Creative Menu Design Ideas

menu design ideas

Menus function similarly to a bistro, cafe, or restaurant’s business card. Aside from the ambiance, the menu leaves a lasting impact that sticks in our sensory memories and influences our eating choices for days, months, or even years.

If you utilize the right restaurant menu design ideas, you can ensure that your restaurant stands out and gives customers a great experience. That is essential if you want your restaurant to succeed and guarantee that customers come back for a repeat purchase.

After their initial visit, traditionally, 70% of customers won’t come back to your restaurant. So your restaurant must have an impact if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

Restaurants must accomplish numerous goals to create positive images of their brands at once. Your menu is where it all begins. One of the first user interactions customers have with your company is through this.

You must therefore leave an excellent first impression. In addition, you must use additional tactics to make your menu stand out to your customers.

Everything begins with creating a menu that looks fantastic either physically or on your website. The menu should pop out on all platforms, including desktop, tablet, and mobile. Making the menu better will guarantee your consumers a positive first impression.

The subsequent encounter can be less enjoyable if the first thing they notice is how awful your menu looks. Check out some product packaging design ideas.

How Do You Design a Menu Layout?

You must first decide how to design your menu’s layout and whether to use a template or start from scratch.

A template provides you with the foundational elements and a reliable starting point. Then, depending on your budget, you can download free menu templates, buy menu templates, or create your preferred choice with designers such as All Time Design. Additionally, you can modify a template to make it fit entirely into your eatery.

Due to its infinite requests, All Time Design offers you the broadest selection of expert designs to select from and customize once payment is complete. When a personal designer creates your restaurant menu template, you may discover a design for every restaurant style, food, and aesthetic. Making changes to existing menu designs for restaurants, customizing their many menu templates, and creating new menus are all made simple by their payment package.

Your design template must be appealing and effectively convey your brand identity

This can be accomplished using advanced visual communication techniques that go above and beyond the basics.

Since there isn’t much, you can do to entice potential customers before they try your food, getting them to appreciate your printed menu or website is a terrific approach to get their interest straight away.

Consider compatibility difficulties when creating your online menu. It would be best to consider whether your menu is compatible with Google, delivery apps, or other software. It must appear fantastic on phones, tablets, and any device your customer may select.

 creative menu design ideas

The user experience must be one of the major priorities. Every encounter a user makes with your business online is included in this. They interact with your business each time they read your menu.

Is the menu aesthetically pleasing and straightforward to navigate? Is it eye-catching, or does it appear drab and lifeless? Test your own menu layout to ensure it appeals to your intended demographic.

Consider How Customers Use Your Menu as Well

Designers first believed the menu’s center to be a sweet spot. But, according to the most recent research, a customer reads a menu from left to right like a book.

You may want to consider hiring a designer from All Time Design if you’re finding it hard to create the ideal menu layout. Your All Time Design assigned graphic designer can contribute their skills and guarantee that your own menu is accessible online and stays outside in physical prints.

Tips for Designing Menus

It would be best if you considered a few straightforward menu design ideas to attract customers and make sure they adore your menu. These are effective no matter what kind of business you’re creating a menu for.

Use Stunning Images

Take some Instagram-worthy photos of the dishes for your menu after selecting your best-looking food. Prepare foods that will tempt your customers’ palates, and they won’t be able to refuse. Make sure the food is perfectly plated when you shoot the pictures. Here, it makes sense to commission this work from a qualified photographer. It’s famously difficult to shoot food; therefore, you don’t want to post unappealing pictures of your best dishes on your menu.

Match Your Brand

Make sure the aesthetic of your company is reflected in your menu design. Everything from the color palette to the fonts to the type of images you employ must match the brand.

Consider Value

Avoid the pitfall of making your meal appear too pricey or ostentatious. The majority of customers will be seeking delicious cuisine at a reasonable cost. Focus on the choices on your menu that offer the best value.

Use Pairing Strategies

Ensure that you are combining menu items. Utilize trade secrets, such as a chef’s menu. Make sure to highlight the mouthwatering dishes that your clients won’t want to miss. Create a delicious-sounding menu.

Tell a Story to Them

The easiest method to fascinate an audience is to sell a tale. Numerous tales can be told about your food. Talk about preparing or using nutritional information to highlight health benefits. Check out the logo design ideas for your restaurant.

Innovative Modern Restaurant Menu Layouts

You will find menu designs for fast food restaurants, cafes, casual and upscale restaurants, and bars, menus with holiday themes, menus with a vintage look, and many more. These delicious designs efficiently engage the senses by fusing good flavor and practicality. This can be combined with a great restaurant design plan for a more impressive effect.

HQ Photography Menu Design Ideas

Nothing awakens the senses more effectively than good images. This is why the majority of restaurants select high-quality images of delectable dishes. Enframed photos and open compositions have recently gained popularity among artists, while both are still widely used.

