Letterhead Design Ideas to Inspire

Letterhead Design Ideas

Personalized letterhead (or personal) correspondence has a classic and elegant feel.

Even a typed letter looks more thoughtful and intentional when topped with an eye-catching letterhead design, even if you never write letters by hand (the ultimate in personalization). In addition, a letterhead that features your branding gives businesses one more opportunity to wow customers and make the company stand out from the competition.

Finally, the benefit of creating a letterhead is that it can be used for more than just letters; it may also be beneficial for emails, newsletters, invoices, thank-you notes, and other digital documents.

Simplicity is the key to creative letterhead designs. A practical and lovely letterhead design incorporates the design strategy, KISS – keep it simple, stupid. Following this guidance, the letterhead design doesn’t have to be simple or uninteresting. The sharp, simple letterhead examples you’ll discover here are highly distinctive and eye-catching. They are frequently matched with other items (a vibrant envelope or invitation) for further opportunities to showcase precise design abilities.

Standard business information like company name, address, phone number, and email address are included on letterheads. In addition to basic information, designing letterheads adheres to the organization’s brand identity or a client’s branding, as with any project. Choosing appropriate brand colors to utilize in the overall design and strategically placing the logo are two examples of this. In addition to supporting the brand identity, the letterhead design mustn’t distract from the message that will be handwritten or typed on the letterhead.

Ideas to Create a Custom Letterhead Design

A stunning, memorable bespoke letterhead design is a great approach to strengthen your brand and showcase your creative abilities. It may be used for mail-outs and covering letters to go with your design portfolio, invoices, and other documents.

Below are a few of many graphics tips when in search of ideas.

Play Up Your Branding

Yes, you can (and probably should) use your company’s logo on your letterhead, especially for business purposes. But consider additional methods you might imaginatively include in your branding. On the letterhead and business card in this instance, Shane Helm has used a piece of the primary icon of the logo. In addition, the company’s colors are used on the pieces as visually appealing design elements, and the brand identity is highlighted in a way that doesn’t feel forced or repeated, thanks to this clever decision.

Use Space Well

Letterhead designs are typically positioned near the top of the page; however, this is not a must. The design by Andrew Littmann makes excellent use of all four sides of the paper to provide more information, such as contact information, a map, and even the company tagline. And here’s another good touch: see how he subtly reinforced the brand identity by using the logomark’s shape to create a repeating pattern on the bottom of the envelope and the left edge of the page.

Embellish It

You should look for a printer that can handle some distinctive printing effects if you want your letterhead to stand out. For a unique appearance, this design by Jennifer Lucey-Brzoza features full-bleed (edge-to-edge, no margins) printing with what appears to be metallic ink.

Focus on Typography

Try a letterhead from Alex Rinker, which focuses heavily on typography for a timeless appearance. It emphasizes a pleasing variety of typefaces, ranging from a bold, shadowed sans serif to a vintage-style script, and turns essential information into a stylish design element.

Try a Crest or Badge

A badge or crest is an excellent alternative for a personalized graphic to base your letterhead on, especially for personal stationery. You can add pictures or icons that reflect your interests or personality. But as seen by AJ Brockman’s design, these graphics can also be effective for businesses.

Maximize Your Logo

Your brand recognition will increase the more people see your logo. Don’t go overboard, though. Oven Design Workshop strikes a beautiful balance by altering the logo to serve as a decorative feature in the letterhead design and giving it a completely different treatment for the back of the paper.

Repeat Colors and Shapes

This letterhead and business card combination from Chris Eichberger is unified and visually appealing because it features the use of two tones of orange and a creative repetition of the diagonal lines in the business logo.

Use a Watermark

A discreet method to promote your brand without taking up valuable paper space is to incorporate a watermark into the style of your letterhead design. A watermark that you can write or print over, like in Mattia Forza’s example.

Best Business Letterhead Templates

Creative Letterhead Template

 ideas for business letterheads

A gorgeously creative letterhead design for your brand and small business. This casually styled template is perfect for a lifestyle business or creative professional. Both light and dark color palettes are offered for the simple template. Also available in Microsoft Word, PSD, and AI formats.

Business Letterhead Template

Use this free letterhead template to create a lovely design for your company. It has an entirely adjustable design and is available in vector EPS format. Additionally, there are two alternative designs available.

Simple Letterhead Graphic Design Template

The letterhead template is a pretty simple design. It promotes your company well and has fewer distractions. Photoshop and Illustrator may both use the template. The design is simple to alter, so you can add your brand’s colors and logos and even change the fonts to suit your tastes.

