Take a good look around you, you will pretty much find lots of posters about product adverts, event promotions, or raising awareness about critical issues in society. Over the years posters have been used by many brands to increase their brand awareness, promote their products or services, or establish a connection with their customers.

Amidst numerous existing and emerging digital marketing technologies -Social Media Ads, Search Engine Marketing, PPC, SEO, Google ads, social media posting, etc. - posters are still very effective, reliable, and can add a personal touch to a business. Originally used to share information in communities, the recent technological developments in advertising, design, marketing, and printing services have transformed the scope, design, and effect of posters in contemporary business practice.

Gone are the days when posters only had texts and images to convey a message to a target audience, nowadays, posters have all kinds of images, graphical elements, digital technologies - QR Code - and different kinds of information on them to achieve a brand purpose. With all these emerging techniques and forms, posters have become more versatile, interactive, relatable, and excitingly more efficient.

In this fast-paced and highly visual society, where people are attracted by beautiful designs on the go, posters are the best advertising medium for businesses to connect with their target audience anywhere, anytime. In a world without technological barriers or narcissistic limitations, posters can be placed in top places in a city - train stations, bus stations, malls, airports, highways, streets, public announcement boards, schools, etc. - where it not only catches the attention of many people but also leaves a long-lasting memory on them.

Looking at its success rate, businesses in recent years have used different types of posters to engage and convey important messages to their audience. In this guide, we will take a look at the different types of posters and how your business can benefit from using them.

10 Different Types of Posters that you can Choose for your Business

Posters are powerful brand promotion weapons that a lot of businesses are now using to increase their brand awareness and promote their products or services. Although posters’ effectiveness has been confirmed, using the same designs every time can bore your audience and cause them to ignore the posters, believing that they have seen the posters before. Hence, you must explore the different types of posters to give your audience something new and refreshing to see always.

1. Informational Posters

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Image: Behance

An Informational poster otherwise known as the basic ad poster or infomercial poster is the most common type of advertising poster. It is a kind of poster that provides the audience with information on a product, service, or event. It effectively combines graphics, illustrations, text, and images to create awareness or call people attention to a product, service, or cause. They usually have creative images, bold texts, and call-to-actions to enable people to reach out to you.

2. Typography Posters

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Image: Behance

Typography posters are modern designs that creatively arrange typefaces in an attractive and eye-catching manner. Creating a well-designed typography poster that captures attention is no joke, it requires time, patience, and creativity to harness the graphical elements to create a modernized look and feel. In simple terms, a typography poster is the art of arranging, designing, and modifying typefaces legibly and artistically to catch the eye of the target audience. Suitable for all niches, the majority of the world’s best brands choose typography posters as their top choice because of the modern and exquisite look it gives the brand.

3. Minimalist Posters

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Image: Behance

The world has greatly transformed from what it used to be, same as designs. You have probably heard the popular saying “less is more”, this is the underlying principle of minimalist design. In simple terms, minimalist posters refer to the use of minimal graphics, texts, images, and colors in a poster to create the desired effect. It is keeping the design simple, less crowded yet very impactful, and easy for people to interact with. A minimalist poster is ideal for businesses with marketing concepts that can be conveyed with fewer graphical elements.

4. Formative Posters

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Image: Behance

The formative posters are different from the other ones and are more focused on solving problems than outrightly selling a product or service. These types of posters are used to create awareness about a social cause, or issue, or discreetly promote a brand to arouse their interests. They are a part of societal marketing that educational, health, political enterprises, or NGOs use to convey valuable information to their audience. Formative posters use more images than text to evoke emotions and create more impact on their audience.

5. Research Posters

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Image: Behance

Research posters are widely used in academic, community, and conferences that creatively combine summarized texts with tables, graphs, pictures, and other presentation formats to summarize research information or findings concisely and attractively. Usually, these posters are placed by the door of the academic events or around the building to guide participants attending the events and to generate discussions or buzz. To create the right effect, ensure all information is arranged and supported with graphics to make it easier for people to read and understand.

6. Event Posters

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Image: Venngage

As the name suggests, event posters are created specifically to promote and create awareness of an upcoming event. They are usually the first piece of information designed to create excitement and interest in an event. It creatively combines images, text, format, structure, and color to inform people about the scheduled event and invite them to attend the event.

7. Infographic Posters

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Infographics are visual representations of complex or hard-to-understand data or information with graphical elements to make the clear and easy to understand. In modern advertising, infographics posters are used by companies or institutions across various industries to educate the public and share valuable information with them on important societal issues, economics, public health, business, etc to convince them to take the desired action.

8. Sale & Discount Posters

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Image: Canva

As the name implies, sales and discount posters are used to create awareness for a product or service sales or discount and possibly encourage them to buy and benefit from the sales. The majority of FMCG, business services, and e-commerce industries create sale and discount flyers to call their audience's attention to the particular sale and encourage sales.

9. Entertainment Posters

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Image: PosterMyWall

Entertainment posters are used to drive user engagement and interaction to delight your audience. This poster combines artistic effects, images, text, colors, and shapes to amuse and entertain the audience to make them relaxed and connect with them emotionally.

10. Motivational Posters

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Image: WallpaperAccess

Motivational posters otherwise known as inspirational posters are forms of promotional tactics that most businesses use to share motivational or inspirational quotes to spread positivity and goodwill. They have been regarded as one of the most successful marketing strategies that help to share positive thoughts in the reader’s mind to beat competitors.

The different types of posters exist to give businesses creative freewill to connect with their audience and promote their product, services, and events in different dynamic ways. It can be a bit boring and bad for your professional image if you consistently use the same poster designs. The above types of posters enable businesses to either promote their products, sale/discount or share a motivational quote to uplift them.

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