Infographics are effective ways to visually present information, data, ideas, and concepts to make them easy to read, process, and understand. 3M Corporation and Zabisco in a research report that 93% of human communication is visual and an average human brand processes images or visual content 60,000 times faster than text.

In a world where an average person's attention span is below 8 seconds, not forgetting the fierce competition between brands in the digital space, a lot of marketers invest greatly in visual content to set themselves apart from competitors, grab their audience's attention and promote their products or services.

Infographics present businesses with an effective, clear, and easy way to present their data, and information and communicate complex ideas in a visually appealing and engaging way, most especially when there are a lot of numbers or statistics involved. Infographics can be used to support marketing and advertising efforts and campaigns to create brand awareness, promote a product or service and increase business revenue.

Digital marketing thrives on content creation and value proposition. Businesses set up social media pages, websites, blogs, and other digital marketing platforms to convey their brand message and connect with their customers, While text can be a bit overwhelming and more time-consuming to process and easily understand, infographics effectively combine text and graphics to capture users attention and influence them to make a decision.

In this guide, we will take you through the role and importance of infographics in increasing brand awareness.

Infographics and Brand Awareness

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In today's world, brand building has become more important than ever to create brands that stand the test of time. Your business is the product or service that you sell, while your brand is more focused on public opinion and the image that your business portrays. Your brand identity and strength determine how your customers, target audience, and stakeholders interact with your brand as well as their relationship with them.

A brand conveys a business’s experience, credibility, quality as well as ideologies to the customers. Hence, increasing brand awareness is the first step to building a business and promoting products and services to achieve more sales. Brand awareness is the link that combines your marketing or advertising campaigns with your brand message/objective to achieve your overall business goals.

Infographics are effective marketing tools that can help you create more awareness for your brand and strengthen your relationship with your customers to get more people to be aware of your brand and what you do and eventually motivate more customers to buy from you. Below are some of the important reasons why infographics can help you improve your brand awareness.

Why are Infographics Important for Increasing Brand Awareness

1. They are Eye-catching

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Infographics are visually appealing and colorful content that is capable of attracting people’s attention and compelling people to interact with the content. Infographic combines text, color, and images to create awareness for your brand and increase your brand recognition.

2. They provide Facts & Figures

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Infographics are the best visual content that marketers use to visualize and share important facts and figures with their customers, target audience, and stakeholders. Following the report that people a lot of people love to see and read facts, numbers, statistics, and data to expand their knowledge base. Hence a lot of marketers use infographics to present valuable statistics and data about their brand success, projects, milestones, and goals to promote their brand.

3. They are Shareable

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In this digital age, a lot of businesses thrive by creating and sharing valuable content with their audience. Infographics are perfect for this as they can be easily shared on social media and have a better chance of reaching more people and helping people gain a better understanding of the information or data.

4. They are SEO-Friendly

A recent report found that 38% of website visitors stop interacting with a website if they find the website content and design unattractive. Infographics are highly attractive and informative visual content that can help you get more shares, and backlinks and increase your website traffic - thereby making your website or blog rank higher on search engine results

5. They can drive engagement

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Infographics are colorful, eye-catching, and informative visual content that naturally attracts people’s attention and interests. The majority of the time, infographics visualize facts, figures, and statistics that arouse people’s interest and drive their engagement with them. When people see reports and statistics on topics of their interest, they are compelled to read more and possibly perform their desired action.

6. They are easier to understand

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Asides from the visual appeal and attractiveness of infographics, they are also a lot easier to understand than texts. Infographics creatively combine texts and graphics to present facts, numbers, and reports and to explain complex concepts that can be hard to explain by text alone. following reports that the human brain processes and remembers visual information better than texts, using infographics on your website, blogs, and social media will help your audience understand you better.

7. They have a better chance of going viral

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Image: Coca-Cola

An Infographic is powerful visual content that can help you draw the attention of your customers or target audience, and can be easily shared on social media and other digital media platforms. According to recent research,

People like and share infographics three times more than any other content on social media

Considering the nature of the infographics, depending on the value of information that it contains, an infographic shared on your social media pages can easily go viral; once this happens, it is only a matter of time until a large audience discovers your business.

8. They are widely searched

People search for the words ‘infographics’ and ‘infographic’ approximately 547,000 times per month.

Looking at the recent popularity of infographics in digital marketing and advertising practice, a lot of marketers and audiences are constantly searching for infographics templates that they can use to support their marketing and advertising campaigns.

9. They are suitable for social media use

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Social media is a fast-paced platform where information and content are constantly been created and shared on the platform. Infographics are perfect for social media use because they are simple, easy-to-use, colorful, attractive, and mostly contain valuable information, facts, and data that can be easily shared across various social media platforms.

10. You can easily make them yourself

Contrary to their sophisticated aesthetics, Infographics can be easily designed by everyone with the help of available templates. These templates come in different shapes, sizes, and styles that you can edit and use to support your marketing practice. Aside from the templates, there are other free resources on infographics that you can also download and learn ways to create and use infographics.

11. They can help you build your reputation

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Image: The Coca-Cola Company

When you continuously create attractive and informative infographics that your audience can learn from, this can help you build your brand reputation and image. Based on this, more people will visit your social media pages and website to access your quality content and engage your brand.

12. They are effective means of reaching your target audience

If you are looking to reach and connect with more people on social media and the internet, creating and sharing infographics can help you reach more of your target audience. With the existing information that you have about your target market - their pain points, goals, interests, and objectives - You can include all the important information that can be helpful to attract them and get them to discover your brand.

13. They are effective for relationship building

Visualizing important facts, figures, data, and statistics that attract and engage your target audience and customers can help you gain more opportunities to build and nurture relationships with them.

14. They are credible

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Image: Levi E Gray

Constantly creating and sharing relevant and valuable infographics that people can learn from and providing them with insights can positively impact how they perceive you as a credible brand. Aside from this track record, your customers and target audience can see you as a thought leader they can trust and always go to for valuable information.

15. They help you promote your brand image

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Image: The Coca-Cola Company

Your brand image is your customer’s beliefs, ideas, and perceptions of your brand based on their interaction with it. An infographic can enhance your customer’s interaction with your brand and when designed and utilized well with all your brand colors, shapes, logo, images, and messaging, it can help you strengthen your brand image.

An infographic is a visual representation of data, facts, statistics, and concepts to make them presentable, easy to understand and enable its retention. Effectively adding all the important elements in your infographics like - modern & eye-catching designs, vibrant colors, logo, font, high-quality images, and valuable information and data - can help you increase your brand awareness and strengthen your brand image.

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