Enframed Photography

This kind of menu layout is typical in that photos are arranged in designated, framed sections, much like a catalog of product images. Usually, there are numerous images on a page, but even if there is just one, it is still framed.

Open Compositions

Photographs with open compositions appear to lack all corners. The composition extends beyond the menu page since it spans the entire page.

Open composition in photographic menu designs can give the customer the impression that they are perusing a luxury magazine. These days, people prefer this kind of menu design over a traditional menu layout since it speaks more to their senses.

Typically, the text is overlaid over the large backdrop imagery in separate boxes. These menus are frequently highly colorful, increasing patron interest in tasting more items on the menu.

Simplified Text Menus

All establishments do not prefer massive imagery. In some instances, basic text and keeping everything in black and white are adequate and leave everything to the customer’s imagination. Here are a few illustrations of tasteful, trendy, and tastefully made menus that are simple, text-based, and tidy.

These menus typically keep things understated, whether or not they are embellished with discreet illustrations. Selecting an unusual paper for these menu designs could be a wise decision and a wonderful accent to the overall design.

Cartoony Menu Design

Bright colors and cute cartoon pictures in the menu design lift the viewer’s spirits. These menu layouts are appropriate for a cafe, quick food restaurant, and more relaxed dining establishments.

Playful Menu Design

Nothing is more priceless than seeing your customer’s face light up. These menus use fun graphics and cheerful colors to put their customers in a happy mood. It is excellent for a bar and casual restaurant menu.

Classy and Elegant Menu Design

Various classy menu designs are suitable for wine and meal menus in elegant restaurants. These menu designs often employ few colors and are clean. They are embellished with embellishments, delicate curves, and other fine details that convey high status and meticulousness.

Hand-drawn Elements on Menu Design

Hand-drawn elements always manage to create the overall design with a distinctively handmade appearance. These menus make the visitor feel incredibly welcome, whether they include excellent hand-drawn illustrations that look like pencil or watercolor sketches or hand-written fonts.

Menus in a Vintage Style

 bbq menu design ideas

Retro and vintage menu designs evoke nostalgia and will undoubtedly give your customers a more intimate connection to you. In addition to using stylish grunge effects, noise effects, paper textures, and ornaments unique to designs from the 1950s, these designs also use special color schemes that are a little bit duller than typical.

Holiday Themed Menu Design Ideas

The opportunity to surprise your customers with a specially created menu when hosting a party for a memorable holiday of the year is excellent. Whether for Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s, or Valentine’s Day, these menu designs are adorned by the relevant holiday.

Menu Design Hints for Online

Keeping up with the latest trends is crucial if you want to maintain patron interest in your eatery. Here are some options you should take into account for your online menu.

Your website’s menu serves as its front door. It’s simple to overlook it in favor of other website elements, but consider this: No matter how lovely the room is behind that rusted, unattractive door, your consumer can’t see it at a glance. The majority of people won’t want to stroll through as a result.

Analog and Digital Combination

Customers of all generations, from Gen Z to baby boomers, must be drawn to your restaurant’s cuisine. Many people are eager to see your company go digital, which also goes for your menu. Even if you have an analog menu, it should integrate with a digital experience without issues.

A paper menu will still be available for clients to peruse when they visit your physical site, but having a gorgeous online menu is just as crucial. However, the appearance of the two menus need not be the same.

Simple is the Best

You must make sure that using your online menu is simple. Make an effort to fit everything on a single page and ensure it is easy to scroll. Use a basic menu design with a legible font so that users can scan it fast. Easy scrolling will keep clients on the page.

Utilizing the proper quantity of images, whether illustrations or photos of the food, is another aspect of simplicity. Of course, the menu must be visually appealing, but cramming it with photos just for their own sake won’t do.

Use the right imagery in the right places. It can be a little frustrating for your consumer, especially if they’re using a little device if they can hardly read the menu because of all the other information around the accurate descriptions of the food.

Avoiding any word that could complicate the design, content, home page, or icons is also essential. Your icons must be readable by your target audience.

Use Call-To-Actions

Before coming to your eatery, customers could look over your menu. Encourage people to order something or reserve a table using calls to action. Social media buttons are an additional option. This should increase client loyalty while also increasing customer engagement.

Stick to a single theme

As was already noted, your digital restaurant menu’s colors and font should coordinate with the overall theme and atmosphere of your eatery as well as your social media accounts. The style of your brand must be consistent and recognizable across all platforms.

Using arbitrary fonts throughout your menu is distracting; thus, refraining from doing so will give your clients a seamless and pleasurable experience.

Extra Tip: QR codes can simplify for clients to handle data and receive the information they require. For instance, your prospects can find your menu by scanning a QR code if you want to provide them with a contactless experience.

