Modern Logo Design Trends of 2024


This Modern logo design trends is a new take on visuals after an era of minimalist style logos with intricate designs. From lines-style logos, there’s a new expansion into more detailed logos that contain a wide variety of different lines, color variations, typography, and a lot of little pieces combining them. This logo design is very complicated to make, but the end result can really be awesome and create a masterpiece that is not just a logo. The intricately designed logo designers can be used on any surface of the same size and maintain the same level of interest. They ask the user to see the design and try to understand the meaning of each stroke of the logo to keep it alive in their minds.

We live in a distracted world filled with a seemingly endless line of products and services. Hence, every business needs some unique strategies to stand apart. The one key term that describes it is called branding. All you need to do is to stay relevant while taking your business to the next level. For that, you require a modern logo that creates a stunning brand logo design with wordmark logos or animated logos.

But why?

It’s simple – the journey of every successful business starts with a memorable logo.

In this post, we shall look at the elements that make a good modern logo and reveal some of the biggest logo trends for 2022 that will bring stellar brand identity to businesses. From those, we will show our favorite 21 designs that stole our hearts in the first look.

Come on, let’s dive in.

What is a good modern logo design trends?

Should be memorable

Take a look at this picture. An acclaimed graphic designer Himanshu Khanna says that he can spot a Starbucks a mile off. He says that the place offers decent coffee, a charging point for his laptop, and also free internet. He also has applauded their calm and composed behavior of making another coffee if it is not liked by their customers. With all these amenities and a great modern logo, it has stood deeply in his mind. Logo design is a part of graphic design too.

Many graphic designers who have invested a solid amount of time in creating unique designs tend to become great logo designers.

Depict your brand’s story

As Visme, a #1 design software for non-designers, points out that a modern logo is something more than a mere image. It is a public face of a brand, and it is absolutely vital to consider what the brand offers and who are its target audience. A modern logo that is designed by an expert can tell the story of a brand without words and that too in a consistent way.

While designing a modern logo, you need to think about how your customers will remember you and how you can differentiate yourself in a competitive marketplace

As Visme, a #1 design software for non-designers, points out that a modern logo is something more than a mere image. It is a public face of a brand, and it is absolutely vital to consider what the brand offers and who are its target audience. A modern logo that is designed by an expert can tell the story of a brand without words and that too in a consistent way.

While designing a modern logo, you need to think about how your customers will remember you and how you can differentiate yourself in a competitive marketplace.

Clean and simple with class

Are you familiar with what works with branding all the time? It is the KISS approach- keep it simple and stupid. When it comes to conveying your brand’s message, simple logos are the ones that are memorable and easily recognizable. Sometimes it’s common to see designers communicating too much and creating designs that are very complex for your audience to decipher.

So, make sure to communicate to your designer that your business needs a simple yet classy logo that can convey your brand message without having to speak.

If you looking for minimalist logo designs ideas, Check the link.

Make it quirky and unique

Highlight this: Imitation is a limitation

The first rule for creating a modern, powerful logo is: Don’t be a copycat. If you really wish to connect with your audience, your logo needs to be unique as well as visually offbeat. After all, you don’t need to puzzle your audience and mix up your logo with something else.

Connect to your target audience

Modern logo styles that are unique are not only built on a brand’s value but also on the importance of your customers. You can never connect with people you don’t know about, so take time to analyze your audience.

  • Why do you need to help?
  • What is your audience struggling with?
  • Where do they spend their time?
  • What makes them happy?
  • How can your brand help them?

Possesses versatility

Logos should always look the same in all sizes. A modern logo should be able to scale so that the text is clear and coherent. Think about these questions:

  • How can you use the design?
  • Where should you place the logo?

Whatever you do, never forget that you should want your logo to look great on any background.

Creates the right message tone

Only a well-crafted brand message is attractive, impressive, and persuasive. It consists of the essence of your brand–which includes its intangible qualities that are explained through fewer words. A designer’s work is to translate the visual elements into a clear message.

The best advice we would give is to stay away from shapes, fonts, elements, and colors that are easily misinterpreted because you shouldn’t distract people.

Looks Professional

Classic Logos

Here is the deal: If your logo has an amateurish look, then so will your business. Remember your logo is your business name.

If you are thinking about saving money by designing your logo all by yourself, then think again?

Even if you have a good eye for colors, design elements, and design sense of what you want your logo to look like, you should still have an opinion from a professional designer.

But why?

It’s because they know whether or not a logo design will easily transform into print or onto a design, while you might come up with a stunning design that can be transferred or would burn your pockets while being printed.

