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Perks of hiring graphic designers for your business

Establishing your brand identity and leaving your competitors to the dust is not an easy task. With so many tasks to hold you down already, will you be able to spend more time and effort on learning the ropes of the creative process? Here’s how entrusting your creative work to a graphic artist can save your day (and business!)

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1. Save time

You can focus on what you are best at and delegate the rest. Since graphic designers understand design principles and master the tools.

2. Outrank competitors

Your smart audience can easily differentiate between the DIY design and a professional design. So, if you want to gain a competitive edge.

3. Drive results

Great design drives sales. Design is just not about making things look pretty but building the emotional bond with the audience and convincing them to take the desired action.

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Our team of ace graphic designers has created stunning works for many of our previous clients before to drive growth and sales for their business.

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Brands of all shapes and sizes need graphic designs to leverage their marketing efforts and drive growth. When the going gets tough with multiple tasks on hand, focusing on the creative process and generating a higher volume of visuals can be hard.

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Outsourcing graphic designs had never been this easier and hassle-free before. Gear up your creative machine not in days but in minutes.

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Get matched with a professional graphic designer who understands your brands better and kick starts your project in a flash.

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Gear up to receive your unlimited and high-quality designs in a lightning-fast turnaround. Request files for the designs you love in any format you want.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to hire a graphic designer?
Where can I hire a graphic designer?
What should I consider before hiring a graphic designer?
Why should I hire graphic designers from All Time Design?

All Time Design Vs other solutions

Whether you’re an entrepreneur who is just launching the brand in the market or a brand mogul who is revamping the brand, you will definitely need a helping hand from a freelance graphic designer to work on a plethora of your design projects. Are you on a mission to find freelance graphic designers for your brand? Here’re some of the aspects you can consider while finding freelance graphic designers for your business.

Aspects All Time Design In-house Designer Freelance Designer
Hire a designer Within an second 1- 2 weeks 2- 3 days
Kick start a project In a couple of hours 1- 2 days 1- 2 weeks
Turnaround time Within a day 3 - 4 days Uncertain
Price $5,088/year $46,000/year $63,000/year
Communications Smooth and seamless Easy and effective Evasive and uncertain
Design process Quick and hassle-free Pain-staking and long Unpredictable and Unreliable
Quality of the designs Premier Good Unpredictable

Customers say!

Jacqueline Haynes
Marketing Associate

Having a dedicated team working on the designs for our digital products has definitely helped us in saving a lot of time and increasing the RoI. We are completely satisfied with the work we received from All Time Design.

Kelley Garner
Influencer Marketing Associate

All Time Design is awesome! They have the best graphic designers in their team, and you can collaborate with the one who is more suitable for your brand. They offer unlimited designs for one flat rate, which is a boon for small businesses.

Phoebe Parker
Director of Marketing

Service worth every penny. I have been using All Time Design for the past year, and they were really helpful in scaling our marketing effort. It’s easier to discuss our ideas with the designer, and they whip up the designs we want in a day.

Louise Parkinson
Branding Ninja

All Time Design is the cost-effective and scalable option we have been looking for our marketing agency. Getting started with their services was a breeze and we enjoy working with the team everyday!

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