It's 2023, and virtually every human activity, business, and practice have been transformed by the pandemic and the proliferation of different human technologies. The contemporary business practice has adopted graphic design services for connecting with customers and influencing their decision-making process to increase sales and revenue.

Although the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) defines graphics design as “the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with the visual and textual content.” We believe the scope and significance of graphics design in business transcend this definition considering the value that graphics design adds to a business.

In our own definition;

Graphics design is the strategic planning, organization, and control of images, content, and graphical elements - shapes, colors, lines, texture, type, and space - to create a visually striking design with a compelling copy to increase brand awareness, gain customers, shape brand perceptions and increase revenue.

Graphics design popularity has surged in recent years. Every forward-thinking organization needs an effective graphics design strategy to create compelling communications to facilitate smooth and easy communication with customers, their general target audience, and stakeholders.

The use of visual designs for businesses comes from a human perspective as several reports suggested that humans respond and process visual information a lot better than plain text. Further studies revealed that

“The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual.”

Including strong visuals in your business marketing communications campaigns evoke the emotion of their target audience and quickly communicates your brand's feeling, message, and value.

This guide identified some of the best ways to successfully integrate graphics design into your business to enhance your business growth and success.

The Strategic Role of Graphics Design in a Business

1. Custom Logo Design

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A custom logo is a logo that is made specially for your business. It is a distinct and well research logo created based on researched brand values, products or services, and positions to give a business its identity in the market.

A graphics designer in collaboration with the business owner examines the market trends, business industry, and internal values to create a logo that showcases a brand’s credibility, increases brand awareness, enhances brand recognition, and strategically positions the business in the marketplace. A major determinant of logo success is majorly the choice of color, combined with typography and style. A well-researched and designed custom logo gives your business a visual identity and differentiated you from your competitors.

2. Creates a website design

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A business website is a digital platform that houses a brand’s products or service information on the web to make it easy for target customers from all over the world to access the site. Websites are often regarded as the digital store or online touchpoint of a brand.

The use of graphics design in your website helps you create a positive user experience and content engagement. A website with a poor design, layout and content structure will mostly lose visitors to other structured sites. According to a report by WebFX,

94% of a business's first impressions come from its website design and 74% of a website's credibility comes from its design.
89% of consumers shop from a competitor after a poor user experience

As a result, an effective design strategy can help you design a visually appealing website with clear and compelling copy and a call to action that can influence their decision-making and move them from one point to another. The best way to achieve this is by working with experienced graphics designers or graphics design agencies with the right talent and expertise to develop a website that works for you and your business.

3. Advertising

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Image: Adweek

Advertising is the process and practice of promoting a product or service to the target audience to enhance sales. Used across all forms of digital and traditional media - social media platforms, websites, search engines, landing pages, radio stations, billboards, television stations, newspapers, and so much more - advertisements help businesses increase their brand awareness, generate traffic, business leads, boost online engagement and importantly, increase sales.

Businesses need a graphics designer to create high-quality and converting adverts that attract prospects’ and customers’ attention, influence their buying decision, and compel them to buy from you. With the help of a good graphics design agency, you get access to well-researched, high-quality adverts that accurately reflect your business values and emotions to form a connection with customers.

4. Sales Collateral

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A sales collateral is any kind of branded document or media that is developed to provide prospects with all the necessary information needed to support the sales process and move them down the sales funnel. Examples of sales collaterals include flyers, ads, brochures, blogs, ebooks, guides, whitepapers, landing pages, videos, and social media.

Graphics design must be incorporated into your sales collaterals to create clean and visually appealing designs with the right use of typography, appropriate content formatting, and images. In a situation where you have large and complex data, information, or concepts, you can visualize them in an infographic to aid readability and easy comprehension of the information.

Good use of graphical elements, illustrations, characters, and animation across various platforms makes it relatable and engaging to enhance conversions and sales.

5. Marketing Collateral

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Image: Shopify

Marketing collateral similar to sales collateral refers to documents or media developed to create awareness of a product or service and promote them and support marketing campaigns on digital marketing platforms - social media, websites, search engines, landing pages, and emails.

Graphics design aids brand building and a good application of graphical elements and guidelines in the marketing collateral allows your business to be easily recognized and communicate your offerings and brand solutions across to customers in a way they can connect. An effective design strategy creates consistent marketing communications that increase customer engagement and relationship management.

6. Social Media

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Social media has grown to be one of the biggest and strongest digital marketing platforms to connect and promote products and services. Some of the most used social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, etc.

Using branded graphic designs on social media creates a consistent brand identity across all your social media platforms and makes it easy to recognize and connect with your brand at first sight. When you create and share consistent, high-quality custom designs and content on your social media pages, you arouse your follower's and customers’ interest in your content and make them anticipate your future posts - hence increasing content engagement.

7. Packaging Design

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Image: Alltime Design

Packaging designs are a major determining factor in how your customers interact with your products and influence their purchase decisions. Since humans are regarded as visual beings that are moved by what they see and the beauty of designs, a lot of people judge and buy products based on their packaging design.

Effective use of graphics design helps businesses to create a clean and visually appealing packaging design and labels. By using professional graphics designer or design agencies, they research your target audience's design preference, taste, interest, and needs and ensure the packaging design fit their expectations and leaves a long-lasting impression on them.

8. Corporate Presentations

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Presentations are important parts of modern business practice that businesses organize to pass important information or reports to customers and stakeholders. Since it can be challenging to retain people's attention all through the presentation, a secret weapon to achieve this is by using clean, organized, and stunning visual designs.

