Logo Design Ideas for Business to Increase Your ROI

Logo Design Ideas for Business

Your custom business logo speaks for your company. A good logo works as a tool of attraction. Conversely, poor logo design puts prospects off before contacting you.

You may ask, “why does a logo matter? Your logo is at the front and center in business design development. The color palette you choose in your logo design informs your marketing and branding assets – your website, letterhead, social media handles, and print materials. It is also the first thing your customers see alongside your business name and determines whether you’re worth their time or not.

A professionally designed logo is worth investing in whether you’re a small business, brick-and-mortar, or digital business.

This article shows you some custom logo ideas and logo design tips to help you ace your logo design.

Steps to designing the perfect business logo

  1. Define your brand identity
  2. Analyze your competitors
  3. Choose a logo style
  4. Choose a type of logo
  5. Choose your visual elements considering fonts and logo colors
  6. Design your logo
  7. Ask for feedback

Learn more about how to make a logo.

Logo types for businesses

Knowing the unique types of logos can help you in the design process when creating a business logo. Let’s go through the seven types of logos:

Wordmark logos

Wordmark logos are simple logos made out of words. Google, Coca-Cola, and e-Bay are popular examples.

 logo design ideas for business free
logo design ideas for food business

A wordmark logo is a great way to make your business name popular and memorable. It is a great logo style if you have a catchy business name.

Lettermark logos

Lettermark logo designs (monograms) are also based on words. The difference between those and wordmark logos is that lettermark logos use initials. It can be from acronyms like NASA’s logo, the first letter of the name like Netflix, or popular initials like HP or BBC.

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modern business logos

Mascot logos

Think about the Michelin logo, Mr. Clean’s, or Wendy’s logo. There is a friendly, approachable character as the logo’s focal point in these logos.

 retro business logos

A mascot is a great logo choice for entertainment brands, family-friendly brands, and brands that have a lot of public interaction. With a mascot logo, you have a company face your audience can relate to.

Emblem logos

Emblematic logos are usually like badges. It is a type of logo based on manipulating shapes alongside other elements. These logos take inspiration from traditional seals and crests. Starbucks, Warner Bros, and Harley-Davidson are popular examples of emblem logos.

 minimalist business logos

Pictorial logos

Pictorial logos use an image as their focal point. The image can be a living being – an animal or an object. The difference between this and a mascot logo is that the character in a mascot logo has a name, a personality, and a voice, unlike the image in a pictorial logo which is static. For example, the panda in the WWF logo or the Puma logo.

 illustrated business logos

A pictorial logo may also be called a brandmark logo if the image represents the brand’s name, like Twitter, Apple, or the Guild of Food Writers logos.

 combination logos

Abstract logos

Similar to pictorial logos, abstract logos also focus on the image. But instead of a recognizable image, an abstract logo embodies an abstract shape. In numerous, but not all, cases, an abstract logo is coined out of something related to the brand, like Spotify’s logo that represents sound waves.

 abstract logos

Mastercard and NBC logos are some of the best logo designs in this category. Both have meanings that connect back to the brand’s personality and history to make it more attractive to the audience.

 pictorial logos

Combination logos

As the name suggests, this type of logo combines two elements. The Burger King logo is a famous example. It combines a wordmark with a stylized burger image.

Another example is the retro-inspired Wells Fargo logo and the Doritos logo.

 emblem logos

Top logo styles for big and small businesses

Once you’ve found the right type of logo for your business, you need to settle on a logo style.

Any of these logo styles above can be designed in a specific style. For example, a wordmark can be written in a quirky, funky, and asymmetrical font that feels like handwriting, or it can be written in a complex, ornate font that feels inviting and comforting. Or it could be written in a forward-slanting display font. Check out some cool logo ideas here.

The right style choice for your logo depends on your brand and the target audience you seek to attract. Here are some excellent business logo ideas in the most popular style:

Illustrated business logos

An illustrated business logo is an attractive logo design. It is a logo that looks like it has been drawn by hand. Learn more about illustrations.

 mascot logos
 lettermark logos

Illustrated logos are pretty versatile. It is a great way to embed intriguing stories within your logo design. You can choose to be with your illustrated logo simple and minimalist, creating an image with just a few lines. Or you can be highly detailed, creating dynamic textures and fascinating characters. Often, these logos have a grounded, organic feel, making them excellent for small-scale artisan businesses.

An illustrated logo is an excellent choice for startups and community-oriented brick-and-mortar businesses.

Minimalist business logos

Minimalism is a popular concept in the graphic design world. Logo designers use the concept to achieve a straightforward, clean look. That’s because the style requires focusing on just a single element -a word, an image, or a few letters, making it easy to keep the overall layout simple. Less is more with a minimalist logo.

You can also create a minimalist pictorial or abstract logo. Abstract images often go hand-in-hand with minimalism because they are often created using reductive techniques to create functional shapes and images.

 wordmark logos

Minimalist logos are often the ideal style for luxury brands and the motor industry. Mercedes, Toyota, PayPal, and Spartan Golf Club logos are great examples of minimalist logo designs.

 logo design ideas for small business

Retro business logos

There are a few different ways to do retro. You can choose historical elements, a dark-hued letterpress logo for a super old-school look, or a bit less old-school with a quirky, colorful midcentury look.

Executing a retro style depends on what your brand’s all about. If you choose a retro style, make sure you do it correctly. You don’t have to be stuck with the cliche black and white badge logo with initials between crossed arrows.

 logo design ideas for clothing business
 simple logo design ideas for business

Modern business logos

Modern logos should be your go-to if you’re not a fan of retro logos. Modern logos often use multi-dimensional and abstract graphics to create a cutting-edge, forward-thinking feel. This type of logo design prioritizes functionality and is ideal for tech-oriented businesses like a cleaning business with new techs, such as blue light disinfection, or businesses aiming to appeal to a younger demographic.

 creative brand logo design ideas for business

Generally, modern can be considered minimalist in their execution. That is because they prioritize neatness and use simple design elements, geometric shapes, and sharp lines with a mix of abstract images. However, if you pull off a perfect modern logo, look to abstract or pictorial logos. In those types of logos, you can experiment with gradients, metallic, and neons.

Now that you know the several styles and types of logos, it’s time to create yours.

Can I make my own logo design?

The simple answer is yes. You can create your logo yourself or hire a professional designer.


Creating a logo for your business can be easy and affordable with tools like Canva, Logo Maker, or Brand fusion. You can access these tools for free. They also have logo templates that fit the logo layout you have in your head. With the templates, the design process is super easy and fun. You can get a custom logo with just a few clicks. However, you’re at risk of having a run-on-the-mill logo at best.

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Hiring a designer

Hiring a designer is your best shot at the perfect logo. Designers have all it takes – the experience, technical skills, and knowledge to help you create the right business logo.

You cannot fully capture your visions and brand identity with AI-generated logo designs but a seasoned designer can.

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Beyond outstanding service, memorable business logos typically accompany solid, memorable companies. It is tedious to decide on a style for your logo. Even when you have an idea of what you want, execution isn’t a stroll in the park. Yet, it is a worthwhile process because the design will be the face of your brand for a long time.

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