Hoodie Design Ideas With Custom Tips

Hoodie design ideas

How many of us carry a hoodie where ever we go?

Keeping a hoodie on hand is always a good idea. Stylish and versatile, hoodies are ideal for any occasion. Also, a hoodie is convenient and comfortable, and it looks good on any body type. 

custom hoodie design ideas

And when you can create your own custom hoodie, isn’t it double fun? Customized hoodies are a great way to express your style or show your team spirit, whether for uniforms, sports teams, business, or family.

Moreover, hoodies have always been in fashion. They are a year-round fashion staple, irrespective of what time of year it is.

How did hoodies become famous?

Hoodies have been there in this world since medieval times. 

Earlier, they were called ‘Cowls,’ a loose tunic shirt with a hood, worn by monks as early as the 12th Century. Another form was the ‘Cape’ with a hood called the Chaperon, which outdoor workers used. 

With time, people started adopting this clothing mainly during the winters to protect themselves from the blazing wind and cold. 

Throughout the years, the fashion industry has evolved. And so have the usage and standard of hoodies. 

High-end brands like Louis Vuitton, Supreme, GAP, and Nike have put their foot forward and jumped into the bandwagon of converting hoodies into fashion statements. 

Thus, hoodies were, are, and will be an integral part of the fashion world, growing together over time.  

In addition, creating a hoodie is an extremely easy process, and there are different types of hoodies that you can choose from.

Types of Hoodie Styles

Hoodies are generally found in four different styles.

Full-Zip Hoodie 

As the name suggests, a full-zip hoodie is a front-open style. It is a very relaxed style of hoodie that is generally worn as a layer over t-shirts or tank tops. Full-zip hoodies are perfect for summer and winter and can also be worn for casual and semi-formal occasions. 

Pullover Hoodie

The pullover hoodie looks exceptional as a sweatshirt with a throwback hoodie. This hoodie style can be worn during summer and winter, depending on your selected fabric. All body types can wear it as it is available in both body-tight and lose fit.  

Crop-Cut Hoodie

Crop hoodies are in trend and are majorly used by the artist, dancer, and musician community. Not only are these easy to wear they are also considered a statement of individual expression and creative thoughts that are different from regular mainstream fashion. Crop-cut hoodies come in both full-zip and pullover forms. 

Oversized Hoodie

Oversized hoodies are the most used style of hoodies. 

They are the symbol of comfort, coziness, and casually relaxed people. These types of hoodies are mainly worn by musicians to create a statement

How To Create Your Own Hoodie Design?

The easiest option is to buy a hoodie from shops or online websites. As there are many designers and brands who specialize in only creating and selling hoodies. And, you have the option to choose and select the one you want to buy or even hoard a collection of them. 

Nevertheless, there is nothing like the delight and ecstasy of designing your own hoodie. 

Because you can customize a hoodie design as per your preference with your choice of color options, design ideas, and design inspiration.

Today, there are many websites and platforms that allow creating your own custom hoodie design, as per your preference.

cute hoodie design ideas

The best free platform for creating a hoodie design will be Canva. In Canva, you can choose the design you want to print on your hoodie and decide on the size of your creative design. Once you have decided on the hoodie design and dimensions, you can save your design idea as a png. Then go to websites like Shopify or Designevo, choose the hoodie style you want, and input your design idea into it. Your hoodie is ready, and you can get your custom hoodie sent to you anytime.

Or suppose you want your sweatshirt to guarantee quality design. In that case, you can also opt for design agencies like All Time Design to create the best custom design for your hoodie.

What to consider before working on your Custom Hoodies Design ideas

Creating a custom hoodie today is very easy. Be it creating just one hoodie or a collection of hoodies. But before starting designing your sweatshirts, you need to take a few things into account.

Hoodie Style

As we’ve mentioned before, hoodies are of two styles pullover and full-zip. These again are also popularized as per their size, known as oversized and crop-cut hoodies.

Deciding on the hoodie style is very important. Because wearing a pullover sweatshirt to a sports event is a big no.

Thus decide on the style of hoodie you want before starting customization.


Are you designing a hoodie for your friends’ group with everyone’s nicknames? If yes, the message you are giving out is your friends’ names.

Another example is if you have any quotes or text that talk about or support any cause.

Any message you wish to share on your hoodie should be clear, concise, and not contain any misinformation.

Design Planning

This is the most essential segment of designing a hoodie.

Since you are the designer, you need to make sure the design and graphics for your hoodie are well done and display your ideas correctly. This includes the type of design, fonts, graphics, colors, etc.

Design Placement

Once you are done with planning the overall design for your sweatshirt, you need to decide where you want to place your design on. Are your designs going to be on the front or back of the hoodie or on the arms? Or will you have multiple designs on either side of the hoodie?

diy hoodie design ideas

Image/Design size

Once you’re done with your design planning and placement, you need to decide the size of your design on the hoodie. 

Whether you are using a photo, currency design, an image of a location, graphics, art, or creatives, the right size will help you create a compatible output.

hoodie design ideas for men

Color options

What will be the color of your custom hoodie design?

This is the part where we get stuck most of the time.

But it is always better to choose a color that will complement the image/graphics on your hoodie.

senior hoodie design ideas

For example, suppose your hoodie is white/black. In that case, you can have your graphics/ images in any color as both colors complement other colors. But if your hoodie is of colors like green or blue you need to consider the colors well matched. Check out some t-shirt design ideas for you!


The fabric of your hoodie will determine the performance of your hoodie’s design idea. The fabric of a hoodie depends on its use.

If you choose to create a hoodie with soft thin fabric and use it for winter, it wouldn’t work.

Thus, if you are creating a bunch of hoodie designs to sell, you need to understand your customer’s preferences and the season and market.

Using a good fabric also states the quality of your hoodie. Especially if you are a business and sell your sweatshirts for a price. Because, if the touch and feel of your hoodie is not up to your customer’s preference, they will indeed review it wrong.

Custom Ideas for Creating Just One Hoodie

Suppose you want to create and customize sweatshirts for yourself. In that case, a great option is to pick them up from already available art/graphics on the internet. Here are some of our favorite custom hoodie design ideas that will work for any season and fit people of all categories.

  • Tie Die Hoodie design
  • Printed Hoodie design
  • Embroidery Hoodie design
  • Hoodie Dress
  • Rugged Hoodie design
  • Favorite character/brand Logo Hoodie Design

Hoodies As A Part of Business Marketing

Now, sweatshirts are not just casual fashion wear but are also an excellent option for advertising. Given that hoodies are used by people from all wakes of life, they are one of the best business marketing platforms.

Thus, in recent times, fashion brands and many business houses, corporates, and even Schools and Universities have started using hoodies as part of their brand marketing strategy.

You can notice that major Universities and Schools like Oxford, Yale, and Harvard have their specific hoodie design with their official logo and color. This is not only branding for the schools but also a statement of being a part of one of the world’s top Universities for Students.

college hoodie design ideas

Even major corporate firms like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have their own custom hoodies for their employees. This is not only a sign of recognition but is also free promotion.

And since creating a custom design sweatshirt is easy many small and large-scale businesses have come up into the game. Find the ultimate tips for t-shirt design.

And with everything going global it is easy for a customer to buy from anywhere as a majority of the business provides worldwide shipping. Check out the killer t-shirt color combinations that you can customize.

In Conclusion

It is a guarantee that sweatshirts are a piece of clothing that will never go out of fashion. And given its popularity, brands and designers will only improve their knowledge and explore new customization methods for their audience.

April 20, 2022
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