Mouthwatering Ice Cream Packaging Design Ideas

Ice Cream Packaging Design

The ice cream industry is a highly saturated industry. However, it seems there are enough customers to go around. You don’t need research to know that 90% of the world loves ice cream. So, how do you can you capture your own market share before people even get to taste your ice cream?

Just like every other customer packaged goods, your ice cream packaging design plays a critical role in driving customers towards your brand. You don’t have to always give free scoops as a means of marketing and promotion. Moreover, you won’t always have the chance to especially when your products are meant to be sold in malls, stores, and supermarkets.

Customers have to be able to discern for themselves if your ice cream is worth the try. And that’s where your eye-catching packaging design comes in.

Why does ice cream packaging design matter?

Ice cream packaging designs are meant to tell a story. Your packaging design informs how new customers interact with your ice cream brand. The visuals and illustrations on your ice cream package also stand you out from the competition.

The following are some of the benefits of ice cream packaging design:

Increased sales

Want to increase your sales? Considered revamping your ice packaging design.

Ice cream already is enticing enough for people to want it. However, in a world of many, you have less than 5 seconds to convince a customer you matter and that they should pick your own ice cream brand. As such, packaging designs play a critical role in pulling customers in their numbers. A fascinating and eye-catching packaging design will make customers want to take a scoop of your ice cream.

Cool Brand Identity

Packaging design conveys brand identity. The colors, typography, and shape of your packaging design and your packaging style will contribute to how customers perceive your company. These elements will also distinguish your brand from others within your industry and also tells your customer why they should buy your ice cream.

An excellent ice cream packaging design tells your ice cream story, makes you memorable, and helps potential customers understand why your brand should be important to them. As such, your ice cream packaging design must include features that distinguish you from the crowd and match your brand story.

Customer Retention

Your unique packaging design stands you out from the competition and makes it easier for your customers to identify you in a sea of others. Once your customers are able to identify you, they instinctively choose you each time they desire a cold, refreshing bowl of ice cream.

Also, in a world where people want to take pictures of their food for “the gram“, your ice cream packaging design might be the reason for people to love your brand. As such, you want to create eye-catching, Instagram-worthy designs.

In addition to these, your ice cream packaging design can:

  • It increases the shelf life
  • It lowers ad cost
  • It educates the prospective consumers about the ice cream
  • It piques customers’ emotions.

It can be nerve-wracking to design an excellent ice cream package design that is evocative and has all the design fitting for your business. Hiring professional designers or approaching a graphic design agency can save you a headache.

Let’s talk about some important details and visual elements you need to consider before you embark on the process of designing your packaging design. Check out some amazing coffee packaging design ideas.

Things to consider when making your ice cream packaging design

Know your competitors

Your package design is to meant to help you stand out in a pool of others. So, you want to know what your competitors are already doing to avoid showing up as a copycat.

Once you figure out what your competitors are doing, the best idea is to consider distinct elements especially if most brands already use similar elements. For example, you can distinguish your cones by adding exotic wraps to make them pop.

The key to creating a distinct design is to avoid generic design styles. While you may draw inspiration from your competitors’ package designs, it is crucial to add your own unique element to your design to avoid misleading your new customers.

Brand color

A package design project is an integral part of the brand identity. So, you want to make sure the colors you use are not only heart-grabbing, eye-catching, and aesthetically pleasing, but also consistent with the brand identity. It is an established fact that consumers make product decisions and judgments based on colors. So, the colors of your ice cream package need to be chosen carefully. If you’ve never done this before, learn about color psychology. You can attract customers in three ways:

  • Stick to your color scheme to keep your brand alive
  • Sync with your surroundings
  • Scan for the target audience
  • Please don’t mess with their taste bud


Typography is an element the graphic designers choose with great intentionality. It is an art that needs astute understanding. You don’t just choose a font in your packaging design because you love it. You have to deftly combine fonts and other elements in a way that helps your brand identity and makes your brand message striking. This doesn’t mean you`ll have to overwhelm your ice cream packaging design with blocks of long text. Consider the following ways to creatively use fonts.

  • Arrange information in hierarchy
  • Use contrasting colors for fonts and background images
  • Decorate brand name and product
  • Bolden important information like price and flavor
  • Choose the typography that fits your brand message
  • Get to the nitty-gritty
  • Don’t miss out on the price label life
  • Use shapes to organize


Your logo in your ice packaging is a great way to distinguish yourself from other brands and increase your brand visibility. Naturally, other design elements (e.g color & fonts) will be based on your logo design. As such, you want to place your logo on your packaging strategically. Consider the following tips when placing your logo on your ice cream packaging.

  • Change logo colors if the background is putting it down
  • Whether it’s the watermark of the brand name or symbol, take care of the spacing
  • Consider your brand color scheme when choosing or changing colors
  • Don’t crop the logo
  • Be careful with the orientation
  • Don’t alter the logo
  • Avoid using it against a low contrast

What to include in your ice cream packaging design

  • The flavor
  • Grams
  • Website/address
  • Eye-catching art
  • Ingredient composition
  • Preservation instruction

Now that you have an idea of what the packaging design should include, let’s look at some creative designs to inspire you.

Ice cream packaging designs to get you inspired

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September 5, 2022
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