50 Hidden Meanings in Logos You See All the Time

hidden meanings in logos

Brand visuals have become the deal of the day in the contemporary digital marketing and advertising space. One of the most important brand visual designs that help you stand out from competitors is your logo.

A logo represents the face of every brand. It is typically the first thing a reader may notice before reading the content of your communication, marketing, and advertising materials. Every success-oriented businesses need a logo to help them create a brand identity that supports its growth.

A lot of times, people might even forget business names but with just a glance at the brand logo, they remember the brand. A well-designed business logo can significantly inspire trust, and increase brand recognition, and admiration – all of which can improve customer relationships.

While we can go on and on about the importance of business logos to your business, there’s usually a lot more to logos than we know. To customers, logos is a sweet blend of colors, font, and typography that helps them differentiate a brand from another, however for the company, there’s usually a hidden meaning that says more about the brand and its goals.

Most of the time these deep-rooted meanings hidden in many famous logos closely relate to the product or service the company provides and in this article we’ll take 50 top logo designs and uncover their hidden meanings.

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Why Are There Hidden Messages In Logos?

A brand logo is an extremely important brand identity design that plays a significant role in your business’s success. A well-designed logo says so much without saying a word. Beyond good visual aesthetics, logos also helps to attract the attention of current and potential customers.

The right logo established a sense of connection between a brand and its community of fans, friends, critics, allies, and champions. For this reason, the logo should be meaningful and provide customers with meaningful, impactful information and a message about the company with the right color, font choices, and design elements.

Although the majority of logos with hidden meanings can’t be noticed straight away, they have still been carefully designed to achieve a specific goal. Usually, every one of the logo features from the color, font choice, choice of shapes, and imagery have special unique effects and hidden messages about the company/product history or the brand promise.

For most parts, logos are created with hidden meanings to create a deeper connection with the company’s target audience.

50 Popular Logos With Hidden Meanings/Messages

Here are 50 hidden meanings behind 50 of the world’s most recognizable logos.

1. FedEx Logo

fedex logo meaning

American multinational delivery service, the FedEx logo is one of the popular logos with a hidden symbol that you probably don’t know about.

If you focus on the space between the letters “E” and “X”, you will find an arrow pointing right. This arrow represents the speed, accuracy, and precision that FedEx promises to provide to its customers while delivering parcels.

2. Amazon Logo

amazon logo meaning

The world’s largest eCommerce company, Amazon’s logo has an orange arrow pointing from the letter a to z. The meaning behind this is that they sell everything, from pin to plane. It also represents the smile that customers will have after buying from the store.

3. Gucci Logo

gucci logo meaning

The Gucci logo is one of the most recognized fashion logos in the world. Even non-users of the Gucci brand can instantly tell what it is. The Gucci logo represented by two stylish and timeless interlocking Gs represents the fathers of the brand – Guccio and Gucci. It also symbolizes luxury and status.

4. Audi Logo

audi logo meaning

Audi, the German auto engineering company has a really interesting and uncommon logo with meanings dating back to its history. Though the historical meaning of the four rings on the logo represents the four companies – Horch, Audiwerke, DKW, and Wanderer – that came together to form Audi’s predecessor, Auto Union.

However, the latest revision of Audi’s logo with an aluminum color reinforces the company’s innovative power and conveys the message of “progress through technologies.”

5. LG Logo

lg logo meaning

The global electronics company, LG has one of the most memorable logos in the world. While the logo icon is relatively similar to facial features.

The “L” in the logo forms the nose while the outer “G” forms the face outline and the right eye. This logo’s hidden message suggests the company’s approachability and connection with its customers.

6. NBC Logo

nbc logo meaning

The National Broadcasting Company is an American commercial broadcast television and radio network based in New York. Its logo has been creatively designed to convey the brand’s essence and reflect a special meaning.

The historical meaning behind the peacock logo was to promote the color richness of color TV and encourage the purchase of NBC’s owner-manufactured color television sets.

7. Cisco Logo

cisco logo meaning

Multinational tech conglomerate, the Cisco logo features the silhouette of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Bridge which connects San Francisco to Marin County signifies connectivity and the company’s digital core.

8. BMW Logo

bmw logo meaning

BMW, a German Automobile Company logo displays white and blue colors that represent the free state of Bavaria. Since it was illegal to use symbols of sovereignty on commercial logos in a particular order according to the rules of heraldry. Hence, BMW decided to display the symbols in reverse.

