How to Get a Logo Designed: The Detailed Guide

How to Get a Logo Designed

What comes to mind when you are asked to name the ugliest logo you have ever seen? It is understandable if you are struggling to come up with one.

Good logos sticks to the mind. Negative ones don’t.

Designing a brand’s logo differs from designing other branding items. For example, although web banners, advertisements, and social media postings have specific design goals, none are as concerned with being remembered as a logo.

Your logo will serve as your brand’s visual identity even though your brand identity is something separate that you establish. It will be visible everywhere consumers connect with your brand personality, including your website, products, marketing materials, retail signs, and everywhere else.

Ever notice how their logos come to mind when you think about companies like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Facebook, and Mastercard? This is because these famous logos were created with particular consideration and care, all thanks to graphic designers.

You can locate a professional logo designer to work on your logo anywhere on the internet. Through freelance directories, job search websites, or even social media, you can locate them (if you look closely enough).

With the assistance of genuine in-house graphic designers, this comprehensive guide will take you through each step of the branding design process to create a logo, such as a business logo, from the ground up—from selecting the color combinations to hiring a designer.

What Are the Different Methods to Hire a Logo Designer?

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You have a variety of possibilities, including choosing a freelance designer, in-house logo designer, design firm, free online logo maker, and on-demand graphic design service.

You can create your own logo utilizing a logo creator or logo design tool even if you are not a skilled graphic designer using design software. Typically, these applications use templates to assist you in creating a basic logo.

You can create a custom logo design using a free logo generator in just a few minutes.

To create a logo design, adhere to these six simple steps:

Provide Business Details

After entering your company name and business type, give a brief description of what your firm does.

Choose Your Logo Style

Choose the business logo that best represents your brand personality; you can go with a wordmark (logotype), monogram, or icon.

Select Favorite Fonts

Select your preferred font types to help their AI logo maker better understand your brand personality.

Sit Back and Wait for Logo Designs

Their logo maker will get to work and generate a variety of original logos. It only takes a few seconds.

Customize Your Logo Design

Choose your favorite logo, then alter it. The fonts, icons, and colors are all editable. Afterward, download.

There are tons of logo generator websites. One logo maker tool popularly used is Tailor Brands.

You can also find that perfect logo design through logo design contests. So how does a logo design contest work?

Here is how the design contest works for most platforms:

Describe Your Perfect logo

You can use a site that allows design contests, thereby using their interactive creative brief. It’s simple to pick a budget and specify your perfect logo design.

Get Tons of Custom Logo Design Ideas

Professional designers worldwide submit their logo idea to your logo design contest. You’ll work together to design the best company logo design and provide feedback.

Pick a Winning Logo Design

You have a specific number of days to collaborate with professional logo designers. Your favorite logo from the logo contest will then be made, and they’ll transfer the copyright for that winning design and send you the required picture files.

This way, you get a completely custom logo design from a professional designer.

It’s a relatively simple and painless process. However, please remember that this only works if you are unsure what you want. A logo contest is the best option if you’re starting and don’t yet know your mission, vision, and core values.

Most logo design contest-enabled websites allow you to make your logo design contest private to protect your design from being given to outsiders.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Logo Designer?

Depending on your decision, a logo design cost can range from hundreds to thousands. On-demand services like All Time Design charge $699 to $1999 a month for limitless logo designs and other services, while agencies charge clients between $1,000 and $5,000 per logo design project. In addition, freelancers or in-house logo designers may charge around $25 per hour.

Is a DIY Logo Good Enough?

No, because your company logo represents your brand image. So it’s best to leave the logo creation process to professional logo designers.

Using a free logo maker is also not good enough. A free logo generator will only offer you AI-generated logo designs that can hardly capture your business idea and give you that brand recognition you pictured.

Remember, to create an awesome logo for your brand, let a professional designer from a design agency like All Time Design or a freelance designer do it for you.

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DIY costs more than you may anticipate. There are countless horror stories to dissuade you from doing it yourself, and there is seldom a valid reason to do it.

The price of redesigning the free logo design generated by these AI-generating tools pales compared to the prohibitive expense of altering the logo on a company’s headquarters, the fleet of vehicles, and all of its business cards, flyers, promotional materials, and T-shirts. Just changing the logo alone may easily cost several million dollars.

How to Design a Logo from Scratch, Step-by-Step

Develop Your Brand Identity

The word “brand identity design” refers to all of the visual components of your brand, including your logo, brand colors, and element designs. Together, these visual components help potential buyers recognize your brand.

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Understanding your brand’s identity before developing logo designs would be best. Start by posing these queries to yourself:

  • Why did you launch your company?
  • What principles are crucial to your business?
  • What distinguishes you from the competition?

