Infographic Design Services: Why You Need to Hire Them?

infographic design services

Creating infographic content is one of the essential tools in a marketing strategy. It has been proven that infographics can significantly impact any business on different kinds of content, such as product marketing, PR, and social media. Whatever your goals for your company may be, creating content that perfectly tells the story behind your brand is a great way to encapsulate your audience about your brand messaging.

With 65% of people remembering things more when they see them, visuals play a crucial role in most industries. In fact, 32% of marketing experts believe that visuals are the most important type of content that any business can create. In 2019, 69% of marketers said that visual content could be considered very important or necessary. Over the years, one of the many powerful visual tools that have been widely used in content marketing is Infographics.

Infographics have gained popularity through the years and have been used in both digital and print. So it is not new in the world of graphic design and infographic design services that these are powerful and artistic tools for conveying different types of messages and ideas to consumers.

So, how do you make one? Or the better question is, can anyone be readily equipped to create infographics that can wow your consumers enough to make them purchase your brand? In this article, we will look into how infographic designers create the right data visualization tool for you and how their work can impact your business.

The Infographic Designers

the infographic designers

It seems like technology made a lot of things easier today, including presentation designs, templates, patterns, tons of imagery, and so much more. So, you may think that creating infographics is simply collating your content, shortening it, making a few copies and pasting, and voila!

However, if the process were that simple, you would be left with questions such as, “Did your layout bring your brand image?” or “How did the design elements project the brand image?”

You see, there are many other elements that make an infographic on a brand stand out. Therefore, it is not just simply to create visual information. This is where infographic designers and infographic design services can come in.

In today’s modern society, infographic designers carry out infinite artistic and professional services under graphic design, focusing particularly on visual content, presentation, and communication. Infographic design services apply different kinds of techniques, such as developing imagery, and symbols, that work alongside the use of words to convey a message to the readers or the market.

infographic designs

The majority of ideas derived from the work of infographic design services are highly utilized in areas such as marketing strategy, market research, brand messaging, brand ideas, brand identity, poster design service, advertisements, layouts, motion video graphic design, product design, and many others.

Infographic designers also bridge communication with readers through topography, visual content, layouts, and wise choice of words. From the time of its creation, graphic design paved a lot of avenues for the field to expand into different expertise. It continues to restructure itself in any industry, creating more opportunities to show complex information and shrinking it into key points that still convey the desired message.

Today, it is evident that the anti-reading phenomenon is becoming more and more present and difficult to curb. Thus, infographic designers have come to adapt their designs and even revamp the whole process of applying new ideas to convey a message. Therefore, great infographics will promote knowledge through the designs, which can include texts and other elements to convey an idea to clients purposefully.

As mentioned, the process of reading messages can be more complex. Digesting essential information may be difficult and not as pleasing to others. Therefore, infographic designers are responsible for creating images and texts that convey the message without being demanding.

How Has Infographic Changed Over the Years?

infographic design services to hire

The internet created a serious amount of ripples toward change. From the kind of graphics, artists would create to the trending color palette, website design, digital marketing strategies, and even the audience, the degrees of change just keeps going on and on!

Infographics have also gone beyond more than just creating eye-catching visual content. Infographics compile many complex data visualization and transform them into more cohesive and understandable content.

Infographics and their designs have evolved through the years and have been used in brand and editorial website content. However, due to its increasing popularity in the last decade, a lot of questions and confusion still arise despite its popularity.

hiring infographic design services

Going back to the basics, infographics is the combination of two specific words, “information” and “graphic.”An infographic is a form of visual communication that aims to capture readers’ attention while boosting their comprehension through digesting complex data presented in critical points.

In this day and age, the concept behind infographics has turned into the umbrella term that depicts a particular type of visual communication that presents vital information such as data graphs, information, or both. It is never hard for many consumers to come across an infographic. From magazines, social media shares, website content, and other forms of digital marketing, infographics have taken over the world by storm.

infographic design company to hire

There are three general categories of infographics: data visualization, information design, and editorial infographics. Each one of these categories has its own specific purpose and can be very handy in creatively presenting data if you know how to maximize its purpose.

3 General Categories of Infographic

Here are the three general categories of infographics:

1. Data Visualization Infographics

cool infographic designs

Data visualization infographics are those that you mostly see in reports. Basically, this infographics category is derived from big chunks of data to become easily understandable through charts and other graphics. Data infographics are simply a representation of data. It is considered an artistic kind of science as it incorporates designs, aesthetics, and graphics to boost data comprehension, analysis, and recall.

Whether you are looking at data points and patterns, data visualization can translate data into a visual communication language that makes it easier for readers to understand quickly.

Today, where big data has become evident in any industry, making sense of images and words is imperative in digital marketing. As a result, data visualization infographics are considered to be the most number-heavy among the different categories.

When properly executed, these infographics can effectively convey the message behind the number of survey results and research statistics, allowing viewers to appreciate aesthetics while being educated.

