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A flyer is a form of paper advertisement intended for wide distribution and typically posted or distributed in a public place, handed out to individuals, or sent through the mail.

It is a one-page sheet of paper widely used for marketing and advertising purposes. Flyers are low-cost marketing materials with stunning designs that a lot of small businesses use to reach out to customers and promote their products or services.

The world is changing no doubt and there are emerging technologies constantly being used by marketers and businesses to connect and communicate with their customers, however, none has been able to overpower and replace the role of flyers in present marketing practice.

Flyers are one of the oldest and strongest marketing methods a lot of businesses use to find and connect with their potential customers, solve the needs of existing customers and gain a wider control of their market share.

Several marketers have reported that regardless of the newer technologies, flyers can never be abandoned in contemporary marketing practice because it suits all types of businesses and can generate tremendous business results if used strategically.

In this guide, we will take you all you should know about flyers and how they can contribute to your business growth.

Flyers in Contemporary Marketing Practice

According to a survey by Direct Marketing Association,

48% of leaflet or flyer recipients directly act on the advertisement by either going to the business or requesting additional information.

In general marketing practice, flyers are cost-effective and powerful methods of connecting with your customers and promoting your business both online and offline.

Marketers have used and trusted flyers for many years, still they stood the test of time and can still compete effortlessly and more productively than other innovative marketing methods. From business services to manufacturing, financial services, real estate, education, consumer products & services, advertising & marketing, telecommunication, and media industries, flyers are relevant and essential to increasing brand awareness, brand promotion, and sales.

With the rate at which our attention span is getting shorter, flyers provide the business with an effective and easy way to interact with the general public and inform them about their products and services. Interestingly, a lot of digital marketers have incorporated flyers into the digital space giving room for flyers to be designed, shared, and distributed to target audiences via digital marketing platforms like social media, email, websites, or the internet.

Uses of Flyers in a Business.

To promote your product or service

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One of the biggest benefits of using a flyer in a business is to promote its product or service. Every business wants to reach more customers and members of their target audience and inform them about their products and services to increase brand awareness, build a client base and increase sales. Flyers are effective marketing materials that help you inform your customers about your business and provide them with vital information on how they can meet you.

To promote your brand

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Your brand is your target audience's perception of your brand. Your business is what you sell while your brand is the image or identity that your business projects. Your brand designs provide your customers with important information about your brand, your logo, brand colors, brand messaging, and brand personality can be conveyed through your flyers. Flyers are a powerful marketing tool that can help businesses increase their brand awareness and promote their brand.


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Advertising is the process of promoting a business or service to customers and a target audience. Flyers are effective advertising tools that businesses use to create awareness for their products or services, offers, and discounts to encourage sales. Although they come in different shapes, sizes and approaches, flyers are generally attention-grabbing marketing tools that help businesses capture the attention of their customers and deliver the message in the most captivating manner.

Corporate Event Promotion

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Corporate events are critical to the success of many products and business launches. Flyers are effective means of promoting and raising awareness for corporate events. You include important information about the event - date, time, and location - to let them know where and when to go.


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Marketing encompasses every activity a carries out to promote its products or services. Marketers on most occasions create a marketing strategy and campaigns with flyers to reach out and gain the attention of their customers and target audience. You can leverage perfectly designed flyers to achieve the expected goals of your marketing campaigns with fewer expenses.

5 Reasons Why Flyers Are Still Important In Marketing

Easy Access to your Potential Customers

Flyers, unlike online advertising mediums, offer businesses an easy means to connect and communicate with potential customers and existing customers. Whichever way you chose to use your flyers - online or offline - they enable you to target your customers and meet them where they are. With online platforms, you can target your flyers and share with them your target customers on social media and the internet, similarly, with offline mediums, you can print and distribute your flyers to a large number of people on the go - at home or in their office.

Customers get easily attracted to flyers

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Most flyers have stunning designs with compelling copy that have the capacity to grab the attention of customers. Based on several reports that 90% of information processed by an average human is visual information. It is human nature to be attracted to vibrant colors and beautiful designs. Hence, by creating flyers with stunning designs and eye-grabbing copy, your customers and target audience immediately get attracted to the visuals and this influences their purchase decision.

Allows you to get an instant feedback

An important benefit of using flyers in a business is their ability to provide instant feedback to the campaign without wasting too much time. Irrespective of the medium -offline or online channels - creating and distributing flyers with your customers let you know what they think about your products or service instantly.

For example, if you share your marketing flyer on social media, your followers and target audience can interact with your post immediately - by either liking, commenting, or sharing the posts. Similarly, if you physically distribute your flyers to your customers, they can let you know what they think about it instantly.

Flyers are cost-effective

A flyer is a cost-effective method used by most marketers to raise awareness and promote a business’s products or services. For small businesses, the large cost required to promote products through television ads, newspaper ads, and high intensive digital ads can be a bit too much for them to incur, however, these brands can save a huge amount of money by creating and sharing flyers with customers. You can achieve this by setting up an in-house graphics design team or outsourcing the service to independent graphics design agencies that can make visually appealing designs within your budget.

Increase sales

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Flyers are effective means of promoting your product or service offers, incentives, and discounts. By adding captivating discounts and offers to your flyers, your target audience and customers can be easily influenced and compelled to make a purchase decision. When you give customers easy access to your products and services offers and incentives, you can sell more and ultimately increase your business revenue.

Flyers are effective marketing methods that can help businesses achieve their growth and outstanding success. Your flyers must clearly state your purpose and be creative with a clear message and call to action.

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