How To Design A Beauty Product Packaging: Ultimate Guide

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How to Design a Beauty Product Packaging: A 2024 Guide

In this fast-evolving world, people’s need to look and feel good is also becoming a trend. Initially, there were just fewer cosmetic industries on which people used to rely. There are millions and millions of companies that manufacture beauty products because it has attained the demand. There are very few industries that have got as much potential to develop as beauty and cosmetics. Whether it is an “I woke up like this” picture or a “Saturday night party” picture, makeup has become an art people wear on the face. And this is not only for women. Even tons of men use beauty products on a daily basis.

If you own a beauty or cosmetics business, there is serious potential in there. But it also means if you want to stand uphill in the business, you should find a way to break through the clutter and jump of the shelf at Victoria’s Secret and inform your ideal customer that ” This is the perfect lipstick for you!”. And the best way you can do this is the packaging.

Your packaging is the first on the list, which will turn the beauty diehards into your potential customers. If your packaging appeals to them and speaks for what they have in mind, they would probably take your product home and try it. Or else, it should be dusted on the shelf.

But, how should you decide the kind of packaging that can make your customers buy your product without a blink? This blog will walk you through some simple beauty product packaging design and guide you on design elements you need to incorporate to skyrocket your business.

Things you need to know before starting a packaging design for your beauty products

Know your ideal customer base

It is important to know who your target audience are before designing anything! Not just for beauty products. Are they going to be teenagers obsessed with sparkles, or are the women who want the packaging colors to match with their skin tone? Are they macho men who are looking for baby soft skin? And only when you know who they are and what they want you will know what will grab their attention instantly. Your identity is as important as your customers. What is the branding you have done? Is it as dark and stylish as MAC? or just simple and classy as Booby brown? or Luxurious like Chanel? Who you are as a brand and the personality you put out is going to decide on what design elements you are supposed to use for your packaging.

Come up with a mood board for your brand

Before kickstarting with your design, create a mood board for your brand. Come up with colors, images and graphics, and whatever that conveys your brand personality. These may act as an inspiration during the whole design process.

Know the ideal medium for selling your product

Before you start designing, it is ideal to consider through which medium you are going to sell your products. Will it be online or in-store? is it going to huge boutiques or large retailers? You would be needing to alter your design strategy based on where you would be selling your goods.

How to design your cosmetic packaging?

Explore Colors

When you are designing a beauty product packaging, the crucial element to consider is the color palette. Color can maximize a brand’s appeal, but more importantly, color also played an ideal role in conveying a brand image. For example, eco-friendly companies use shades of green and brown because of their connection with the earth. Companies whose brands communicate darkness or a type of edginess use black and neutral tones to convey their ideas.

The most commonly used colors for perfumes or deodorants are red and pink because they convey a sense of passion and femininity.

Here is great example from Estee Lauder on how important color is:

The product packaging shows the elegance and beauty of course! The colors in addition to the visuals adds a sense of class and affluence to the consumers.

Play with font styles

The beauty industry is already overflowing with products that convey a brand’ identity by simply adopting a particular font. Many consumers find script fonts or the fancy cursive fonts used in a product extremely feminine. These kind of whimsical fonts easily communicates a sense of beauty that often appeals to customers who has got traditional values that is associated to beauty ideals.

Classic fonts that do not have a cursive nature too conveys something about the brand. The font used in the above example is simple but it emanates a balance between classic and middle of the road values

Estee Lauder is one of those well-known brands that defines its product packaging for conservative women who are traditional in style with just a pinch of modernity added. Though these women are their target consumers, the women who fall outside this category also find this product appealing.

Carefully Choose Your Materials

Companies in the cosmetics industry have become unique in choosing materials that convey their brand. Right from metallic squeeze tubes for creams and cleansers to tiny jars, choosing a quality packaging material is essential to make your brand appealing to the consumers. Beauty packaging are often carved out of boxes, tubes, glass jars, paper bags, and tin cans. Boxes are usually used to hold set or single bottles of expensive perfumes, deodorants, and body washes. When choosing a box, its shape and size have to be appealing to the consumers. Boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and companies want to bring the distinction of placing their product in a pizza box as opposed to the one that showoff luxury, beauty, or even artistry.

