The Role of Package Designing In The World of Ecommerce

product package design

Package designing is the first thing users check for your product. Famous coffee makers Nespresso uses bold and bright colors for packaging. See how they lit up their space with packaging. It’s so convincing that it’s not worth a second thought. They are well-known for consistency in the packaging in all stores. The creative ambience is an add-on to brewing coffee. As customers walk-in, they are awestruck. They have nothing else to say but place the order. Their set-up is self-refilling. The customers don’t have to wait until products are back.

Why should you give importance to packaging?

importance to packaging

The above illustration is the result of package designing. In an online shopping world, sloppy package designs do not work. If you have an amazing product, but you’ve overlooked your packaging, you’re screwed.

While e-commerce is changing the retail market landscape, it’s also changing the makeover of packaging. For instance, when Amazon delivers your product, emotions are embedded in it. These emotions are in colors, fonts, positioning, tagline, etc. When you unbox, it evokes your feelings.

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What is package designing?

Packaging design is a sum of layout, elements, color, images, typography, terms, and conditions with other design elements to make the product stand out. When there are tons of products in the line, make yourself known with an appealing cover.

Whether it’s department stores or online stores, you can bring your product to life. The way to fulfill customer choice is knowing their heart. The faster you know what customers like/dislike, you can beat your competitors. Designing for product packaging can seem like rocket science. With more similar line products coming in, it has become a challenge to stand out. It’s impossible to stay unaffected unless you’re under the rock. Similar brands/competitors are so intertwined that they are no longer perceived as separate products.

How to do package designing?

How to do package designing

Packaging keeps the world organized. When you think about packing, the first thing is to see what’s your product. Every product comes in different shapes and sizes. What works for one need not work for the other. Here are things to consider before starting –

  • Type of product
  • Target audience
  • Medium for purchase
  1. Type of product: This includes: name of the product, size, manufacturing material, and durability. With these pointers, you can determine the dos and don’ts while packaging. For instance, because glasses are brittle, you can’t ship it in a random box. Glassware needs extra protection, or else they may break. Also, you can’t stuff irregular-shaped products in any box. It would be best if you had customized packaging.
  2. Target audience: Determine the end user – men or women, young or old, and so on. While the product is visually appealing, is it helpful to the customers? To answer these questions, you have to scan your audience. For instance, if you have a product for older people, the font must be legible.
  3. Medium for purchase: There are many ways you can take your product to the customers. Whether it’s an online or small boutique or retail store, your goal is to sell your product. The difference lies in how you present your product in various mediums. If you’re placing it online, be careful it doesn’t rattle around. Online products don’t need spacing. On the other hand, products placed on a store’s shelf need those spacing to grab attention.
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What are the essential elements?

essential elements

Once you’ve jotted down three things, jump start to the essentials:

Brand color: Your color says a lot about your brand. To make your product one in a million, you need eye-popping colors. Your color palette for packaging is the emotional cue. Make printing easier by selecting the correct color values. Consumers can choose your product over your competitors if it’s enchanting. If you’ve never done this before, read how to decode colors. You can attract customers in three ways:

  • Stick to your color palette to keep your brand alive
  • Sync with your surroundings
  • Scan for the target audience
  • Please don’t mess with their taste bud

Fonts: Your font/typography increases the effectiveness of your message. You may ask yourself: “Why do I need fonts when photos can do the talking?” Texts are used in design to create visual balance. Your design should be combined with written texts and other elements. Wait, who on earth has time to read a block of texts grouped? Here are a few ways you can captivate customers with your texts:

  • Arrange in paragraph
  • Create a background pattern
  • Decorate brand name and product
  • Use the hierarchy in the information
  • Choose the right typography
  • List brand/product name
  • Get to the nitty-gritty
  • Don’t miss out the price label
  • Use shapes to organize

Logo: Placing a logo in packaging helps you catch the eyes. Flaunting your logo also helps in competing with other brands.

The right placement of a logo boosts brand visibility to a great extent. Few tips to follow while placing your logo:

  • Use your brand signature in the vector format
  • Whether it’s the watermark of the brand name or symbol, take care of the spacing
  • Swap logo colors if the background is putting it down
  • Don’t crop the logo
  • Be careful with the orientation
  • Don’t alter the logo
  • Avoid using against a low contrast

Content that are mandatory in your industry

Every product has a standard way to pitch itself. What’s the USP of your product? Industry research can help you with the required content for legit reasons. Things to carry in your design:

  • Written copy: This is not a random text from a Microsoft document that you copy and paste. From the product’s name to its description, there’s a lot your prospect might want to know. Give them something to entice.
  • Eye-catchy photos: Photos are a head-turner. When you’re taking pictures for product designing, make sure it’s detailed enough to attract. Choose the correct background and lens to get what you wanted.
  • Regulatory information: Increase credibility by using a barcode, product information, and trademark. Customer loyalty is built when all these things are in place.
  • Additional information: If you are into food or beauty products, it should come with the expiry date or product number. As these details keep changing, you can use it as an extra print and stick it on the cover.

Every good package designing is backed with style research. Create your style board for reference. Snap the designs that stole your attention. Pinterest is your reservoir.

Well, that explains why Nespresso is loveable. Because it matters to the customers, take product packaging seriously. Update your design to keep up the shelf value. Reach out to All Time Design if you’d like to know more!

May 27, 2021
10 min read
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