A business card is a valuable business tool that allows you to promote your brand and connect with your customers at lower costs. Although, with the digital revolution, a lot of businesses have switched from traditional forms of marketing and advertising to digital ones.

There are many digital marketing tools and platforms that businesses leverage to connect with their customers a lot faster, promote their products or services and continuously satisfy their needs to increase sales. However, with all this, business cards are still powerful and extremely relevant to offline business promotion practices.

First, business cards are affordable and can offer businesses a significant amount of exposure and value compared to other expensive digital marketing tools. Although they are often overlooked in the present business practice, they have a strong potential of helping you establish your brand identity, and are effective means of providing your customers and target audience with all the crucial information about your company.

Nowadays, every business and corporate professional goes around with their business cards to be handed out to customers and prospects at corporate events - seminars and conferences, trade shows, product launches, business retreats, incentive programs, etc. While traditionally, business cards are used to exchange business/contact information, they can be used to achieve a lot more than that.

According to a recent survey, “*a firm’s overall sales see an  increase of 25%  on every 2000 business cards handed out,*” this means that aside from their traditional purpose, business cards when effectively designed with all the right information can help you promote your business, increase sales of your products or services and ultimately grow your business.

This guide will take you through all the benefits of business cards to your business and it can help you boost sales.

Benefits of Business Cards to Your Business

Adds a personal and professional touch to your business

Business cards are physical objects that you have to hand to your customers or prospects accompanied by a handshake and greeting - all of which help you build your connection with the person. Since business cards are shared in environments where people get to know each other, they reflect your professionalism during such discussions. Unlike digital media platforms, where people have to deal with a lot of information, it can be hard to get them to put a face to your brand, however, when you give them your business card, they can be reminded of your business and feel some type of connection to it.

Make it easy to share contact details.

Business cards contain important business information - the giver’s name, company name, phone number, brand logo, brand colors, tagline, email address, and physical address. They must always have all this information to introduce your business to someone, help them remember you even after the meeting, and make it easy to contact when needed. Since they are physical objects, they are light-weighted and easy to carry around, so your customer can locate or contact you wherever they are and anytime without any barrier - poor internet connection or other technological barriers.

They give a quick first impression

Business cards effective business tools to grab the attention of your customers without any extra effort or cost. You can easily hand it out to someone and they immediately have the basic information about your business and can give an instant first impression about your business. The brand logo, color, and tagline can give them an idea of your business and what you do.

They make it easy to refer your business

A business card is an effective business tool that can be used to increase your brand awareness and increase your market share. When you share your business cards with your customers, they can easily refer your business to their colleagues, friends, and family and help you indirectly reach more people that could be your potential customers.

They can be used as a networking tool

As explained earlier, business cards are mostly shared in corporate events to exchange contacts, introduce a business, increase brand awareness, and build trust and connection. Business cards can help your increase your networking and get your business to as many people as you can get as well as increase your brand reach.

They help you create a long-lasting memory

Business cards are forms of branding - with your brand logo, colors, and tagline - combined with strong visuals and graphics that help you advertise yourself and your company. A well-designed business card with vibrant colors and graphics can help people understand what you do and help them remember your business in the long term.

They help your business grow

From all the above-explained benefits of business cards, it‘s not surprising that when you share your business cards with more people and give people a positive impression of you and your company, it will help your business grow and increase sales.

How to Use your Business Cards to Enhance Sales

Modern businesses leverage digital technology tools and platforms to reach their customers, promote their businesses, and increase sales. Business cards were originally used to share contact but nowadays, you can use business cards to achieve a lot more than share your contact - you can promote your products or services, a corporate event, and so many other business activities. You can use your business cards as a marketing tool that can create more impact on your customers. Below are some of the ways you can use your business cards to boost sales.

Add customers testimonial

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The present business environment thrives on social proof and a track record of success. People want to see and hear what others have to say about you and your business, before deciding whether they want to do business with you. Clients’ testimonials are included on a website, on social media pages, and on other digital marketing platforms to encourage more people to patronize you. To make the best out of your business cards, include customer testimonials on the back page to not only introduce your business to them but also get them to take you more seriously.

Create multi-functional cards

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As they say, doing things the conventional way can be a bit boring, which is why a lot of businesses boost their business game, they have to enhance their methods and make them a lot more exciting for people to use. Similar to business cards, we are all used to seeing the conventional cards that can be stored in a wallet or pocket, but you can add a new perspective to your cards by making them multifunctional - can be stickers that can be on the cars, office desks or refrigerators at home - so they can’t just use it once and dispose of it.

Provide links to your digital platforms.

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Image: Otosection

As much as we believe business cards to be an effective marketing tool that can help you connect with your customers and grow, we can ignore the power of digital marketing in business success. Hence, you can include links to your website, social media pages, and blogs for your business card recipients to connect with you on those digital platforms to increase your business opportunities.

Add your picture

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Image: PosterMyWall

As explained in the first point, people are naturally drawn to images and attractive visuals. You can put a face to your company by adding your picture to your business card. This helps to make your business more relatable and memorable long after you meet with your card recipients.

Include special offers, discounts, or coupons

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Image: BrandCrowd

Another effective way to use your business card to boost sales is by including special offers, discounts, or coupons to not just create a lasting impression of yourself and your company but also to promote your products or services. Including your discounts, coupons and special offers serve as a reminder and a call to action to buy from you.

Create beautiful and attention-grabbing designs

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Image: Business - Envato Tuts

Humans are visual beings and are naturally attracted to beautiful designs. When you create business cards with eye-catching and stunning designs, you gain the attention of more people and beat your competitors. This will ultimately increase your brand awareness and recognition -which can enhance your sales.

Track your business cards

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Image: Kaylan Cards

Include a QR Code or SKU on your business cards with either a link to your website or an incentive to track your card’s conversion rate.

Add a cause your support

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As emotional beings, you can include a cause that your support and drives your business to create a social impact and evoke the emotion of your target audience via your business cards.

Business cards are handy business tools that are capable of increasing your brand awareness, promoting your products or services, and bringing your closer to your customers, which can ultimately increase sales.

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