The answers to these questions will help you choose what’s most essential to you and what your customers find most recognized as your brand. In addition, knowing who you are will help you decide what to write, what colors to use, and how to present yourself.

If you cannot respond to these inquiries immediately, don’t worry. They serve as a starting point for further reflection. But once you’ve given it some thought, you’ll be better positioned to create a logo that genuinely distinguishes you.

Look for Design Inspiration

The most challenging aspect of any creative project is frequently getting started. Though having an idea is helpful, sometimes having too many ideas at once can be problematic.

When you have too many ideas, you can become paralyzed by overanalyzing them and find yourself unable to make a choice.

Avoid thinking about logo creation as the process of creating something from nothing to avoid analytical paralysis. Instead, approach it like a puzzle: you already have the company logo design in mind; all you need to do is combine the parts using accepted design rules.

You can become fluent in the logos language by viewing as many outstanding logos as possible. Then, consider what made your favorites so enduring.

Here is a list of websites where you can find great logo designs:


You may browse a regularly updated collection of beautiful logos using Logoed‘s straightforward, single-page scroll.

 how to get a company logo designed


This enormous gallery of user-submitted logo designs from Logospire will inspire you to get creative.

 how much to get a basic logo designed

Brand New

Brand New is a blog that examines the new and famous brand designs and redesigns in various industries.

 how to get a cheap logo designed


The blog LogoLounge allows graphic designers to contribute their most recent logos. Perhaps the most notable accomplishment of LogoLounge is the publication of several books exhibiting artwork from the website.

 how to get a band logo designed

Logo Design Love

This design blog, curated by graphic designer David Airey, features reviews of international logos and marketing concepts.

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Also, you can get distinctive products and high-quality designs from a global community of seasoned designers.

Choose Colors that Reflect Your Brand

Few people appreciate how important color is to how a person perceives visual input. Yet, according to studies, color may impact consumers’ moods and influence their purchasing decisions.

The colors from your logo design will appear anywhere a user interacts with your brand identity, including your website, marketing emails, in-store signage, and social media feeds. Although no hue can be said to be “better” than any other, each one does convey a different message. So make sure what you’re saying is appropriate.

This implies that what brown says on a custom logo design differs from using multiple colors on that same custom logo designed for your company.

 how to get a business logo designed

Choose a Type of Logo Design

Understanding the many sorts of logos is a good idea, whether you’re utilizing logo templates or creating a new logo from scratch.

Monogram logos

Monogram logos, often known as letter marks, are composed of letters, frequently the brand’s initials: picture NBC, GE, HBO, and NASA. Monograms are straightforward but aid in the recall of the business that created them.

Which is simpler to pronounce and remember, for instance: IBM or International Business Machines?

 logo designing guide


A font-based wordmark logo (also known as a logotype) displays the company name. For example, imagine Disney, Visa, and Jeep.

Companies with memorable names benefit the most from logotypes. The recognizable name and artistic typeface are firmly associated with the brand. Additionally, they are flexible and can be applied to many promotional and marketing materials while still representing your company.

 process of designing a logo

Pictorial marks

Graphic-based logos are known as pictorial marks. You can always tell when you see one that it is a company logo. Examples include the Target bullseye, the Instagram, and the Apple logo.

logo design ideas

Abstract logo marks

An abstract logo mark is conceptual. It includes a custom symbol created exclusively for your business. Your business logo has nothing to do with anything tangible, like a bird or an apple. Instead, it’s intended to convey your brand’s distinctiveness. For example, consider Pepsi, Microsoft, and Airbnb.

 foremost logo designs

Making abstract marks can be challenging if you don’t have any design knowledge. The best course of action is to work with a professional logo design consultant who can transform colors and shapes into distinctive markings for your company.


A mascot logo uses an illustrated character to represent your company. They are frequently joyful, colorful, and cartoonish. Thanks to a mascot logo, your brand is humanized and serves as an ambassador.

Esports teams and businesses selling to children and families should take advantage of these graphics. You might be familiar with Mr. Peanut by Planters, Mickey Mouse, or the M&M’s Spokecandies mascot logos.

 top brands to get inspired for logo

Combination marks

A pictorial mark, abstract logo, or mascot is added to a wordmark or letter mark to create a combination mark. To create a logo, you can merge the text and icon or arrange them next to each other.

Combination marks make it easier for customers to connect your business name with an image or emblem instantly. Several well-known combination marks exist, such as Burger King, Converse, and Ralph Lauren. Explore some classic logo designs.

 design a brand identity

Select a Typeface

Most of your graphic design, such as your online copy, signs, and other branded materials, will have text even if your new logo does not. Even if you’re not utilizing the typefaces in the custom logo, it’s crucial to consider consistency when choosing typefaces for your brand.

