18 Vintage Logo Designs Inspirations

18 Vintage logo designs inspirations

Vintage is all about storytelling. Think of Prohibition-era USA or the Golden Age Of Exploration. Think mountaineers, pioneers, and Henry David Thoreau sitting in his cabin with a Herschel backpack and logo designs.

Vintage brands are like a nostalgic departure from the present to a somewhere faraway place or time. This often takes the form of going back to your roots with visual elements representing an old dog, heritage, and tradition. Whiskey manufacturers still use the same technique they have been incorporating for decades, creating a brand identity.

From liquor manufacturers to adventure gears and coffee shops, vintage is a style favored by companies because of its versatility.

Note that not all vintage logos are industry-specific. Other underlying themes like self-reliance and paradoxical teamwork and togetherness make these vintage logo designs appealing to some sectors.

What makes a good vintage logo?

A great logo is something that shows the world what you stand for, makes people remember your company, and help your potential customers understand whether your product is right for them. Logos can communicate all of these through color, shape, and other design elements. You should learn to make your vintage logo tell your brand story.

Find out how in this guide to know about logo designs.

When to use Vintage Logos?

Logo Trends

The time period for vintage logos is usually between the 1920s and 1970s, and that is what modern designers consider while coming up with vintage logos. By incorporating these unique techniques in their work, logo designers pay tribute to that unique era. If you think that your brand personality matches the brand, don’t hesitate to explore this style.

Vintage styles are timeless and aren’t affected by time, style, age, or taste. Circles and intricate patterns are the heart of the retro logo. Usage of bright primary colors gives the 1960s, and 1970s feel. The most commonly used combo is dual-toned colors.

It takes many influences and evokes certain tones and memories of the past to come up with a retro logo design. Often it involves vintage typography.

You can incorporate fonts like Hemingway, Motherline, Stiquez, Jibril, etc. You can attain a true retro look with a mix of typefaces. Try mixing clean retro fonts with cursive fonts to design a great vintage logo. Logo designing has lots of weightage in the creative market, and vintage logos is something that adds more value to logo designing.

One of the fascinating parts of the vintage logo design is the use of borders. You can choose between solid colors and antique designs.

Logos with a hand-drawn/sketchy look is apt for a vintage logo design and impresses your audience with its artistic talent. To enhance your brand’s charm, you can add design elements like an application of a scratch filter to offer a faded look.

Moreover, you can make your logo design attractive by using tones of sepia, black and white with some crazy dazzling colors to get a great impression.

Vintage logos evoke a pleasant feeling from a certain era because of the emotional connection with the visual styles that you are using in the logo. Your logo should look cool, smart, relaxing as well as welcoming, all based on the era and place you are deriving your vintage logo inspiration from.

Professional logo designers

We understand that choosing a logo design is a tough decision. For any business or brand, logos are of the utmost importance. They are what people will identify or associate the firm with. Your logo is your brand’s identity, so it’s important that it accurately represents your business.

Below are a few helpful hints from our professional logo designer for you to keep in mind while you are going through the process.

Vintage logo design trends

Vintage logos are all the rage in the creative market right now. Every single day we see impressive collections of vintage, retro, and hipster logos and graphics. Whether you would want to create your vintage logos or would want to purchase some elements to add a pinch of nostalgia to your business, it pays to keep on trend with what is popular.

Here are seven vintage designs you should check out for designing the perfect logo.


The badge concept belongs to the very heart of vintage logo designs. Designers typically shoot for a nice and simple that can be stamped anywhere on anything. Circles are so far the most popular shapes that have been incorporated for these badges. But you will also find plenty of hexagons, shields, and diamonds.

Hand Drawn logo templates

The emergence of the hipster movement has embraced things handmade, so logos have a sketchy and hand-drawn look to fit really well into this aesthetics. The artistic talent present in this category is impressive. However, a vintage logo has a masculine appearance, but it is nice to see some companies having complex floral arrangements and beautiful muted colors.

Industrial, Land and Sea and Outdoors

As we ponder upon the early to mid-20th-century logo design, we can see simple logo designs without feathered shadows and gradients or 3D renderings, but they have still created a bold visual statement. During those times, the graphic icons were hammers, axes, factories, wrenches, not clouds, and wifi signals.

It’s natural for our tech-savvy generation to be easily attracted to visuals that remind us of the industrial revolution.

For whatever reason, be it, vintage logo treatments mostly feature animals like deer, moose, elk; it doesn’t matter. This goes hand in hand with the overall outdoorsy trend used in this type of logo (mountains, trees, etc.). Nautical themes are something extremely popular as well.

Anchors, fish, and ropes are considered some of the really attractive graphical elements.

Logo designs that belonged to the early and mid-twentieth century lacked the technical sophistication which is present in the creative market today. This meant that logo designers used simple and strong imagery to depict the world of that era.

