Logo Design for Restaurant: Ideas Based on Cuisine and Menu

Logo Design for Restaurant

Branding is quite tricky for many businesses in different industries.

However, food branding is much more complex compared to different industries.

Let us say that the food industry comprises broader categories that may include other facets of the food chain, such as manufacturers, suppliers, food bloggers, related services, and even beverage companies.

The differences between brand image strategies in the food industry are not too noticeable. Thus, standing out and creating brand recognition from scratch can be challenging for many entrepreneurs.

 logo design ideas for restaurant

As per Statista, in 2023, the global food marketing industry is expected to grow by 2.1 million dollars. Furthermore, as the industry has seen consistent growth in recent years, the trend is projected to continuously grow in the years to come.

Food marketing has always used a variety of different strategies in making connections with consumers all over the world. Some of the key players in the food industry that have shown apparent efforts in their marketing include Nestlé, Pepsi Company, Coca-Cola, Kraft Heinz, and Unilever.

 restaurant logo design ideas for food

Among these companies, Statista reports that Swiss Company Nestlé is the biggest food and beverage advertiser in the United States, with an investment of 2.4 billion US dollars worth of advertising across different channels in the country.

 creative logo design for restaurant

However, if you think restaurant branding is just for the big players, you have got it all wrong.

Any restaurant of any size should be actively concerned about its brand recognition efforts. One of the many elements restaurant owners should be concerned about is their logo and their logo design.

Restaurant Logos and their Impact on Food Branding

A brand strategy pertains to the specific long-term goals it can accomplish as it grows. Thus it goes beyond whatever you think is visible such as the logo, social media posts, and website. It also involves intangible concepts such as ideals, personality, purpose, and vision that you want to convey to your customers.

 cost for restaurant logo design

Regarding the food market, restaurant branding is one of the primary concerns entrepreneurs get familiar with. It helps a restaurant business be ahead of its competitors and establish its own identity.

 sample logo design for restaurant

The restaurant logo is one of the most essential elements in branding in the food industry. So you have to create and choose wisely.

Restaurant logos make up a restaurant’s identity that makes it known to the customers. Your own restaurant logo encompasses the whole design experience and can encapsulate the overall imagery that represents your brand. Check out some vintage logo design ideas.

 logo design services for restaurant online

The restaurant logo, therefore, can strengthen the brand presence as it will be visible on different platforms such as the website, menu, takeout boxes, and business cards.

Your restaurant logo is the centerpiece of your entire food business brand image

It anchors to everything that depicts what your brand wants to convey.

Coming up with a Restaurant logo that Stands Out

Having your own logo can depict whatever you want your brand to portray. But in a very competitive industry, wherein tons of businesses sell the same product, you have to customize logo designs that would make potential customers have your food as their first choice. Having substantial logos can help you create a strong foundation of customer loyalty.

There are different kinds of logos which you can take inspiration from. For example, logo design experts categorize restaurant logos based on cuisine or menu items.

Let us look at some of the different logos based on cuisine


Thai restaurants usually create logos that mix wordmark patterns and bold graphics that depict greenery elements such as leaves or lotus flowers. They also prefer using the elephant as their primary icon, as elephants in Thai culture represent wealth and power. Another typical pattern that many Thai restaurants apply is the use of the business name written in a mixture of Thai and English patterns.

 logos for restaurant


Generally, Japanese restaurant logos are classified based on whether they mainly serve sushi or not. They primarily focus on nature-related and culture-related Japanese images and usually utilize fonts near their local writing and language.

 best logos for restaurant
 logo designs for restaurant


Like Thai restaurant logos, Chinese food businesses are almost always represented locally and in English. However, their restaurant logo also contains symbols and images showcasing ethnic tradition and culture. It is also typical for them to incorporate icons such as chopsticks, noodle bowls, and dragons.

 top brand logos for restaurant
 food logo design for restaurant


Most Mexican restaurants use bright, vivid color choices with Mexican-inspired fonts. Usually, it also consists of the famous Aztec imagery and the Mexican hat or headpiece. Mexican restos are often associated with tacos, chili peppers, and salsa! Although minimalist trends have surfaced recently, many Mexican-inspired restaurants still cannot do away with colors and exciting shapes.

 Thai logo design for restaurant
 Japanese logo design for restaurant


Italian restaurant logos are straightforward to identify and distinct. Frequently, they use a script font for casual dining restaurants and a cursive font for the more formal ones. They also use the traditional color palette, which includes red, green, and white, representing their flag colors.

