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retail product packaging

Creative Retail Product Packaging

Creative Retail Product Packaging

Do you know that there are more than 1 million retail businesses operating in the United States alone? So, it’s no surprise for custom retail packaging to be highly important than ever before. With so many retailers out there, you should come up with strategies to differentiate your brand from the rest.

Due to the enormous competition, all the retailers think that being unique from others is harder than open-heart surgery. According to a study, 64% of customers buy something from the market without knowing the brand.

And, custom retail packaging is the first and foremost deciding factor that comes to play.

Even though yours is a startup in your industry, you can still impact, grow your brand, and generate more revenue. It would help if you had custom retail packaging that shouts aloud from the shelf.

Here is good news for you. Custom retail packaging design isn’t really as hard as open-heart surgery. Whew!

What is Retail Product Packaging?

It is incorporating top-notch designs in packaging to get the attention of your customers. This customized packaging effortlessly informs and engages customers, also enhancing brands for the retailers. Most of the packaging supplies that you invest in can be easily folded and stored anywhere, only a few materials would need separate and smart warehouse.

Why is Good Retail Packaging Important?

Retail Product Packaging Ideas

Retail packaging consists of packaging solutions made from carefully chosen materials that combine design innovation and quality print with driving sales and making a brand impact.

It is completly tailor-made to suit your supply chain requirements as well as interacting with the shoppers. Retail packaging designs are made eye-catching for the best customer service experience as well as operational effectiveness. This attention-seeking packaging style closely observes the texture of materials, colors’ depth, and the best way for unwrapping the products literally like placing your brand in the hands of your customers.

Retail packaging products play an integral role in marketing by using creative techniques that can attract customers. The techniques used guarantee–– maximized product protection, explains the product and promotes your brand in the market.

It is 100% customizable

retail product packaging design

Be it a big or small product; experts say retail product packaging can morph itself to fit your needs. You can customize each of its dimensions to make it flamboyantly display as well as protect your products.

But size is not just the only thing that matters. Custom retail packaging means you or your package designer can add whatever you feel and make it an extension of your brand. The options are just limitless.

Woo new customers and make them into fans

We already saw that 64% of customers buy a product from the shelf based on the packaging; they also say that they wouldn’t need further research of the brand or the product before purchasing it. So a well designed retail product packaging can go a long way to attract new customers.

40% of consumers also say that the gift boxes or retail bags packed like gifts influence them to buy again. And, good packaging strategies can also make 50% of consumers to recommend you to their friends. A great custom packaging is everything you need that can turn your customers into your brand ambassadors who :

  • Will recommend your product to their friends
  • Share their experiences on social media
  • And make repeated purchases.
  • But make sure you turn them to fans rather than haters!

Retail packaging is your customer’s gateway to your brand

For most of your shoppers, your retail packaging is the first time they come in contact with your brand. And you just have to get few seconds to make the first impression of an enigmatic punch. Smart custom packaging cleverly uses that time to deliver an everlasting impactful message and your brand promise.

Product packaging is also your chance to simply nail the first impression without having to speak a word. Plus, it also gives your shoppers a chance to decide whether they want to rely on your brand before spending a dollar.

Gives a chance to increase the brand value

An exquisite product packaging can increase your product’s value. And 44% of individuals agree to this. So high-quality retail packaging design can make your brand feel more valuable to everyone.

If you are a small industry, you can even play with your profit margin by charging more for the same good while improving your customer’s shopping experience.

Custom retail packaging and marketing through word of mouth

Customers who post their reviews on social media after using a product has been a key factor for growing popularity for many businesses. 68% of millennials even say that it is a reason for easily gaining a brand’s trustworthiness. Also, they post the pictures of your brand, so automatically a unique packaging will get more eyes on your brand.

The packaging types that amplify your brand

packaging types

The type of packaging you would need depends upon how you operate your business. If it is an e-commerce product, it requires more protection, while products stored on shelves don’t need much attention. Your production costs depend on what your business needs and so do preliminary research before deciding.

Brick-and-mortar packaging

Whether you have a shop or a distributor to other stores, your custom packaging has an important role in narrating your story. If it’s a brick and motor type, your custom packaging work is to:

  • Make your product stand apart on the shelf
  • Protect it from contaminants
  • Make your customers have a closer look
  • Portray your brand value
  • Act as your brand extension

Custom carton boxes are the best option to display products in store. You should also consider incorporating developing marketing displays that enhance the customer experience.

E-commerce packaging

E-commerce never gets a chance to talk with customers or lets shoppers experience brands face to face. Due to this, there are comparatively fewer opportunities to show off your brand values and brand message. So, all your opportunities count.

Custom retail packaging offers you a chance to finish your story and leave a valuable impression on each consumer after they purchase from you. An e-commerce packaging should:

  • Protects your products as they are usually shipped to your customers
  • Flicks an emotion with people day in and day out
  • Showcase your attention and care for a great customer experience
  • Encourage customers to continuously engage with your business
  • Make customers feel so great about your brand that they can’t stop talking about it.

Personalized mailer boxes or shipping boxes are the topmost choices for e-commerce retail. They are completely customizable, durable, and best for shipping the products to consumers.

Custom folding cartons

Custom folding cartons

Rights reserved to Behance- Graphic Assets

If you are looking for the most elegant answer to your retail packaging needs, you can go for a custom folding carton. They work wonders for customers facing the products in the store. They are light weight as well as easy to open, and you can customize them as you like.

If you are from the cosmetics industry or any industry actually, folding cartons can be your perfect packaging partner. They add an extra layer of protection for your supplies, also giving your brand more room to shine.

Branded retail gift box

Branded retail gift box

They can turn your functional packaging into a valuable marketing asset. Well-designed gift boxes make your customers feel the sense of receiving gifts, be it for themselves or for a friend.

Gift boxes are seen as an exciting element whether yours is a shelf product or it is coming to your place through mail.

Branded retail shopping bags

Giving your customers a chance to experience your brand after purchase can go a long way. That too, with e-commerce brands, customers know that they are going to interact with your business when they get your package shipped through the mail.

But, extending that interaction to your shoppers also makes an impact. When someone gets home from the shop, they will feel that the interaction with your brand is over. Branded retail bags continue to give them exposure even after they have left the store.

The common types of retail bags include

  • Paper gift bags that have your logo and your brand message
  • Reusable retail bags that customers are proud to use back and forth
  • Plastic bags make carrying goods a breeze.


If you are looking for ways to get creative with your packaging design process, here is All Time Design to help you pull it off like a pro. With our packaging specialists and packaging designers, we assure you to take your retails directly to your target customers through ours. Get in touch with All Time Design today.

January 29, 2021
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