A Presentation is the combination of various visual elements - fonts, color, text hierarchy, icons, and figures - with ideas, narrative, and data to tell a compelling story to compel your target audience to take your desired action.

Contrary to popular beliefs that presentation consists of majorly text and minimal visuals to pass a message across to your audience, it goes way beyond that, as presentations in modern business practice use visually stunning designs and figures to convey a message or information to an audience - customers and prospects, investors, or internal teams - and get them to buy-in to the idea or message.

Presentations are indispensable to the success of contemporary business success. A lot of times, the visuals in presentations have more power to hold and carry audiences along than the texts. According to. a recent report by Decktopus,

People prefer about one-fourth of the slide to be composed of text at most and 100% of people think a slide should include visuals.

A presentation with a good design allows you to tell your story from your perspective to connect with your audience, get your audience to understand and relate to your brand story, and ultimately, grow your business from the improved customer engagement and

This guide presents valuable insights on presentation designs and how your business can benefit from using a presentation design service.

What is presentation design?

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A presentation design is a visually appealing and eye-grabbing design that is created for a business presentation. It encompasses every activity a presentation designer takes to effectively and creatively combine various presentation styles, lengths, fonts, graphics, and other visual elements to make a presentation beautiful and engaging to carry audiences along without boring them.

Following reports that most people have an attention span of 10 to 15 minutes for standard presentations, presenters have to give more prominence to the visuals of a presentation to help them grab their audience's attention during a long presentation.

Furthermore, design experts suggest that presentation designs must follow a well-coordinated and compelling narrative that can move audiences through various stages or stories in the presentations. In their words, it is not to create stunning designs without structures and compelling narratives to grab your audience's attention and interest.

Five (5) Presentation Design Elements to Consider to Create a Visually Appealing Presentation Design

Your presentation design has to contain the right elements to help you achieve your desired goals or objective. Here are five important elements to pay attention to and improve to create a refined and eye-catching presentation design.

Arrangement of Text

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Although several reports and research have found visual designs to be more important in presentation design, this, however, does not take the place of text in presentation design - as the majority of the message, idea, or information to be conveyed in the presentation will be written in text. To create an attention-grabbing presentation design, you must ensure that the text is arranged in order, and follows the right hierarchy - color, font size, and formatting - free of grammatical or spelling errors.

Font selection

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If you have been conversant with design, you would understand the impact fonts have in conveying your brand tone, and emotions to creating a visually appealing presentation design. A font can be playful, tough, show calmness, professionalism, etc., and it shapes how you want to talk to your audience. A general for using fonts in a presentation is to “make it large, clear, and easy to read.” There should be a visible difference (size) between your header and your main content, and you should not use more than 2 -3 fonts in a presentation.

Color Palette

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Colors are an important visual component in your presentation design, they bring your design to life and evoke your audience's interest in your presentation. Aside from this, colors are also capable of changing your audience's attitude toward your presentation - they can change their mood from impatient to becoming more calm and engaging. When choosing your colors, you must ensure that you choose the right color that accurately reflects your brand and your presentation message. You must also effectively blend the colors properly to avoid creating ugly and harsh-looking designs.

Icons and Images

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According to a report by Decktopus,

About a fifth of the participants said they looked at another screen constantly during presentations.

This indicates how the shortness of the presentation audience's attention span affects how they interact and engage with the presentation. People are easily distracted and bored, and the only way you can grab their attention and carry them along in your presentation is by including related icons, images, or other attention-grabbing visuals in your presentation. Considering that people only remember only 10% of the information they get in presentations, you can gain higher control over this by including eye-catching and related visuals to explain certain concepts, ideas, or information and increase their information retention after your presentation.


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Shapes are another essential component of presentation designs. They refer to the figures and forms - geometric, organic, or abstract - that make up all other elements in a design. Geometric shapes are popular shapes like rectangles, triangles, circles, squares, etc., while the organic or natural shapes take the form of things in our natural environment like trees, flowers, birds, houses, rivers, etc finally, the abstract shapes that are universal and generally used to represent trends or cultures like icons for people with disability, gender icons ( male, female, LGTBQ, etc.). Shapes can help convey mood or emotions in a presentation or are used to represent a movement, concept, or movement in design. Ensure you use the right shapes to breathe life in your presentation design.

