As content marketing continues to widen and diversify, a lot of marketers look for creative ways to create content that can engage, educate and support their marketing campaigns. One of such creative content is an infographic - a visual representation of complex data, information, or knowledge with graphics clearly and easily.

The modern marketing practice has gone beyond merely creating content to promote and sell a product or service, it is more about how your target audience and customers experience the content and can greatly influence them. Following reports that humans are visual beings that process 90% of visual information than texts, a lot of businesses are leveraging visual content to convey their brand messages in a way that’s more interesting and impactful than just texts.

Infographics have become a powerful marketing tool that content marketers create to visually engage, enlighten and leave a lasting impression on their audience. Several studies reported that people remember what they see more than what they read, hence, infographics are an effective marketing tool that businesses use nowadays to equip the readers with simple and impactful content that their audiences can remember for a long time.

Interestingly, recent studies have discovered that:

Since the early 2000s, people’s search for infographics has increased by 800% and social media users share infographics three times more than any other visuals.

Additionally, with the fierce competition in the modern business environment with numerous promotional content, you need to stand out from competitors - and infographics are the best in the content industry to help you achieve this goal.

In this guide, we will take you through the rudiments of infographics marketing and the practical ways you can use infographics for marketing.

What is Infographic Marketing

65% of B2B content marketers use infographics for content marketing and 84% of marketers claim infographics are effective.

Infographic marketing is a popular contemporary marketing practice that combines content marketing and digital marketing to drive user engagement visually. It involves creating, publishing, and sharing infographics to create brand awareness, generate leads, promote a business and engage the audience in the digital space.

Infographics marketing is important for businesses looking to improve their user experience and attract their audience's attention by visually representing complex and hard-to-explain data and concepts. It combines visual content and storytelling to represent its brand and connect with its target audience and customers.

With this explained, we will take you through the effective ways to use infographics as an integral part of marketing.

10 Effective Ways to Use Infographics in your Marketing Strategy

Keep it simple and straight to the point

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Infographics are effective marketing content that can help you break down complex data and attract your customer's attention. They are straight-to-the-point visual content that you can use to share information about a product, service, facts about a business, product updates, or important business statistics. Infographics contain colorful and eye-catching designs that can help you convey your brand message clearly and simply - essentially they allow your audience access to important business information without unnecessary details. Always ensure that your infographics are visually attractive, simple, and straight to the point to get your message across.

Leverage visual storytelling

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It is common knowledge that infographics are visually appealing content that helps businesses to convey information and attract audience attention, however, all of this, would not create the right impact if not properly combined with effective storytelling. Storytelling in modern marketing practice is the use of a narrative to pass a message across to an audience and evoke their emotion to compel them to take a decision. Hence, you must ensure that you create a narrative in your infographic to engage your audience as they interact with it. Whatever it is that you are explaining in your infographic, ensure it follows a story timeline - it should have an introduction, body, and end - that must be connected to aid readability and comprehension.

Explain complex concepts

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The main objective of infographics is to visually represent data or information in a way that everyone can read to understand. There are various topics like automation, sales collaterals, sales process, marketing concept, etc that can be difficult to explain and engage your audience with just written texts in your blogs. By creating infographics, you can break down your complex concepts and explain them in the best way that your audience can easily interact with and understand.

Use Infographics in your Newsletters

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Image: Freshmail

Newsletters are marketing tools used by businesses and marketers to share relevant and valuable information with their customers, prospects, and email subscribers. They are widely used in email marketing to directly interact and connect with the target audience's email inbox to share content that increases brand awareness, promotes their product or service, and drives traffic to their website. You can create and share infographics in your weekly newsletters to share important business data and reports to nurture your prospects to become paying customers and current customers to become returning customers.

Enhance the visual aesthetics of your landing page

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In digital marketing practice, a landing page is a single web page created specifically to support a marketing and advertising campaign. Usually, after sending target marketing messages via email marketing, google ads, or social media ads, digital marketers redirect their prospects and target audience to the landing page to compel them to take an action. Hence, you have put extra effort into your landing page content to increase your conversions and achieve sales by making it very engaging and value-driven. Consider adding infographics to your landing page to convey important business information or data and share your value proposition to help you increase your conversions.

Use infographics to boost your backlink profile

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The world of digital marketing thrives on creating value, driving traffic, and building your online presence. Backlinks or inbound links are links on other websites that can drive traffic to your website. A quality backlink can help you rank better on research engines and increase your online visibility. When you create valuable infographics that are attractive, informative, and shareable, other businesses and websites can find it useful enough to share on their websites and credit you with a link that drives traffic to your audience. When more website links to your website, it can greatly help your SEO efforts and help more people find your business.

Incorporate infographics into your social media posts

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Image: Infographic World

Social media has grown into a big and powerful digital marketing platform that a lot of businesses use to reach out to their audience, share valuable content with them, promote their products or service, and grow their business. There’s hardly any company without a social media page that they use to connect and engage with their customers. You can create infographics and share them on your social media page to inform your audience about the latest updates in your business, data, and statistics that can help them understand your business better. Considering that more people are highly attracted to visual content, social media infographics can help you get more likes, shares, and followers.

Add Alt Texts to your infographics to make them accessible and searchable

In digital marketing practice, Alt (alternative)texts otherwise known as Alt description or Alt attribute, are a term used to describe the function and appearance of an image or graphics for people with disability and to give website readers an explanation of an image when it fails to load. Consider adding Alt texts to the infographics shared on your website and social media platforms to make it easily accessible for everyone - disabled and non-disabled - and easy to search on google images.

Always design your infographics with your target audience in mind

In every marketing strategy, the target audience is usually at the center of every content and campaign developed. They are the reason for every plan and strategy that you create, and it is only right that the strategies suit their needs and preference. When designing your infographics, keep your target audience in mind and ensure the infographic provides them with valuable information that they can easily understand and gain from. Don’t just create infographics for creating sake, be purpose-driven when designing one to ensure it helps you achieve your desired result.

Extra tip: Conduct your customer research to find out their needs, objectives, and pain points and use the information to create infographics.

Reflect your branding accurately in your infographics to make your brand recognizable

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Image: Infographic Design Team

Keep your brand in mind when designing your infographics by adding your brand colors, logo, font size & style, and graphics to accurately showcase your brand and make it easy for your audience to recognize you. Ensure that your infographics are not only visually appealing and informative, but they should also include your brand values and elements to increase your brand awareness and recall.

Infographics are eye-catching, colorful, informative, and easy-to-read content marketing tools that can help you present facts, figures, and ideas in a clear and engaging way that catches the attention of your target audience and improve your other marketing campaigns. By using infographics in your marketing strategy, you can share valuable business information and data with your customers to encourage sales.

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