A poster according to Aproposter “is a monochrome or multicolored sheet of paper, usually designed with text and images and placed in public areas to convey a message.” They are traditional forms of advertising that businesses use to grab the attention of a wider audience in public spaces and possibly influence them to make a decision.

Posters, although regarded as outdated by some are still considered the powerhouse of traditional display advertising. With the understanding that the world has gone digital and a lot of the traditional advertising techniques have been replaced by emerging trends, techniques, and tools in digital marketing.

However, unlike digital advertising tools and techniques, where a lot of businesses are constantly fighting against the issue of information overload to grab their customer’s attention, posters give businesses an upper hand over digital technologies with their placement across various popular locations where a lot of people would see and interact with whether they like it or not. With social media, an individual can easily skip or swipe for their preferred posts, but with posters, the audience has limited control over the poster ads - they can choose not to interact with the ads, but certainly can't unsee them.

In modern business marketing and advertising, success-driven businesses develop creative and eye-catching posters to inform, convince, provoke and appeal to their audience's curiosity and emotions. For these reasons, a poster design must be original and must artistically impress the viewers to arouse their interest, and emotion and influence them to take a decision.

Solopress recommends adding the following elements to your poster design:

A bold headline or slogan.
Succinct copy showing key messages.
Important information for events or offers.
Leading image or graphic that supports the text.
A mix of colors or a monotone scheme, with several shades of the same tone.

In this guide, we will give a walkthrough of the benefits of posters and why they are still effective in modern marketing and brand promotion practices.

Important Posters Statistics in 2022

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Image: FinacesOnline

Posters are critical to the success of every forward-thinking business. Irrespective of all the existing and emerging digital marketing technologies, posters are still highly effective in modern brand advertising practice. Below are some of the impressive statistics from FinancesOnline that support this claim:

82% of consumers trust print ads the most when making a purchase decision.
Print ads require 21% less cognitive effort to process.
Print ads generate a 20% higher motivation response—even more so if it appeals to more senses beyond touch.
Advertising in print drives higher levels of brand recall than digital adverts (77% vs. 46%).
Consumers who see print ads also tend to visit the advertiser’s website—up 27% in 2020 from 12% in 2009 and the purchase intent of consumers who notice print ads increased to 22% in 2020 from 7% in 200.

13 Proven Reasons Why Posters are Still Effective in Brand Promotion in 2023

A poster is an effective marketing tool that combines interesting design (color, font, and image) and structured brand messages to help businesses to attract the attention of their target audience and leave a long-lasting impression on them to promote a product, service, or an event. Although marketing has so many digital marketing technologies and tools that a lot of marketers use to promote their products or services, none of this takes away the power of posters to entice and capture the attention of people. Here are 15 proven reasons why you should consider posters for your subsequent brand promotions.

1. Affordability

One of the biggest advantages of using posters for brand promotion is that it's comparatively affordable. They don’t cost too much to design, print, and install compared to digital ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, etc. While this does not mean they are the cheapest advertising medium there is, it simply means that they are cost-effective and would bring you impressive results for every penny spent - posters are usually installed in populous areas in the city where so many people would see and interact with.

Aside from this, the payment for posters is also a one-off payment - you pay for the design, printing, and installation once and for all, compared to digital ads (PPC, search engine marketing, social media ads, etc.) that require an ongoing payment system for different stages of the ads promotion (brand awareness, lead generation, product/service promotion, etc.)

2. Visibility

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Image: Creative Bloom

When we talk about some of the most powerful print ads, after billboards, posters are next in line. A major characteristic that is distinct to these two print ads - billboards and posters - is their size and placement. A poster is a large-sized advertising material that is placed in public spaces - mostly areas where there are lots of people - to capture the attention of those people. Marketers and Advertisers strategically place posters in outdoor venues, shopping malls, train stations, waiting areas, public noticeboards, bus stops, public venues, etc. As a result of their size, placement, and visual effects (from compelling designs and copy), posters are a highly effective advertising tool that gives your company your desired visibility to your target market.