How Presentation Design Services Can Help Your Business

Presentation design agencies help businesses and professionals to create and improve the appearance and design of their presentation slides. Presentation design services provide a professional touch with the right tone, brand identity, and communication to convey information to your audience and engage them with clear, easy to understanding, and eye-catching designs.

If you are currently struggling to create visually appealing and engaging presentation designs for your business, the following are more reasons to outsource your presentation design needs to professionals.

They set a new perspective

Presentation design services are professionals with extensive experience in creating and designing presentation slides. They have had the privilege to work with companies from various industries and are fully aware of new trends, ideas, and perspectives on different presentation design styles and how companies can utilize them to achieve their goals. If you were to create your presentation design with your in-house team, you develop ideas based on what you know and believe you need, however, when you assign this task to professionals in the field, they can give you new ideas, perspectives on emerging trends within your industry and help you create presentations that will yield results.

They leverage creativity and collaboration.

Presentation design is no team’s sole responsibility, it takes the collaboration and joint effort from various teams within an organization to create visually appealing, highly informative, and engaging designs. Presentations are mainly developed to convey an idea or information, share an achievement, or present report findings, hence it requires different contributions/ideas from different teams like graphics design, web development, marketing communications, social media strategy, etc., to cover all sides. A presentation design service agency is well informed of the exact contributions they need from each team and how to combine them to create an eye-catching and resourceful presentation design.

They are good at simplifying hard-to-explain concepts

As emphasized earlier, presentations are developed to share an organization’s achievement or to share a report/research findings with an audience, whichever way you decide to use it, presentations are a powerful tool to pass information across to a designated audience. When you assign your presentation design to a professional presentation design service, they have competent hands and the right talents to understand your presentation goals/objective and can develop the right means to simply hard-to-explain concepts in a way your audience can understand and relate with.

They create presentation designs that speak to your audience

A professional presentation design service can help you develop customer-centric designs that speak to your client/customers. They have the experience and the right talents and skills to understand every industry demands and trend that can help your company connect with your customers and grow. By using a presentation design service, they can help you develop presentation designs that suit your clients/customers’ preferences and can help you connect with them.

They can help you convey your feelings in your presentation

A professional presentation design service can help you convey your message in the best possible way. Texts are an integral part of your presentation design, however, when you use them too much in your presentations, it becomes difficult to convey your message and engage them during the presentations. A presentation design service can help you create a stunning presentation design with high-quality icons, images, and visual elements.

They can help you build your consistency

Consistency is the hallmark of business success and it helps your business stay at the top of your customer's minds. Effective branding is what helps you build your brand identity and differentiate your brand from your competitors. A professional presentation design helps you create beautiful presentation designs that include your brand colors, logo, and visual identity that can help you create a lasting impression on your audience. They ensure that all your presentation designs are consistent and accurately reflect your customer's desires.

It helps you save time and cost

A professional presentation design service has the much-needed expertise and skills that can help you save time on your presentation designs. Imagine how much you will be saving when you leave your presentation design to professionals while your team has enough time to focus on more demanding tasks. Concerning the cost, a presentation design can always work around your budget to create stunning designs that help you achieve your business goals. Essentially, hiring a professional design service provides a win-win situation for you and the presentation design service.

They give you access to a pool of talented graphic designers

A presentation design service has a team of talented and experienced graphic designers that can put their various areas of specialty into your presentation designs. When you work with the right presentation design service, you get access to illustrators, motion graphics designers, animators, web designers, visual identity designers, etc., who can add their professional input to create your desired objective.

Presentation designs are important business tools that can help you pass valuable business information to your customers, engage your audience and share your achievements with them. A professional presentation design service has the right expertise to design presentations that can improve your customer engagement and help you build long-lasting impressions of your brand.

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