A well-designed presentation can help you connect with your audience, engage them and achieve all your desired results. Professionals create presentations to share information or message to their target audience - potential customers, investors, colleagues, partners, co-workers, and other stakeholders.

Presentations are mostly demonstrations, lectures, sales-pitch, or speeches that are presented to inform, persuade, inspire, motivate, present a new product or idea, or share a recent report or achievements with an audience.

Design in presentation is what increases your chances of conveying your message or information to your audience in the best possible way. Creating and adding visually appealing designs to your presentations grabs your audience's attention and help you engage them from the beginning of the presentation to the end. A recent report by Zoho discovered that

Presentations with visual aids are 43% more persuasive than those without visuals.

Adding stunning and eye-catching designs to a presentation does not only appeal to audiences, Interestingly 91% of presenters also claim they feel more confident presenting well-designed slides to their audience.

A presentation unlike other forms of business communication is serious business, it can make or mar your business's success and if you don't prepare for it properly, you could lose out on so much - this is where designs come in. Designs make up for all your shortcomings, wherever you fall short in your textual content, your design draws readers’ attention and evokes their interest all through the presentations.

In this guide, we’ll discuss all the reasons you should always include visually appealing designs in your presentations and the components of a well-designed presentation

Components of a Well-Designed Presentation

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A poorly-designed presentation can make you lose your customers, investors, and prospects when you fail to convey the message and convince them to buy in. Aside from that, a bad presentation also gives off the wrong impression of incompetence, unreliable and unprofessional. A well-design presentation on the other hand makes you look professional, credible, and prepared.

If you are struggling to get your presentation design right, here are some of the most important components of a well-designed presentation:

Use more visuals and lesser texts

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The general rule to creating eye-catching and stunning presentation designs is to limit the text and use more high-quality and related visuals to gain your audience's attention and create long-lasting impressions on them. Humans are visual beings, we interact and understand content much better when they are paired with strong, high-quality images.

If you are looking to connect with your audience, consider reducing your text and adding more visuals to your presentations. For example, if you have some complex information or concept, you can visualize them in an infographic to improve readability and audience engagement.

Summarize your points efficiently

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As emphasized earlier, your presentation should not have too many texts, as this can easily overwhelm and affect your target audience's interest in your presentations. How then can you achieve this? Learn to summarize long texts into short and clear words that your audience can easily understand.

With the average human attention span of 8.25 seconds, the majority of the presentation audience gets bored when they have to read the wordy presentations. David Paradi in his survey discovered three things that annoy audiences during presentations:

Slides that include full sentences of text
Speakers reading their slides
Text that is too small to read

Share one key point per presentation

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You must understand the best way to engage your audience and try not to overwhelm them with information overload. Presentations are information intensive, considering this nature, there's a high possibility that you are going to be sharing so much information with your audience during the presentation. The best way to keep them engaged and get them to remember if not all, the major points is to keep the salient points per slide. Share a key point per presentation to make more impact on your audience.

Implement visual hierarchy in your presentations

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Visual hierarchy is one of the most important visual design elements. It guides how every visual element - colors, fonts, shapes, lines, and textures, in your presentation design is arranged and organized. The visual Hierarchy rule is that the most important elements should be placed in higher spaces in the presentations with bigger texts to capture the audience's attention followed by the second and least important elements in that order. To create a well-designed presentation that captivates your audience, be sure to arrange the information in order of their importance with more emphasis on important ones.

Ensure consistency across your slides

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Consistency is the bane of every business's success. It determines how your audience perceives you as a professional and credible brand. Similarly in your presentation design, you have to ensure that all your message and information as well as your visual designs are consistent across your slides. Inconsistencies in your presentation affect your audience's engagement with your design. You must ensure that the colors, fonts, and messages are consistent and follow the same narrative from the first slide to the last slide.

Add a compelling call-to-action

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A call-to-action is a written directive given to prompt your audience to take an action at the end of your presentation. After making a powerful and informative that has gotten you a resounding ovation from your audience, it's not enough to end it there without giving them something to remember you by or guiding them on the next thing to do with the information. Instead, add a short, compelling call to action like “Contact us,” “Connect with us on social media,” “Sign up for our webinar or seminar,” Request a demo,” or “Buy Now” to encourage them to perform your desired tasks.

Importance of Design to your Presentation

Design in presentations is a key element of presentations that can help you enhance the quality of your narrative, improve the easy understanding of the message, information, or ideas shared, and ultimately increase audience engagement with your presentations. The use of eye-catching visuals increases your chances of achieving your goals much faster.

They help your audience process and comprehend your information much faster

According to a study, the Presentation audience only retains 10-20% of the information presented in written words, while the information presented visually was processed and retained 65% more than texts. This is a clear indication that humans generally interact better with visual content than with texts, a lot of audiences during presentations claim that having more texts in a presentation reduces their attention span and makes them lose interest in the entire presentation. Imagine presenting to people for over 4-5 hours without any visual designs, images, or videos to lighten up their mood, it would feel more like torture to them. To help your audience understand and relate better to the information you share, add visually appealing designs in the presentation.

Designs stick to your audience's memory much longer than text

According to the popular saying that “Pictures speak louder than words”, this is the exact situation of using eye-catching designs in your presentations. Being visual beings, your audience is most likely going to interact and remember the information visualized in infographics and other graphical elements, pictures, or videos much better than the text. It's common knowledge that people might find it hard to remember everything you say but the images, videos, and designs that they see that really strike them will stay with them much longer.

Designs increase audience engagement

As emphasized in the earliest section, adding a beautiful design that your audience can relate to can increase customer engagement and reaction to your presentation. When you explain complex concepts with attractive, high-quality designs, your audience will understand it better and can effectively interact with your presentation. Visualize complex data in infographics and use graphical elements or characters sparingly across your presentation to generate the right reaction from them.

Design works on human emotion

If you are looking to evoke your audience's emotion and help them connect with the information or message you are passing to them. For example, if you are making a presentation for fundraising, including compelling visuals in such a presentation can evoke the right emotion in your audience and get them to take your desired action.

Presentation design showcases your expertise

Adding designs to your presentations showcases your expertise and competence in your field. The quality of designs in your presentation can help your audience perceive you as a professional and credible brand that they can trust and be associated with. A design that follows an organized narrative will also help you present your thoughts in a simple and engaging manner.

Designs help you grab your audience's attention

As visual beings, adding visually appealing designs can help you attract your audience's attention and help your audience navigate through the content and even gain their attention to every slide.

Design in your presentations is an important element that can help you create a long-lasting impression on your customers, convey information, or explain hard-to-explain concepts and increase your audience engagement.

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