Killer Artists and Graphic Designers To Follow on Instagram

Graphic Designers To Follow on Instagram

From funky boomerangs to cringy ‘what Sima aunty thinks about you’ filters, Instagram has always found its way to keep its foot steady in the social media competition. When it was started in 2010, it was a basic photo-sharing platform. But with years, it started introducing engaging features to allure its audience. Instagram, though owned by Facebook, had come into the scene far later. But today it stands one step ahead of its elder brother. It has cleverly understood what its audience wants and has given them all, and that is the reason for its enormous success. Be it the hashtags culture or the Insta story feature; people have embraced them all. With its great prominence, it has even attracted businesses to have their own Instagram page for their product or service promotion. When the whole world is into this major image sharing platform, what about our artists and graphic designers, who are the most creative entities? They should have their own Instagram handle to update their artworks and designs to a bigger audience and thrive as an inspiration for the budding ones. There are already many designers who have made their presence felt on Instagram and have garnered their fans. Many have become celebrities too through Instagram and have got the blue tick next to their name. Yes, that’s how big it is! Before knowing about graphic designers to follow on Instagram, first, let’s see what benefits Instagram offers to designers and artists.

Benefits of Instagram for a designer/artists

Be it whatever type of business you are running, you are always looking for ways to make it stand out. As a graphic designer, it is definitely tough in the beginning to stand out and attract new clients. Social media platforms have started becoming more popular, and there are endless opportunities it offers to shine and get noticed. In that way, Instagram is a platform that provides a great visual opportunity for graphic designers and artists to do just that in more than one way.

Use Instagram stories every other day to showcase a degree of human element, which is very important today. You don’t need to post your work every day, but you could use Instagram stories to show the places you visit, snippets from books you read, promote something you have written on your website, or behind the scenes of the project you are working on.

Other features like IGTV can be used to start a live video and say hi to everyone. You could also take a video of the place you are visiting or film your work in progress or whatever you are comfortable with; there are exciting features that Instagram offers you.

The key pointers to follow are:

  • Show consistency
  • Edit your picture carefully, giving importance to the details
  • Give a context/ Tell a story
  • Approach it as a business strategy, “Opt for a business account”.
  • Engage and interact- Be Human

List of top 10 graphic designers to follow on Instagram


Steven Harrington has traveled to many incredible places, but he is always fond of his city Los Angeles. He says the easternmost part of it is the blend of cultures. And you can see that significant influence in his designs. He is well known for his surreal and psychedelic design that deals with a variety of colors and iconography. His satisfied clients are Lacoste Fashion, Nike sport, Coca-Cola, and Converse Footwear.

Mike Kus is a successful graphic designer who has an enormous 800,000 followers on Instagram. He also specializes in web development and photography. He started sending sneaker designs for Adidas, but his career kick-started when he joined the body shop’s visual merchandising team. Right from there, his interest in developing his skills in the digital world grew. That’s when he started to learn cascading style sheets and HTML for the app and web design.

Leta Sobierajski

Leta Sobierajski has been a freelance graphic designer since 2013 and is one of the best graphic designers to follow on Instagram. She is well known for her diverse works that range from traditional characters to peculiar styles. Some of the top-notch clients she has worked with are Gucci, The New York Times, IBM, Target, Tate Modern, Uniqlo, and more. She has a couple of recognitions like Art Directors Club Young Guns 15 and Print Magazine’s New Visual Artist. In those days, when she is not designing, you can see her trim her bangs, wear sunscreen, and learn Japanese.

Luke Choice is the creative expert behind Velvet Spectrum. He is from Sydney, Australia, and has always been fond of comics. He started his career as a bartender but soon found an urge to pursue his creative aspirations. That’s when he started to learn to design and made 21’ st invitations for friends. These were the ones he kept for his initial portfolio. He got into a marketing agency in Sydney as a junior designer and moved to NewYork to make his entry in Vault 49. And the rest is history.

Stefan Sagmeister was born in Bregenz, Austria, and is the co-founder of Sagmeister and Walsh. He took a partnership with another talented designer Jessica Walsh. His work are known to be intriguing and provocative. His stellar designs earned him a spot in Pat Matheny’s, The Rolling Stone’s, David Bryne’s, and Ok Go’s album covers. His Instagram handle also features the works of notable designers and artists from around the world. You may also be interested in knowing Top Graphic Designers to follow on Behance

Brenton Clarke: Whether it’s a family snap or breathtaking scenic panorama or bold graphics, Brenton Clarke’s passion emanates. He also says that he gets his inspiration from nature, color, beauty, and especially his family.

Erik Marinovich is a lettering artist and a designer based in San Francisco and has lent his services to prestigious companies like Google, Facebook, Sonos, Nike, Hilton, Gap, Sharpie, and Ford Motors. He is also the co-founder of a popular sketch blog called Friends of Type.

Mike Perry, an Emmy-winning artist, has ventured into animation, sculptures, public art, books, exhibitions, monographs, silkscreens, and much more. He says that he is always curious about what life has to offer. This drive has opened up a few international exhibitions in Germany, Austria, China, Singapore, Holland, Japan, and more countries to come in the future for this prominent artist.

David Schwen and Jessica Ekstrand together initiated Dschwen. They both firmly believe that good design is the one that starts conversations. And interestingly, through word of mouth, their design studio has kept people talking about it indeed. Their designs go beyond any mediums. For them, it doesn’t matter how simple the design; it is the message they deliver, which is important.

Jessica Walsh was Stefan Sagmeister’s protégé. Sagmeister offered her a position in his design studio, and they established a strong partnership for the Sagmeister & Walsh design firm. She loves to blend painting, handicraft, and photography. Her word shines through in her typography and branding works, web design, and art installations.

Sam Larson

Sam Larson from Portland is the founder of Steel Bison —An American West art and design company. He draws in his studio whenever he feels inspired, which is every day. Larson says he finds beauty in people, landscapes, and animals. So when he is not working, he is out hiking and camping. You can also check out top graphic design companies in the United States.

When you share your works on Instagram, make sure you curate your post in a distinctive style. A style in which you want yourself to be identified as a graphic designer/artist. For example, whenever you post next time, people should identify you without needing to look at your name. It is not necessary to post daily, but it’s a good idea to be consistent throughout and fairly frequent with your engagement.

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