Advertising is a form of marketing communication that businesses use to promote their products or services, increase their customer base and get existing customers to keep coming back. It is a significant part of every successful business, considering how businesses can leverage advertising to stay on top of their customer’s minds and compete effectively with their competitors.

To gain the attention of the customers and increase customer retention, brands need to invest in high-quality, creative graphic designs. Following reports that humans are visual beings and get drawn easily (and process) visual information faster than texts, you need to create strong, attention-grabbing graphic designs to stay at the top of your customer’s minds and get them to choose your brand over your competitors.

Graphics design gives life to advertising, without strong visuals in your adverts, it would nearly impossible to connect your business with its potential customers and ultimately improve sales. In this guide, we will take you through the roles that graphics design plays in social media advertising.

Graphics Design in Social Media Advertising

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Social media advertising is a form of digital marketing that uses social media platforms to promote a product or service, enhance business communications and increase your market share. It uses major social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tiktok, YouTube, WhatsApp, etc to get your marketing campaigns across to your customers and effectively convey the right messages to your target audience.

Graphics design is an indispensable element of social media advertising. It helps businesses to visually represent their products or services images and information. From these graphic designs, customers can be attracted to what you are selling and also have access to all the important information they need to know about the products or services.

In the earliest day of advertising, it was advertising, it was difficult to effectively market products or services with texts and word of mouth, Graphics design came into the picture as a solution to help businesses showcase their products or services and fill in all the important information in one place for customers to see and interact with the designs.

Below are some of the most popular social media ads that

Application of Graphics Design in Social Media Advertising

Graphics design is critical to the success of every social media advertising and marketing strategy. Marketers use graphics design in the following forms of social media ads:

Facebook Ads

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Image: Get Phound

Facebook is the world's most used social media network with over 4 billion users from various parts of the world. Facebook ads are digital ads promoted on Facebook to help businesses reach a wider audience from different countries, backgrounds, and professions. Facebook is the most preferred and the best platform for every business to market their products or services and get more clients because it gives them access to all kinds of people - young, middle age and old. The majority of businesses create visually striking designs to showcase and promote their products or services with all the important information. Facebook Ads designs also help businesses convey their brand message in the best way that customers can understand. Graphics design in Facebook ads helps businesses achieve the following achievements:

  • Increase product or service awareness
  • Drive traffic to the website and improve audience engagement
  • Increase sales.

Image Ads

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Image: Chainlink Relationship Marketing

Image Ads are one of the most popular types of social media ads used across many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This involves the use of a photo (graphics design) of a product or service with a compelling copy, contact information, and call to action to drive unique traffic to a company’s website. Image ads allow a business to showcase its products in all their glory and give its target audience a reason to engage with the ad and make a purchase.

Video Ads

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Image: AdEspresso

Video ads are compelling and emotion-driven forms of social media advertising that businesses and marketers use to increase their customer engagement and increase their interest in the product or service being advertised. Graphics design via motion graphics is used sparingly in video ads, they are used to add a brand logo, contact information, compelling caption, and call to action in a video to influence the audience's purchase decision.

Stories Ads

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Image: Buffer

Stories ads are the newest trends in social media advertising. They are ads promoted via social media platforms stories as Facebook stories, Instagram stories, and LinkedIn stories to get closer to the target audience. These designs offer a simple layout to enable audiences to easily and quickly understand the message in the ads. Compared to images and Facebook Ads, the designs in stories ads have simpler and lesser texts that people can see and interact with on the go.

Slideshows/Carousels Ads

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Image: Neil Patel

These are other forms of contemporary social media advertising. They combine various images to create a slideshow or carousels to promote more than one product or service. They offer businesses a compelling means to engage their audience and arouse their interest in the ads.

Importance of Graphics Design in Social Media Advertising

The business environment has become very competitive and it is imperative for businesses that want to stand out from their competitors to be unique and create distinct content/services. If you want to perform better than others, you have to be unique and be a trendsetter. Graphics design allows businesses to be unique and different from their competitors. By creating high-quality, attention-grabbing, and creative designs with compelling copy for your social media ads, you increase your chances of gaining the attention of more customers and enhance customer interaction and ad conversion. Below are the way graphics can improve your social media advertising

Increase sales of products or services

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Image: Shift

Creative design is extremely important to encourage sales of products or services. Stunning designs help you gain the attention of many people and arouse interest in your products or services. With the digital transformation of almost every industry - including marketing and advertising, it has become easier for businesses to get their products or services to a large global audience via digital marketing platforms. Creative design simplifies this process by making the products or services visually appealing and easy to interact with. The more people who find your product or service design attractive and compelling, the more will make a purchase or make plans to buy from you soon.

It helps you gain more attention

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Image: ShopPop

A creative and stunning design will help you grab the attention of more customers - which can arouse their interest and desire to buy the products. As visual beings, people are attracted to beautiful designs or images, it compels them to stop and read the content of the design. Your social media advertising performs well when more people view and interact with the ads.

It showcases your professionalism

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Image: HubSpot

Almost every business has gone digital and is constantly working hard to dominate the digital space. The implication of this is that people now interact with more brands on social media and it can differentiate the professional ones from the crooks. A high-quality and creative design that effectively combines various graphical elements to promote a product or service attractively portrays your brand as a professional and trustworthy brand that they can trust. When they trust your brand, your social media ads perform better.

It helps build your identity

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Image: Karola Karlson’s Blog

Your business is what you sell or promote, while your brand is how people perceive you - all of which affect what they think of your brand and how they interact with your brand. A creative design adds your brand logo, brand colors, tagline, and brand messaging in a way that can help your customers and prospects identify your brand. By constantly promoting ads with similar styles and the same branding, it helps promote your brand identity.

It increases your content readability

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Image: Oberlo

A creative design mostly includes captivating colors, clear texts, and beautiful images that will make it easier and faster for the audience to read and understand the design. A good combination of all these elements makes your design attract more attention.

It conveys your brand message

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Image: Hootsuite

Graphic design is an effective business and marketing communications tool that can help you connect with your audience and get them to key into your idea or message. Every social media ad is promoted to achieve a specific business goal or pass a message across to the audience. A good design ad can help you effectively pass the message across to your audience in a way that evokes their emotions.

It increases attention span

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Image: Business of Apps

An average human attention span is less than 9 seconds, and what this means for most businesses is that it's going to take much longer with more intensified efforts to get them to engage with your brand. A creative and attractive design with vibrant colors and elements can grab the attention of your target audience.

Increases loyal customers

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Image: Later

With many other performing businesses that you have to compete with to gain your market share, an eye-catching design influence your audience to engage more with you on social media and get more audiences to stay loyal to your brand. A great graphic design can help you convert your social media audience to followers and then customers.

A good graphics design on your social media ads grabs the attention of your target audience, makes your ad memorable, encourages them to interact with the ads, and ultimately influences their purchase decision. The quality of the design of your ads largely determines its performance rate.

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