Amazing Logo Ideas for Food

logo ideas for food

If you’re looking to start building a food brand, a logo is one of the first things you should create.

Food logos are prime proof that there’s a lot of brand recognition power in logos.

There’s a high chance that when you walk into a grocery store or make a restaurant decision, a logo comes to mind first or alongside the name of the food brand.

We know it can be a herculean task when it comes to creating a logo that’s why we’ve put together this article with different logos from the food industry to inspire you to start designing your own logo.

 logo ideas for food business

What makes a good food logo and why is it important?

An amazing food logo whets customers’ appetites. Your products and food items will be experienced by customers in different situations but before your potential customers get to taste your food, they see your logo first.

A logo is one of the first elements of branding. It’ll not only appear on your website but also inform the colors you use on your packaging and different brand assets.

Your food logo represents your brand and provides insight into your services. Your customers can see your food truck and tell instantly what you produce.

It also helps you stand above competitors. As such, choosing the right colors, icons, layouts, style, fonts, themes, and shapes are key to making sure your food logo rises above competitors.

A well-designed food logo is simple, memorable, unique, flexible, and timeless. You might not create a perfect logo at the get-go, but you need to create one that you wouldn’t have to change every now and then.

That said, you can now start creating your food logo design, except it’s not that easy. You need the inspiration to give you an idea of what and how to create your own food logo design.

Here are some food logos you can browse through to get your creative juice flowing.

Food Logo Inspiration

1. Promasidor

Promasidor is one of the leading food brands in more than 30 African countries. Its emblematic logo is paired with the company name for easy recognition. As the brand continued to grow, its logo became more recognized. The two colors represent the brand’s warmth, creativity, balance, and expansiveness.

 logo ideas for food truck

2. Smucker’s

Smucker’s recently changed its well-recognized logo but still retains elements from its old logo. The new logo has a  red strawberry-like element- which is a homage to a key ingredient in the company’s heritage. The leaf shapes in the food logo design represent its creativity, culture, and growth potential while the yellow shape points to innovative thinking and fresh ideas.

logo design ideas for food business

3. Chi Limited

Chi is a leading brand in the West African food industry. The company is traditionally a drink-producing company. So, it creatively represents its custom product in on the “I” by making it look like a burst of fruit.

 logo design ideas for food

4. Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits

After changing from Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, to Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits, the brand moved to make its logo more appealing to its new audience- the younger generation. This new logo combines a playful font with colors that represent playfulness, happiness, creativity, and energy. Check out some modern logo design ideas.

 burger logo design ideas for food business

5. Mexout

Mexout logo is fun and engaging. The logo is styled in a way that portrays a movement that is inspired by what a Mex-pert means – a person who travels the world finding the best dishes. The color and font also portray the boldness of the brand.

 logo name ideas for food business

6. Torafuku

Torafuku embodies its classic Asianness in its logo. The vibrant metallic foil color expresses cultural heritage mixed with innovativeness using a grounded font to match.

 fast food logo design ideas for food business

7. TacoRepublica

The color of the taqueria’s logo represents guacamole. Although it only contains the company name, it uses an eye-catching font to create a feeling of happiness and enthusiasm.

 bakery logo design ideas for food business

8. Kellogg’s

Kellogs logo is a hallmark of a custom logo. It’s a stylish typography logo that shows a good idea of how to customize your logo. It uses a script font to make it an imitation signature of Keith Kellogg, one of the company’s founders. The font is a customized font called Kellog’s sans logo to preserve the company’s personality. It also uses a color that represents the company’s history.

 logo design ideas for food products

9. Baskin Robbins

Two words – Baskin and Robbins form the base of the ice cream and pastry store logo. These words are mixed with number symbols -31 – that stand out in pink. The logo carries the history of the brand, the type of its assortments, and its peculiarities. Although Baskin Robbin’s ice cream now has 13,00 flavors, it still uses its famous motto “31 flavors” which is only an advertising trick to attract attention to the great brand.

 simple logo design ideas for food

10. Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a creative food logo using sans-serif typeface and shades of purple to create a negative space that forms a bell. This logo has been a subject of debate in the design world. While some think the pendulum inside the bell is in fact a taco, others think it isn’t. Regardless, this makes it a unique logo and shows you that people are paying attention to your food logo. Find some interesting vintage logo design ideas.

