Notebook Design Ideas to Inspire

notebook design ideas

Anyone who enters a school, college, or office will find notebooks in their hands! The notebooks help create a personalized to-do list for the entire week, recording your monthly plans, taking notes at work, and many other things. However, starting a new job or heading to a new school, you may always get a brand-new notebook! This is because buying notebooks can get pricey at times; therefore, not everyone will be able to afford them.

Once more, the do-it-yourself (DIY) is on the scene to save the day! This is not rocket science; create your gorgeous notebooks at home! You can produce professional-quality notebook covers without prior knowledge or expertise!

Have a look at these DIY notebook cover ideas that are incredibly cool and fun and will captivate your eyes with their bright appeal if you need to see some samples first to get started. Time to create your unique notebooks at home or make them on location with the alluring notebook covers!

Listed in this blog are easy-to-follow crafts. Keep reading for detailed tutorials.

DIY Notebook Cover Ideas

Cover the notebook covers with fabric that has unique prints to give them a lovely facelift! Additionally, to decorate them gorgeously to the notebook covers, paint unique forms and patterns on them! Next, you may use washi tape stripes to add some cool effects to your notebook covers.

You can also add a lot of wow factors to your notebook covers by decorating them with cutouts from scrapbook paper, which will give your DIY notebooks some amazing dramatic effects. There are countless ways to create a gorgeous notebook cover with nothing more than your imagination and creativity!

Create stunning watercolor-painted notebook covers for your journals, and then enhance them by adding fantastic gold polka dots that look amazing against black. By adding personalized inscriptions and monograms to your notebook covers, you may update them. You can also use wooden vinyl adhesives to create wooden notebook covers. Check out the guide for yearbook design ideas.

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Next, you can marbleize your notebook covers using marble contact paper, and you can also utilize custom wallpapers to quickly and tastefully decorate your notebook covers at the same time!

Finally, use diagonal tape strips to dress up your notebook covers and create fantastic ombre ones!

Additionally, use glitter washi tape to glam up your notebook covers and attach personalized letters and numbers to the match notebook covers to wow everyone in the room!

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Let’s take a look at a few super easy design ideas that can give you inspiration for your covers.

Origami Embroided Book Cover

Use the cover of your journal as a surface for origami! The geometric shape of this embroidery makes it a sweet way to dress up a cover. Check out the tutorial here.

Scrapbook Paper Book Cover

Wrap beautiful scrapbook paper around your notebooks to make them seem great and enjoyable. Covering your notebooks can change their appearance and turn them from plain and monotonous to much more intriguing and exciting. This sure will get you inspired. The details and tutorial you need to complete this super easy, cool, and fun notebook cover project are here.

Beautiful DIY Fabric Notebook Covers

We all need notebooks to keep track of important dates and notes, and this idea will make your notebooks appear stunning and fun with their pretty covers.

Therefore, you can use the beautiful and colorful fabric quarters to make the notebooks more attractive and fun for your table display. This will make them appear fantastic and fun. The full details and tutorial for performing this notebook makeover on your own are provided here.

DIY Leather and Wood Covered Notebooks

Here’s how you can accomplish it at home in a way that is inexpensive, original, and highly cost-effective.

First, the kids must maintain their notebooks covered up so nicely and neatly. The notebooks were covered with a thin layer of veneer wood, and the bindings were covered with bits of leather in various colors to help organize the notebooks. These books look like real wood from a distance. Its woody look goes in line with the pencils for your kids. They would be lovely gifts for your kids, so ensure everything is cleared here.

Washi Tape Notebooks

The school-going kids have many notebooks for each class, and covering them up may be incredibly expensive. However, you can do it well and inexpensively at home using any washi tape that is bright and has charming patterns.

So, search and gather a variety of washi tape brands in different colors and patterns, start decorating your notebooks with them, and you’ll have finished a cool and enjoyable school DIY project. The idea’s full details and directions are available right here in this link.

