Packaging Ideas for Clothing: Design Your Own

Packaging Ideas for Clothing

It’s crucial that the packaging you use as a company shipping apparel safeguards your merchandise while exhibiting your branding. The good news is that you don’t have to pick between gorgeous design, sustainability, or quality—you can choose clothing packaging that checks off all the right boxes!

Create the ideal apparel packing set with personalized shipping boxes, drawstring bags, tissue paper, stickers with logos, and more!

There are numerous eCommerce packaging options, whether you’re sending women’s clothing, outdoor clothing, athletic wear, children’s clothing, or another type of garment. This article will outline the top packaging options for apparel firms, including everything from protective exterior packaging to inside packaging that will improve the presentation of your products.

Apparel Packaging Ideas

Are you seeking for a solution to distribute apparel that is both eco-friendly and provides a unique unboxing experience with zero-waste packaging? Let’s check the range of ideal apparel packaging solutions for your brand.

Custom Drawstring Bags

Drawstring bags are a great option if you have delicate clothes or accessory that needs to be kept from getting misplaced in a box. They are also a considerate approach to giving a product to your customer. They will keep things secure within a mailer bag or shipping box when moving about in transit.

Since custom drawstring bags are completely programmable, you can create a stunning brand that will entice clients to keep the bag long after they receive it. Additionally, they are made of 100% organic cotton and intended to be reused. It’s a present that keeps giving! Finally, by using the bags for storage or transportation, you may encourage your customers to contribute to the use of reusable packaging.

Compostable Garment Bags

Use a garment bag to guarantee that your clothing items arrive free of creases and wrinkles. Although there are numerous options for shipping bags for clothes, it’s crucial to consider sustainability when making your decision. Due to the adverse environmental effects of being constructed of traditional plastic derived from a non-renewable resource: petroleum, poly mailers are losing favor. Additionally, poly mailers can take over a thousand years to decompose in landfills, releasing dangerous chemicals.

Clear compostable packaging is a terrific eco-friendly substitute and a practical way to pack clothing or accessories. Their translucent material allows your customers to have a sneak peek of the item they’ve ordered while also making the most of the space within your package and safeguarding your goods. Check out some eco-friendly packaging design ideas.

Compostable Garment Bags are biodegradable both in the home and at the workplace. They are constructed from a mixture of PBAT, a bio-plastic made from plants called PLA, and corn starch or cassava starch. Depending on the apparel or quantity you’re transporting, these bags are available in various sizes and decompose in 180 days in a home compost or 90 days in a commercial compost.

Custom Tissue Paper

For a good reason, branded tissue paper is a go-to item for clothing and accessory brands. Wrapping clothes in this attractive packaging will improve the display of your items and feature your branding. In addition, tissue paper gives an additional layer of protection while still being lightweight for shipping.

 creative packaging ideas for clothing

Custom Tissue Paper is produced with paper that has received Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification and is acid, lignin, and sulfur-free. The quality of the paper lasts longer since it is not acidic, and it decomposes in a more biodegradable manner in compost. To create an all-around sustainable shopping experience, it can also be recycled or composted after its useful life is up.

Recycled Hang Tags

Why not add a hang tag to your clothing items? Again, it’s the little things that matter. As they may be personalized to display clothing size specifications, social media handles, instructions for use, a QR code leading to your website, and much more, hang tags are a fantastic method to spread additional information.

A clothing tag is an ideal spot to point this out and emphasize what’s distinctive about your clothes item if your products are one-of-a-kind, locally created, or made from sustainable materials. Additionally, you can alter the design to create one-of-a-kind items, seasonal collections, or customize an order.

There is a lot of space for creativity regarding the information you provide to potential customers using recycled hang tags because they can be personalized on either one or two sides. In addition, since these tags are constructed entirely of recycled materials and are 100% compostable or recyclable after use, there is no need to worry about more waste being produced.

On the inside, place a QR code that customers may use to access your brand’s website or a sustainability page with recycling information. Then, display your logo on the outside.

Compostable Mailers

It’s always ideal for making a sustainable choice when selecting a mailing bag to ship your clothes. Unfortunately, more than half of the waste in our landfills is made up of plastic packaging, and plastic poly mailer contributes to this waste by being easy to break down and difficult to biodegradable.