Typeface vs. font

It’s natural to presume that “typeface” and “font” are synonyms because they are frequently used interchangeably. On the other hand, a typeface is a distinctive collection of typographic symbols and characters that are frequently divided into variation sets, such as Bold and Italic. These variant sets are all fonts. Check out the detailed guide about typography.

 logo ideas businesses

Create Several Rough Versions

Start by brainstorming on your brand font together with the logo creation process.

Creating multiple logos rather than one is advisable when creating your own logo design. For example, you can design a logo using abstract marks or monograms from various inspirations and ideas. You can design a new logo using mascots and select the winning logo.

 businesses with great logos

Get Feedback

Everybody’s creative process is unique. While some people might begin with sketches, others might use Adobe Illustrator immediately. Don’t give up if something isn’t working because the drafting step involves a lot of trial and error.

Eventually, you will feel that you cannot distinguish between a bad and good logo or letters from shapes. It might be time for feedback when this occurs. Because it’s the only way creators have to “test” their ideas, feedback is crucial to the creative process.

You can acquire comments from almost anyone, but be careful not to depend too heavily on one individual. It also helps if the folks giving feedback fit your brand’s profile.

Polish Your Winning Design

The problem with logo design is that you risk losing sight of what made the brand effective in the first place if you spend hours making minute tweaks to the same image.

The strength of your designs will start to emerge as you gather comments. You’ll probably discover that some design elements aren’t adhering as well as you anticipated. While this is happening, elements you didn’t give much thought to will be successful. Reactions may surprise you.

From the last image above, the logo design “Zoom” was sketched, and after polishing, the image can be seen in its new logo colors. The graphic design shows why several rough versions are a huge step to creating your own custom logo. Check out some modern logo design ideas.

 cost of logo design

Top Logo Maker Tools to Design a Logo Free

It might not be possible to hire a new employee, even a freelancer when your company is just getting off the ground. When this occurs, you have two choices: create your custom logo design or take advantage of a free online logo creator.

A free logo maker is your best bet if you’re short on time and need a professional logo created immediately. Many great logo makers are available online, but beware poor logos are typically produced by poor logo makers.

To aid in your decision-making, we’ve compiled a list of the top free logo makers available online right now:

NOTE: On-demand design services are advised to avoid falling into these low-quality logo makers’ hands.


Hatchful is a free logo-design tool offered by Shopify that targets e-commerce businesses. Using information about your brand’s personality and industry, Hatchful creates completely custom logo design graphics uniquely suited to your company. In addition, Hatchful allows you to alter fonts, colors, icons, and layouts.

 designing a logo can cost too much

Hatchful’s development methodology, which focuses on e-commerce, extensively uses visual marketing fundamentals and the connection between brand values and design.

Hatchful includes all the design features you require for small business owners who are knowledgeable in those subjects but may need a little assistance with the creation process.

Hatchful additionally offers free branding packages that are fully loaded and include high-resolution versions of your company logo design prepared for business card templates, branded swag, website banners, social network profiles, in-store signage, and more because it is primarily focused on e-commerce.


Numerous logo templates are included in Canva‘s free graphic design toolkit and may be altered using its user-friendly drag-and-drop editor. Canva is fantastic for hands-on users, particularly those seeking free creative expression. However, for beginners, the seemingly endless design options can be intimidating. A more user-friendly logo creator from this list would be preferable if you have less design knowledge.

 logo designs inspiration


The logo maker on Ucraft is excellent for quickly producing simple logos. Along with a drag-and-drop user interface, Ucraft offers three fundamental design options—text, icons, and shapes—for simple-to-adjust logos. Although there aren’t many design alternatives, Ucraft is a helpful tool if you suddenly require a logo.

 brand colors for logos


Beginners may quickly master LogoMakr‘s simplified, step-by-step business logo development method. With a text toolbar, a database of more than a million searchable visuals, and a streamlined, user-friendly layering system similar to the Layers tool in Photoshop and other more sophisticated design applications.

 brand logo typography


Although the modification possibilities for MarkMaker‘s logo maker are highly restricted, it makes up for this by being one of the simplest logo generators. Its distinctive methodology resembles having an AI-powered graphic design robot. MarkMaker presents you with a never-ending scroll of quickly made logos, then asks you which ones you like most before producing additional designs following your preferences.

 design a brand logo

The logo resources on this list each have benefits and drawbacks. We urge you to try them all to select the best that fits you the best.

Although logo maker tools are excellent for quickly producing good logos, they all have limitations, not to mention the danger of coming across logos from rival eerily similar companies.

A free online logo maker will fall short for many full-time business owners. Not because of the logos themselves—you can design a beautiful, unique, on-brand logo with these tools—but rather due to the condensed creative process.

People who thrive on creative expression and original problem-solving frequently become entrepreneurs. For individuals like these, the chance to expand their skill set and sharpen their branding abilities by creating their own logo is too fantastic to pass up.