3. Credibility

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Image: Niya Design

Several studies have reported that traditional print ads - newspapers, magazines, billboards, posters, etc. - are trusted more by people because as visual beings, people are naturally attracted by what they see and this gets better when they can feel and touch the beauty they see. As we all know, a lot of businesses are now on social media and other digital marketing platforms and it is a bit difficult to confirm the credibility of all ads we see online based on the available information on their profile page and activities - with online scams, location tracking, information mishandling, spying, etc. However, print ads like posters are regarded as more credible and reliable adverts that people can trust.

4. Flexibility

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Image: CI Studio

The creative possibilities with posters are endless as they can convey messages to your target audiences in various shapes, sizes and designs. Posters creatively combine visually appealing designs with clear, compelling texts that help create the right effect on the target audience. Posters come in different frame shapes and sizes in vibrant colors that create lasting impressions. Due to these artistic combinations, posters evoke responses and emotions from the audience and can influence them to make a decision more than other forms of advertising.

5. Brand Recall

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Image: Clear Channel Schweiz

Brand recall is the extent to which customers remember a brand through the logo, messaging, and other branding efforts. This is how best your brand stays at the top of their mind when they talk about your product, for example, if people talk about phone sophistication, Apple’s iPhone and Samsung come to mind - that’s brand recall. Poster advertising improves brand recall because when people continuously see and interact with the posters, it improves their memory and helps them to remember your brand better.

6. They increase brand awareness

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Image: Red17

Posters have a wider reach and allow businesses to reach more customers at no extra cost. Posters are relatively larger than other print and digital ad sizes, hence this gives room for more creative brand expression through brand logo, colors, design, and content. Posters give more room for designers to accurately showcase your brand in high populous areas where more people will see and interact with the ads. In the long run, posters have the power to build and promote your brand in a meaningful and productive way that drives sales.

7. Local Impact

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Image: oOh!Media

Posters are direct forms of marketing and advertising that marketers create to strategically target and sell to a group of people that can increase business revenue. To achieve this goal businesses place posters in the best spots - local areas, busy streets, shopping centers, public spaces, etc. in areas where many people will see and be drawn to the ads. When businesses place posters in these places, they can impact and influence the decisions of the locals - place the posters in the face of your target audience who are capable of buying from you.

8. Emotional Response

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Image: IDEA School of Design

Posters, one of the most popular and effective means of outdoor advertising can connect with their customer's subconsciousness to evoke their emotions and elicit a response from them. A well-designed advertising poster uses emotional visual imagery and graphical elements to get the customers to arouse compassion and get them to be connected with your products or services.

9. Versatility

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Image: Red17

Posters are highly versatile forms of advertising that businesses can use to promote various products, services, campaigns, and events. There is no barrier or restriction to the kinds of businesses that can use posters or the type of products or services that can be promoted with posters. Both small and large-sized businesses across various industries can create posters to achieve different purposes.

10. They can be combined effectively with online ads

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Image: Champions Marketing

Posters can be effectively combined with online advertising campaigns to achieve better results. Gone are the days when posters just had texts and images only but nowadays you can use posters to promote your social media pages, website, and social media campaigns, or drive posts’ virality by adding social media icons, website URLs, QR codes, and other social media icons.

11. Call to action

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Image: Graphics Peep

Posters are effective print ads that give room for more graphical elements - icons, colors, fonts, texts - to be added to the poster. Posters allow marketers and advertisers to creatively add call-to-actions in the posters to drive actions from their target audience. You can use the extra space in the design to encourage your target audience to contact you, book your services, buy your products, view the products, or use discount codes.

12. They can be Interactive

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Image: QR Code Chimp

The world has gone digital and so many traditional advertising media have been digitized, that posters are not excluded. With all these available digital technologies, you can make posters interactive, so instead of just seeing the ads to read the texts, your target audience can interact with the posters to increase the chances of achieving more business success.

13. They make you look more professional

Posters are traditional and credible forms of advertising with clear and quality images that can give your business the professional image that customers can trust and would want to patronize.

Posters are one of the most effective means of communicating and selling your business to your target audience by placing top places that they can see and interact with the poster ad. Their size, design, and placement allow them to create a lasting impression on the target audience to achieve better business results.

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