 Chinese logo design for restaurant
 Mexican logo design for restaurant


Indian restaurant logos are mostly known for extravagant and expensive-looking imagery which uses bright-colored fonts and traditional or cultural icons. They also use a sophisticated layout with typography that exudes elegance and tradition.

 Italian logo design for restaurant


Mediterranean restaurants, like Italian logos, use imagery and elements that depict nature and greenery along with vibrant colors. It is also very usual for Mediterranean logos to incorporate Greek symbols and architecture.

 Indian logo design for restaurant


Aside from other cultures, American restaurants can adapt and incorporate different styles and cultures into their imagery, mascots, and design elements. These elements also appear in a fast food restaurant. These designs are noticeable in different categories in the food market. Most of the businesses in this cuisine use a mixture of mark logos and other elements that represent the nature of the dining experience.

 Mediterranean logo design for restaurant

Let us look at the next category based on the restaurant’s menu items


Many seafood restaurants’ signature dishes are mostly made of fish. Therefore, the primary logo in these kinds of restaurants would include seafood logos, complemented by font colors and patterns. In such logos, these imageries play a crucial role in branding and attracting customers.

 American logo design for restaurant
 Seafood logo design for restaurant


Burger joints and dine-in businesses are mostly made of the characteristic element, which is the burger and other elements that represent related food that goes with it. These images may include onion rings, french fries, and the like.

 Burger logo design for restaurant
 Pizza logo design for restaurant


Pizza businesses have a very competitive market. Therefore, there is much more pressure to get an identity in the market. In many cases, a pizza business often highlights elements that typically include pizza, vibrant colors, and mostly red and green colors associated with an Italian theme.

 coffee shop logo designs

Another category of a restaurant logo falls according to the service type


When running a catering service, imageries are much more implemented on the type of food. However, design elements like silverware, silhouettes, etc., are commonly used in such logos.

Coffee Shop, Cafe, Bistro, Bar, and Bakery

These types of businesses primarily provide dine-in and takeout services. In this category, the element of imagery, color, and fonts are the main factors that may be related to elements such as a wine bar, coffee cup, bread, and bar, among others.

 Fast Food Restaurant logos

Fast Food Restaurant

When creating a fast food restaurant, there is much more pressure to create a catchy and straightforward to be distinct and recognizable from the competition. Usually, fast food restaurant logos are much more into creative shades and fonts.

 Health Food Restaurant logos

Health Food Restaurant

Health-oriented restaurants have a different take on aesthetics. Such restaurants use greenery as a theme which includes elements such as leaves, vegetables, and fruits, as the central theme of the logo style and design.

 Fine Dining logo designs

Food Truck

Food trucks are also one of the most prominent rising segments in the industry. In different countries, entrepreneurs conceptualize food trucks with different and unique approaches in style and concept. Then, they convey the message through logos with elements and designs of food or characters that showcase the elements of the food truck. Check out some finest food truck design ideas.

  Food Truck logo designs
 logo design for a restaurant

Fine Dining

Often, fine dining restaurants take more on the elegant side in terms of restaurant logo design. Logo designs for fine dining restaurants should create a sophisticated vibe, formal typography, and customized template.

 logo for restaurant creative design
 best logo design for fast food restaurant

How do you make great logos for your restaurant? Would you need a free restaurant logo maker?

Creating your restaurant logo goes beyond using a free restaurant logo maker or taking inspiration from competitors. The creative process involves a very tedious process.

You must note that designing a logo is a distinct graphic design specialization that besets aesthetics, branding, marketing, color theory, and an extensive library of artistic skills.

A high-quality logo is imperative for any business – the layout, the icon, the logotype, and the overall design should be considered.

design logo for restaurant

Nowadays, it is normal for business owners to settle with a restaurant logo creator or free templates found on the internet. However, it is also safe to say that you may not find the perfect logo enough to entice potential customers.

Free logo design may help you cut corners in terms of expenses. However, having a custom logo may be difficult to achieve as you may not have full access to its features. Others would settle with hosting a design contest which can be done on social media. Then, they just pick the best one from the contestants and use it as their restaurant logo design.

 design a logo for restaurant

Despite different software applications found on the internet, such as restaurant logo creators, logo editors, and free templates, it is essential to start building credibility by hiring professional and equipped designers to make your logo ideas a reality. Designers have ample amount of design experience and an extensive library of ideas that would take all of your preferences into account. With a professional designer working for you, you are sure to have the perfect logo that embodies your brand ideals!

Let us just say that the secret ingredient to creating an excellent restaurant logo design is associated with a designer who perfectly understands what you need! Check out some more logo ideas related to food.

September 16, 2022
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