Professional Logo Design Tips

You shouldn’t undervalue the significance of your logo if there’s one thing to take away from this. Logos are arbitrary. There is no right or wrong method to make one, but a few things to consider as you work through the logo design.

Keep Your Color Scheme Simple

Monochromatic logos are more flexible, and having one makes choosing colors easier. However, the more colors you utilize, the trickier it is to adapt.

Consider the Nike swoosh or the McDonald’s golden arches as examples of some of the best logos that are also the simplest. According to Ted Kaye of the North American Vexillological Association, Flag designs should be straightforward enough for a young child to draw them from memory. But, of course, the same can be said for a strong logo.

Don’t make your design too complicated. Avoid cramming too many icons into a single logo. Simple numbers are easier to explain and more likely to be remembered than complex scenes. Think about how enduring the classic designs of Volkswagen and Apple are.

Create Logo Variants

Create distinct iterations of your logo design in various sizes and ratios. You’ll start wishing you had planned for different size possibilities as you start adding it to anything from webpages to pens.

Don’t make too many distinct variations. Don’t change the design, and don’t rearrange too many things.

Look to Popular Logos for Inspiration

Look up logos and other brands for inspiration, especially those in your field. Keep in mind not to copy logos too closely. Not only is it plagiarism, but it will also harm your logo’s ability to stand out from the competition.

Avoid Trends

Be up to date. Even if your brand has a more “traditional” personality, it must compete in the current market. Numerous firms use traditional design elements, but ignoring decades of design theory can alienate consumers.

To not be too trendy. Logos created in a time that was fixated on particular hues, patterns, or aesthetics quickly became outdated.

For instance, the original Toronto Raptors logo was created in 1994, a year of extreme popularity for bright pastel hues, geometric shapes, and Jurassic Park. Initial goods sales were strong; however, the logo quickly became out of date and was finally dropped in 2014.

 guide for logo designers

Work with Logo Designers if You Need One

It’s acceptable if you don’t want to create the logo alone. If you’re not a visual person, logo creation can be challenging. Perhaps you are more numerate and business-savvy. If you need one, you may always engage a logo design firm.

An excellent logo for your brand can be made with the assistance of a skilled designer. They can incorporate natural designs, color schemes, and fonts with the personality of your business. Together, you can brainstorm a few logo concepts to identify the one that best represents your brand.

If you’re considering hiring a designer to develop your logo, consider the following queries:

Have I got the money?

When dealing with a professional designer or agency, logo designs can cost anything from nothing if you use a free logo creator to tens of thousands of dollars. The bottom of the range for hiring a relatively experienced designer is between $50 and $300.

Can I afford to burn money for a logo I don’t use?

Not the logo itself but the designer’s time is what you pay for when you engage them. Designers and business owners frequently agree to a “kill fee,” which is money given to the designer regardless of whether or not the logo is used. This is done since there’s a chance the final result won’t live up to your expectations and will be discarded. When planning your budget, keep this in mind and consider any prospective kill fees.

How much time am I able to invest in creating a logo?

It takes more than waiting for an “aha” moment to design a logo. Designers will typically give you a few rough ideas as part of a collaborative process, and they will use your feedback to improve their work.

Do I possess a keen sense of design?

Making a logo is challenging. You wouldn’t be thinking about hiring a designer if it were. Some business owners are excellent at articulating their brand values in words but struggle to do the same with images. On the other hand, designers are typically excellent at turning words into images. A designer should be hired if your managerial abilities are more substantial than your creative abilities.

Create Your Own Logo Design With All Time Design

Solid and memorable logos typically accompany strong, memorable brands. It may seem like a lot of work to go through this procedure to make a simple image, but it’s worthwhile because the design will be associated with your company for a long time.

All Time Design is an on-demand graphic design service with unlimited designing and revising available to subscribers.

The company offers clients professional designers with top-level design skills to ensure you get the perfect logo design.

Your custom logo speaks for your company. Conversely, poor logo design sends prospects out before approaching the business door.

Why spend money on AI-generated designs that can’t capture your vision when you can share these visions and missions with a seasoned designer to get optimum satisfaction? Your custom logo is your brand’s image.

With All Time Design, you can get various scaled variants of your logo design that you can use on most social networking sites. There is no need to use tools to resize; just download and upload. You can also request that your logo design comes in various file formats – AI, PSD, Vector EPs, and others. You can also request branded assets due to the unlimited requests once payment is made. For example, you can order a branded letterhead, brand book, business cards, seasonal logos, and more to give your company a polished appearance.

Their kind and highly skilled customer support team are here to help you if you have any queries about your account or require technical support.

Pay as low as $699 monthly to create that custom logo today!

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