Flyers are effective and attention-grabbing marketing tools that a lot of businesses use to reach out to their customers, promote their products or services, and ultimately increase sales. Present-day. businesses and marketers have a myriad of digital technologies that they use to support and improve their marketing campaigns, however, none of these can outperform the centuries-old flyers.

The digitization of the majority of marketing practices influences people's opinions and their trust in flyers as an effective marketing tool - judging by their print background. The interesting part of this is that a lot of marketers have digitized flyers to support and improve the performance of their digital marketing campaigns.

Gone are the days when flyers were restricted to print media alone, nowadays we see digital flyers everywhere on social media and the internet. A lot of businesses create digital corporate flyers in their Search Engine Optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, and so on to grab the attention of customers, pass important messages across, increase brand awareness and recognition and ultimately increase sales of products or services.

Aside from their efficiency, flyers are also relatively affordable and cost much lesser than TV ads, Print ads, radio ads, and digital ads. A lot of times, you can always find professional independent graphics designers and numerous graphics design agencies with a wide range of design services that can be tailored to fit your needs.

This guide provides you with all the valuable insights on the best flyer designs to choose for your business.

Flyers Design Best Practices to Achieve Business Success

Flyers are powerful marketing tools that can help you achieve remarkable success, but only when it's done right. The design of the flyer determines to a large extent how successful your flyer will be. A poorly designed flyer would fail to attract your audience's attention and will consequently affect its performance. For this reason, below are some of the best practices to checkmate to create attention-grabbing flyers.

Choose the right size

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The first thing to checkmate before designing your flyer is to determine the appropriate size of the flyer. Flyers come in different sizes and depending on what you intend to use your flyers for, you have to choose and use the right size for your business. According to a post by Inland Arts & Graphics,

“An 8.5 x 11 might be a perfect option for your If you want to convey a lot of information as it offers ample space while a 4x6 could be the right fit for businesses looking to spread the word through the mail”

Whichever size you eventually choose for your flyer, ensure it fits into the scope of your business goals.

Develop a Catchy Headline

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Headlines are the big text that is seen on most flyers - they are usually the most important information on the flyer that you want your audience to see. Your headline is an intricate part of your flyer copy that determines how your audience reacts and interacts with your flyer. The headline has to be catchy with compelling words to influence your target audience's decision to either check the flyer or discard it. To achieve your desired results, ensure that your flyer headline is not only catchy but also relatable - contains valuable information that your audience can relate with.

Add Valuable Keywords

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Keywords rules modern marketing practice with SEO, SEM, PPC, social media marketing, and other digital marketing. Keywords are critical to the success of your flyers as they can effectively influence your target audience's purchase decisions. Your marketing flyer must contain all the important information that you want to tell your audience and how they can reach out/ connect with you. For example, if your flyer is to promote corporate training, you must include information on the time, date, and venue of the training, as well as pricing information and what the training is about.

Aside from this information, marketing experts recommend using words like (new, discount, limited, free, etc).Aside from this information, marketing experts recommend using words like (new, discount, limited, free, etc).

Add powerful Visual elements

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Visual elements greatly influence how your target audience interacts with your flyer and how it contributes to your business goals. Powerful, eye-catching images and visual elements are capable of amplifying the message you wish to share with your audience. They are perfect for showcasing your brand's professionalism and enhancing your audience's connection with your brand. Although images are important to your flyer's success, they must be used sparingly and in tandem with your flyer objective.

Add a Compelling Call to Action (CTAs)

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A call-to-action is a laid-out instruction given to customers and target audience in marketing practice to guide them on the next line of action. Adding a clear call to action to your flyer should tell your audience what you expect of them. Depending on the goals or objectives you aim to achieve with your flyers, you can the following CTAs:

  • Buy Now
  • Register
  • Call
  • Contact us today
  • Visit our store
  • Request a demo
  • Connect with us on social media

Be User Readability Conscious

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With reports that we are more attracted to visual information and beautiful designs, this is a clear indication that text-heavy designs are less likely to grab the attention of your customers and target audience. Flyers with too much text affect how your customers interact with the flyers. To help you achieve your desired result, limit the text on the design to a minimum and make good use of white space so the design does not look jam-packed and hard to read. Aside from this, also ensure that your visual elements relate to the products or services being advertised and are not overused. Too much of everything is bad, adhere to the laid out guidelines.

Top 5 Flyer Designs to Choose for your Business.

A well-designed flyer design can help your business increase its brand awareness and promote your products or services. Judging by its significance, you need to create flyers that are eye-catching and professional, all within your budget. If you are on the lookout for the best flyer designs to use for your business, below are the top 5 flyer designs template to choose from:

The Classic Flyer Design

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The classic flyer design is the conventional flyer design that has been used by marketers and business owners since its earliest days. The classic flyer design is a simple, two-sided sheet with your logo, contact information, and stunning visual elements or images. These flyer designs are mostly used by business owners to promote a product or service, an event, or a campaign.

The Product Promotion Flyer Designs

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The product promotion flyers are specifically used to promote a product to make sales. This type of flyer has photos of the products and other important features of the products as well as product information to increase product awareness and sales. The product promotion flyer includes key details about what makes the product special and why your target audience should buy it. These flyers offer you a great way to showcase your product attractively and professionally.

The Gradient Background Flyer Designs

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The gradient background flyers are contemporary designs that have grown popular among designers and marketers in recent years. These designs are top-choice background choices that make an impact on the target audience without too many distractions or elements. The gradient background flyer design combines two to three colors creatively and attractively to give designs a modern and professional outlook.

The Minimalist Flyer Designs

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The minimalist flyer designs are contemporary flyer designs that most businesses use to create a clean, modern, and simple look. It combines stylish color themes, fonts, and designs to make flyers eye-catching with improved readability and user experience. These designs include headlines, product information, contact information, and a compelling call to action to achieve your desired goals.

Photographic Flyer Designs

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The photographic flyer designs use high-quality, eye-catching, and related pictures in your business flyers to grab your target audience's attention to your flyer and influence them to interact with your flyer. These flyers combine visually impacting, attractive images with text and colors to gain the much-needed attention and help you achieve your desired business goals.

What can you Achieve with your Business Flyers?

You can do the following in your flyer designs:

  1. Inspire your customers or target audience to make a decision.
  2. Encourage your followers to connect with you on social media.
  3. Showcase or Flaunt your products or services
  4. Promote and share incentives - discounts, offers, coupons, etc.
  5. Educate & Inform your target audience about your product or service benefits.
  6. Make a statement about your brand or products or services
  7. Ask your audience a question
  8. Increase your brand awareness and recognition
  9. Stand out from competitors
  10. Provide your audience with consistent content

Flyers are a great way to grab your target audience's attention and get them interested in your product or service. Be deliberate about your flyer designs to help you achieve your desired goals.

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