Happy Birthday Zoom Background: Top 20 Ideas to Get Your Virtual Party Started

Happy birthday Zoom background

Thanks to the pandemic today, we’re celebrating parties on Zoom. So uploading our Zoom profile picture has become the only way to update our daily lives to our friends and family.

This type of celebration may have sounded weird before 2020, but the world has changed, and so has the concept of celebration. But this shouldn’t prevent you from having fun.

So, suppose you’re planning a virtual party for a birthday. In that case, you should consider using birthday Zoom backgrounds for a more fun and entertaining birthday party.

Steps to create the best Zoom Virtual Background

Thanks to the pandemic, the only change we have in our life is a virtual background. So, it is necessary that we make birthdays be it our own or others, a hit.

It is easy to make Zoom virtual parties heartfelt, fun, surprising, and memorable. To plan an effective virtual birthday party, you should 

  • Have a party theme
  • Invite a lot of friends
  • Download a birthday background illustration
  • Or design a custom background illustration
  • don’t tell the birthday girl/boy about the party – pretend it is a regular Zoom meeting. 

Finally, slowly upload your Zoom backgrounds to the birthday Zoom backgrounds once everything is ready.

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Make sure to design a birthday background that everyone can use from either their phone, desktop, or computer.

So, irrespective of whether you are having a Zoom video call for your birthday party or planning for someone else’s birthday party. Here we have added free birthday virtual background templates below that you can download and use anytime.

Best Children Zoom Birthday backgrounds

Kids have suffered the most since the lockdown began. Locked in their homes, they had nowhere to go and were stuck in their homes. And the worst was birthdays, as, since the onset of the pandemic, the whole idea of partying has changed. So, this birthday, celebrate and gift your child with the best virtual birthday party. Explore the best Zoom background ideas for you.

Add some colorful balloons, confetti, cake, etc. After all, children like everything cute, loud, and engaging. So, keep the course of your virtual party as festive as possible.

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You can customize the birthday party virtual background with inspiration from the internet. Many websites have free virtual background templates for birthday parties to download. Thus, you can either choose from the available set of photos. Or create and upload your ideas on a select website page where you can easily design and download the virtual background photo. If you want some funny Zoom backgrounds you can explore them here.

Winnie the Pooh Birthday Zoom background

happy birthday background for zoom

Cakes Birthday Zoom Background

zoom happy birthday background

Confetti Birthday Zoom background

Animals Birthday Zoom background

Cupcakes Birthday Zoom background

Customized Cake Birthday Zoom background

All Pink Birthday Zoom background

Space Birthday Zoom background

Alice In Wonderland Birthday Zoom Background

Gifts, Balloons, and confetti – Birthday Zoom background

Best Adult Zoom Birthday backgrounds

Why should kids have all the fun? Adults, too, need some love. Thus this time, give your friend or family member a virtual celebration. Celebrate their birthday with their loved ones with cute birthday Zoom virtual backgrounds. And don’t forget to save their reactions for celebrating their birthday party.

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It is easy to browse and search for free templates and backgrounds for adults. Or you can also create one using websites like Canva. Then, upload the images or video to the creative and save the final photo/video. Check out the guidelines for how to blur the background in Zoom.

‘Happy Birthday’ Tag Birthday Zoom Background

Simple Birthday Zoom background

Chic Birthday Zoom Background

Friends Doodle Birthday Zoom background

Birthday Crown Birthday Zoom background

Colorful Gift Birthday Zoom Background

Fun Doodle Birthday Zoom background

Sprinkle Birthday Zoom background

Balloon Birthday Zoom Background

Get your customized Zoom background with All Time Design.

Festive Birthday Zoom background

Final Thoughts

A birthday irrespective of one’s age is always an occasion for celebration in our life. And we cannot let a pandemic affect this celebration. So, switch on your computer/phone/desktop, turn on Zoom, and have a virtual celebration of the birthday of your loved ones with creative Zoom birthday background.

Suppose you feel that the free birthday zoom backgrounds are not up to your liking. Then, you can always design your own virtual background by using free background creator websites like Canva. Or visit design agencies like All Time Design to design the perfect birthday background for your party. Check out some best Zoom backgrounds.


How to upload a Happy Birthday Zoom Background on Mobile?

  • Download the Zoom app on the Play Store for your Android or iOS to your iPhone or iPad
  • Open the app, Sign in to your account
  • Join a meeting
  • Tap the three dots at the bottom right corner and open the More menu.
  • Tap Virtual Background.
  • Select your choice of Zoom backgrounds or upload your own.

How to upload a Zoom Birthday Background on Desktop?

  • Download the Zoom app for Mac or Windows
  • Sign In to your Zoom account
  • Click on Settings.
  • On the left side of the menu, click on the Virtual Background tab (Note: if this tab is not visible, log in to the Zoom website, go to Settings and toggle on Virtual Background).
  • In the Virtual Background tab, Select your Zoom backgrounds or upload your own.
  • If you have a green screen set up, you can choose that option.
  • To add your own images or videos, click the + icon to upload.

April 25, 2022
10 min read
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