It makes sense to choose solutions like compostable or recycled poly mailer bags because consumers prefer sustainable options and are prepared to make an effort to dispose of the packaging ethically and appropriately.

They are intended to degrade after six months at home and three months in a commercial environment. This substance works well for shipping clothing since it is durable and flexible.

Custom Boxes

Look no further than a customized box if you need clothes packaging that is more robust than a mailing bag. Because they are made of corrugated cardboard material, shipping boxes maintain their shape rather than shifting as the product inside does. This is helpful for jewelry or accessories that must be kept safely in place during the shipping, but they also offer a distinctive unboxing experience for clothes.

With a variety of personalization possibilities (outside, inside only, or both inside and outside), custom recycled boxes offer plenty of room for creativity in spreading the word about your clothing brand to your customers. They can also be composted or curbside recycled after use because they are constructed of fluted cardboard material. Check out the guide for custom packaging boxes.

Custom Tote Bags

You can’t go wrong with a personalized tote bag if you want your clothes business to go from a shopping experience into a status symbol. Branded tote bags are the ultimate stylish way to show brand evangelists how much you value their support for your products.

Watch your branding and marketing efforts pay off as customers continue to use and support your brand as a result of using tote bags to wrap your clothing before putting it into a box or mailing bag.

You won’t have to compromise on sustainability since custom tote bags are produced from either 100% organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard or a blend of recycled organic cotton. In addition, you may encourage your consumer to utilize these tote bags for grocery shopping, beach days, or workouts because you can reuse them rather than throw them 0ut after a single use.

Compostable Shipping Labels

In 2022, e-commerce packaging has advanced significantly, and it is now possible to employ eco-friendly packaging for every product component, even the shipping label. However, although they may seem inconsequential, labels left on sustainable mailers or boxes sent to sorting facilities can cause trouble because they are comprised of plastic and are not recyclable or biodegradable.

As a greener option, think about utilizing compostable shipping labels so you can inform clients that they can be used in conjunction with compostable packaging and will remain in place. Many shipping labels are produced using FSC-certified paper and maybe recyclable at home or in a compost setting.

Adapting Your Clothing Packaging Design to Different Distribution Channels

Retail Stores

It is essential you give your consumer their purchases in a branded paper bag if you’re in a retail store.

Two-piece boxes are the most influential clothing packaging ideas for retail establishments. They are attractive and provide decent protection. Additionally, they are recyclable and allow storing the items in the box within the closet to prevent damage.

The retail clothing packaging design should complement the look of your store and help people recognize your brand. Check out some retail packaging design ideas.

eCommerce Stores

Protect your brand’s packaging if you’re selling online using unique clothing packaging options such as bags, boxes, or poly mailers.

Paperboard can be used to create clothing packaging designs for products sold online. This is so because they are light and durable. An excellent option is Elegant Roll End Tuck Front Box. It offers protection against unintentional opening while in transit. Furthermore, the customer’s ideal unboxing experience. You can add brochures, cards, or flyers with more details about the product and your brand in the box or package to make it more personalized.

Getting the Best Out of Zero Waste Packaging Solutions

Packaging constructed of environmentally friendly materials will enhance your brand’s reputation. And it will undoubtedly benefit the earth. With the appropriate clothing packaging design, it will also look fantastic.

When sourcing the appropriate packaging solutions and material (i.e., envelopes, boxes, paper, etc.) for your brand, asides from considering how durable it is, price range, and the type of clothing (such as accessories, shoes, tops, etc.), you need to consider how your business can play a part in reducing carbon footprint.

Today, top fashion brands adopt this model of creating packaging items and clothing. If you are building a shoe company, you can reduce the cardboard used for the shoe box. For example, Puma uses 65% less cardboard and focuses on using reusable bags for its shoe box production.

Do you want to stand out amongst other brands and competition while reducing your carbon footprint? Start by getting eco-friendly materials.

Wrapping Up on Clothing Packaging Ideas

We hope this post has inspired some original clothing packaging ideas! For the clothes business, there are different options for your fashion packaging, so it pays to choose the clothing packaging design that will represent your brand, offers your customer value beyond their purchase, or can be disposed of properly after use.

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