Works as your brand ambassador

One glance at your modern logo and people should understand what you do. Logos are not only your marketing tools; they also outline the mission statement of your business and reveal your position on the market.

Trends may come, and trends may go.

But the fact is that the best never leave; they always stick around. These logo design trends are the ones that are timeless and deserve to be shared.

wordmark logos

A modern logo is something that should stand the test of time. That doesn’t imply we should adapt our branding to time. Think of some of the powerhouse brands like Apple, Google, Facebook, and Coca-Cola, and you will get the point instantly. Sometimes, refreshing your logo is all that your brand needs to get the necessary exposure and win a lot of hearts.

Design shack says that modern logo design is simply the collection of classic and trending elements, all of which combine to create a brand that feels fresh.

Today’s modern design is elucidated by sleek lines, color, simple lettering, and highly defined elements.

Without further discussion, here are Types of Infographics and Tips to Make them Better

What kind of logos is trending?

Looking into 2022 branding trends? Rubber hose logos from the past. The logo is not visible at the moment. Stretching elongated writing. McBrandon. Scribbles and sketches. Experiments on line thickness. Spaces find images. Its groovy rebirth.


key Logo Design Trends

This is the time to drop the icing off the cake. A minimalistic approach is what sounds way better than complex symbols and a cold combination that drives your eyeballs crazy.

Minimal styles work for a few reasons:

  • They are easy to read at first glance, and even at small sizes
  • They reflect an overall design trend
  • They are easier to use ( from placing on images to icons to even billboards.
  • Big brands are doing it ( Airbnb, Google, Spotify, etc. have their logos streamlined)

One of the best examples of logo minimalization is the logo of Dunkin Donuts.

Gradient style

The modern take on gradients is to make them look obvious ( rather than skeuomorphic hints of graduated colors from the past). A color scheme such as a specific gradient hue carries a visual theme so that people get familiar with you by color alone.


By nicely blending colors, graphic designers can create bold statements using a broader color palette to come up with fresh modern logos.

A relevant example could be Instagram’s rebranded logo. The best part about incorporating gradient colors is that they are flexible enough to adapt to gifs and be a part of your digital marketing strategy.

Text in a box

These types of modern logos are another example of how minimalism and readability impact design. This logo style offers an incredibly easy way of reading and is highly functional. What’s amazing about the text box is that they highlight the font and name by bordering around the letting. The idea is to keep it simple and also focus on clean lettering and simple words. Box logo is prominent among universities to show off their name in style.

Big and bright colors

8 Slice logo Graphic Elements

In a study conducted by Coca-Cola on “Importance of color consistency for a consumer product company,” 92.6% of people said that color was the most important factor when it comes to buying. Designers tend to play with fun color palettes, with often unexpected hue combinations (no more boring same sky blue logos).

Negative space

Incorporating negative space in an innovative and clever way is quite a skill, and it’s been growing in popularity in logo design as well over the past few years.

Geometric shape

Geometric shape

Usage of abstract and geometric shapes is a predominant trend set to continue any day because these shapes are clear and bold lines. And, yes, simplicity! You can see this trend updated with warm and bright color palettes.

What are the 9 principles of effective logo design?

Know your brand

When you are in the quest to design your logo, make sure to have thoughtful insights into the brand. Your main motto behind the logo should be reaching your target audience. So, write down what your business is all about and find out the brand ideology and inspirations that it holds for the future. Get hold of the brand personality also.

Is it a lighter brand or a tough brand in terms of its tone?

What is the fact that it wants to portray to its market and customers? All these details must be ready beforehand, and they will guide you create your logo design.

Portray the nature of your business

While coming up with a modern logo, make sure that it is fully capable of representing your business. The colors and images used must coincide with the business you run and the products or services that you cater to. Only when a logo aligns with your business, it will create a brand identity for your company in the competitive market.

Your target audience would also easily grasp your message when the logo design reflects your business, its values, and its attributes. So, whether you are an amateur logo designer or redesigning an already existing business logo, consider these tips to come up with a top-notch modern logo.

Impression plays an important role

Your logo’s prime goal is to make an everlasting impression on the market and on your customers. Just a glance at your logo should mesmerize people. The logo’s function is to entice the audience again and again once they get a good impression of the design.

To create a great impression, you need to make sure that your modern logo is unique, which means it should be based on a new concept so that it stands out from the crowd of logos in the market.

The modern logo design must be more flamboyant than that of your competitors.

Pick your logo colors consciously

Colors play a very crucial role in determining a brand’s message. For instance, using red as your main color will convey the message as your brand is aggressive, passionate, and enigmatic. It means your brand targets, young customers. If blue is your color theme, it will invoke the feeling of togetherness and intelligence.

