Unique Product Packaging Design Inspiration

packaging design inspiration

Do you remember visiting supermarkets as a kid? Your mom and dad would probably be walking you through the aisle, and when you suddenly spot your favorite chocolate or candy, and without a next thought, you pick it up. What was your instinctual thought at that moment? You never know what the chocolate looks like inside, but you know it’s your favorite chocolate through the packaging. The packaging design was so appealing that instantly your eyes spotted it without any hassle.

Many of the products you buy from supermarkets could be just because of your love at first sight on the packaging. Even when you wanted to buy a hair conditioner, you would definitely go for the sleek and expensive-looking bottle because it would have made you feel fancy, even though there was a comparatively lesser alternative in the market.

This is what great packaging can do to a brand. Package design, when done correctly and uniquely, can sell your product like a pro. It has got a greater effect than putting your logo on a package. Creative packaging can draw attention, convey your brand message, and also makes your consumers feel a certain way.

The packaging is the most important form of branding, which can make your product stand apart amongst all the other products available on the shelf. In this blog, we shall look at some of the unique packaging examples from which you can draw inspiration and come up with your own that can appeal to your consumers.

Why is catchy product packaging important?

It helps your product stand apart

unique packaging design inspiration

If you look at the market, it is filled with thousands of products that resemble yours, which can get attention from your prospective customers. From a report by The Paper Worker, product packaging plays a crucial role in the buying decision for one-third of people.

The packaging color influences the purchase habits 

package design inspiration

The color that you use for product packaging plays a vital role in the customer’s buying decision. Our brain reacts differently to colors. So you should be very careful while selecting your packaging colors. For example, the white color in the packaging design conveys purity, simplicity, and safety. Many color experts say that adding more colors to your packaging design makes the product look less sophisticated. Other colors, like blue, have different meanings. A dark navy blue conveys a more professional approach than a light sky blue that is playful. Everyone around the globe loves the blue color, but that doesn’t mean you select it for your packaging designs. You should do deep research about colors before using them for your brand, or else it might give wrong signals to your audience.

Creative product packaging gets you brand recognition

unique package design inspiration

Think of your favorite brands. That one thing you find in common is that they are all memorable. Over a few years, big players like Coke have made just a few changes in their packaging but have always maintained their original identity. Keep in mind that the most established brand doesn’t make many changes as several successful brands in the past had experienced backlash from their consumers when they altered their brand colors, logo, or packaging.

Creativity in product packaging makes marketing easier

creative packaging design inspiration

Infusing creativity in the packaging of your product works as a marketing tool through in-store publicizing. People can easily recognize branded products. Packaging design with your brand logo in the front and center helps customers recall your brand during their next purchase. Think more than twice about what your product packaging conveys about your brand and the product. Think whether it’s ok or you can make it better.

A creative packaging with an original look promotes your products

Packaging plays a crucial role when it comes to displaying the information on a product. Only when you’re being impeccable in your packaging design, it will make the promotion more comfortable. An elegant packaging can leave a great impact on the shoppers when they interact with it. If yours is an impressive creative packaging than others in the market, they share their experience with others.

Tips for Creative Packaging ideas

 Make It Usable

Nothing stands better than creating a product that is usable in ways more than it is meant to be. A product package will stay in the mind of a customer if it is useful to them even after unboxing. For example- Gems came up with a new packaging that has balls filled in it, which is useful for children even after consuming the candy. So, children would know that they get to play with balls after eating gems. It is not just the children, even adults, like getting double benefits wherever possible. By creating a usable package, you can attract customers by showing them double benefits.

Let it resonate with the product

Packages that you design are meant for one particular product, so it should be designed in a way that shows a close relationship with the product. If a package doesn’t depict its correlative nature with the product, it can really hinder the sales of a product. Ketchup had always created problems for users when it came in a glass bottle. So when Heinz introduced an upside-down compressible package design, its sales hiked multi-folds; just because of the complementary design, thus you need to be creative while initiating packaging ideas for your product.

Launch Some Special Editions

special edition packaging design ideas

Though impulse buying is considered a bad habit for customers, if you are on the seller’s side, you must definitely promote impulse buying. Keep a keen eye on the market, introduce some limited edition packaging about whatever is trending. For example, if it is FIFA season, then incorporate limited edition creative packaging related to football to promote impulse buying among football fans.

Break the rules ethically

packaging design ideas

When you wish to come out of the conventional ideas to break the same monotony, it is a great idea. But when you are breaking the rules, make sure that you’re in the right direction. All industries have their set of rules. For example, shoes come in a carton box; the perfume comes in a metallic tin or glass bottle, and so on and so forth. If you want to change this convention, make it innovative as possible, then your product will never go unnoticed. But while you are doing so, make sure you do not break the complementary relationship between the product and package.

Keep It Simple And Easy

simple packaging design ideas

When you are in a creative field like product packaging or designing labels, remember that less is more. It is, of course, excellent to be creative, but you need to stay away from the glitch of overdoing. The package, as well as the label, should be neat and simple. Keeping it simple doesn’t mean hiding the information; just keep it uncluttered.

Stay in line with market trends

packaging design ideas in market trend

In this era of social media, there are plenty of things that create hype and are trending. You need to stay updated about those trends and incorporate the same in your package and label design. You can use the much-hyped lines or verses from movies and media to drive sales for your products. Consumers love those products which are in line with the current trends and would jump to purchase yours.

Be empathetic to the consumer while coming up with package design

chip package design

When you are creating unique packaging designs, you should think from the customer’s point of view before letting the designer’s brain function. Think about what your customer would expect from your product. Take, for example, things like biscuits or chips. Every consumer would want to close the packet after finishing the half. Try coming up with re-sealable packets that your customers would want. It would automatically increase your sales.

Unique Product Packaging Inspirations

Have a look at these distinct gift packaging as well as product packaging examples from some of the brands that impressed and attracted a great customer base.

Klein Constantia farm honey

Klein Constantia farm has used a small white box that resembles a beehive as packaging for its honey. It has got embossed ridges to denote planks of wood and nails. You can see the famous gold foiled Klein Constantia label on the front, and near the slit, they have a designed bee which is on its way to open the packaging. When you unbox, they reveal a bee covered honeycomb-patterned inside.

Smirnoff Caipiroska

To launch its new formula of flavors, the world-famous Brazilian drink Smirnoff Caipiroska has used a creative strategy. It has come up with textured bottles that were designed by design agency JWT. They have induced great creativity to come up with bottles that have the texture of fruit flavors such as lemon, passion fruit, and berries also have a diagonal perforation so that customers could feel the unique experience of peeling a drink made of fruit.

NYC Spaghetti

Gortz 17 shoelace box

To drive sales for stylish shoes, which are already a cult product, an agency called Kempertrautmann came up with a new packaging design that has made the brand even more appealing in terms of looks and functionality.

Cup Package

One of the most creative designs from the collection is done by tPod tea packaging. Tea bags usually have the problem of accidentally drowning in your tea. They have designed a boat-like tip so that they float on top in case you lose hold of it. Check out food product packaging design ideas and inspirations.


Since you know now that you have endless possibilities there for designing splendid unique packaging, you should never hesitate to push your product packaging beyond boundaries. Make sure it is functional, useful, appealing, or just outright bizarre. But one thing is sure, the more creative and inspiring you design your product packaging, the more sales you can get.

January 30, 2021
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