10 Creative Logo Ideas for Clothing Brands

Logo Ideas for Clothing

Fashion is what you buy, while style is what defines who you are. Fashion and clothing brands are usually the most patronized and engaged brands that most people can’t do without as people naturally love to buy nice clothes, footwear, and all kinds of accessories to look good.

Clothing brands generally make people look good and people tend to have good relationships with them to achieve their goals and look the part – look trendy and in style.

Beyond the clothing style and appeal, one thing that also strikes people’s attention for the clothing brand is the logo design. A fashion logo, usually minimalistic yet creative, expresses the fashion brand image, and its authority among other brands and ultimately builds trust.

For other industries, the logo design could just be an identifier and a means to outshine competitors in the industry, however for most clothing lines and fashion brands, the logo aside from being an identifier, is also a means by which customers connect with the brand and in a broader sense, is an extension of the fashion brand style.

When people buy clothes or plan to buy some, they usually don’t only look at your collections, they also check your clothing labels to see your logo design. The clothing logo adds to the brand appeal and can be used to communicate quality, comfort, style, and durability to the target audience.

In this blog, we have shared creative logo ideas and all the knowledge and insights to use when creating your fashion logo.

What is logo design?

 ideas for clothing brand logo

A logo is a symbol or emblem that is made up of text, images, and other elements that represent a brand and promotes its public identification and recognition.

Logos represent a particular organization or company through visual image and design that can be easily understood, recognized, and accurately reflects the brand.

As an integral part of a company’s brand identity, a logo must communicate the essence of the brand and inform people of what the company does at first glance. So essentially, aside from helping the target audience and general public to identify and differentiate the brand from its competitors, it also gives people an idea of what the brand does.

As a result, the logo design process is the critical job of professional graphic designers and is a creative process that heavily relies on research and consultation. Logo design involves the process of creating the perfect visual brand mark of a company.

A fashion logo design is an integral of fashion branding that establishes the image of the fashion business in the eyes of its customers. Depending on the fashion brand, the fashion logo could be a symbol, brandmark, or a logotype, along with a tagline.

A logo is meant to be long-term as this is something that customers can connect with to become familiar with your brand and promote brand loyalty.

Fashion Logos Vs. Regular logos

Unlike fashion logos, regular logos doesn’t have any guidelines or checklists of any sort as pretty much anything goes. However, fashion brand logos have certain guidelines or factors that must be considered when creating designs.

Depending on your fashion brand, the logo design can look anything from minimalist, modern, and sleek to thick, vintage, or bulky designs. The three important factors to consider when designing a fashion logo include:

1. Be clear about the kind of Fashion clothing you will be offering:

When designing your fashion brand logo, you must decide what type of fashion clothing you will be creating – it can either be high-end fashion clothing like designers or luxury brands or budget clothing like jeans, skirts, or t-shirts. You can choose your preferred logo depending on the clothing type you focus on.

2. The theme of your fashion brand.

The next thing to consider is the theme – the idea on which you are selling your clothes or fashion brands. This theme is what defines your brand and in most cases is distinct to your brand. Your fashion brand theme is your fashion design elements that are unique to your brand.

3. Who are your target audience?

The last thing to consider is the market you will be targeting. Before creating your clothing logo design, you must clearly define the age group or the class of people you will be selling your product to. If you are going to sell children’s clothes, your clothing logo will be different from the brand selling to adults.

Irrespective of the choice you make for your clothing brand, the graphics designer must work with the fashion designer to create your custom logo that can stand the test of time.

Since the brand logo is not something you can suddenly change along the line, you must ensure you make your logo count from the start.

Why do you need a logo for your clothing brand?

Having a logo for your fashion brand can help your brand in the following ways:

It can help you stand out from your competition

 logo ideas for clothing line

It is not that almost every industry has a very competitive environment and many companies in the industry constantly competing against one another. Fashion brands unlike brands are one that highly values uniqueness and distinctiveness.

With many knockoff clothing designs plaguing the industry, the last thing you want to do is to create a logo design that looks like another brand. This mistake will not only affect your brand growth but will also make it hard for your target audience to differentiate themselves from your competitors.

Communicate a message

 logo ideas for clothing brand

In the present-day buying process, customers usually buy beyond the actual product – but the story behind it. Which every story your brand wishes to tell, your logo must be able to capture the essence of your brand style. Your logo must be able to communicate the core values of your brand that your customers can connect with, without confusing them.

Sustain the style identity

 logo design ideas for clothing line

The fashion industry is highly driven by trends and popular culture, but this doesn’t mean your brand logo should change as trends change.

This is why you should always aim for a timeless design that suits your brand and complements your brand as designs evolve over time. You must ensure that your logo design goes beyond the current inventory and accurately reflects your brand.

Your brand logo builds your brand identity

 logo name ideas for clothing brand

Your brand logo leaves a visual impact and impression that speaks about your brand and reminds your customers and target audience that you exist.

A logo can give your brand a strong visual identity that can be associated with your brand and help them keep your brand in their mind. They are a central part of brand identity that helps your customers identify and recognize your brand from the pool of similar brands.

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Elements of a good fashion logos

A good fashion logo must include the following elements

It must be clean and simple

 logo ideas for clothing boutique

As you already know, the fashion industry is stylish, trendy, and sleek. As a result, a fashion logo design must accurately reflect this by being elegant, clean, simple, and sleek. Your fashion doesn’t have to be so complicated or overboard, the best fashion logos are the ones that are immediately recognizable at first glance and always leave a lasting impression.

It must accurately reflect your work

 logo design ideas for clothing

As a fashion designer, your logo is the best asset your brand has to successfully attract and gain the right target audience for your brand. Lending credence to the popular saying that “first-time impression matters” in this context, your brand logo is the first thing that your potential target market sees about your brand before checking your product.