9. Baskin Robbins Logo

baskin robbins logo meaning

Baskin Robbins is the world’s largest ice cream chain with many stores across the globe. The company’s logo with a blue and pink color combination to convey a special brand message.

If you look very closely at the pink color in the middle of the word “BR” reflects the number “31” to represent the number of ice cream flavors that the brand offers. The idea of this is to inform buyers that they can try different flavors of their ice cream at different times, days and months.

10. Domino’s Logo

Domino’s logo meaning

Domino’s is the world’s largest pizza restaurant with outlets across different parts of the world. Its logo, a domino piece with three dots was added to signify the brand’s three-store location at the time of design.

Although the store now has over 15,000 stores worldwide, the three dots are a reflection of its small beginnings.

11. IBM Logo

IBM logo meaning

Created in 1972 by ace designer, Paul Rand, the IBM logo with a single color and the brand name is one of the most iconic logos in the world. Its logo has been designed so creatively that it attracts the attention of clients and triggers brand recognition.

The eight (8) horizontal blue strips in the logo signify speed and dynamism and convey the message of corporate sophistication.

12. Apple Logo

Apple logo meaning

The world’s most sophisticated tech company’s logo has gone through many transitions over the years. From the time of its first logo of Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree to represent the discovery of gravitational force to the present one, Apple’s logo has been very fascinating.

Although many people have tried to give different meanings to the apple logo from the forbidden fruit of the days of Adam to the idea of how Alan Turing, a brilliant mathematician died after eating an apple laced with cyanide.

To clear the air, Steve Jobs claimed apple was his favorite fruit and the bite in the logo acts as a differentiator from other round fruits and vegetables.

13. The Adidas Logo

Adidas logo meaning

Adidas is the second-largest sportswear brand in the world behind Nike. As a popular and highly sought-after choice among athletes and the general public, the brand’s famous logo with three parallel stripes and the lowercase “a” is consistent in all its brand designs symbolizing widely accessible casual wear.

14. Pinterest Logo

Pinterest logo meaning

Pinterest is an American image-sharing and social media site that enables millions of people across the world to discover information on the internet using images, GIFs, and Videos.

The name “Pinterest” comes from the idea of pinning items of interest to the bulletin board. The brand’s logo design with the letter”P” in white color placed in the center of a red circle is an abstract image of a pin, which is integral to the brand image.

15. Mitsubishi Logo

Mitsubishi logo meaning

The Japanese car manufacturer, Mitsubishi is reflected in the brand logo and name. “Mitsu” in Japanese means three while “hishi” (or “bishi” as it is pronounced in this context) means water chestnut, which denotes a diamond shape. This diamond shape is reported to be the family crest of Mitsubishi’s founder and his first employer.

16. Unilever Logo

Unilever logo meaning

Unilever is a household name and is visible on a wide variety of household products from food to cleaning products, hair care, soup sachets, cereals, seasoning cubes and so much more. The blue “U” in the brand logo stands for the first letter of the brand name and has 25 hidden symbols within to represent the aspects of Unilever’s business.

The logo further represents love, care, and health and the company’s commitment to helping people take little daily actions to improve their health and well-being.

17. Toyota Logo

Toyota logo meaning

Toyota is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer and its logo is a perfect example of how you can craft hidden meaning logos. The multilayer logo has an eye-catching design of three ellipses.

The logo has an obvious letter “T” in the middle of the big ellipse. The inner horizontal ellipse signifies the customer’s expectations while the small inner vertical ellipse represents Toyota’s ideal. Furthermore, the outer ellipse that circles them signifies Toyota’s global expansion and huge potential.

18. Nike Logo

Nike logo meaning

Nike is the largest sportswear brand in the world with one of the most recognizable logos in the world. Designed by Carolyn Davidson in 1971, the Nike Swoosh in plain black represents the sound of speed, motion, power, and motivation.

19. Vaio Logo

Vaio logo meaning

Vaio is a well-known tech brand with one of the most dynamic logos out there for incorporating analog and digital symbols into the logo.

If you look closely at the letters, “V” and “A” represents analog signals while the last two letters “I” and “O” represents digital binary code. This attractive and unique logo has a strong visual representation that triggers brand recognition.