This is the reason social media channels like Facebook and Twitter have their logos in blue. Use some bold and bright colors to grab your audience’s attention. Remember that every color invokes a specific emotion, which becomes the message of the viewers and customers.

There is psychology as well as the science behind colors, which modern graphic designers use effectively.

Pay attention to font selection

Many times designers do not pay enough attention to the selection of fonts, and they choose them randomly. The fact is that typefaces speak loudly about your brand’s personality. For example, a typeface that you use for a company that produces baby products and toys will be a handwritten one. This is because the target audience is children, and you want it to be fun and playful. Similarly, for a rock music band, pick fonts that develop a strong personality for your brand. Make sure that there is no misinterpretation between the typeface you choose and the brand personality. If your choice of typeface doesn’t represent your brand, the logo will send the wrong signal to your potential clients. Sans serif fonts are a great choice for logos.

Also, avoid using quirky fonts and stick to unique, high-quality fonts that are created especially for your logo. The logos of Coco-Cola and Pepsi are recognized by their custom fonts.

Choose your logotype

Typographic logo design

Do you wish to have a modern logo that has your company’s name as the main feature? That could be the best logo idea. Logos like that are known as logotypes. Examples of famous logotypes include the logos of Ray-ban, Coca-Cola, and IBM.

If you choose to have a logotype, it will make your business’s name visible to all your customers immediately. This also makes your logo your brand’s advertisement. You wouldn’t be needing to spend too much on generating publicity about your brand. The logo by itself will tell your company name to people. Startups with small marketing budgets can benefit from logotypes.

But if you choose to have a symbol, you would be needing to spend a lot of funds on bringing awareness about your brand name. Prominent companies that incorporate logo symbols include Apple which has half byte apple as its logo. You can also think of a symbol that has both the company name as well a symbol. Such a logo will speak about your company name as well as communicate your business message.

Keep It Simple

Every expert logo designer or graphic designer will tend to give you this advice. They lay an extra emphasis on creating a simple logo design. Even if it is a modern logo design, it can be kept simple. It implies that you can use one or two colors, fonts, and other elements. The viewers should be able to get the message at first glance the logo. But if there are too many complex colors and fonts or a complex shape of the logo, it will send a mixed signal to the viewers.

A simple logo also thrives as a memorable design. Most of the global businesses are represented by simple logos. For example, the Nike logo is a simple swoosh logo. The Pepsi logo is made of two colors only. The Samsung logo just has one color. Have a look at the logo of Google––it is the simplest logo in the world.

Design scalable logo

Another quality of a full-size logo is that it should be easily scalable. Remember that you will be featured in a variety of advertisements. It should appear impressive on all the media. This means when it is scaled up to larger proportions in advertisements and billboards, the logo should look stunning. But if the logo has lost its sense of proportion and its design elements look odd in the advertisements, your modern logo is a failed design. Similarly, if there is a need to print your logo on a marketing or promotional material like a pen, the logo design must still be visible.

Should be impressive in B/W

Another effective tip to create a modern and powerful logo design is to make sure that it is impressive in black and white. There are many instances where the logo should appear without colors. It might be on documents, faxed documents, newspaper ads, stationery, and many other materials. For example, a newspaper ad is generally black and white. This means that your logo should make an everlasting impression on the viewers.

One of the tricks to creating stellar modern logo designs in black and white is by making sure that they look great at the sketching stage. When you are in the sketching stage, do not rely on colors. Your logo should be a memorable design without colors too.

Logo design inspirations are available in plenty on the internet. Here are a few examples from the big players who have created modern logo designs that are both smart and memorable. These design examples will make your design process smoother and easier.

What are the most popular trends in logo design right now?

we’ll see this logo design trend played out with subtle and subdued qualities. Using some of the trends we’ve mentioned in our list like experimental typography, layers and monochromatic color palettes in one cohesive logo design can tell a unique story.


The purpose of a modern logo is to communicate your brand message effectively so that it could be understood by all the people around the world. Whether you already have an outstanding logo or looking for ways to create a brand mark, just remember there are numerous logo design ideas available online. Your modern logo should not only look good but should also work harmoniously with other parts of your brand and take your business to new heights.

Surf through the web to find the best logo maker, logo templates, key logo design trends, inspiration, tutorials, and design support resources that would be of great help to kick off your business. Use these tools to lower your expenditure on designs. If you wish to come up with a professional one in the first go, there are several design services to help you increase your brand identity.

Your brand is your personality. You can stun your customers, as well as your competitors by meeting your modern logo designs requirement with All Time Design.

February 1, 2021
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