 restaurant logo design ideas for food

11. Subway

The subway logo deftly plays with fonts to give a representation of a customer entering and exiting the restaurant easily. The colors are chosen to represent a refreshing look of vegetables which is one key ingredient on the brand’s menu.

 logo ideas for business food

12. Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC also carries its history in its logo by using the face of the founder, Colonel Harland Sanders as a mascot for the restaurant. The colors give the logo a vibrant and friendly look.

 catering logo ideas for food business

13. Nestle

You’ll find the logo of this popular food and beverage company on tea, coffee, frozen convenience food, confectionery, cereals, snacks, and baby food. It’s a combination mark logo that used a symbol representing what Nestle means in German- “small nest” with birds in it. It also shows a feeding process that represents the caring nature of the brand and appeals to its target audience.

 logo ideas for food delivery business

14. Domino’s

Domino’s logo gives you an idea of how to portray brand history in your own food logo. Interestingly, the dots represent the first three locations the business started from. The blue and red logo design make Domino’s logo attractive.

 logo style ideas for food

15. McDonald’s

One of the most popular and recognizable food logos is McDonald’s. Its simple layout is one element that makes it a great logo. Interestingly, the golden M sign is shaped in a way that resembles the restaurant’s French fries. This is a subtle advertisement of the restaurant’s menu. The logo colors, red and yellow, not only represent the friendly nature of the brand but also attract attention and arouse appetite.

 ideas for food bank logo

16. M & M’s

M & M showcases how you can reflect straightforwardness and conciseness in your food logo. The cocoa beans’ color used for the logo of the famous candy brand gives a captivating and recognizable look.

 logo name ideas for food

17. Burger King

Here’s an appetizing food logo. The fast-food restaurant is considered the second most recognized food brand in the world after McDonald’s. The colors used are shades of the natural colors you’ll see on baked goods.

 business logo ideas for food

18. Pringles

This food logo is funny yet attractive. You can say it’s charming too since it’s a representation of a talisman. The talisman in black called Mr. Pringles is a caricature of the brand’s legendary baker, Julius Pringles. Mr. Pringles has a tie that’s shaped out of his name. Cute food logo isn’t it? The logo is styled to look like modern emoticons so it’ll appeal to the younger generation.

 cafe logo design ideas for food business

19. Lay’s

The American brand of potato chips has redesigned its logo six times but never removed its name from the logo. This is to show the stability of the brand. The logo uses a yellow background shaped in form of a fried potato yet represents a sun. The yellow ball is wrapped in a red ribbon with the name of the brand written in white. The colors and font match to show the prominence of the brand.

fast food logo ideas for food business

Other Amazing Food logo designs

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Ready to make your own food logo?

Creating a logo should be fun when you have an unlimited number of concepts to use as inspiration. You could also browse through Instagram and other websites to find free food logo templates to help your creative journey.

However, if you feel stuck, don’t hesitate to contact a professional design agency or hire a freelancer to create the best fit. You are in safe hands when you hire a professional designer to help you create a perfect food logo for your restaurant.

There are other ways to get a logo which include:

  • Logo maker (DIY)

Using a free food logo maker gives you the chance to make your food logo instantly. You can access several free logo templates or make your logo yourself from scratch. Once you enter your business details and choose the color and fonts, it would take no time to download the logo files and access them at any time.

Here’s some logo maker software to use:

  • Brand Crowd
  • Canva
  • Design Hill
  • GraphicSprings
  • Looka
  • Tailor Brands
  • Organize a design contest

This is a great way to get a perfect logo. The code is to write a clear creative brief detailing your business information, visual preference, and brand’s personality. Put a good prize to it. Then sit back and watch multiple designers from all over the world rush to make you awesome logo options to choose from. Once the samples are in, you pick the one you like best and only pay for that. Check out some amazing food truck design ideas.

Bottom Line

Whichever route you choose, don’t forget to ask for feedback from all stakeholders (including customers, family, and friends) to make sure your food logo is simple, consistent with the brand, and appealing to customers.

July 21, 2022
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