How to Hide Likes on Instagram?

how to hide likes on instagram

On Instagram, Likes and Shares are the most important factor in knowing how an Instagram post is performing. But not all Instagram profile holders want to share the number of likes or view counts of their Instagram feed or their individual Instagram posts.

Instagram, too for these users, has introduced the option to hide or unhide the like and view counts on their own posts. This means that instead of the default numeric value that shows under an Instagram post, with the help of this feature, other users will simply be able to see a few user names, along with the rest of the likes shown as “and others.”

One might wonder why hiding likes is even an option. However, according to Instagram, the company started hiding like counts in certain countries to see if it would “depressurize people’s experience” on Instagram. Since research has shown that people tend to equate the online success of increasing followers, post comments, and likes count with their self-worth, especially teenagers. Check out the different Instagram categories and mark your business.

Why does Instagram have the option to hide likes?

For the younger generation, Instagram has become a space to hold a popularity contest to gauge their popularity based on the like counts, views, followers, and shares. Some feel the more control they have on their Instagram, the more control they will be able to have over their life. A few even take note of the performance of their photos and videos, changing the outlook of the originally published image if the number of likes and views does not meet their expectations.

In 2020, a study in Brazil found that 78% of teenage girls of the participating 513 had tried to hide or change certain parts of their body that they disliked before posting a photo.

Another found that about 43% of teenagers with low social-emotional well-being have deleted their social media posts due to getting few likes. In 2019, according to a study, 25% of teenagers admitted to being victims of cyberbullying.

Hiding your like count on your Instagram feed is easy and reversible and, in some cases, might positively impact how you experience the app. Here’s how to do it. Explore some interesting Instagram highlight covers.

Steps On How To Hide Likes On Instagram Posts

Instagram doesn’t only allow one to hide likes on Instagram and also on other Instagram accounts. Which means that while scrolling through the app, neither can you see who’s liked who’s posts, nor can others see the like counts on your Instagram account. You can also boost your Instagram Likes using the buy Instagram followers service which not only enhances your engagement rate but also get you the authentic followers

Check out these simple steps to hide Instagram likes on your posts and other people’s posts.

Steps to Hide Likes On Other People’s Instagram Posts

1. Go to your Instagram profile >> hit the three straight black lines lined like a hamburger in the upper right corner of your screen. Next, click Settings at the top of the menu.

 how to hide your likes on Instagram

2. In the Settings menu, hit Privacy.

 how to hide number of likes on Instagram

3. Then, tap Posts.

 how to hide my likes on Instagram

4.  At the top of the Posts menu, you’ll find the Hide Like and View Counts toggle option. Switch “on” the toggle option, enabling hiding likes on Instagram.

 how to hide the number of likes on Instagram

Steps To Hide Likes On Your Own Instagram Posts

You can hide likes on your own Instagram photos and videos in two ways. If you do not want others to see the likes on a new Instagram photo or video, you can hide your likes count before it goes live.

 how to hide likes on instagram all posts

After you’re done creating your post, tap Advanced Settings option at the very bottom of the screen when you reach the point where you can add a caption. In this section, you can select Hide like and view counts on this post.

 how to hide how many likes you have on Instagram

And, to turn off the like and view counts after you have already posted, go to your Instagram Post, and tap the three dots in the top right-hand corner of your screen. Here tap hide like count option; this enables that on the final page, the likes and views count for your Instagram post retroactively to be hidden from other accounts.

 how to hide the likes on instagram

Will Hiding Likes on Your Own Posts Affect Your Account’s Performance?

The internet can be an unfriendly place. While some have built their entire career on Instagram, some are here for a breather or time-out. But, whether you are an Instagram influencer with mega-following, someone using the platform to connect to your friends and close-knit group, or someone who rarely posts, the seemingly harmless “like count” might have a toll on your mental health. 

After its experiment on hiding likes, Instagram concluded that it was “beneficial for some while annoying to others.” Thus, in 2021 parent company meta announced that they would provide the best of both worlds allowing the Instagram users to decide whether they want to hide or unhide likes on their own posts or other users’ Instagram accounts. This way, users can focus on their content rather than its popularity.

Meaning that irrespective of the fact that you hide like count on all the posts of your own feed or of other’s accounts, Instagram’s algorithm will not change.

Thus, if you do not want to see or share the number of likes on Instagram, simply go to the settings option and change the settings of your feed accordingly. Check out the related guides, how to find contacts on Instagram, and how to view Instagram without an account.

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