Cute Notebook Covers

A custom notebook on your homework desk would significantly enhance the elegance and style of your workspaces and make you happy every time you go to it to jot something down. You may therefore cover your notebooks with any pretty paper you desire, add stickers or flowers, and you’re done.

Washi Tape Sticker Notebook Designs

Utilize some homemade washi tape stickers to adorn your notebook. It’s not as difficult as you may believe. You can make your washi tape stickers using this lesson from Hello Creative Family’s Crystal for pennies. Never again will you need to purchase stickers and labels for your projects. Click here for more details and a tutorial.

DIY Vintage Inspired Notebook Cover

Suppose you’re the type of person who likes everything tidy. In that case, you should certainly give your notebooks a makeover because they sometimes go unnoticed as we concentrate on decorating the essential items in the house.

The notion of decorating your notebooks with cute lace ribbon trim is shown here, and it has unquestionably turned out to be stunning and ideal. For more details of the idea to learn more about this project, check here.

Travelers Notebook Cover

Here is the ideal gift for your pal to settle in if they are planning another exciting trip with one of your travel-loving friends. The self-decoration of the notebook with painted leather and a charming little silver turtle really adds the perfect whimsy touch to it, and we know you want to make one too, so here are the details of the idea.

This is a pretty and cute notebook to take down addresses, vital notes, and more. Visit here for the tutorial and get more information.

Good Reminder Notebook Cover

We are grateful to the notebooks for keeping all of our critical memos and tasks safe and serving as valuable calendars for important events. Here are the instructions for completing it quickly and easily at home on your own to make a notebook cover.

You may add additional reminding words to a basic notebook cover by cutting out the complementing paper letters, just way the “Pay Attention” phrase has been utilized here.

DIY Customizable Notebooks Cover

Due to the wide range of materials available, there are many cute and fun methods to dress up plain and uninteresting notebooks, so they become adorable and fun. So, let me show you how I covered two of your notebooks with a beautiful flower-printed ann white band of black boho-styled paper.

To title the journals, simply use two adorable bars of washi tape. Here are all the specifics of the notebook makeover concept.

DIY Fabric Covered Notebook

Here are some tips on how to make the most of the summer season’s predominant color, blue, and how to incorporate it into your own or kids’ school and personal notebooks. Therefore, all you need to do to make a thin fabric seem gorgeous and magnificent as a notebook cover while also saving money and effort is to have a thin fabric of any kind lying around. These are the specifics of the idea.

DIY Harry Potter Hogwarts Notebooks Cover

Harry Potter fans can be found in every household. There are various ways to celebrate and enjoy your passion for the film, and you can even involve your little ones. Therefore, this time you may produce these gorgeous Hogwarts house notebooks by yourself and let your kids have some fun at wizarding school.

Print off the Hogwarts copy prints in red, blue, green, and yellow with light yellow strips in each pattern. For more information, click here.

Back to School Printable Notebook Stickers

Kids adore using stickers to decorate their school notebooks. So print these adorable stickers with a summer theme from the internet for free. The labels are far more attractive than the pre-printed ones you purchase from stores, which enables you to customize back-to-school supplies. Check here for more details.

Printable Composition Books Covers

Do you struggle with the design yet want to decorate your school notebooks? Composition books cover free printables are available for download from Damask Love. Simply print them out and stick them on the covers of your notebooks. Instant style! There is no more straightforward situation than this. Click for more.

Make Printable Boss Lady Notebook Covers

Creating these incredibly stylish and fun-looking notebooks for your workstations that would be noticed by everyone nearby is an excellent idea if you work in an office. As a result, you can quickly install these lovely and amusing covers for your workplace use and use them as gifts for your coworkers and the boss, thanks to the lovely and quirky prints on the card stock.

The lady boss, banana, and lipstick prints are all very cute and contemporary. These are the specifics of the cool idea.

Overlay with Mod Podge

Find out how to embellish your notebook with Mod Podge and a laser-cut overlay. Keep all of your calendar entries, journals, and memos within. It is so cute!

