Logo for Finance Company: Ideas to Get Inspired

Logo for Finance Company

Whether you’re in accounting, banking, investment, mortgage, insurance, or bookkeeping, you deal with sensitive information and valuables in finance. So, you need to communicate and build trust, confidence, strength, and maturity with your clients.

You’d think putting dollar signs around a lion head can do that, right?

Not quite. Dealing with numbers doesn’t mean you should go for a cliche, wishy-washy logo. There are several creative ways to convey your brand identity in an authentic, personal way.

Importance of Great Finance Logos

A great logo is one of the first striking things in your branding. And the design elements in your logo from logo colors to shapes, symbols, fonts, and style informs the design of all your branding materials including your website, social media page, and merchandise.

Your logo can be used to convey your company’s history and capabilities. Your logo also helps you create a sense of trust and security in your current and potential customers.

You’re dealing with sensitive information. Before your clients get to start doing business with you, they need to get a sign that you’re ideal for them,

Now, let’s check out some financial services logo designs for your inspiration.

Geometric Financial logo designs


 logo for financial services

This finance logo is one of the most memorable and famous in the industry. By 2019, having become recognized worldwide, Mastercard reduced the elements in its logo to create a bright, modern minimalist design.

The overlaying circles, as well as the colors in the logo design, convey a warm feeling of passion, energy, inclusion, and progress.

Bank of America

logo design for financial services

Being a bank that carries the name of the country, the logo of Bank of America is patriotic in its choice of colors. The logo was released in 2017 and designed by Lippincott.

The stylized flag is designed to include encryption of B- two blue stripes and A – four red stripes. You can consider the abstract shape of the logo to be a titled square. Usually, shapes that have four sides depict a safe which will convert confidence. However, being a patriotic logo, it doesn’t only exude confidence, it also strengthens the emotional attachment with customers.


 Importance of Great Finance Logos

Cloud accounting software company, Holded portrays how much they cherish their customer’s data in its stylized gemstone. The company also portrays itself as a jewel to companies that are taking big strides toward digitalization.

The use of gradients in this finance logo is excellent for digital media but can be tricky to put precisely in print.

Deutsche Bank

Geometric Financial logo designs

For 48 years, the “Slash in a Square” has been the logo of the leading German bank, Deutsche Bank. The logo was first created in black and white by painter and graphic designer, Anton Stankowski, in 1974 and was redesigned in 2010 to include a more laconic and brighter shade of blue.

The combination of elements helps the logo to convey strength, stability, expertise, reliability, and loyalty.

Avante Capital Partners

 How Can I Design My Own Finance Logo

This finance logo uses geometric shapes to portray the essence of the brand which deals with real estate financing. The logo is clean, and crisp, and exudes modernity.

Wordmark Finance Logos

Charles Schwab

logo ideas for financial services

This is another finance logo that achieves minimalism with a text-only design that carries the owner’s full name. This logo uses lowercase italicized Elegant Garamond at the top and uppercase Minion Regular at the bottom to create a dynamic yet simple vibe. The elements of the logo exude, freedom, loyalty, and trustworthiness.

Wells Fargo

 best logo for financial services

Although the popular finance company logo design is the iconic image of a stagecoach and six horses, the primary display is the wordmark on the red background since it is easier to deal with in print and digital media.


logo design for financial services company

Just like other new finance companies, this finance logo uses its simple font to portray the relaxed nature of the company. The swirl in the letter ‘m’ adds to the fun in the logo to ensure that it is more than the name. It is a personality.

American Express

online logo design for financial services company

One of the most reputable and valuable brands in the world, American Express, has a unique finance logo that leverages typography. The use of overlapping ‘C’ and ‘A’ gives the logo a contemporary vibe. Also, the smooth diagonal cuts in the letters ‘S’ makes the logo stylish and elegant.

The logo color also exudes professionalism, trust, high spirits, and authority.


logo for financial services company

A great partner for people with international and cross-continent business, Paypal had a distinctive finance logo that portrays harmony and unity.

Although it didn’t go through major changes, the logo was redesigned in 2014 following the rapid changes happening in the company’s operations. This logo design is simple and worth referencing when creating a modern and simple logo.


logo for financial industry

A fully digital bank, Ally uses just text in its custom logo design. This is a common trend in the logos of new businesses in the fintech industry.

The use of one color and simple fonts makes the logo smooth with a feminine vibe. The unique swirly edge and diagonal cut of the letter ‘a’ also capture the dynamic and cutting-edge nature of the brand.

Combination Mark Finance Logos


 logos for financial sector

Simple bank is everything but simple is its logo design. The finance logo is a mix of the business name and a complex geometric shape that resembles a mandala. This logo conveys security and authenticity.

The intricate pattern captures the network of services offered by the bank. It also portrays connectivity between the customers and the bank through online channels.


logo design ideas for financial

It is common to find arrows as the primary icon in logos for financial businesses dealing with e-payment or online transactions. Deividad Bielskis, the designer of this finance logo adds a different dynamic to the arrows by making them look like a receipt or bill.

Raiffeisen Bank

logos for finance

Inspired by ancient European folk traditions, the gable cross in this finance logo remains highly relevant today. Historically, gables in houses symbolize protection as people believed that gables protect people against external danger.

In Raiffeisen’s logo, the gable cross with crisscrossed horse heads conveys protection and security, The company’s website explains that the logo is based on their self-determined cooperation.

Standard Chartered Bank

 finance company logo design

This finance logo is a blend of a wordmark and an emblem on the left side. The emblem is an intertwined spiral of two colors which symbolizes a solid and reliable partnership between the bank and its customers.

The colors in the logo design make the logo stand out and symbolize loyalty, energy, and passion.

Bank of New York Mellon

 finance company logo design.

One of the most forward-thinking, Bank of New York Mellon, shortens its name in its finance logo and used an arrow to represent its core values. The use of neutral colors helps the logo to convey a neutral and sophisticated appeal.

How Can I Design My Own Finance Logo?

You already have a lot of your time dedicated to crunching numbers and taking care of people’s money, so there might be no extra time to design your own logo yourself.

You can get your design logo customized in just a few minutes with a free logo creator, logo editor, or logo maker. These online tools generate exciting designs from free finance logo templates.

You can customize a logo template to create a creative and unique custom logo that communicates your mission and vision. All you have to do is choose a logo type from the different logo types. Then, customize using the right colors, shapes, fonts, and layouts. Finally, download your logo files in vector files, or PDF. Save them for use in different materials. Check out vintage and modern logo design ideas.

A Professional Designer Will Get You A Long-lasting Finance Logo Design

While online tools are easy to use, you run the risk of falling into cliche usage. You might end up with a design that would get lost in the crowd and not stand the test of time, That’s why you need to seek the service of professional logo designers to bring your ideas to life.

At All Time Design, our designers are battle-tested with an incredible wealth of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to design in every industry. With us, quality is key. You save yourself time and money as you seek a quality, timeless finance logo.

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