For example, many perfumes come in a packed velvet closer, which holds the perfume comfortably. The box is usually made of a sturdier type of cardboard. But printing and production costs for cardboard can get expensive. That is why, modern technology has made it possible for businesses to use alternative packaging methods. Most of the time, products can be separated from additional packaging and can be placed in strong shopping bags that are large and small. Also, tins are a great packaging suitable for lip balms, lipsticks, and much more. Also, consumers love those packaging which can be used simply beyond holding their products.

Keep an eye on layering and design versatility

The aristocracy of cosmetics packaging comes as a part of an ensemble in packaging known as product layering. This refers to how a product will look when the customers purchase it. Often the product which consumer purchases will have a primary packaging (box, tubes, pump bottles, jar, tins), and depending upon the product, the package would have packed in a box like most cosmetics, perfumes, creams, products, and body washes. Then there is this last layer which the customer takes home, which is the shopping bag. All of these would be a complete image for a top-notch beauty packaging design. These leaders are not only for continuous promotions, but they also add to the product’s appeal. While coming up with layering, make sure the information is clearly visible to the consumers. Also, the images have to fit conveniently in the packages that are small, medium, and large.

The Clinique’s Calyx perfume is a great example of how to come up with a beauty polishing brand that adds polish and appeal to the product. Its simple glass bottle contains a pungent-smelling floral fragrance. However, the product comes in a bottle that is enclosed in a box when purchased from a supermarket. Also, it comes with a neat shopping bag of the same design. The product’s complete packaging appeals to any consumer looking for a green, floral, scented sweet perfume.

Keep Limited editions in mind

If a company wishes to come up with limited editions, they have to keep in mind the type of material that would be used for packaging products. Often Limited editions, especially the seasonal ones, are what fascinates customers. Perfumes and creams which are made for limited editions are often vanilla, cranberry, or pumpkin spice flavors. Cosmetic lines advertise specific eye shadows, nail polishes, and lip colors that reflect a season.

Take a look at the beauty brand Victoria Secret as an inspiration for how limited edition packaging can be done. As a part of the bombshell line, the perfume is packed in a bottle that stands as a paradox between simplicity and complexity. The bottle features opaque vertical stripes that are accented by a black ribbon. The product, like others from the brand, comes in a standard Victoria Secret’s basic shopping bag.

Include The Relevant Product Information 

As a part of designing beauty packaging, businesses have to remember to include the product information that will elucidate the product’s positives effectively. Often beauty products ready madly comes with the condition of the product’s contents.

Example labels include information related to:

  • If the product has hemp
  • If the product was is cruelty-free
  • If the product is paragon and allergens free
  • If the product is completely vegan and natural

One simple way of doing so is by adopting an internationally-recognized symbol or creating a list of ingredients that should be placed on the product’s label.

By doing so, the consumers think about the product beyond just using it, and in a way, it also develops brand loyalty.

Common descriptions like dye-free, silicone-free, and paragon free are few lines that need to be printed clearly on the labels. Health-conscious and savvy product customers could easily review a product with its content and decide before purchasing it.

Design An Image

The last and final step in designing a package to attract consumers is creating an image. Again this is a huge process, but when a business completes this, it has created a product that rivals no other. These steps involve utilizing the software that can effectively portray the ideals that are signified by a brand in both printings as well as production and then, much later, coming up with a visual.

The second step is developing a template. The template is nothing but just a rough sketch of how the beauty packaging design would appear. The template is merely a visual representation of where the package should be folded and trimmed.

 These lines must be illustrated in various colors. The design for every beauty product, from the high-end ones to those found in retail drug stores, follows the similar process.

Examples of Great Packaging Designs for Cosmetics

  • Intricate line drawings
  • Creative custom fonts
  • Bold, eye-catching illustrations
  • Cool black packaging with a twist
  • Lush florals and warm, earthy colors
  • Minimalist pastels
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Need a cosmetic product packaging designed?

If you are looking for some fantastic ideas to design your packaging for beauty brands, here is All Time Design to help you ace it up. Our experienced designers curate unique ideas that can make you reach your target consumers in no time. Just give us a call right away or visit our website to know more about our designs and pricing.

Wrapping up

There are millions of opportunities when it comes to the cosmetics industry. If you have a cool product that has exquisite packaging with all design elements included, you can close your eyes and rely on the opportunities that come your way.

January 29, 2021
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