Examples of Stunning Online Menu Design

The links you decide to include in your website navigation menu, how you present them, and how those links are arranged and structured in the menu make up the design of your navigation menu.


At the top of the screen, Squarespace provides a precise, uncomplicated menu bar. You can access more detailed information about the menu option you’ve been scrolling over by doing so.

 online menu design ideas for restaurant website

Because it gives first-time visitors easy access to a lot of information without overcrowding the primary navigation bar with alternatives, Squarespace’s menu design is successful. This stylish dual menu can be something to consider for your brand if it caters to a wide range of clients or has a complex product.

 italian menu design ideas

Mostly Serious

A sidebar menu is used by Mostly Serious, and it may be accessed by clicking the recognizable “hamburger” icon on the right side of the screen. When this menu is chosen, the rest of the screen is dimmed, and a straightforward menu with extra links appears:

 restaurant menu design ideas poster

This design method works for Mostly Serious because it offers them the space to introduce themselves before the visitor explores the rest of the site without interfering with the narrative of what their company can achieve for clients. Furthermore, sidebar menus are an excellent option for mobile-optimized websites since they scale well and are simple to use on all devices, including smartphones and full-sized desktop PCs.

 burger menu design ideas


 menu board design ideas online

At first glance, Stripe’s menu seems to be a straightforward navigation bar. However, as the visitor hovers over the bar, many options are revealed for them to choose from. Because of this, Stripe can offer simple navigation to a broad range of alternatives without congesting the main page.

 cool restaurant menu design ideas

This choice can be a great menu to test out on your website if you provide a sophisticated product or service, provide a large range of various products or services, or target a diverse market with various reasons for visiting your site.


 great menu design ideas

At first glance, SercoPointWeb’s website doesn’t seem to have any sort of menu. Instead, in the top right-hand corner, there is merely a modern take on the hamburger icon. When a selection is made, the menu expands to cover the entire page and provides a two-column menu.

 pizza menu ideas design

This layout is practical because it lets visitors access their most crucial links while maintaining the original page’s cleanliness and simplicity. The redesigned menu page features their classic menu on the left and their most current blog articles on the right. This can be an excellent alternative for you if you’re trying to increase traffic to your blog or another form of content source.

I Love Dust

With its constantly-changing videos taking center stage, the I Love Dust homepage may seem overwhelming and a little chaotic to some. Still, this is precisely the site they’re searching for their target audience. I Love Dust’s menu lets the video stand out by dispersing the navigational options across the screen’s four corners.

 bakery menu design ideas

This layout is practical because it keeps the menu uncomplicated while letting the central video take spotlight. This might be an excellent alternative to check out if you want to pack your homepage with images, movies, or gifs; you don’t want it to need a lot of scrolling and want to do something a little different.

Calvin Pausania

This dual-purpose director and photographer use his menu. An ever-changing cycle of the artist’s work and portfolio features in the greyed-out backdrop, and the full-page menu makes it simple for visitors to get to the page they’re looking for.

 menu design ideas examples

Although the menu now takes center stage, the imagery is still prominently displayed. This can be an excellent alternative if you want to display pictures of your product or other significant branding content while ensuring that the navigation looks excellent.

William LaChance

 high class menu design ideas

The navigation menu on William LaChance’s website is distinctive in that it serves as the homepage. As a result, the menu first looks like a straightforward sidebar menu, and visitors can use it to navigate. Still, it also blends in with the overall layout of the home page, using graphics to highlight the different menu options as you scroll.

 restuarant menu design ideas

This layout allows the site to highlight each choice more completely as a visitor scrolls down the page while keeping the menu straightforward for visitors to click. This may be a terrific alternative for you to employ if your product or service is more visual so that you can feature some great images while still serving the goal of a straightforward, navigable menu.

Various Restaurant Menu Template

There are lots of free design templates on the web today. For example, one can easily lay hands on a free menu template. In addition, either modern or vintage design templates exist. Some you have to pay for while others you can get for free.

fancy menu design ideas

Create Your Menu with ATD

In search of a good design template? Or are you looking for ready-made templates to suit your company style? All Time Design will create a great menu template for your company.

Necessary design elements ranging from the shapes, colors, your own text choice, icons, backgrounds, and logo will be inserted into your desired template to create a stylish menu design that boosts the appetite.

ATD offers unlimited designs once a monthly, quarterly, half-year or annual payment is made. With this, you can create your online and physical design menu within the subscription period.

The standard monthly plan is $699.00, the pro plan is $1299.00, and its most popular premium plan is $1999.00. All these plans offer unlimited designs and requests, although the premium plan offers a broader range of features. In addition, the quarterly, half-year, and annual payment plans offer discounts on the prices.

Sign up with ATD today to get started!

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