The only designs that were used were images of axes, hammers, factories, wrenches, and other tools of the day. In contrast, today’s scenario consists of an attempt to depict a virtual world and a more abstract sense of work. Vintage logos takes you back to the imagery of the industrial revolution, featuring simple tools and images again.

Another rebellion against living in urban centers and working in cubicles in the trend of depicting the outdoors in the form of vintage logos. Natural themes, nautical elements, wild animals, and old school transportation denote the perceived freedom of ” simpler times.”

Vintage logo styles that depict the logos from the industrial revolution, the outdoors, and animals take the viewers from their four-walled lifestyle. If you hope that your brand will attract consumers who long for adventures or freedom, or if your business aims to provide these things, these retro-type logos could be the best option.

Beer and Coffee custom logo

Even though time keeps marching on, empires keep rising and falling; some things never change. That is mankind’s love for beer and coffee. The shared love of our ancestors for these beverages makes them a prime subject for vintage logo design.

Logos On Photos

Have a look at the past and see how logos were displayed ten years ago, and you can typically see a solid background or maybe a gradient. The bright, colorful, and complex internet of logos has looked too busy for anything else. Off late, Montone and hipster logos are simple enough to look amazing when overlaid on top of any photograph.

Line Art

We always find it interesting to see how we alter current design trends to create vintage graphics. When Skeumorphism was a topnotch trend to follow, vintage artwork had used heavy textures like paper, leather and rust, and even some ink brushes. Now since the flat design is at its peak, vintage logos often use thin lines and simple illustrations.


This is the logo incorporated by Big Rigs and Pancakes (All rights reserved to Freshinnet), and it uses an art deco style typeface and a pinup girl to transport that takes customers to a hybrid era in the past.

Typography is an imperative element of any vintage logo. Logo designers in the past have used specific fonts and typography to attain the look they wish to achieve. Choosing the right typography can instantly take your logo to a different era.

The thoughtful design of borders is another fabulous aspect of coming up with vintage logos. Designers can use borders to create a frame for a picture or a badge, show off a focus area, or highlight certain information. Depending on how ornamental a border is, and the colors uses, the border can make or break a vintage logo design.

The right typography with the right detailing includes borders are the principal touches you need to give to your vintage logo the retro look you are aiming for. If you have a particular era of time in your mind that you feel really speaks to your customers about your brand, creating a logo that has typography and details of that area is the right choice for your business.

Using shapes, illustrations, and color schemes

Another fantastic way to showcase a retro look to the world is through the usage of simple geometric shapes of different sizes in the brightest colors to create a maximum visual impact. Colors are what draws attention to a design, and the harmonious creation of shapes keeps the eyes hooked.

If you are a food seller that sells decadent treats, relating their business to an era where there wasn’t anything of that sort in the grocery store is a great idea. Instruct your logo designer about the exact colors and illustrations you want him or her to include in your vintage logo.

Full-color printing is a modern invention, so limited usage of retro-looking colors is a great way to create a vintage look. Two-tone coloring suggests a vintage that has its focus on one color and two or three related shades that make up a unique theme.

Know The Brand

Your logo can also be called the face of your company and an introduction to your brand. So while designing a logo from a collection of inspiration or on your own, you should first consider the target audience of your business. You should also know the brand history if it’s been for plenty of years.

Then find out who your competitors are. Have a look at their visual identities; such details are crucial inputs to know a brand.

Make it stand out

A memorable logo design is the one that stands visible in the crowd of logos. Have a look at the iconic Apple logo– it’s a bitten apple image. Since the word byte emerged, it sounds like a bite, people like the logo more for its dual suggestion meaning that it has got.

The company communicates its business images through the unique use of the bitten apple logo.

Incorporate different colors and unique shapes for your logo. You can create quirky logos that beats the conventional ones. Whatever you do, the design must definitely catch the eyes of your audience through uniqueness. That’s when your logo could be spotted by people in the crowd.

Pick different colors

When you want to offer your brand a personality, think about all aspects of colors. Colors give your company’s logo design an image by making it visually bright. If you use bold and bright colors, it easily grabs the attention of your audience. If you want to give a sense of sophistication to your logo, use muted colors.

Remember that every color has its own psychological effects on people. A main characteristic of colors is that they evoke our emotions. So while choosing the colors for your logo, keep in mind the meaning they will bring for your brand.


A memorable logo is all about creating a design that is simple yet unique. It must be able to convey your brand message using colors and fonts aesthetically. The logo must also look stunning in all sizes and in the black and white version. Before beginning to design your logo, do detailed research on the market and audience.

Nowadays there was a lot of free online logo maker tools available. You can make your own logo, customize your logo, without the help of a professional designer.

To get amazing logos designed for your business, get in touch with professional logo design companies like All Time Design. With 24×7 Customer support and on-time delivery, you can make your brand’s logo look awesomely vintage.

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