7 Cool & Creative Packaging Design Inspiration in 2024

Cool & Creative Packaging Design

“A hen’s egg is, quite simply, a work of art, a masterpiece of design and construction with, it has to be said, brilliant packaging!” – Delia Smith. If that’s the case of hen’s egg, think about the product that keeps you alive. There’s a lot that goes into product marketing, and packaging designs is one of them. It’s the unsung hero of business. When a customer sees you, it’s the first thing that pops up.

Despite the product hype, the package is still the most underrated one. Regardless of the number of ads, the result can put you down if the packaging sucks. If you want to glam up your product, packaging should be your first go-to strategy. Think of it as a dress you’re wearing for the party. Whether you want to be the centerpiece or don’t care about dressing up, people judge you by what you wear.

You can either steal the limelight or be in their bad books. In both cases, you can spark conversation in the media. Is it possible to turn the tables around? Is it easy to escape public embarrassment? Many top-grade brands have been there and done that. A little inspiration will legit transform your product packaging journey.

Packaging Designs Inspirations

Jose Cuervo

In the tequila family, Jose Cuervo is the most award-winning one. When you think of “THAT ONE BRAND,” it pops up. And why not? The brand leaves no stones to unturn to stand out. The bottles have the figures of religious and historical characters.

These elements humanize the product. Each character used has said a unique story. Their placement is crystal clear. You can see it even with eensy-weensy eyes.

The perfect balanced color reflects the brand’s legacy. The brand has come so far, but it’s still close to its roots. The compelling colors and dexterous designs, make a strong statement.

There are two design aspects – one is centered around a heart showing the brand’s birthplace. Another revolves around a devil creature – the overall brand identity. Another highlights music by featuring artists. The carefully curated content of each bottle is its USP.

Thelma’s Treat

There’s a legit reason why they have a short sandwich. While enjoying the fresh-out-of-oven cookies, you shouldn’t forget the packaging. This happy treat comes in small packaging.

Whether it’s cookies, sandwiches, or ice cream, the packaging is down to earth. With a cardboard design, you get the feel of straight from the trove. The cardboard design are shaped in a miniature oven making it easy to hold.

The colors don’t reflect the topical oven. They’ve limited themself to deep brown and bright blues. The two shades are inch-perfect for their brand. Overall, it creates consistency and contrast in the design. It makes you feel at home when it’s in hand.


In two words, you can sum up this brand – sophisticated and straightforward. The makeup brand focuses on millennials. It catches up with the latest trends to keep the brand afloat. To say it’s minimal is an understatement. The product design makes use of white space and light texts.

The product description is legible because it’s not cluttered. The brand colors give a youthful vibe. You’ll keep Glossier in your collection if you’re a beauty blogger.

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Clutch Bodyshop

Simplicity is their element. The brand deals in body supplements made of natural ingredients. Minimal designs promote the brand’s core values. They believe that their customers should live their best life. The efforts put into the branding of the product is so obvious. You can feel it by merely touching it.

Taking about fonts, it’s bold and big. It captures customers’ eyes from a distance. The package design pops out because of the silver foil and the color. The foil builds focus, and the monochromatic emphasizes the values.

The orientation of the product makes it comfortable. The words and numbers are on sideways for customers’ convenience. Its distinct style makes it worth remembering. Clutch Bodyshop are sleek and sublime. No wonder it stands out from the rest.

Brooklyn Candle Studio

These candles are stylish. The tiny tin is the center of attraction. The pocket-sized containers are matte gold with a white label.

It’s wrapping is clean and legit. Just a glimpse of the pitch-perfect packaging pique customers’ emotions. The brushed gold tin act as a backdrop for the simple copy adorning the labels.

The name of the brand is in the lowercase font. But the text is smooth and subtle. The design on the lid is the cherry on the top. Based on the candle’s scents, the lid has an intrinsic illustration. The black and white color of the cover steals the heart. The packaging of the Brooklyn Candle Studio is pure artwork.

packaging designs inspirations and ideas
Source: Brooklyn Candle Studio

Meow Meow Tweet Lip Repair Balm

The packaging of the balm is eco-friendly. It comes in a cylindrical biodegradable paper tube. The package is authentic inside out. With a simple copy and subtle colors, it makes a statement. A strong san-serif font and fluid shapes is the highlighter.

The design is interactive. You can see the illustrations of animals that even attract kids. The packaging is way ahead of competitors’ products. It’s sustainability and forward-thinking makes it class apart.

Ciderie Milton

Ciderie Milton is a Canadian beer brand. The package is focused and reflects the brand’s identity. Hats off to the designer! It must be quite the task, but their hard work paid off well. They are in the spotlight because they create seamless packaging.

From the time pop the cap off to the last sip, it’s a cherishable moment. The neck of each bottle is wrapped in an orange label. The label has the watermark of the brand in bold letters.

The bottom of the bottle is wrapped with a matte-colored label. Depending on the cider type, you’ll have a new color — silver, pink, green, and black. From evoking your emotions to engaging with you, their design is strategic.

At the crux of it, you matter to them. Though it has a delicate design, they have thick customer relations. The word “Cid” blends into the background in a curly, white font. Underneath the illustration is the Cider type in a strong serif font.

Are you running short of ideas? Taking inspiration from these brands will legit transform your branding. It’s time to create your mood board.

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