.

Seven (7) Forms of Graphics Design and Ways they can Impact your Business Growth.

Graphics design is the use of different graphical elements, objects, typography, imagery, color, and forms to create a visual composition to solve problems and communicate ideas with clients and the general public.

Several types of design cut across various specializations. From the physical to the digital world, different forms of graphics design help businesses achieve different goals.

According to research by Adobe Digital Intelligence, 73% of companies spend money on graphics design to stand out from the competition, while design-driven companies are 69% more likely to exceed their business goals.

If you are looking for the best graphics design option to promote your business and enhance communication with customers, below are some of the best genres of graphics design to work with for your business.

Marketing & Advertising Graphics Design

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Image: Shillingtoneducation

Marketing and advertising designs are some of the most common forms of graphic design used by businesses to create visually appealing and creative designs to communicate and promote a brand’s products or services.

This form of design creates marketing flyers, magazines, email newsletters, templates, etc., to increase awareness of business products or services, communicate information about new products or special offers, and importantly, encourage sales.

Many business organizations rely on graphics design to connect and engage their target audience based on their needs, goals, interests, and pain points. Marketing and advertising design are mostly used today in content marketing and digital advertising. Some of the important types of these designs are;

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Image: nextdayflyers

  • Postcards & Flyers are used to communicate your message or ideas to the public - call for support for a project, raise awareness of an event, or inform the public about a new product or service.
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Image: HubSpot

  • Newspapers & Magazine Ads are forms of targeted advertising used to inform, educate or persuade a target audience.
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Image: Behance

  • Posters & Banners are used to share information with a larger audience.
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Image: Chiang Rai Times

  • Billboards are large and eye-catching designs placed in high-traffic areas to build awareness and promote a product, service, or idea.
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Image: Adobe

  • Print and digital brochures are used to introduce a business and share pictures and prices of products and services with customers and the target audience.
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Image: We and the Color

  • Infographics are used to present data in an organized and presentable manner.
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Image: QS

  • Display Ads are eye-catching designs used to target customers, and increase brand awareness and visibility.
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Image: RecurPost

  • Social Media Ads help businesses promote their products or services via social media channels.
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Image: Moosend

  • Email Marketing Templates are used to promote a business's products or services via emails.
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Image: Webflow

  • Websites & Blogs designs are used to improve the looks and feel of a blog or website

Corporate Design

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Corporate design is an integral part of corporate branding, identity, and communications. These designs are used to tell a brand story and make brand identity and value visible.

In general, a corporate design defines a brand’s identity by combining artistic representations such as logos, typography, colors, fonts, and design strategy from a brand culture, quality, and communication to visually differentiate a company from its competitors.

To achieve this, you must define the mission, vision, and policy of your business. Some of the important types of corporate designs are;

  1. A logo is a graphical element or symbol that differentiates a brand from its competitors
  2. Typography refers to the way a text is arranged to make the words readable and appealing.
  3. Color are sets of colors used to represent a brand
  4. Quality is used to make your brand more trustworthy and of better quality to encourage positive impressions.
  5. Branding is the process of creating a positive perception of your business and communicating a business value proposition to set it apart from competitors.
  6. Corporate Culture refers to the values, beliefs, ethics, and attitudes that represent an organization and guides its practice.

User Interface (UI) Design

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Image: UpLabs

A user interface is a way a user interacts with an application or system. A user interface design is a digital practice of designing web and mobile interfaces to make them more accessible and user-friendly.

User interface design combines visual design, interactive design, and information architecture to make a user interface easy to access, understand and use. It adds buttons, menus, micro-interactions and so much more to increase web and mobile page functionality and discoverability.

UI designs guide users, improve brand consistency and make the interfaces captivating and easy to use. Some of the important types of user interface designs are;

  1. Web page design is the design of a website page layout, appearance, color schemes, fonts, and content design to improve impressions and search rankings
  2. App designs combine user interface and experience to improve the look and feel of a mobile application. It helps with customer acquisition, retention, and conversion

Publication Design

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Image: The Frontispiece

Publications are long-form content pieces that are used to share key research findings and reports to a specific target audience and promote a brand's products or services.