Small Business Letterhead Template

Create letterheads for various brands and enterprises, including any agency or small business, with this template. It features a conventional layout that will prominently showcase your logo and contact information. Furthermore, a contemporary footer space for adding contact details and social media handles.

Corporate Brand Letterhead Template Kit

Five alternative color schemes are offered for this letterhead template. It combines traditional and contemporary design features to draw attention to your brand logo. The template is perfect for business brands and agencies. The template is simple to customize using Adobe Illustrator.

Elegant Letterhead Design Examples

Let’s look at a few letterhead examples to get more inspiration for creating your letterhead design.

A Panzer

 award winning letterhead design ideas

This straightforward but elegant letterhead design is a lovely illustration of how less can say so much more. The company logo, name, and founders are printed in the top location of this simple design by the creative firm You Always Get What You Deserve, which makes it clear to readers who the correspondence is from. Download your free banner templates.

Musto B&B

 letterhead ideas design

Lorenzo Rocco created this lovely foil-blocked letterhead for Musto, a bed and breakfast in the heart of Naples, Italy. The brand identity and logo are covered in gold, which exudes sophistication and understated Italian style.

École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs

 ideas for letterhead design

We adore this letterhead for the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, France. A good art and design university should have well-designed print materials. The vibrant yellow and blue color scheme permeates the entire school’s branding design, which Atelier Trois created.


 letterhead designs

An ambigram is a wonderfully created graphic that spells out a word in addition to its original form and another direction or orientation. The Bittersuite logo is one such example. The design incorporates a whimsical concept prominently displayed on the letterhead and uses a straightforward fold in the top left corner to produce another graphic.


 creative letterhead designs

For Pixelflix, a digital production and editing company, Australian agency A Friend of Mine developed an identity package that included a striking embossed letterhead. The branding is intended to reflect the style of Pixelflix’s work, which involves rearranging a variety of perplexing and out-of-context scenes into a cohesive whole.


letterhead designs templates

A different letterhead from a friend of mine, this one for Modhouse, a business that quickly creates modular homes for customers who need a high-quality, modern, sustainable home. While the bold typography and varied color scheme reflect the Scandinavian design of Modhouse houses, the grid-based brand system enables modules to be dynamically placed in dynamic layouts to best suit the given content and environment.


business letterhead designs

The New York-based organization SHE (Sustainable Health Enterprises) aims to raise the quality of life for women and girls in underdeveloped nations. The team created these stunning letterhead designs at Blok Design in Toronto, Canada. “SHE” is prominently displayed at the top of the page, highlighted by a strong underscore and a vibrant color scheme.

Wine Concepts

 modern letterhead designs

When Melbourne-based wine consultant Wine Concepts requested multidisciplinary creative agency Hunt&Co to create a new identity and branding, it came up with this straightforward but potent layout. The logo emphasizes the brand and the product by stylizing a wine label and, in our opinion, by the features of the overprinted wine drops.

One Flew South

 personal letterhead designs

For the restaurant and sushi bar One Flew South, graphic designer Alvin Diec created this unique letterhead and marketing concept. The elegant design was created by Diec using the brand’s original patriotic colors for the Atlanta airport’s Hartsfield-Jackson terminal.

Bronx Zoo

 cool letterhead designs

The idea behind this letterhead design, created by designer Caroline Madigan, was to convey the interactive element of a trip to the Bronx Zoo for both kids and adults. With noises of zoo animals rendered nicely in various fonts, the letterhead “speaks” to the receiver.

These letterhead examples depict the ideas listed above.

Ready to Create Your Own Letterhead Design?

An expertly crafted letterhead design may help you build your brand and simply leave a positive impression on the recipients of your correspondence. The majority of the examples mentioned above stand out for the following reason:

They employ design elements like symbols, logos, fonts, and color palettes in inventive ways. In addition, they come up with inventive methods to use these features to produce a unified approach that frequently stretches across several print items, like a business card or envelope.

You, too, can follow suit. You’re already well on your way to creating professional or personal letterheads that represent you or your business well if you use these designs as inspiration.

You can search for a free template or check the ones listed above.

A professional graphic designer is the best option for creating your quality graphic design and templates.

All Time Design offers services to help you achieve your desired creative and elegant design. Its professional team has worked as designers for top brands. So your business can become a top brand today. Sign up here and get unlimited request access to create your letterhead design.

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