Graphics designs can help you tell your brand story and communicate ideas, concepts, and information in the most convincing way. You can infographics to visually explain hard-to-explain data, information, or concepts and combine all the different graphical elements and properties to support your message delivery.

9. Brand Building and Promotion

A brand is a way a product or company is identified and perceived by the external public. The first step in every business operation is to define and build the identity that will help customers and target audience identify it among other competitors. Some of the fundamental parts of brand identity building are brand logo, brand archetype, brand personality, brand unique selling point (USP), visual identity, and brand experience.

A graphics design agency with extensive experience and skills in branding can help you plan and design your brand identity based on research and experience. After creating these brand designs, you also get branded designs to promote your brand and increase brand awareness, brand recall and achieve your overall brand goals.

10. Corporate events promotion

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Image: DigiFloor

Corporate events are mostly organized to support a cause, promote a campaign or launch a new product or store, etc. They are critical to business growth and success. You can graphics design to create stunning and functional event invites, pamphlets, brochures, etc., to support the initiative behind the events and help you achieve your goals.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Graphic Design Agency for your Business

Access to a wide range of professional designers

By using a graphic design agency, you get access to a wide range of expert designers that can offer you different design services.

Strengthens your brand

A professional and well-experienced graphic design agency supports your brand growth and strengthens your brand by helping you design the right brand logo, typeface, and color scheme that accurately reflects your brand value and fits your target audience's expectations.

A graphic design agency has the right talent, rich experience, and manpower to research your target audience, and discover their interests, needs, and design preference to include in the design.

Showcases your professionalism

A professional graphics designer has the much need professionalism and expertise to create designs that position your business as an expert and the right choice for your target audience and customers. They have worked with several brands across different industries and can give your professional advice on the designs that best fit your business.

Increases customer interaction

By constantly creating designs that your customers want to see and are more lily to interact with, a graphics design agency leverages their extensive experience to increase your customers and target audience interaction with your brand.

Create a strong customer relationship management

Your relationship with customers and target audience plays a key role in your business growth and success. When you create and share relevant and useful content with stunning and relatable visuals, your customers connect and engage with your brand a lot better, which ultimately creates a strong customer relationship.

Saves time

Time is money and for businesses that are constable in and out of communications with customers and prospects, you wouldn't want to spend any more of your time creating designs when you could use that time to close sales and nurture customers. By using a graphics design agency, you have time to focus on other demanding tasks.

Develop High-quality professional designs

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The world of business as we know has changed. Gone are the days when businesses do whatever they wanted and got away with it, nowadays, businesses have to go the extra mile to satisfy customers and stand out from competitors. In line with the report that humans process visuals a lot more than texts, businesses have to create high-quality, stunning, and attention-grabbing designs that can attract customers and influence their buying decision.

They are more reliable

Graphics design agencies compared to independent designers are more reliable and efficient when it comes to service delivery. They are a corporate establishment with a guarantee of service and have talented graphic designers that can get the job done faster and better.

They have a structured payment plan and exciting offers

Graphics design agencies have a structured payment plan with different payment options for everyone’s budget. Aside from the payment, they also offer many benefits with every paid plan. Graphics design agencies also offer you exciting offers that can help build your brand and promote your products or services.

They enhance brand consistency

Your customers and target audiences have expectations from your brand in terms of your social media posts, typography, and design style. Failure to meet these expectations could make you lose these customers to competitors. By using a graphics design agency, you get access to consistent designs and branding across all your digital and traditional platforms.

Whether you own a small business or manage a multi-national company, a graphics design agency can help you build and manage your brand identity as well as improve customer engagement and relationships.

Get to Know Alltime Design

Alltime design is one of the leading creative design service providers well known for its excellent service delivery and proficient graphic designers.

With a robust and intuitive platform, Alltime design enables you to access incredibly fast and professionally vetted creative designs to empower your marketing efforts.

We offer a wide range of creative services to clients such as booklets, brochures, presentation designs, product packaging designs, books and journals, flyers design, branding, web design, infographics, product marketing designs, custom illustrations, apps, and website UI designs, presentation designs, motion graphics, and animation, and front-end development.

Our team of professional and dedicated designers has a deep understanding of brand and marketing design solutions that will help our clients promote their products or services on social media and other digital media platforms.

How Can Alltime Design Help you?

Alltime design is one of the leading creative design service providers well known for its excellent service delivery and proficient graphic designers. By using our service, you can be assured of the following benefits;

We provide full-service graphics design service

One of our biggest strengths at Alltime design is our team of professional, well-experienced, and vetted graphics designers that are readily available to work on your design projects. We give you access to our super intuitive platform to help you track and work on your design projects as well as speed up your creative process in one centralized platform.

Access to dedicated support and super fast turnaround time

Every subscriber has access to dedicated support from the Alltime Designs team, however, depending on your payment plan, you can get access to more support and a super fast project turnaround period - 2 days for standard subscribers and same-day turnaround for premium subscribers.

You get one flat rate (No Suprise fees)

With Alltime designs, there are no surprise fees or contracts. You get to pay one flat rate and get unlimited designs.

You are assured latest creative designs

Our designers have access to and use the latest tools and technologies that help create digital marketing designs effortlessly. Our designers have the right design skills to work with these tools and deliver outstanding marketing designs.

Unlimited project requests & revisions.

Alltime design offers you unlimited graphic design requests and revisions, regardless of your plan to fuel your creative terrain. You are allowed to request corrections for all your designs for as much as you want until you are satisfied with the work.

Ownership of your files.

You get complete ownership of the design source files for all your designs

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