2. Information Design

best infographic designs

Information design is a subcategory of graphics design that primarily focuses on the efficient and effective display of information. As this broad category may go beyond other fields of functional designs and disciplines.

Some information design infographics are found in the form of timelines, flowcharts, diagrams, and structure or ordered information. Some information that involves instructions, anatomical illustrations, and maps may fall under this category.

For this category, the goal is to use designs to bring a message across that primarily is both universally understandable and concise.

3. Editorial Infographics

top infographic designs

Despite major publication companies using infographic design for many years, the shift in style and type of visual content is immensely remarkable. And this may also be due to the fact that content creation has also become more varied in different social media and marketing platforms.

In recent times, editorial infographics have always just been bar graphs, lines, and pie charts that are presented more complexly in mapping areas or showing data points.

However, there has been a very evident shift in utilizing graphic content to replace the more traditional approach to editorial features that keeps the design on-brand and the infographic informative. The adoption of modern aesthetics and design has also become evident in the commercial sector, with many start-ups and larger corporations using infographic designs to support informative blogs.

What are The Different Infographic Design Styles?

Infographics are known to be very flexible in terms of their design format, regardless of the content or the information being presented. This makes it ideal to tell a story in a more creative and engaging manner. Having said that, there are still the most common formats available: static infographics, animated infographics, and interactive infographics.

Let us look at each of them:

1. Static Infographics

how large are infographic designs

Static infographics are probably the most familiar type of infographics and can be seen in different content in the industry, such as blogs, website articles, brochures, social media, and others. Despite its immovability, design teams have adopted modern designs such as minimalist aesthetics, line arts, photography, and others to reach the target audience effectively.

2. Animated Infographics

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These types of infographics work alongside animations and moving elements. You may recognize these as GIFs. They have been proven to be effective in capturing the attention of the audience, which makes them ideal for social media use. They may also be handy in blogs and articles showing processes or tutorials.

3. Interactive Infographics

printable infographic designs

An interactive infographic, by the name itself, means that is interactive, which means that it would require certain actions performed by the audience. These are most effective in presenting large chunks of information where a static infographic design may not suffice. However, with an interactive infographic design, the viewer or the audience may be able to navigate through the infographics, which can include some guided navigation instructions.

Tips to Consider Before Creating an Infographic on Your Own

Creating infographics can be very tedious. Is it easy? Well, that actually depends.

You see, designs are constantly evolving, and so are infographics. But if you’re feeling a little bit energized and would want to create your own, here are some infographic tips you should know!

1. Discuss and create your creative brief with your content marketing team

amazing infographic designs

Creating a brief allows you to organize all your ideas for your infographics. In this phase, you can gather all the accurate and exclusive data you need to ensure that whatever you put will be accurate for your audience. Creating your brief will also allow you to gather all the core information that you would need to create the best infographics.

2. Brainstorm with your team

what are infographic designs

Before creating your infographic, it is important that you have a keen understanding of your marketing strategy and your brand. It is best to brainstorm with your team to make sure that your infographics will be on brand and will follow the brand guidelines.

3. Look for valid and reliable sources

free infographic designs

It is crucial that the data and information you are going to share in your infographic are valid and reliable. Most of the time, your audience would want to read your infographic, especially when they want to learn something about your brand or even your business industry. Therefore, providing them with the right information will only help your business build trust amongst your clients.

4. Follow great design practices from a great infographic designer

corporate infographic designs

Yes, great infographics require great designs. However, it is essential to remember that your data should also be presented well beyond having a great design. It is imperative that while you work on your aesthetic, you also create a great design that presents comprehensive information into a more understandable nugget of knowledge. You may do this by taking inspiration from different graphic artists!

5. Distribute it efficiently

infographic designs vector

Customizing your infographics for search engines and hitting the target keywords will optimize your content for SEO. This way, you may be able to incorporate your desired marketing strategy to promote your brand and help reach a wider audience effectively.

You may also embed links to increase the shareability of your post to boost brand awareness, drive website traffic, and entice organic and natural links.

6. Get some help from the experts – if you think you need it!

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Yes, sometimes, the whole process of creating infographics may not just be for you. So, do not be afraid to get people who have the. right skills and expertise in these crafts. With their expertise, you may just find yourself having the best infographics that can create more traffic for your website and more backlinks to generate leads. Hiring an infographic design company can also help you save time and energy to create custom infographics and custom illustrations that would best fit your need.

What Should You Look for in an Infographic Design Team, And Why Should You Hire One?

uturistic infographic designs

Now the question is, if creating infographics in today’s time can be quick and easy, why do I still need to look and hire a design service? Well, let’s be honest. Graphics design is not for everybody. And the design process, as a whole, can be a very tedious task.

And, of course, if you are someone that is not familiar with graphics and design, then you might have to make a different move. In this case, hiring infographic design services may be the right time.

