Every success-driven brand must be able to attract the attention of its target audience and existing customers. In this highly competitive business era, a lot of businesses are offering or producing similar products or services, and the only thing that sets them all apart from one another is their brand design - or package design for physical products.

A product's packaging influences people’s opinion of the product and determines how they relate to the brand. From your LG “Smart TV’ packaging to your iPhone casing, the packet for your favorite snacks, or the bottle that holds your beloved drinks, packaging combines various elements to make a product visually appealing and highly desirable.

Product packaging design is the combination of various graphic design elements - *forms, structure, materials, colors, images, typography, and text* - to make a product attractive and suitable for marketing and advertising. It serves as an intermediary between a product and its target audience by making the product attractive and easily identifiable to enhance sales.

As much as the aesthetics of product packaging design influence how audiences see the products, the role or significance of the product packaging design transcends this, as it also controls customer sensual interaction with the products from sight, to touch, sound, and smell (depending on the type of product or packaging). From these experiences, your audience can tell what the product is about, what it can be used for, and how to use it, and help them decide whether to buy the product or not.

As visual beings, people are generally moved by beautiful things, hence your product packaging design is not what you should take with levity as it could make or mar your product's success. This guide provides you with important information on how graphic design can help in product packaging design.

Major Functions of Product Packaging Designs

A well-designed product package can help you achieve the following:

For Product Protection

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One of the major functions of product packaging is to protect the natural or manufactured products from environmental or physical harm that could damage the products. A lot of things can happen to a product during transit, in storage, or even when its arranged on the shelf, hence product packaging has to be strong and durable to prevent the product from any form of damage - natural decay (water, gas, bacteria, or insects), and physical damage (delivery impact, friction, or vibration).

For Product Attraction

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We are visual beings, so naturally, a lot of people get drawn to beautiful, fancy designs or things. Another critical function of product packaging is to beautify a product and make it visually appealing to capture the attention of customers. You must ensure your packaging design combines vibrant colors with creative designs or custom boxes so much that its attractiveness and functionality will attract customers.

For Product Differentiation

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Image: Packaging Europe

The global market is highly competitive and very saturated for most products industry. There’s like over a million other products offering similar kinds of products to customers. To stay on top of your competitors and increase your brand visibility, you need to create a visually appealing and distinctive so customers can recognize your brand and potential customers can differentiate your product from its competitors.

For Product Information

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Your product packaging must include all important information about your product - general product features, ingredients, net weight of the products, name & address of manufacturers, and maximum retail price (MRP) - that can help your customers learn more about your products. The product packaging should also provide you with information about your product use and help your customers decide whether they want to buy the products or not without any assistance from sales reps.

For Product Promotion

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Image: Packaging Strategies

Packaging design combines brand colors, logos, symbols, styles, and compelling copy to promote the products and possibly influence customers’ purchase decisions. A product packaging design should not be all about aesthetics but should be able to influence customers’ choices and decisions.

Benefits of Using Graphics Design Agencies in Product Packaging Design

With the fierce competition in the global business environment, you must stay distinct and compete effectively among other brands. A proven and long-lasting way to achieve this is to package your product well with a creative and attractive design that can help your customers identify and choose you among other top competitors.

Product packaging is not something to take with levity as it could make or mar your business. For this reason, a lot of businesses outsource this to professional design agencies with the right talents and experience to create packaging designs that speak to your brand and help you stay ahead of your competitors. If you are wondering why you should outsource your product packaging design to a design agency, here are the reasons why you should hire one to perfect your packaging design.

They help you save time and money

Hiring a professional graphics design agency has the right talents, skills, and extensive experience that can help you save a lot of money and time required to create your packaging designs. If you design the packaging yourself, you would have to invest in expensive software and take out time that can be invested in more demanding tasks to increase your productivity. However, when you outsource it to a design agency, they can help you design it in less time and within your budget.

They help you create a trendy and functional design

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A professional graphic design agency has worked with so many organizations and has seen different package designs help businesses achieve their objectives. When you outsource your product packaging design to a professional graphics design agency, you can leverage their expertise to design creative and visually appealing packaging designs that can help you stand out from competitors and increase your market share. From their years of experience, they can advise you on the best packaging designs for your business.

They help you increase your brand recognition

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A well-designed product packaging can help you increase your brand awareness and enable customers to easily recognize and choose you over your competitors. With effective packaging, you don't have to go the extra mile to set your mark in the market- all of which can incredibly increase your market share.

You get access to experienced designers

A professional graphic design agency has a team of skilled and talented designers who have worked with different brands across various industries. By hiring a packaging design agency, you get the help of skilled designers that can put their skills and experience to work to help you create distinctive designs that reflect your brand and meet the needs and preferences of your customers.

Brand personalization

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Image: The NY Times

Your brand is the public perception of your business, it controls how your target audience and competitors see your brand. Your package design is an extension of your brand, it tells and shows your customers who you are and helps them decide whether or not they want to buy your products. A professional graphics design agency has the skills and expertise to study your customers, products, and industry demand to help you design customized packaging designs that accurately reflect your brand.

Efficient customer service

Hiring a competent graphics design agency can provide you with quality, fast, responsive, and helpful customer service to you. You can ask questions, request updates, corrections, and all sorts of assistance related to the packaging design.

They will help you learn

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When you work with a professional graphics design agency, you will learn more about different packaging designs and how you effectively leverage creative design to grow and promote your brand. You can also use the tips and tricks you get from expert designers to improve your product promotion campaign and satisfy your customer's needs.

They can help you increase sales

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By hiring a graphics design agency for your product packaging design needs, you get an expert touch on your designs and create designs that suit your target audience's preferences. When customers like what you design, they buy more and refer your products to your friends and family which ultimately helps you increase sales.

Your product packaging design can greatly influence how your product performs in the market. When you work with a professional graphics design agency for your product packaging design, you can get quality designs that accurately reflect your brand and help you satisfy your customer's needs.

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