20. Beats Logo

Beats logo meaning

This beats logo has simple yet attractive features. The letter “b” is enclosed in the red circle followed by the brand name spelled out.

The circle represents the human head and the letter “b” represents the brand’s headphones. This simple yet creative logo has been carefully designed to allow customers to see themselves in the headphones.

21. Roxy Logo

Roxy logo meaning

Roxy is a female clothing line with a super attractive logo. The heart-shaped logo draws inspiration from the feminine shapes to appeal to their female target audience. If you look closely too, you would see that the heart is formed by joining two Quicksilver logos facing each other.

22. Museum of London Logo

Museum of London logo meaning

The Museum of London’s logo has unique shapes blended with abstracted blobs of color. This logo shows the geography of London and how it has changed over the years. The different shapes sizes and colors represent the constant change of London and its people in the past, present, and future.

23. London Symphony Orchestra Logo

London Symphony Orchestra logo meaning

The London Symphony Orchestra’s dynamic and simple logo makes good use of the negative space and appears to mean different things to different people.

To some, it’s a shape while to others see letters in it. However you view it, the reality of this is that logo has been designed to have the brand initials “LSO” and also represent the Orchestra conductor, a clean and creative move to reinforce the elegance of the orchestra.

24. Picasa Logo

Picasa logo meaning

Google’s former image organizer and editor, Picasa has an interesting logo mark that adds to the appeal of the logo.

While at first glance, this logo looks like a simple camera shutter but the negative space in the center of the camera shutter forms a house to represent Picasa’s stand as a home for all your photos. Keep in mind that the word “Casa” in Spanish means home.

25. Eighty20 Logo

Eighty20 logo meaning

Eighty 20, a South African analytics consultancy logo’s logo features squares that represent a binary pattern for 1010000 and 0010100, which means eighty and twenty.

26. Le Tour De France Logo

Le Tour De France logo meaning

The Le Tour De France logo is one of the best-hidden meanings logos you will find out there, apparently with two hidden messages.

The first obvious one is a cyclist making up the letter “r” whereas the second is more subdued. The yellow circle underneath the letter “r” which acts as the bike’s wheel represents the sun indicating that the events only occur during the daytime.

27. My Fonts Logo

My Fonts logo meaning

My Fonts is an online font source that allows users to access a massive library of fonts. The “My” in My Fonts is stylized to look like a hand to give the impression that users can easily access whatever fonts they want.

28. Galeries Lafayette Logo

Galeries Lafayette logo meaning

Galeries Lafayette is an upscale French department store with a visually appealing logo with elegant and fancy typography. Interestingly the logo has the Eiffel Tower hidden in the letter “f” to signify its French origin.

29. AG Low Logo

AG Low logo meaning

Construction company, AG Low has a simple and unique logo that spells out the name of the company. This logo is placed in a way that looks like the floor plan of a home to depict its service offering.

30. Greenlabs Logo

Greenlabs logo meaning

The digital marketing and web solutions company, Greenlabs included a green tree as their logo. The green color accentuates an aspect of the brand while the crown of the tree represents a brain, which in a way reflects the intelligence of the staff.

31. Newman Logo

Newman logo meaning

French Clothing Company, Newman’s logo uses a bit of a visual trick. If you look closely at the logo, you will see that logo looks the same way with the same typography upside down. These innovative visuals reflect the company’s innovation and suggest that the clothing can serve multiple purposes.

32. Gamecube Logo

Gamecube logo meaning

GameCube, a home video game console developed by Nintendo has one of the best logos that are both visually appealing and unique. It has two cubes placed inside one another. The outer cube forms a letter “G” around the inner cube, making a “C” in the negative space.

33. Bird Love logo

Bird Love logo meaning

The Vietnamese coffee shop has a simple black-and-white logo with a classic serif and heart symbol. It reflects the brand’s integrity and commitment, love, and passion for classic Vietnamese coffee. Another interesting thing about this logo is that it uses two flying birds to form the heart shape on the logo.

34. British Blind Sport Logo

British Blind Sport logo meaning

The British Blind Sport is a charity that enables and encourages blind and partially sighted people to participate in sports.

Their logo features the British flag with an interesting twist. If you look closely at this logo, you will see the outer ellipse area represents the pupil of an eye with the rest made up of the contour of the flag.

35. Yoga Australia Logo

yoga Australia logo meaning

Yoga Australia’s logo has a hidden gem in its negative space and the area between the arm and leg, you can see the geographical outline of Australia.