Whatever position you hold for your business, whether as a social media account manager or a marketing manager, you would probably know how crucial it is to have an aesthetically pleasing design for your clients and audience. With the rise of digital marketing services, you are sure to have an equipped design team in just a few clicks.

What Should You Keep in Mind When Looking for an Infographic Designer?

When you decide to work with an infographic design company, you get to have more perspectives about the intricate design process until you reach the final infographic that best suits your needs and preference.

As you can see, creating a successful and well-thought-out infographic that gets your brand out, there is definitely not an easy task. True enough that there are a number of applications that can help you create a DIY design; however, they have their limitations.

If you decide to use a template, your infographic can lose that personal touch which can lack some elements that you want to project, resulting in unprofessional and lousy.

best infographic designs of 2023

Therefore, in looking for an infographic designer, you’re not just looking at a great graphics artist. You have to remember that the person you need can understand data and information and know how to interpret them visually.

When looking at their portfolio, you have to make sure that they have done infographic designs throughout their career and not just their great design service and skills. It is also typically acceptable when asking a designer to work on smaller infographics to showcase a sample of their work.

What Perks Do You Get When You Decide to Hire an Infographic Design Company?

interactive infographic designs

Today, there are many platforms on which freelancers sell their services online. Many start-up businesses who want to reduce their spending prefer hiring freelancers for an infographic design company.

However, a lot of digital marketers still believe that hiring a design service company can still be a wise strategy. For one, workload capacity among design services may not be too much of a problem as they are equipped with many people to be assigned to different projects.

Most companies equip their infographic design service with a dedicated team that consists of the design team, research team, and even digital marketers.

good infographic designs

Therefore, if you decide to work with an agency that offers infographic design services, you would be sure that many people are well-equipped to fill in your needs, such as creating custom infographic design that boosts your brand’s awareness by a mile!

Since working with infographic design services would mean working with a team, you are more likely to work with experienced designers who can help you through the process. This is mostly helpful for those clients who have zero background in designing or are not sure of what they want; a great design team knows how to walk you through every step of the way.

Finally, you have to consider that an infographic is part of a content marketing strategy. Therefore, you have to consider a company that has multiple capabilities, such as handling print production, social media promotion, and tracking success through different traffic metrics.

Why You Need to Hire Infographic Design Services for Your Business?

Infographics have become a powerful tool for businesses to communicate complex information in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand format. As attention spans shrink and information overload increases, infographics offer a solution to capture and retain your audience’s interest effectively. Hiring infographic design services can bring numerous benefits to your business:

1. Professional and Eye-Catching Designs

Infographic design services bring professional expertise and artistic flair to your visual content. Their skilled designers create eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing infographics that attract and hold your audience’s attention. With a focus on design principles, color harmony, and visual hierarchy, they ensure that your infographics leave a lasting impression.

2. Data Visualization and Clarity

Infographics excel at presenting complex data and information in a concise and easy-to-understand manner. Designers know how to transform raw data into compelling visuals, making it simpler for your audience to grasp key insights and trends. This clarity enhances the overall impact of your message.

3. Tailored to Your Brand

A reputable infographic design service takes the time to understand your brand identity, values, and target audience. They create custom infographics that align with your brand’s personality, using your brand’s colors, fonts, and imagery. This consistency reinforces your brand image and enhances brand recognition.

4. Strategic Communication

Designers work closely with your marketing and content teams to understand your communication goals and objectives. They craft infographics that strategically convey your message and call to action, helping you achieve specific marketing objectives, whether it’s generating leads, increasing brand awareness, or driving website traffic.

5. Increased Engagement and Shareability

Visual content, like infographics, is more likely to be shared and engaged with compared to text-heavy content. Infographics have viral potential, with audiences sharing them on social media platforms and embedding them on websites and blogs. This increased engagement extends your content’s reach and helps you connect with a broader audience.

6. Expert Storytelling

Beyond just presenting data, infographic design services excel at storytelling. They know how to weave a compelling narrative around your data, making it relatable and engaging to your audience. By using captivating visuals and concise text, they create a seamless flow that keeps your readers engaged from start to finish.

7. Time and Cost Efficiency

Designing high-quality infographics requires specialized skills, software, and time. Outsourcing to infographic design services saves you the hassle of recruiting in-house designers or spending hours learning design tools. It also ensures that you get top-notch designs without investing in expensive design software.

How Can All Time Design Help You?

All Time Design is a creative design agency that can elevate your business with impactful infographics. Our skilled designers and visual storytellers combine their expertise to craft visually appealing and data-driven infographics. By understanding your brand, target audience, and communication goals, we create custom designs that align with your brand identity, using your colors, fonts, and style.

Our infographics effectively convey complex information in a visually engaging manner, helping you communicate your message with clarity and efficiency. With All Time Design’s support, you can enhance your content marketing efforts, increase brand awareness, and engage your audience with compelling infographics that leave a lasting impression. Click here to get started.

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