25 Amazing Logo Design Ideas for You

logo design ideas

Inspiration is an important part of any creative endeavor. And ideas can go a long way when you want to create a logo for your business.

 logo design ideas for business

Great logos are memorable. Generic logos are forgettable.

Designers agree that it’s tedious to create a logo design. And you would too. If not, you won’t be searching for design ideas. But, don’t worry. We got you covered!

Before we delve into the amazing design ideas we have for you, let’s clarify some concepts.

What is a logo?

A logo is a graphic representation of your brand. It conveys your brand values, tells a story, and helps customers easily identify your company.

 business logo ideas design

While a logo design is only a part of your brand identity and not your whole brand, it still represents your brand values and brand personality

Regardless of what type of business you run – real estate business, e-commerce, online services, or brick and mortar or what industry you’re in – SaaS, PaaS, tech, or marketing- a logo is an important element of how people remember you. It is the face of your business.

You know your face is an important part of your personality, so you want to put it the best shape and put it to the best use.

Expert opinions show that most businesses fail to rise to popularity because their logos fail to tell a story or produce a feeling. No fuss though. Your business doesn’t have to remain in the background, lost. All you need is a few logo design tips and logo design inspiration to nudge you in the right direction.

How can you leverage logo designs for your business goals?

Think of a famous company. What do you visualize first about the company? Their savvy owner or their logo? Chances are you don’t even recognize the owner but you can pull out the logo in a pool of others. That should tell you how powerful logos are.

 design logo ideas for business

Naturally, you would have several goals to achieve with your business, ranging from staying top of mind, standing out from the competition, gaining visibility, and achieving customer retention. So, how can you leverage logo designs for your business goals?

Here are a few ways you can leverage your logo design:

Execute branding: your logo is an important pillar of your branding process. Your logo will inform the colors you use to design your website, your business card, t-shirts and other merchandise, your newsletters, and social media pages.

Establish legitimacy: As your logo continues to show on all your assets, your customers, business partners and competitors will identify your company as a legitimate brand.

Stand out from your competitor: A distinctive logo helps your business distinguish itself from its competitor. Since your logo will feature in all your assets, it’ll help your customers to identify you in a pool of others.

Gain a share of your customers’ minds: Statistics show that customers view logos 5-7 times before they recognize a company’s logo but create an impression of the logo in only 10 seconds. Once you create a captivating logo, you’re bound to have a good share of your customers’ minds.

Communicate your brand message: your logo is a powerful way to communicate your message without words. The fonts, colors and logotype will help you tell your brand story and help your customers attach a feeling to your brand.

Create a following or customer retention: As customers continue to identify the feeling that your logo design offers, they become more emotionally attached to you. For example, consider how people feel to be attached to Apple’s logo or Nike’s logo. As your logo becomes more popular, you retain more customers.

If you are able to create an outstanding logo while maintaining your brand’s value, you’re set for success. To achieve these goals, it’s important to consider the following elements.

8 Logo Design Elements

  1. Accuracy

The first and most important element of a great logo is its accuracy in communicating your brand message and image. It gives your customers an idea of what you represent. To figure this out, you should consider what your business is about and how you want your customers to feel.

  1. Simplicity

Remember, simplicity is the best sophistication. When you think about your brand message, it’s important to represent it with a simple logo. A complex logo isn’t only hard to print, it’s often easily forgotten since it’s less relatable.

  1. Memorability

The best logo designs are the ones that stick. To create an element of memorability in your logo, think of symbols that are unrelated to your product. For example, the swoosh sign on Nike is unrelated to the sports fashion business, yet it continues to stick.

  1. Flexibility

Your logo design should retain its essence in any size it’s printed. Whether it goes on a business letter, company merchandise, or billboard in any color, it shouldn’t lose its appeal.

  1. Uses appropriate colors

A good logo uses the right color that represents your brand. Colors carry emotions, personality, and tone. It’s not a random thing. It informs all your branding processes. For example, purple represents royalty; blue, cheerfulness; green life.

  1. Uses quality typography

Typography is a craft in itself. It is important not only for your written content, but it’s the first thing that communicates who you are. For example, Serif and Sans Serif fonts are common for traditional corporate brands; Script and modern fonts are common for artistic and entertaining brands.

  1. Timelessness

A great logo is adaptive to time and season, not relegated by them. Moreover, great logo designs are trendsetters. They stand out and don’t need to be changed often. If they are changed at all, they still retain the design elements in the original logo. Think Coca-Cola, Google, or Rolex.

  1. Unique

Uniqueness is the overall most important element of a logo design. It helps you stand out from the completion. While it is good to use symbols that are relatable to your industry, it is better to avoid cliche symbols. This would prevent your logo from being lost in the world of other logo designs within your industry.

That said, you can now start creating your logo design, except that it’s not easy. You need more inspiration to give you an idea of what and how to create your own logo design. Check out the vintage logo design ideas.

Here are 25 logo ideas you can browse through to get your creative juice flowing.

25 logo ideas for you

1. AG Low

You do not need to think twice to figure out that Ag Low is a construction company. The logo creatively plays with typography to depict the business name in a floor plan design.

 business logo design ideas

2. Amazon

The most popular e-commerce platform also uses the most amazing styles to execute its logo. The logo is a good example of a wordmark logotype. The business name is put in lowercase using Sans-Serif font type. This makes it simple. The black color in the word depicts dominance, supremacy, and elegance.

 creative logo design ideas

There’s also an arrow-shaped yellow smile that stretches from A to Z in Amazon’s spelling delivering two messages– reliability and friendliness. The orange color reinforces the message of pride and happiness.