Publication design encompasses all activities carried out to design printed materials. Publication design is the graphics design and layout of traditional publications like books, magazines, newspapers, annual reports, directors, journals, comics, product catalogs, etc.

Publication design helps businesses to convey their professionalism, brand consistency, attract the attention of customers and encourage them to engage and keep coming back for more. Some of the important types of publication designs are;

  1. Books: helps to attract customers and make them want to read and buy the book.
  2. Newspapers: are used to influence a reader’s choice
  3. Newsletters allow users to navigate the content and keep them engaged in the email
  4. Directories are used to organize important business data to make it easy for customers and target audiences to find and interact with.
  5. Annual reports are used to inform customers and target audiences about the progress and achievements of a company.
  6. Magazines are used to connect readers to the main content of an article.
  7. Catalogs are used to create awareness for a new product, idea, or service to appeal to customers’ emotions and encourage them to make a purchase.

Packaging Design

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Image: PrintWeek India

Packaging design is an important part of a marketing strategy that combines different forms, structures, materials, colors, images, typography, and product-specific information to make a product or service more suitable for marketing.

It involves the creation of concepts, mockups, and print-ready files for a product. A high-quality packaging design helps businesses attract potential customers and set them apart from the competition.

It presents a visual presence and quality of a product. Some of the important types of packaging designs are;

  1. Boxes are easy and convenient packaging used to create a focal point of a brand’s identity.
  2. Adornment packaging
  3. Vacuum packaging
  4. Bottles are the best options for liquid, lotion, supplements, and genie products
  5. Cans
  6. Novelty packaging speaks for your brand and is used to humanize your brand to create and encourage customer loyalty.
  7. Sustainable packaging is used to create sustainable products. It uses recyclables to reduce waste.

Motion Graphics Design

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Image: Icons Mind

Motion graphics design is an animated graphics design used to communicate with a target audience and create depth to a story. It adds music and compelling copy to a design to evoke emotion and send a message across to customers.

Motion graphics include animation, audio, typography, imagery, video, and other effects in online media, television, and film. They are mostly used to create awareness, explain a concept, tell a story, and share product videos with customers. Some of the important types of motion graphics designs are;

  1. Advertisements are short animated clips used to promote a product or service and express your brand messages in a way your audience can relate with.
  2. Animated logos are used to bring brand logos to life and make them more memorable and engaging for customers.
  3. Presentations use visual material to communicate important business information to clients, potential customers, and stakeholders.
  4. Websites banners are attractive visual designs used by businesses to generate leads, increase brand awareness and retarget an audience.
  5. Gifs combine various images to create animation to attract the attention of the audience on the internet. They are mostly used in digital marketing to help a brand go viral, demonstrate simple steps, and give customers something to share.

Illustration Designs

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Image: UX Planet

Graphic illustration is an image or art used to communicate ideas, educate an audience or beautify a design, product, service, or system. Illustrations are mostly found on flyers, book jackets, advertisements, product packaging, posters, billboards, websites, etc.

They are commercial art pieces used to convey visual ideas, and messages, share knowledge and sell products. Some of the important types of illustration designs are;

  1. 3D Illustrations: are used to create more visible and eye-catching designs. These illustrations help marketers create high-quality, realistic advertisements that target audiences can view differently.
  2. Product Package Illustration is mostly used to give a product a unique look and feel and draw attention to the product. These illustrations emphasize a brand’s identity and uniqueness.
  3. Product Advertising Illustrations are used to draw customer attention to the product being advertised or promoted. Designers combine short copy with a fancy font, image, and color to create the desired impact on customers.
  4. Concept arts are used to visualize elements in a marketing or advert video to stakeholders before final production.
  5. Infographics are used to simplify and organize complex data or information to make them visually appealing and easy for the target audience to understand. Businesses use infographics to support their marketing campaigns, boost landing page performance and enhance presentations.
  6. Technical Illustrations creates drawings to explain complex and specialized concepts. These illustrations are aimed at visualizing physical objects or concepts with symbols and labels.

Branding and Marketing strategies are critical to the success of your business. However, without the use of high-quality graphic design solutions, you would struggle to get successful results from your branding and marketing campaigns.

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