Easy To Make Chalkboard Notebook Covers

This is a creative and easy way to decorate notebooks or books for you or the kids in your school and home. The only thing your notebook needs to get a lovely makeover is blackboard paint.

Yes, paint the notebook cover with chalkboard paint. Then, using the chalk, express your creativity and craft abilities by writing words or drawing pictures. With this, you can change designs on a regular basis. Here is all the information on the concept.

DIY Eyelet Bound Notebooks Cover

Here is a notebook concept inspired by Martha Stewart that will make your notebooks appear stunning, amusing, and professional. So, choose any of your favorite card stock designs and colors, glue them over your notebook using the eyelets, and you’ll have the most wonderfully updated and contemporary notebooks ever. Here are the specifics of the idea so you can understand it better.

Collage Cover

It’s not necessary to make a complicated collage. Marisa demonstrates numerous techniques for decorating a notebook cover with old magazines. I adore her color schemes! Make them for a grocery list, recipe book, mind map, vision board, etc. There are countless uses for them. Get the tutorial and idea here.

Sewn Notebook Cover

You will be astounded to see this lovely and enjoyable notebook cover that is incredibly interesting and useful. Yes, the zipper has been constructed with some adorable and bright fabric, and you may use it as a unique and enjoyable type of notebook cover for your notebook.

You can now put your pencils in the zipper so you won’t have to search for one when you need to jot anything down in your notebook. Here are the specifics and detailed instructions of the idea.

Pretty DIY Duct Tape Notebook Cover

The fact that duct tape comes in so many colors has made a lot of your raft-building endeavors much simpler and more enjoyable for you. The notebook was decorated with magnetic stripes produced from the colorfully exquisite tape, which gave the notebook a stunningly beautiful appearance.

To do this more interestingly, you may check out the complete information and instructions of the idea here. Link here.

Simple DIY Duct Tape Book Cover

Here’s how to give your favorite books on the bookshelf a sophisticated and enjoyable makeover so they’ll seem so decorative there for a long time. Yes, you can instantly make your books appear safe and lovely with duct tape, some pretty paper or fabric, and some cute additions to your shelf design. Click this link to see the simple details and instructions on the style.

DIY Custom Notebook Cover

We have the ideal concept if you are not a big fan of the typical notebook cover and would instead make a unique and unusual cover. You may therefore cover your notebook with old notebook paper and then hand draw any of your favorite photos to make the most unique and personalized book cover ever. For example, this illustration has sketched the owl, but you can change it to seem more unique. Explore the awesome yearbook cover ideas.

DIY Floral Patterned Notebooks

This fun tutorial for decorating a notebook with temporary tattoo paper is so much fun! You can still use temporary tattoos from a website if you don’t have a cutting machine. Click for the tutorial.

Decorate Notebooks with Wrapping Paper

Decorate notebooks with a glue stick, wrapping paper, and glittering letters. Simple, quick, and ideal for presents. Check the tutorial for more.

DIY Mod Podge Journal

You can transform a composition notebook into a unique journal with Mod Podge and magazine clippings. Both children and adults can add a collage of motivating words and images to a journal. Get the tutorial here.

DIY Watercolor Journal

You can construct a notebook cover with watercolor and sometimes pencils with vinyl, almost resembling stained glass! Mainly since the book will double as an art journal. This pattern is a typical style inspired by kids. Get the tutorial. Also, check out the booklet design guide and drop your requirements.

Creating Your Designs with Us

A DIY notebook production is not as complex as people think. But a lack of inspiration or professional impact could hamper your design from coming out as you imagined.

Even after you search for inspiration, the involvement of your ideas is vital. Know that for your craft to evolve as you wish; it is a matter of giving your project to creative and experienced personnel.

Start creating your own notebooks today with All Time Design. The payment plans and unlimited requests make it perfect for you to create countless notebook designs.

ATD will help you design your DIY projects with a dedicated graphic designer doing the crafts for you.

Begin your path to producing cute notebook covers here!

August 18, 2022
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