3. Beats

This popular headphones company also uses a mix of letter mark and pictorial mark logotype. When you look closely you find ahuman’s head with and the ‘b’ representing the brand’s headphones. The color also represents vibrance and passion.

 free logo design ideas

4. Chanel

The interlocking CC logo, designed by Coco Chanel herself, is one of the most recognizable logos in the fashion world. The logo represents Coco’s and also depicts “chic and classy” – two qualities that the brand represents.

 interior design logo ideas

5. Eighty20

This data entry company uses a clever business logo to depict what it represents. Although abstract, it’s effective and memorable. The logo is a binary form of the company name – while the top line – 1010000 – represents 80, the bottom line – 0010100 – is 20.

 logo design ideas free

6. Domino’s

The blue and red logo design make Domino’s logo attractive. Interestingly, the dots represent the first three locations the business started from.

creative ideas for logo design

7. FedEx

FedEx logo is a hallmark of tricky optical illusion. It uses a bold and balanced font that depicts efficiency. Also, if you look closely between the letters E and X, you’ll find a white arrow that represents speed, accuracy, and perseverance.

 design logo ideas

8. Formula 1

In its logo design, Formula 1 also plays tricks with white spaces. The logo design hides “1” in the middle of the black F and red speed marks. The logo colors (red) represent passion and energy; (black) power and determination

 a logo design ideas

9. Gillette

Gillette’s logo design color represents elegance. The design itself subtly depicts precision and sharpness in its wordmark by cutting the G and I in its logos.

 graphic design logo ideas

10. Goodwill

You could call this a half G or a smiley face. It’s a great custom logo that shows how to combine the brand’s message, name, and shapes to create a memorable logo design.

 simple logo design ideas

11. Lacoste

Lacoste is the ideal custom logo that not only carries a story but also stands out for its uniqueness. How many brands do you see using images of animals unrelated to their brands? Few, yes? That’s how you stand out.

 inspiration logo design ideas

12. Le Tour de France

The designer of this logo creatively shows what the event is about by shaping the logo to depict terrain and a cyclist. It also shows that the event takes place in during the day by using a yellow circle.

 company logo design ideas

13. Levi’s

Levi’s logo is one of the most classic, simple, and instantly recognizable logos in the fashion industry. The white name on a red tab shows designers who want to create a logo today how important simplicity is.

design company logo ideas

14. Mastercard

All the elements of this abstract logo when combined give a sense of security, trust, and assurance. The logo colors also depict courage, prosperity, and passion.

 modern logo design ideas

15. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes has one of the most popular abstract logo designs. The three-pointed star design is amazing because of its elements of memorability and simplicity. Each of the three points of the stars represents the vision of the company to dominate the land, sea, and air.

 craft logo design ideas

It also makes use of colors that give the brand’s message a smooth ride. The silver color is said to depict German elegance. Overall, the logo symbolizes the professionalism, integrity, and rich legacy of the company.

16. Mobil

Tom Geismar, the designer of Mobil’s logo, went for attractiveness and simplicity above industry cliche representation. The colors and fonts point to security and faithfulness and strength.

 sport logo design ideas

17. National Geographic

The abstract National Geographic logo is an epitome of simplicity yet it’s captivating. The yellow represents a door. The door metaphorically leads to a vista of knowledge in science, nature, culture, and reality. The use of yellow symbolizes illumination– knowledge and light.

sports logo design ideas

18. NBC

The six bright colors in this logo design represent each of NBC’s six divisions. A close look will reveal a peacock in white in the middle.

 logo design ideas for fashion

19. Pittsburgh Zoo

This stays somewhere at the top among cool logo ideas. Pittsburgh deftly uses silhouettes and white spaces to represent different animals. If you don’t take a closer look, you might miss the gorilla and lion there.

 logo design ideas for business free

20. Rolex

Looking for an amazing logo that gives you a good idea of how to execute your brand mark or emblematic logo? Rolex’s logo is a good place to look. The logo design is a pointed crown colored in gold (excellence) that sits above the business name in green (prosperity). This pointy crown is in line with the brand’s message- ‘A Crown for every Achievement’ and it symbolizes perfectionism, prestige, royalty, and victory.

 cool logo design ideas

21. Starbucks

You could get design inspiration from books and other design resources like almanacs or where designers hang out. For Starbucks, it’s a book where they found the inspiration for the “twin-tailed mermaid”, or siren that now serves as a memorable mascot for the coffee industry leader.

vintage logo design ideas

22. The Guild of Food Writers

Here’s a creative brandmark logo design that represents the essence of the organization by hiding a spoon in a pen nib silhouette.

circle logo design ideas

23. Volkswagen

The Volkswagen logo is credited as one of the most popular and most memorable logos in history. The logo is a good example of a letter mark logotype. It comprises of the company’s initials – a “V” placed over a “W” – and both these letters interact brilliantly with each other. It also makes use of colors that help to drive the brand message home the blue color in the Volkswagen logo depicts excellence, reliability, and class and the white color represents nobility, purity, and charm.

24. Wikipedia

Wiki’s logo design symbolizes how ideas and knowledge are always adding up on the website. It also shows how the globe comprises of different unique knowledge from all its parts

 unique logo design ideas

25. Yoga Australia

Last but not least is also another combination mark logo design. The logo isn’t only an image of a lady doing yoga, it also has the map of Australia in the white space between her leg and arm.

logo maker custom logo ideas logo design contest


Creating a logo should be fun when you have an unlimited number of inspirations to use as templates. You could also browse through Instagram and other websites to find free design templates to help your creative journey. However, if you feel stuck, don’t hesitate to contact professional designers to create the best fit. You are in safe hands when you hire a professional designer to help you create a perfect logo for your business. Check out the modern logo design ideas.

July 14, 2022
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