36. Lion Bird Logo

Schizophrenic logo meaning

The Lion Bird’s logo is a creative masterpiece that immediately captures your attention at first sight. At first glance, you see a bird and a lion. The logo’s face is made with the body of the bird while your eye fills the rest of the negative space.

The bird’s wings have the eyes of the Lion. The bird represents the brand’s owner while the lion represents the way the brand attacks its profession.

37. Schizophrenic Logo

Schizophrenic logo meaning

Schizophrenic’s logo uses emoticons to convey a message that shows the struggle of schizophrenia disease to stir up a conversion. . When read from the left, you can see a sad face whereas you see a smiling face when read from the right to left.

38. Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium Logo

Pittsburgh Zoo logo meaning

The Pittsburgh Zoo logo at first glance looks like a simple tree. However, when you look closely into the negative space, you will see a gorilla and a lion facing each other reflecting the wildlife that can be seen at the zoo.

39. Hope for African Children Initiative Logo

Hope for African Children Initiative logo meaning

Although the Hope for African Children Initiative’s logo appears as the geographical outline of Africa at first glance. However, when you look more closely, you can the outline is created by the contours of two people – an adult and a child.

40. Atlanta Falcons Logo

Atlanta Falcons logo meaning

The Atlanta Falcons like other sports teams has an animal as its mascot – Falcon made with the letter “F”. The Falcon in the logo represents the Falcons in many ways.

41. Gillette Logo

Gillette logo meaning

The razor company, Gillette depicts razor sharp in their logo. The intricate and precise cut in the letter “G” and “i” shows that the letters have been carefully removed with a sharp Gillette razor

42. Washington State University Logo

Washington State University logo meaning

Washington State University’s logo has a mascot – a cougar, which also happens to be their logo mark. The cougar’s head has the university initials “W, S, and U” in it.

43. Google Logo

Google logo meaning

The world’s biggest tech company, Google’s logo has the brand name spelled out and uses a simple font and different colors on the primary color palette and the secondary color green to show that the company knows how to have fun.

44. Continental Logo

Continental logo meaning

The Continental Tire’s logo has the letter “C” and “o” closely placed together with the “C” wrapping around the lowercase “o” to create the shape of a tire.

45. Toblerone Logo

Toblerone logo meaning

The popular chocolate bar, Toblerone’s logo features a mountain symbolizing the Matterhorn Mountain in Switzerland. The mountain has a bear hidden inside of it which symbolizes the unique honey flavor used in the chocolate and depicts that the chocolate is made in the ‘City of Bear’.

46. Carrefour Logo

Carrefour logo meaning

Carrefour, a French word for ‘crossroads” has a logo that features two arrows on both sides – left and right sides. If you look closely, you will see the letter “C” hidden between the two arrows in the negative space which stands for the brand name,

47. Spartan Golf Club Logo

Spartan Golf Club logo meaning

Spartan Golf Club’s logo appears to have dual meanings at first glance. The first look at the logo appears to be a golfer taking a swing with his trajectory displayed beside it while at a second look, you can see the profile of a Spartan in his helmet.

48. The Swan and Mallard Logo

The Swan and Mallard logo meaning

The Swan and Mallard restaurant’s logo is a visual masterpiece with clean and elegant visuals. It has a black mallard hidden in the negative space of the swan. The Swan also forms an ampersand which gives customers an idea of how their experience would be in the restaurant.

49. Levis Logo

Levis logo meaning

Levi’s modern logo features unique shapes that represent the shape of a pocket seen on every pair of Levi’s jeans.

50. Magic Coffee Logo

Magic Coffee logo meaning

This coffee brand brings two words – magic and coffee – to depict the brand’s unique coffee flavors. At first glance, you can see a coffee cup and a hat in the logo describing the pleasures of the different flavors of Coffee/drinks.


Logos are important brand identity visual designs that success-oriented businesses use to connect to their clients and target market and increase brand recognition. We have identified 50 amazing popular logos that have incredible meanings attached to them.

You can use this as an inspiration to create logos that convey meaningful messages to your clients. Also, use this as a direction to identify hidden incredible meanings that are in the logos of your favorite brands. If you are seeking for professional help to create incredible logos for your brand, we have a team of vetted logo designers to help you achieve your goals. Visit

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