For this reason, you must ensure your audience can communicate your brand message and signature style from the logo features and design.

It must be able to stand the test of time

creative logo design ideas for clothing business

Fashion logo designs are not time-bound and are usually relevant beyond the year it’s designed. Your own logo must be able to stand the test of time for many years after it’s been designed or even decades to come. Usually, a logo layout with a simple and clean design is bound to stay relevant for a very long time than an overly stylized design with time-bound elements.

Illustration and symbols

 logo names ideas for clothing

Your brand logo usually contains illustrations and/or symbols that are used to represent the brand. The illustrations and symbols must accurately reflect the brand values, and traits and give off the sense of high-end premium quality.


 graphic design logo ideas for clothing brand

Typography is defined as the art of arranging letters and texts in a way that makes a design or copy legible, easy to read, and visually appealing to the readers and general audience. Your logo font style is important to the functionality and longevity of the logo design.

Your font style must be clean and simple to present an accurate reflection of your brand and help you gain the attention of your target audience. You can use a logo maker tool to create logos that stand out.

Important steps for creating your clothing brand logos

Consider taking the following steps when creating your clothing brand logos

Know your target audience

 logo for clothing brand ideas

Every industry is different in its kind of product or service and its target audience. The fashion industry like other industries also has its distinct product and type of audience they cater to.

Hence, before creating your brand logo, you must understand your target market, their needs, and the problems they have that you wish to solve with your product and use all this information to create your brand-specific logo.

Create a culture

 logo ideas for clothing business

Culture is important in the fashion industry. Considering that different countries of the world have their own culture that defines them and sets them apart from other people. While places like Nigeria and India have some colorful wedding dresses, which are very different from western weddings with more white and nude colors.

As a result, you must create a culture for your brand and clothing line and reflect this form of the color, theme, and typography that helps your target audience connect with your brand.

Add negative space to your logo design

 logo design ideas for clothing business

In the field of design, negative space also refers to white space – a blank space that doesn’t contain any design, text, or elements. Many studies have found that adding negative space to your brand logo gives it more depth especially when there’s a hidden image from the negative space. Beyond this, negative space gives more context to the symbols and texts of the logo design and makes it more eligible, easily recognizable, and classy.

Choose the right color for your logo design

 business logo ideas for clothing

Color psychology is one of the few important things you must consider before creating your brand logo. Choosing the right color scheme for your logo can make all the difference to your target audience and affects how they relate to you. For example, children’s brands usually have fun and lively, so it’s expected that you use vibrant colors while black and grey are usually more well suited for adult brands.

Choose a unique typeface

 cool logo ideas for clothing

Traditionally in design, there are four primary classifications of typefaces families – Serifs, Sans-Serifs, Script, and Decorative fonts. Serif fonts have a more formal and classic appeal while sans serifs give a more modern look.

The decorative fonts on the other hand are unique and playful with the tendency to add personality to your clothing brand while script fonts are more elegant and classy. You must ensure you choose a font that accurately represents your brand.

Incorporate storytelling in your logo

 fashion logo design ideas for clothing

Your brand logo is an integral part of your visual identity and since it important part of what defines you, you can incorporate your brand story into it in a way that can influence your customer’s buying decisions and help them to choose you over other brands,

Flaunt your design style

 clothing logo ideas

Your clothing style is one of the most important things your customers and prospective ones look out for when choosing a brand. As we already know that your logo is the face of your brand, it must clearly show and present you as a stylish brand for your target audience to connect with.

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10 Clothing logo ideas that never go out of style

Hugo Boss

 clothing brand logo ideas

Hugo Boss Logo is one of the most admired and recognized fashion logos in the world. With its formal serif typeface, it portrays a dominating personality, elegance, and integrity.


 clothing line logo ideas

The well-known french fashion house is popular for its ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. The company’s logo has two interlocking C’s which represent its name, Coco Chanel. The san serif typeface gives the company an informal outlook.

Alexandar McQueen

Alexander McQueen is a British luxury fashion brand with times new roman font style. The logo has a small “c” inside the “Q” to indicate the company’s future growth plans which makes it look more elegant and classy.


 fashion clothing logo ideas

Hollister is an American lifestyle brand for casual wear with a seagull logo with a minimalistic design look. The seagull symbol and two different typefaces for “Hollister” and “California” make the logo look very unique and exceptional.


 clothing business logo ideas

Superdry is a British international brand owned by SuperGroup with unique Japanese characters that read “Kyokudo Kanso(Shinasai)” translated as maximum dry. The Japanese characters and orange culture make this apparel logo stand out from other brands.


 logo name ideas for clothing brand

Levi’s is a global American clothing brand known for its brand of jeans. The batwing-shaped logo with a bright hue of red evokes passion and makes it very visible.

Ted Baker

 clothing business logo design ideas

Ted Baker is a British brand known for its menswear, womenswear, and accessories with the texts distantly placed against each other and with a black and white color expressing elegance and power.


 vintage clothing logo ideas

Zara is a Spanish clothing brand with stores across the world. Highly recognized as one of the best apparel logos, with a minimalistic black and white color. The use of capital letters speaks of power and authority.


 creative logo design ideas for clothing business

Burberry is a British luxury brand with a highly symbolic, traditional, and classic logo that clearly represents the nobility, honor, pride, determination, elegance, and durability of the brand.

Calvin Klein

 logo ideas clothing

Calvin Klein is a global US fashion brand with one of the best minimalistic clothing logos. Its acronym “CK” represents the brand name, Calvin Klein. The white font on the black background clearly expresses grace, elegance, perseverance, and purity.

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